Santoshi Maa 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya telling Madhu that he will trouble Santoshi. She says I will make sure it happens as you want. Tinu asks Daksha about Santoshi. Dadi asks Daksha not to scold Tinu, call them and ask about Santoshi. Daksha calls Pushpa and asks about Santoshi. Pushpa scolds her and ends call. Daksha tells Dadi that Santoshi will come. Dadi thinks of Santoshi’s words and decides to find her.

Santoshi helps Kaka and takes care of him. Kaka says you served me a lot, its okay. She says serving elders is good, I will make you take rest, you bless me. He sees some flowers dried and says my life is like those flowers, people like till I m useful, then afterwards, people throw you somewhere, Vijaya is my wife, she thinks her three sons Pratap, Ujwal and Dhairya are like Ram, Laxman and Bharat, she does not know her medicines come from my pension money, this house looks like heaven, but its empty, there are all comforts, but there is no satisfaction, I m in hell since 16 years and I lost belief in Lord. She says but I do have belief, this is my Santoshi Maa, she gives him a small idol and says I will keep fasts for you.

Santoshi Mata and all Devis smile and bless Santoshi. Santoshi tells Kaka about Santoshi Maa’s hands, who always takes care of her devotees, she is Devi is satisfaction, see my fasts will bring happiness in this house, you will see this house changing. Dhairya comes and looks on. Santoshi says Kaka you will belief Maa again. Kaka says I lost belief in Lord, but seeing you, I feel there is goodness in world. Devi Paulmi fumes. Kaka says I feel happiness will be back in our lives, and blesses her. Dadi comes there and stands at the gate. Santoshi says Kaka, she is my Dadi, come, I will make you meet her. Guard does not allow Dadi.

Dadi says I have to meet Santoshi. Dhairya goes and asks who is this old woman. Dadi takes stone to beat the guard. Madhu looks on. Dhairya asks is she mad. Dadi says my son Janardhan works at your office, Santoshi came here to cook food to help you all, Santoshi did not come home. He asks her to shut up, Janardhan does not work here, Santoshi works here for money, she is servant here. Dadi gets shocked and sees Santoshi.

Santoshi hugs Dadi and asks her not to worry. Kaka asks Madhu whats happening. Madhu asks Dhairya to get Kaka inside. Dhairya asks him to come. Santoshi says I did not know I m working here. Dadi says I did not know Daksha will fall so low, I can’t see you working as maid here, come with me. Pushpa tells Santoshi that meeting family is not allowed here. Santoshi says she is my Dadi, I may not come for work from tomorrow.

Pushpa says great, we have forgiven you for big thing, and now you are showing attitude. Dadi says I m sorry, Santoshi did not know she is maid here, she thought she is helping her Tau ji, our family cheated us. Pushpa asks why should we bear this. Madhu says you won’t get money. Santoshi says I was not working here for money, I don’t want money, sorry if I did any mistake, tell Kaka I was helpless. She leaves with Dadi.

Narad greets Mata and asks till when will humans use each other for their use. She says everything does not change in one day, but there will be many like Santoshi some day. He says truth does not hide, but if Santoshi go in that house again, some humans loved here and I felt this love link will stop Santoshi there. Sanketh recalls Santoshi and praises her devotion. Narad says I wish if Santoshi goes in that house, these two humans will change her life. Mata says whatever happens is for good, we can’t change fate, its Santoshi’s decision to go there or not. She smiles.

Madhu says I will make sure Santoshi does not go, till Dhairya’s revenge gets fulfilled. Dadi scolds Daksha. Daksha asks who will pay for expenses which we did to raise Santoshi. Santoshi says Dadi, I have to say something.

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  1. What the hell! Dhairya is kaka’s son 😮 how can 3 sons look on while their dad is treated like a servant :/

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