Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dev’s final rites happening in model town. Raju comes there and is sad. Pratap consoles him. Raju recalls Garima’s words and sits near Dev. He goes to Garima. She looks him with hatred. He says I took his blessings. She says after Dev’s death, and taunts him. She says I told you the truth, now Maa word has no meaning. He says let me live in this misunderstanding, that I m your son, let Rashmi and Rajni think I m their brother. She says on one condition and tells him something. He requests her.

They all light Dev’s funeral. Rashmi does Raju’s work to give fire to Dev. She cries and Rajni holds her. Raju looks on from far and cries. He recalls Garima’s words and sees the pic. Raval thinks how did Raju get this pic, Raju will know he is the kid

and this woman is Rambhateri, I have to keep Raju away from Rambhateri.

Raju walks ahead and leaves. Someone follows him. Nandu gets a message and checks. She reads that does she want to know where is Rambhateri. She wonders who is this who wants to tell her about Rambhateri. Raju goes to godown and stands quiet. Rambhateri asks him why is standing there, he kidnapped her and can kill her too, she has much work. He asks her to sit quiet. She asks why do you create suspense, tell me why did you kidnap me.

He says you planned to kill Jaggu. Nandu records Raju with Rambhateri. She thinks who knows about this place, this pics will prove Raju’s crime. Raval recalls how he has seen little Raju and kidnapped him. His hand was hurt by his locket. He says so Rambhateri is Raju’s mum, I will get Rambhateri killed, as Raju and Rambhateri do not know they are mother and son, Ram leela will end. He laughs.

Raju gets food for Rambhateri. He asks her to just be quiet and scolds her, as she argues. She asks him to kill her. He says don’t irritate me. She asks is he crying. He says Dev died and I m getting tears, look at me. She says you gave this bad news, I can’t even wipe your tears or hug you, as you tied my hands. He says don’t act to be my family, I did not come to show my pain, there is no water here. He asks her to check Jaggu, she planned to kill him. He opens her hands. She says let me wipe your tears. He asks her to have food. She laughs.

Nandu is coming there with police. Rambhateri does not eat food and says mothers don’t eat till family and children eat. He says you and mother? Did you have any son? She recalls her son. He says you are professional murderer. She says if you can have parents, why can’t I have a son. He asks her to have food. She asks him to eat first, else he can tie her hands. Nandu gets police to the godown. Raju asks Rambhateri to eat food, else he will feed her forcibly. She asks him to agree to her just today. He agrees. She feeds him food. Nandu tries getting inside.

Raju tells Nandu that she is mad after him. Nandu says I m not and gets Raju arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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