Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kailash jumping down the van. Vividha shouts Papa and runs to him. She holds Kailash and says none will take him. Ravish asks her to let ward boys take him. Kailash says I won’t go. Vividha says none will do anything. Ravish says he does not know what’s right and wrong for him, let him go. Vividha says I know, I will decide what’s right and what’s wrong for him. Kangana asks her where will she keep Kailash. Vividha asks them to give her 24 hours to decide. She asks Ankit to help. They take Kailash.

Guddi asks Madhav and Khushi what are they doing. Vividha asks Ankit to get aid. Madhav asks who is that uncle. Guddi says no one, take Khushi inside. Vividha turns Kailash. Khushi tries to see. Madhav takes Khushi. Kailash talks mad. She does the aid. She takes

care of him. She shaves his beard. Pita se hai…..plays….. She gives him a bath. She recalls Kailash taking care of her. She feeds him. She makes him sleep. Ankit and Guddi come there and see Kailash.

Vividha says he is better now, he got hurt, tell me honestly, do you two think I did mistake by letting Papa stay here, look at him, he is behaving like a baby, I know he did wrong with all of us, but we can’t forget he is our dad, he managed us well when we were young, now we have to manage him, we don’t have to behave badly with him like he did, are you with me. Ankit says yes, you did right. Guddi says no, he is such a man because of whom my life got ruined, I was almost dead and lost my face, this happened because of this man. She goes. Vividha says I wish dad did not do this with us.

Atharv shows the old age home near the house. Vividha says I checked, there is no 24 by 7 nurse. He asks what’s the problem, I gave all the lists of rehabs and old age homes, you don’t like all. She says he needs good water, food, care. He says you are just pointing the flaws. She says sorry, I did not say I won’t send, I will send him to a good place. He asks what’s the solution then. Sujata says I have a way.

They come to meet some baba. Baba asks Sujata not to worry, I know such people who lose mental balance, I will take Kailash to my ashram, there are doctors available. Kangana talks to Ravish and says yes, I understood. Ravish says I got a call from Madhav’s school, we have to submit TC, its last date, I m busy. She asks how to leave children alone. He asks her to please do it and ends call.

She sees Madhav and Khushi. She tells Madhav that she has imp work, she has to go, can they stay alone at home. Madhav says I m smart, I won’t be scared, I remember everyone’s number. Kangana says good, you can call anyone of us. She sees Kailash’s room and says be careful, don’t go near that room, don’t let Khushi go. She leaves.

Madhav asks who is that uncle. Goons enter the house. Madhav and Khushi play. Goon catch Madhav. Goon says last time this boy got saved, we will take kids this time. Khushi hides. She runs and throws the Frisbee. The goon gets hit. Madhav pushes the goon and runs. Madhav calls Vividha. She answers. Goon takes phone and disconnects. Vividha says Guddi called me and now she is not answering. Goon says this boy is acting smart. Madhav says I m smart, that girl is my sister, if anyone touches her, I will not leave anyone. Khushi hides under the bed.

Goon looks for her. Madhav shouts leave me. Goon says we will rob this house and go, tell us where did your mum hide money. Vividha asks Atharv to drive faster. Madhav recalls Kangana’s words. He thinks of Kailash. He shows Kailash’s room.

Goon takes a knife and scares Madhav. They see Kailash. Vividha and Kangana knock the door. Atharv and everyone get in. They get shocked seeing……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode is somewhat confusing but y vividha is acting as a good daughter is Kailash that much gud person but sad about Atharv pls in there lives there is no happiness but now they got some happiness again vividha is destroying her own happiness very sad???????????????expecting coming episodes will be more boring

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode….the father daughter bonding of kk and vivida is really awesome…
    Kk did wrong with everyone but we can’t break a strong relation sooo easily….
    Vivida is also dng that….

    Any have that kk will go out everything will get fyn between vitharv….
    Madhav and kushi scenes r really awesome…
    Today madhav and vivida nailed the episode very nicely…
    Madhav daring 2 goons is simply awesome…
    Madhav saying she is my sister….??

    About precap i think kailash beat the goons and saved madhav and kushi…if kk will do like that at atharv will get some hope on kk…

    1. Hello Sunanda
      how are you?
      Am Hafza in the last year of MBBS

      The scene of Madhav protecting Khushi was really awesome.

      1. Sunanda 12345

        Hiiii hafza

  3. Nice episode madav is very smart just like his father protecting his sis..nice to watch?????anyway iam not happy at all ……..I want jndsd more..more vithar moments I watched 5 30 and will again watch at 7 and also watch on hotstar guys pls do these if trp increase we can save our show..?????????

  4. i liked the love for her father of vividha for kk but he doesnot desrves that i think if he is acting then he should be ashamed of himself and if he is not than if he gets ok than he should and hope he doesnot create any misunderstanding between them hope so and only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  5. I am feeling so sad.I am crying.Y this stupid starplus stopping our serial.After ending we never watch shivik as pair.

  6. I am missing all my dear frnd from onwards. Plz came back all.

    1. Sandy17

      Yes dear ..plz my frnds come back ..our favourite show’s fate has been written ??

      1. Usha

        Yes Sandy , many mallus r missing from here including XYZ & Aailya .
        We have only one month left to be together , to share our cmnts abt jndsd , vitharv & shivik.
        Everything is going to end with our jndsd.
        We r going to miss each other. Really shocking news for each member of this family.
        Don’t why they r not coming here .May be due to busy on exams bcz that is more important than anything ,right ?
        If they know this news from any where , they will definitely come back here. Sure.
        Gud night mole.

  7. Sandy17

    By reading updates it seems very interesting…so she would send him …that’s enough…but it was nice to see vivi taking care of kk .
    Madhav ..my cutie pie …he is so smart ??….his concern for khushi was just ?
    He is very brave that he sent goons to kk’s room ??
    In precap either kk will beat all the goons down or after goons go outside after their ‘job’ , family will think that kk might have done that …if the first one happens vivi will feel more sympathy towards kk and he might be allowed to live with them.

  8. Wow dutiful brother like his father,jasa bap wosa beta.

  9. One thing I need to admit, vivi is best daughter. If kk is not an egoistic person, and a good person like sujatha then kk vivi are father daughter goals. liked the scene vivi taking care of her father. But kk doesnt deserve anyones love from this world.

    This gundas know when elders are leaving the house and when not. I think it definetely not coincidence. Its plan by kk. May be kk gonna save kids from gundas, to gain trust from vivi also from the family too(excluding atgarv). This ashram plan will again gonna be a flop. For drama cvs will keep kk in home.

    Madhav is one protective brother. I want a bro like madhav. His warning to gundas not to touch/harm his sis. I like how cvs are showing madhav nature. This boy is keeping his cool in danger situations too. When kangana kidnaped him, how intelligently he called to vitgarv and informed them about his location. Today he didnt afraid by seeing gundas instead he called to vivi to infrom the situation. He even diverted them by showing wrong room.

    I want more madhav khushi scenes.

    How kk is responsible for guddi fake death and face surgeory. Am I missed anything.
    Epi is good. eventhough I love vivi daughter love/responsibility on kk, I cannot support her decision of keeping kk in home.

  10. May I trust kangana. Last time,the same gundas attacked atharv family, and kangana for kidnaping madhav.But kangana saved madhav and proved her innocence to every one. This time no elder is there in home tgey can easily kidnaped them. but no, tgey are like waiting for someone to complete the actual plan.

    Is kk kangana still in connect. Are they both are in this plan.

    Or am I thinking over.

  11. Veer

    I’m not feeling even a tiny bit interested in commenting about today’s episode. But still I’ll do in short.
    Episode was very very emotional. Madhav-Kushi scenes were good. Their siblings bond was superb. Loved the scenes between KK-Vividha, they’re real emotions a girl undergoes seeing her father in such a state. Shivani and Vineet ji nailed the scene. I still justify Vividha’s actions even after today’s episode. She hasn’t forgot her responsibilities towards her helpless father even though she can’t forgive him for what he did with her life. The father-daughter scenes were highly emotional and special. What ever Vividha did today is what a daughter/son is meant to do to their parents in their last days or helpless stage of their lives.

    Precap: I think KK will beat the goons and save the children before Vitharv come.

    Guys please watch the show both on TV and hotstar on the same day. TRP’s can still save our show. Don’t forget to watch. Also if possible watch the last week episodes on hotstar again because people in twitter are asking us to watch so that trp’s for the previous week increases.

  12. Aleya.marzan

    REALLYYY SHOCKING…………………………………………




    I WANNA CRY MY HEART OUT…………………………………………….




    1. Usha

      U r right Aleya. No one is interested in Pardes me he mera dhil. Our show far more better than that sasu – bahu comedy .Srry comparing jndsd with that show is just a shame on jndsd.
      I know every genuine fan of jndsd and shivik can never digest this news. Bt what to do dear ? After all this is just a daily soap . So we have to be practical and being patient this time.
      We will definitely miss VITHARV romantic moments , Atharv – sujatha bonding , Madhav – kushi naughtiness and Empowering of Vividha by Atharv sujatha etc with the end of jndsd since we did n’t see these unique way of story telling any where bfr.
      We cann’t see the magical chemistry of Shivik ever aftr the show ends. I too agree with this.
      Bt every show has an end and we had to prepare for it frm one year completion of jndsd.
      A heart touching fact is that star plus is going to end the show only bcz of the lack of required trp.They r not even ready to consider the story or amazing acting skills of the leads ,not just the leads, each actor in jndsd r giving 100 % justice to their characters.
      This star plus r only treating this as a business , not giving any attention to the viewers .
      If i start telling abt some thing , it will be difficult to stop and will be boring .
      Anyway just try to believe ur self that this is just a serial and we have a lot to do in real life , having not enough time to waste for reel . This may take some time ,bt do it soon.
      I have nothing to say to u dear this time.
      Gud night

      1. Chechi..Ethiopia tank alum Karachi marunile chechi…epazhala vendum original trackilot vanathu apol thane therunoke vechal sahikan patunel s its a show but namiloke show ayit mathremano kande? Son hangover maran for me may be years vendivarum….athrekum impact under shivikn..nala vishamund. Gud nite

  13. vitharv_jabra_fan

    Hi vitharvians, todays epi was ok. I actually tried to understand vivi as daughter she is doing all this because she just remembered all old moments with her father KK .But still if cvs want to redeem KK i m dont know what to say.Here i felt bad for kk that he is in such condition but still how can everyone forget what he has done.I just want some justice for Atharv and sujata.My problem is what kk and ankit has donw with atharv is not justified it was horrible. Ankit tried to kill him two times he shot him 1st time with gun then that hammer why he is not in jail?its shame how cvs will justify this?i dont know.And kk also I wanted some interesting face oFF between KK and Atharv but what they r showing he is not in senses so they will just forgive him like that only or what. what KK and ankit did was Honor killing .But now KK is not in senses so even if they call police or court he might not get any punishment.Why cvs are ruining storyline.Kindness is good but justice is also Important.This serial had so much potential but they just spoilt it.though track is not ended I hope for some proper conclusion atleast.I also read about closure of serial i m gonna miss it But frankly what is remaining in story? triangle is over sum-sujata conflict is over so may be they dont have any story or content further .
    I just loved madhav and khushi scene Madhav called her ‘Behen’ he was so protective of her.

  14. Aleya.marzan




  15. Hi friends..
    OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Unless TRPs increase in the coming weeks JNDSD will officially go off air on 30th June 2017.
    I think all of us know about this news.we can do something guys.
    First of all we need to WATCH JNDSD ONLY ON TV AT 5:30 PM and also WATCH REPEAT TELECAST NEXT DAY.Those who don’t have TV please WATCH IT ON HOTSTAR.If you are a premium member you can watch it on same day.please PLAY IT CONTINUESLY.( premium members have to pay money monthly).If you are not a premium member you can watch it on NEXT DAY AT 7 PM ONWARDS for free.please play the episodes from MAY 20 TO CURRENT EPISODE continues or put it in repeat mode.Don’t watch it on any social media site like desitv.plz watch it only on Tv and HOTSTAR. By doing these we increase trp a little bit.

    Another thing is keep mailing to star plus REQUESTING FOR THE EXTENSION OF JNDSD.Please only send polite emails.
    1. [email protected]
    2. [email protected]
    3. [email protected]
    4. [email protected]

    Those who have Twitter account keep tweeting to @starplus @StarAniljha @mamtaypatnaik @yashApatnaik using hash tag #ExtendJNDSD.request for extend jndsd to atleast 3 months
    Please do this guys for our beloved vitharv/shivik,madhav khushi/ Kabir kinisha.??? We want to see them little more and want a peaceful closure with proper vitharv moments for remembering forever.not a hurry one.

    1. VizPinky

      Dear thank u sooo much for this.we r going to do it.love u dear???.we can show them our power ?????

    2. Tnx…I will sent 4 email to stop this crap serial???after shashank exit I will stop this blo*dy serial and every time ravish character did not get justice…vividha used him and after she get what she want she throw him like tissue

      1. U….how dare here we are dieying like anything to get an extension…. Why are shashyank fans like these its not our fault shashyank itself decided quiet wat had serial done its his personal decision

  16. For all…guys plz watch our show in TV as well as in hot star also try to episode from 20 the may it can increase trp..guys still there is time plz save our show..we want more vitharv moments right? So..plz..kindly its my request watch to save our show think that we will never ever get a pair like shivik..plz do…???????????

    1. Usha

      Hi Vismaya , I couldn’t watch today ‘s episode as usual , due to heavy rain and lack of electricity.

      Comment edited. English / Hindi only please.

  17. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  18. Shivik put their heart into vitharv, thats y every vitharv frame is bliss to watch. Jndsd is hit serial among all early evening time slot serials. Hope shivik get good projects/shows in future. jndsd show got recognization without any promotion, its becoz of shivik talent.

    Now the show is on track, but this channel is pathetic. All they want is trp. Not good content and great talent. I really want to see vitharv journey. Iam vitharv deprived.i really want an extension for six months. So that I can see happy vitharv moments like phase 1.

  19. Usha

    @Sweety sis , i read ur reply for me. So happy to see that u too got registered and ur dp, it must say SO SWEET LIKE U SIS.
    Our show is going to end. It is confirmed . Have a little hope that if the trp will increase on coming weeks , they will give extension. Bt don’t give more hope on that . These r already decided and our show will be replaced by pardes me he mera dhil at 5.30 pm.
    I lost my hope completely aftr the SPA 2017. I didn’t watch it on tv. Even didn’t remember abt that and remember just aftr reading yesterday’s cmnts.
    So it us confirmed : we have only one month left to cmnt here , to chat with each other , to share our happiness and worries. Everything is going to end :our jndsd , our vitharv, our ajmer , our gungun,payal ,tabela , our old angry dhoodhwala , un conditional love of sujatha , vividha’s empowerment by Atharv, EVERYTHING.
    Don’t know why i bcm this much emotional. My brain says : This is just a serial and take it as in that spirit. Bt my mind is not ready to accept this easily. I would say this : i ‘m completely addicted to jndsd , vitharv & shivik. Will take more time to get over from this. Bt sure i will never forget vitharv & jndsd life long. BCz this gives not only a beautiful pair Shivik bt also a lovely family of vitharvians here including my sweety sis.
    Don’t want to say more. Bcz if i continue this, i will cry defntly.
    Gud night dear.

    1. VizPinky

      Sis ur every word is squeezing my heart ??????. ..I am in tears now…

    2. Diya30

      @usha u make me emotional dear…really we can’t tolerate ?
      @pinky dear I saw the reply of sanjiv puri.. but dear it’s true they can’t understand our feelings for vitharv or vikku…

    3. Usha chechi.. U made me cry my situation is also. Like this brain says go its just a fiction but my mind..I will definetly will never ever forget vitharv shivik and my beautiful atharv sujatha everything payal juliya…and my strength my everything my fends here oh my god iam crying and iam dieying….oh..no..

    4. Sandy17

      U r right chechi , there is some emotional connection with JNDSD .?..they’ll connection to get over it .
      Gud mng

    5. Same to u Usha,vismaya…am also in tat condition….am literally addicted to this serial….am a fan of shivik,not only bcz of their onscreen performance,I like them off screen also,their frndship, thier nature influenced me like anything…I hv watched their each nd every intrvw 20 times or more…
      To accept this ending news is very difficult for me too…but v have to accept it…v have to accept the reality….

  20. Diya30

    hi guys how r u ???
    actually I’m now so much tensed…
    today…my result…feeling so much nervous….
    don’t know…
    n this news…I’ll miss u my jndsd,my lovely friends…???

    1. Sandy17

      Don’t worry dia, u will surely get the best marks for ur exams.
      Will miss u toooo dear ??

    2. Diya don’t worry u will get gud marks and me to will miss each and everyone??????

  21. Diya30

    @@@aronno dear kotha 2mi??? n yes u can call me tumi…2mi ki India a thako nki??? Ami WB…

  22. wish u all a great day ahead good morning
    be happy and take care

    1. Sandy17

      ? gud mng ooshi, have good day

    2. Gm and have a nice day ooshi?

  23. Hii gd morng dear frnds????????????????

    1. Gm sreelekshmi

    2. Sandy17

      Gud afternoon sree ?

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