Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri saying Raju is good for Ram’s role. Raju says she offered me Ram’s role. Rambhateri says we can take auditions for some roles. Raju, Ishwar and Nandu agree. Nandu gives him a script and asks him to take an hour. Raju says I need time. Rambhateri asks Nandu to take audition tomorrow morning. Nandu jokes on him. Raju says we will see. Nandu thinks Raju will see what I want to show him.

Its morning, Rambhateri sings bhajan and smiles. She asks Raju to have milk, is he prepared. Raju says its not a big thing, I can do well. She says get script and come here. He asks were you teacher in any school. She says I become teacher seeing useless kids. He asks why can’t she say good things. She says I want to make you Ram. He rehearses the lines and she

helps him. He says lines in his manner. She corrects him. She says you always do this. She stops and recalls her son. She sees her son in Raju and gets teary eyed. She says Raghunandan… Raju asks what. She says nothing…. And thinks whats happening, why do I miss my Raghu seeing Raju.

She asks him to have milk. He asks is this badam milk. She recalls her son and goes. Raju takes milk glass and drinks. She lights the diya in the temple and prays that she is starting Ram leela today. Garima comes and says Raavan can’t become Ram by his blessings. Ram has killed Raavan, Raju is Raavan, will you do Ram leela with Raju, how can you give Shastra to Asurs and do Dharm. Rambhateri says you just see white and black, Devta and Asurs, but I believe something else, Devta and Asur have one thing between them, that’s humans, who has Ram and Raavan too, like Raavan gets inside you when it comes to Raju, so you become harsh towards him. Garima says Raju is not my son. Rambhateri says Kanha was also not Yashoda’s son, Raju is your son, you are his mum, just loved ones matter, forgive Raju once, then you will see Ram in him. Garima cries and leaves.

Mishra and Bitto encourage Raju. Nandu asks them not to recommend Raju and asks Raju is he ready. Raju starts his lines. Nandu stops him, and asks Ishwar to tell him. Ishwar tells the lines and shows Raju. Nandu says yes, look at him. Raju says I m saying same. Nandu says no, you said wrong, very nice Ishwar. He gets angry as she is stopping him. She says Ram ji does not get angry, you are rejected. Raju asks what, I did not say complete lines.

Nandu says no need to hear it, just see Ishwar saying the lines. Ishwar says the lines. Everyone clap for Ishwar. Raju looks at Nandu.

Nandu goes to Rambhateri and says I can’t become Sita if Raju becomes Ram. Rambhateri says if Raju can’t become Ram, then this Ram leela can’t happen. She goes. Nandu gets thinking. Raju meets Raval. Raval asks will you become Ram. Raju says I m doing Dharm work for first time. Raval says don’t joke, I have taken money from investors. Raju says model town will get vacated in 10 days, model town residents are united, there is one way to vacate it, that’s to stop Ram leela, it will stop when Rambhateri and Nandu get annoyed, Rambhateri will leave model town, then I will vacate model town, they both fought, Rambhateri is adamant that I become Ram, and Nandu is against, we have to make this fight strong, then Ram leela cancel.

Raju tells Raval that Rambhateri and Nandu are against. Raval says if Raju and Rambhateri know they are mum and son, they will unite. Rambhateri asks Ram ji why is she seeing her son in Raju, and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I think Raju will become Ram…. and Nandu his Sita…??

    This show is going like one of the oldest film Mr. And Mrs. Sharma, where their daughter died due to wrong marriage, and they try to solve other people marriage prblems… same withRambhateri she has some history, and making model town
    prblm solution…

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    12 jan episode update plzz….

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