Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv saying Madhav will miss Kangana. Vividha says he is my son. He says Kangana is Madhav’s mum, I m supporting you, but its wrong. She says Kangana can’t become a mum, shall I send Madhav with her. Kangana says I did this for Madhav. Ravish says you are not helpless, you are clever. Vividha says she is not helpless, she is very clever, she wants to snatch my son. Atharv says we have to be careful and use mind, not heart.

Ravish says I always heard my heart and never gave place to regretting, today you are making me regret, you cheated me twice. Atharv says Kangana cheated us many times, we have to take every step carefully, Kangana is Madhav’s biological mum, its wrong to separate her from her son. Kangana says I gave birth to Madhav, what’s wrong to

get him. Ravish says wrong is to cheat people, how long will you cheat people. She says till I get my son.

Vividha says fine, tell her she can meet Madhav, I have no problem. Atharv goes. Ravish says now if Atharv and Vviidha get ready to let you meet Madhav, I will see that you don’t see Madhav, I will tell your truth to everyone. Kangana says no Ravish. He goes. She says no, Ravish can’t tell truth to everyone. Vividha says no, this can’t happen and runs out of room. Atharv is in corridor. Vividha runs to stop him.

Kangana runs to stop Ravish. She holds his feet and stops him. Vividha holds Atharv’s hand and stops him. Ravish asks Kangana to leave his leg. Kangana asks him not to say anything. He says you mean after doing all this, I should lie to them. She begs. Vividha asks Atharv not to tell anything to Kangana, Madhav said he likes Kangana, if he loves her then. Kangana says I just did this for Madhav, trust me, I did acting, but whatever doctor said was true.

Ravish says I don’t trust you now. Atharv says I know you are feeling bad, what will we answer Madhav. Vividha says once I get custody, I will not stop her. Ravish says you have fooled me, you just used me. Kangana says I know its tough to trust me, but please trust me. She cries and asks him to trust his instinct, does he not see love for Madhav in her eyes. Vividha says Madhav is our son. Kangana says I would have not told you truth even today, how would you know then, I did not wish to cheat you, just get me my Madhav, I promise I will go away, I will not stop you all from meeting Madhav, I believe now Madhav is our son. Ravish says leave my hand. She leaves his hand. Atharv hugs Vividha.

Ravish takes pillow and asks Kangana not to hope that he will stay in room with her. She says our case can fall weak, please understand. He says there is a limit to become selfish, now I have a doubt to trust you or not, are you good mum for Madhav or not, you should care for my doubt, not others. She requests. He sleeps on the sofa.

Its morning, Vividha cooks food. Guddi comes. Vividha tries to talk to her and helps. Guddi taunts her. Vividha says you are my sister. Guddi says you remember this, I m surprised, you just care for yourself. Sujata comes and sees them arguing. Guddi says you just think of yourself, you don’t have place for anyone in your heart and mind. Vividha says I wanted to come to talk, but did not understand. Guddi says you left me alone to die. Sujata says its not like that. Vividha says I want your happiness. Guddi asks her can she get Ravish back, then stop acting to care for my happiness.

Vividha says enough, I m trying to talk well, you are behaving rude, what happened to you, did you think about me. Guddi says why should be everything about you, do you any word bigger than selfish. Vividha says enough, I don’t need to say what I did for you, don’t call me selfish. Sujata asks them to stop it. Atharv comes and looks on. Vividha and Guddi leave. Atharv says I know, Vividha is worried and afraid to lose Madhav.

Khushi tears the papers. Madhav packs his bag. Vividha asks Khushi to have food. Madhav says I got ready. Vividha says wait for 2 mins. She asks Khushi to have food fast. Madhav’s school bus comes. He says I will miss school bus. Vividha asks him to wait. Madhav says I missed my school bus. Vividha says I will drop you, wait. She asks Khushi not to throw things and shouts to Atharv. Madhav says its my book. Kangana comes and sees them.

She says come Madhav, I will drop you. Vividha shouts on her, asking her to leave. Kangana goes. Atharv looks on. Vividha asks Atharv to see what Khushi did, Madhav’s school bus is missed, I will drop Madhav to school and come, what all shall I see alone. Ravish and Sujata come and look on.

Vividha asks Kangana not to go near Madhav. She takes him to school. Madhav waves bye to Kangana. Atharv looks for Khushi. Sujata and Ravish see Madhav waving to Kangana.

Vividha says Madhav was playing here. Atharv says I made him sleep. She says how could you make him sleep alone, if Kangana takes him then. She runs and stops Kangana. Kangana asks what did I do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vigneswari

    thankyou for the fast update amena…

    1. Aliza111

      gd luck for ur os .

      1. Vigneswari

        thank you dear
        and same to you as u r also participating right!

  2. episode is good but this kangana track end soon

  3. What nonsense is this -_-

  4. Nice episode…
    I liked vivi khushi madhav scenes
    And vivi shouting atharv…when khushi became naughty

    And precap.. Awesome..
    That dialogue of vivi to kangana.. Meaningful dialogue..
    Kangana should feel ashamed of herself by hearing that..

  5. Veer

    Literally today I jumped straight the precap to see if KK entry is in tomorrow’s episode.
    Drama again. Decent episode. I think Vitharv are fighting a loosing battle, with Madhav’s custody case. Both Ravish and Atharv understood that Madhav loves Kangana too and Atharv is even ready to accept the fact. Vividha too knows that Madhav loves Kangana but don’t want to accept the fact because of fear of loosing Madhav. The more she tries to make Kangana away from Madhav the closer they’re getting. She’s right in doubting about Madhav’s wellbeing with Kangana because she’s very cunning and she can go to any extent to get Madhav. Vividha was once again in helpless situation when both Madhav and Kushi needed her. I don’t usually like drama but , this track I’m really enjoying because of raw human emotions. They’re seeming amazingly natural.

    I cannot say Vividha is wrong in keeping Kangana away from Madhav because she loves Madhav and considers him as her own child and its very natural and genuine for her to do what she’s doing. Her concern for Madhav is evident in what she’s doing.

    At the same time Kangana’s appetite to get back her son is also genuine as she’s his mother and both have a loving bond between them as proved by Madhav’s concern for Kangana today. The way she chose to get back her son can certainly be questioned.

    This Madhav custody has become a mess, Vividha is not able to give proper time to Kushi which she badly needs. Kangana-Ravish marriage will certainly be key at the end in Madhav staying with both Vitharv and Kavish.
    Cv’s will justify this in the coming episodes.

    Precap: The fight between the mother’s is getting ugly and natural.

    1. I totally agree with you veer, i have a doubt. If kangana really loves madhav? Because sometimes it seems like madhav is kangana’s obsession only. I also hope that kk’s entry will be in the precap, but it disappointed me again, when kk’s entry start to begin then we will be able to see our ARTHARVA SUJATHA.

      1. Veer

        Kangana loves Madhav and only Madhav for sure and she’s definitely obsessed of Madhav.
        Her approach to get Madhav at any cost is thething that’s wrong about her.

  6. Plz stop this custody case soon.. really getting boring.. always fighting in this serial.. ask madhav whom he want.. its very much irritating nowadays

  7. Veer

    Every character is right in its own way and at the same time every character is wrong in its way. That’s what we humans naturally perceive the things we do.
    The hardest reality of life that we learn from
    dealing with real emotions is “No one can be absolutely correct and no one can be absolutely wrong”. Right or wrong is always a matter of perception. That’s what JNDSD is dealing with this track. CV’s are really sailing into uncharted waters of the TV SOAPS, in bringing this content. Producers of this show are worth praising for the risk they took with this content.

  8. Why only vividha, ravish n kangana in whole episodes..not giving importance to Atharv.no dialogues just standing as wall paper..this is not done..atharv sujatha is the soul of jnndsd ..what these director is doing? We want more of Atharv sjatha..

  9. I think both the heroes r being a sandwich between the 2 mothers. This kangana is selfish to the core she only thinks about madhav and no one else.?
    Guddi is irritating she should have haters towards ravish not Vivi it is not her fault that ravish married kangana.
    I hope at least now ravish will stand by vitharv ,y is this kangana asking if Vivi has a heart she herself doesn’t have that psyco mental patient?
    Please CVS end this kangana track and send her away

  10. I dont know about all, but this custody case is now getting on my nerves.

    yes what atharv said is true. madhav knew that kangana is his real mother who loves him alot. keeping kangana away from madhav questions about vitharv attitude. Madhav cannot understand all these issues, so might feel like vitharv behaving rude towards kangana. That bad impression on vitharv is not good. Also vividha fear of turning like into love is true too. Vividha fear and her actions may seems like she is selfish. But for me it is reflecting a genuine mother love and fear. to the top of it, vivi is not madhav biological mother.

    R plz tell that f**king reason behind ur marriage to vitharv. It will help vitharv in custody case. Iam sure vividha will allow kangana to meet madhav, if vitharv won the case. But iam not sure kangana will do the same. Mr.R dont dance according to kangana tunes. Use ur mind.

    Guddi ur sis is helping u to come out of that tragedy happened to u. but ur still behaving like popcorn on stove. Gud continue. Do whatever u want.

    I dont know y khushi is not connecting to her mom vividha. when khushi is with atharv she behaves nicely with him. she is playing calmly with her dolls, when vivi wants to feed her she throws all stuff around. can cvs give me some mom beti scenes plz.

    Madhav secretly waved back to kangana. He is missing her.

    Vivi is unable to manage both her childern works at the same time.

    Vivi dont fight/warn kangana infront of madhav. Use ur brain. But ur heart feelings over riding ur senses.

    Looks like kangana is clever than vivi. First she acted like changed person then suddenly filed custody case now with her cunning mind she traped R.

    Now soon we r gonna get another unstable person kk.

    1. Sandy17

      Look at the way kangana has deceived ravish..by saying now madhav is our child and she will allow him to meet madhav once she get madhav’s custody…emotional black mailing…he was not ready even when she fell in his legs for not revealing the marriage truth to others but when she told that he easily obeyed.

  11. Sandy17

    Today’s episode was little bit messed up with different mom dad of emotions…there was not enough time for each character to express their emotions …it was like a super fast train…coming one after another in a fraction of minutes.

    Both mothers are right in their emotions but vivi now onwards should not try to keep madhav and kangana away because today when he waved bye to her, it seems that he started missing her…so vivi should be more careful.
    If kangana was direct in her thought and action then it would not have become this much complicated…she could have lived with her son by not separating him from vitharv. Now their love has turned to pester.
    It was nice to see vivi handling madhav and khushi and calling out atharv…it reminded me of the usual situation in a house with two small siblings ?
    Whenever guddi and vivi scene comes I feel that the old bond between them is missing even when they are arguing..when it was old guddi I felt some more connection between them whenever they are in ajmer and also arguing in delhi.

    Let this kangana track end soon because if it is being extended for some more days it will be boring to see them always fighting.

    1. Sandy17

      It’s different kind of emotions not mom dad of emotions

  12. Don’t know really wat to say..but really sad of vivi’ s situation ????and ravish again fall on kagana’s crocodile tears..wat man r u msr ex army?? Can’t u plz tell truth to vitharv it will be a great help to them to overcome there situation???and both mothers are right but vivi much more becoz she will definetly make madav meet kagana if she won custody but kagana won’t ???guddi don’t blame ur sis thank her for not giving u a mahan like ravish who would marry any girl if she is in struggle???

  13. Vividha yearning or fear in madhav case remainds me of phase 2.

    Even though R is good husband, she never bend towards R not even once. She even love and ready to marry baby atharv. That genuine and soulful love made her characterless to some people.

    Here after knowing kangana is real mom of madhav, knowing that she too has equal rights on madhav, her motherly love on madhav made her selfish woman now.

    Kangana has no memories of madhav. But vivi has six years memories with her. The only solution to this pb is both mothers need to understand each others pain. And they need to shower their love on madhav equally without cinsidering any legal or illegal rights.

    One day vivi will make breakfast,for madhav next day kangana will do that. Likewise they can share and shower their motherly love on madhav. Meanwhile vivi too get some time for khushi.

    its madhav decision whom to call mom and papa. Cvs give me some peace while watching epi. I need some cute,romantic,funny vitharv moments like phase 1. Also want vitharv, madhav and khushi scenes.

  14. Both vividha and kangana are selfish moms. After second marriage with ravish I hated vividha her most and always gave more preference to ravish’s selfness. After marriage also she gave first priorities to ravish’s decisions. Atharv raveesh teek kah raha hai.?????????????

    If kangana had killed atharv she would have let her live in vashisht house. She had also spent many years living with bhumi,vipul and bua. This shows she had no love towards them as being in a family.
    If she loved them she never have let kangana again to enter the house. Such a selfish creature she is. How can she think of separating madhav from his mother. Madhav will be surely having a special bond with the mother. That is natural. Vividha is doing wrong by separating them.
    Now madhav is small but when he grow’s up he will surely question and hate vividha.
    Her worrie’s for guddi is not double as madhav. She only gave less concern to guddi. Being a sister she is running from the responsibilities. But doing mother duty she is prefect. At least for madhav she would have behaved nicely with kangana, seeing that madhav loves kangana. Vividha should be ready to share the love of madhav with kangana. Vividha should learn something from ishitha of yeh mohabbetain.

    Here in vividha I can see another shagun.

    Kangana is also too selfish. She only Care’s about madhav and knowing about khushi condition also she never cared and only badmouthed her. 2nd shagun in the serial.
    She never cared about other feelings. For her motive she can go to any extent. Knowing that guddi loves ravish she never thought once before marrying him.

    Atharv would have also felt bad when madhav called ravish papa and wanted to share the love of madhav. He handled smoothly. Then why can’t vividha just thought of atharv’s situation. I love the pain vividha is bearing now. She deserved it .

    1. Veer

      Oh !!!! Come on Diya, why always have prejudice on Vividha being selfish. Do you want Vividha to let Madhav leave them and go to Kangana? Do you want her to forget Madhav’s memories and his upbringing, the love and the bond that she has shared with Madhav? Had she done this people would again call her SELFISH because when she came to know that Madhav is not her biological son and she got back her daughter, she forgot every thing and let him go. She is just doing what every loving and caring mother would do in that situation. Kangana’s intention is to seperate and take Madhav away from Vitharv and not just stay with Madhav and look after him. Vividha wanted Kangana to stay away from Madhav only when Kangana revealed the truth to Madhav in the absence of Vitharv. That truth should have been revealed by Vitharv. This made Vividha doubt her intentions. She would have happily allowed Kangana to look after Madhav, if she had not murdered any one in the past, if she had not tried to kill Vitharv and if she had not tried to kill her self along with Madhav. The onus was on Kangana to prove that she has changed and she can take good care of Madhav without separating him from Vitharv but what did she do she went for custody, started foul mouthing Kushi. She’s still playing games with Ravish’s emotions. How can you justify her actions to get Madhav? Yes, she loves Madhav and they share a special bond that doesn’t mean that her intentions are good. She would have proved herself as really changed and she should have tried to integrate herself into Madhav’s world which is with Vitharv and family rather than taking Madhav away from his world. Vividha making Kangana away from Madhav will always be justified till she believes that Kangana is changed for good, even if Madhav loves Kangana. Her love for Madhav will never let her to allow Madhav to go with or stay close to Kangana if she doesn’t believe in Kangana. This is not SELFISH it’s love. Even if you call her selfish I’m happy because she’s only concerned for Madhav and her family.

      Vividha bringing Kangana home was her only way to find her daughter. The love for her child and her helplessness in finding her daughter made her take that decision. You call her selfish, I’m still happy because she’s being selfish for her own child.

      Guddi’s case, what would you expect Vividha to do? You still want Vividha to take responsibility of Guddi’s promised marriage with Ravish and marry her to already married Ravish.

      I agree that Vividha shouldn’t have showed her anger on Kangana in front of Madhav.

      I don’t think comparing two different contexts and two different circumstances is right.

      Not to oppose you, just want you to introspect on these lines.
      Thank you.
      Good morning. Have a great day.

  15. nothing to say but for sure I will kill this kangana she can do anything for her but not for others only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  16. At last I read some ff on vitharv. Those are really good to read. new story telling of vitharv journey is nice to read and also for imagination. Thank u to ff writers.

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku hema.. I hope u liked my FF.. And thanx for the comment here and also on my ff episode .. Keep reading 🙂

    2. Aliza111

      didiu read my ff . pld read it made for each other jndsd . pls read it . nice to meetu hima . frnds? i liked u

  17. I hate this kangana selfish woman only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  18. Aree..kk pagal hogaya.???..very interesting…guyz..more interesting episode are cmgup…Am soo happy..1st. Athrv got mad now kk…Vikram had showcased baby athrv amazingly…now it’s turn for Kailash..mujhe sochkar hi hasi arahi hai….

  19. Kangana has no memories with madhav. Vividha has six years memories with her. So yearning,fear and selfishness.

    the two mothers need to have heart to heart talk with each other. So they can understand each other pain . The only solution. After understaing, they can shower their motherly love on madhav without fighting for legal rights. Its madhav wish whom to call mom and papa. Meanwhile vivi can find time to spend with khushi.

  20. Dodule comment sry frnds

  21. @sandy

    Yes seems like he convinced becoz of that. in last few epi he constantly referring him to madhav as papa instead of chota papa. I know R loves madhav alot. But there is difference between papa and chota papa.

    1. Sandy17

      Absolutely , right.

  22. Aleya.marzan

    these mom – mom fight getting disgusting. hope it ends n ath-kk
    face off soon
    good night all

    again xams started . life is becoming hell
    tomoro is physics . dont know cz they said ques will be hard.

    sorry if anyone gets irritated by my issues.

    1. Veer

      Physics is a tough nut to crack.
      All the best. Do well.

    2. Usha

      Aleya ,plz don’t say like that .We all r happy to share both happiness & worries of other members in this family. This will make every one feel cool & relaxing. So no need of saying srry dear.
      U know Physics is a royal subject. Why do u afraid of this ? First concentrate on the base of each topic thoroughly ,then start solving prblms topic wise. It will bcm very interesting to study Physics if u started loving it. All the best fr ur exam dear.
      Gud night & sweet dreams.

      1. All the best Aleya dear.

    3. Don’t be scared dear..all the very best???

    4. Sandy17

      All the best aleya, do well ?

    5. Aliza111

      be brave dear . i know u r very intelligent . u will winwith flying marks, good luck dear

    6. Sunanda12345

      All the best dear

  23. Optimistic

    Vitharv made for each other episode 17 updated check it friends???

  24. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode….
    Jndsd spoilers…?after long tym…

  25. Aliza111

    what was ther in today’s episode . nothign was speciel to see only kangana ravish and vitharv coicidense dialogues and scenes .

    guys iam writing an os on jndsd in comingos cmptition . hope u all would support. sunanda di arent u joining . iknow vigneshwari has joines iam juz writing but pls support me

    1. Sandy17

      No needing asking , our support will always be there for u?

      1. Aliza111

        love u

    2. Sunanda12345

      I will always support you aliza….don’t worry dear ??

      1. Aliza111


  26. Veer you are happy that vividha is selfish for his children’s and husband. The truth is that it is human beings nature. Until we marry we love our family very much. When a man marries he forgot’s about entire family and only cares about his wife and children. Vividha is doing same here. But it is not practical

    When vividha got atharv,madhav and khushi she forgot rest family members. That too her sister who was her best friend. If the world thinks like vividha ,it will be only covered with selfish people. Similarly atharv also he remembered only vividha when he was in baby Atharv and drug addicted form. He forgot his own mother who fought against the society and suffered a lot for him.

    1. Veer

      Diya, you are right. But, don’t expect ideal things from JNDSD. This show is all about imperfect characters. Vividha is not at all perfect and the same goes with Atharv and other characters also. All the characters in this show are flawed to some extent or the other. The character’s emotions are driven only by the circumstances be it angry, selfish, selfless etc. Being selfish for themselves and their family is the most common trait of a human, forget about the extent of being selfish. Vividha did have concern for her sister. Don’t forget that she even confirmed with Ravish about Guddi and even asked him to make Guddi feel happy if he really have feelings for her. If she didn’t love her sister she would have slayed her long back for what she did with her Atharv.

      I still don’t understand why, you think Vividha is selfish in Madhav’s and Guddi’s matters.
      She’s doing what a normal mother would do in that situation.

      Please read my previous reply to your comment?. I gave my justifications why Vividha isn’t selfish and then said that if you still feel that Vividha is selfish then I’m happy for her being selfish.

      If you still think Vividha is selfish, then as you said the world is full of selfish people and all of us are part of it and even we are contributing to this selfish world by being selfish ourselves.

      Atharv remembering Vividha in every state is just to show how pure their love is and how their souls are connected irrespective of their mental states.

      Can you please reply with what wrong did Vividha do to her sister Guddi and what did you expect Vividha to do for her sister? And
      What made u think that Vividha forgot about her family members? Then I can comment on your opinion because I don’t think she neglected her sister or her family.

  27. https://mobile.twitter.com/xAngelWingz/status/866863716213571584/photo/1
    See this guys who loved ipkknd and sanaya
    What Gul khan said to sanya Irani? How ungrateful lady she is ????????????????????????.

    SORRY VEER IF I HAVE HURT YOU BY WORDS. I hate the word selfish dear. I consider Jndsd TU page as my family. That is why iam sharing my personal things.
    I had a brother and we were like best friends. Our family was a very happy family. But when my brother got married problems started. After the marriage he rarely cared me and my parents. He became completely changed person. There were no combined talks like before. My brother just cared about his wife. After two months he went to another house with his wife. He never calls us. If my parent’s call he will answer otherwise no call.
    Why the world is so mean? I hate it.

    Because of this if I see any person behaving selfishly I get anger. So sorry dears if I said any wrong.

    1. Veer

      Absolutely there’s Nothing wrong in putting up your opinion. I rather feel happy if someone oppose me because that way I can introspect my thinking. I would never ever get hurt by a constructive dialogue since it helps us understand the things better and can improve our thinking.

      Sorry, to hear what your brother did. But, that’s what happens in most of the houses. Sadly it should never happen but the reality is it happens for whatever reasons it maybe. World looks meaner at times but we must not be mean in judging the world to be meaner always.
      Your brother will understand your pain when his son does that to him. Don’t worry KARMA bites back.
      Stay strong, stay positive and stay happy.

  28. Mng frndz..a big haiii to all my dr ones..really i missed u all a lot..

    1. Usha

      Hi rani. Gud mrning dear & Have a great day.

  29. I think vividha and kangana should learn something from atharv and ravish. Ravish knew that he is not the father of madhav even then he took care of him as his own son even madhav considered him as father for 4 yrs. When atharv returned he simply took a step back and handed over madhav to atharv. Even atharv knew that madhav loves ravish more than him but he did not feel insecure about that and ravish was the one who told madhav to call atharv papa .Even today madhav prefers ravish over atharv. If atharv wanted to,he could have snatched ravish’s right towards madhav but he did not do so. Here we can see the mutual understanding between the 2 brothers and their equal live for madhav.
    As far as ravish is concerned , marriage is not a joke it is the special connection between 2 souls ,ravish could have solved this problem in a no of ways but by marring kangana he has only increased the problem by creating havoc in the house ,plz ravish marriage is not the solution to all the problems u r an ex army officer u have some brains to think use ur brain and don’t fall into that kangana’s trap she is just using u to get mind.Use ur brains and take decision s which r beneficial to all.

  30. Sunanda12345

    Hi guys gm…have a nyc day ??

  31. The great CVS r spoiling the lead characters especially atharv,ravish and guddi.
    Atharv is acting like a statue, he is not the atharv sujatha that we all know there is no intensity like before, ravish who was a bravy army officer who suspected his own family members when needed is shown falling for women and marrying them unnecessarily and sensitive how can an army officer be so sensitive and emotional all the time in the name of helplessness.
    Guddi on the other hand is shown soo weak always blaming and complaining and crying she should be strong enough to face any situation. The old guddi was always so cheerful , happy and positive while this one is weak ,sensitive and blames vividha all the time.

  32. Thank you veer for making me understand.
    But I miss the intensity vitharv had with guddi. Iam happy that I got the answer.

    And also thank you for consoling me. ?

    1. Veer

      That magic bond which old Guddi (Nidhi) had with Vitharv will never come back, it’s long gone with Nidhi itself. This new Guddi(Priyanka) is completely different type of actor to Nidhi. Nidhi and Priyanka are poles apart for the character of Guddi. We have to somehow bear with what they currently show with Guddi.

      No need of thanQ I just shared my opinion.

  33. Usha

    Hi Guyz , i’ve net exam on june18 and have to start revision soon. Also i lost permission to watch tv & take phn frm today. My Appa is so strict in this case. So can never watch jndsd or cmnt here bfr exam. I will defntly miss all my frnds here till then. I need all ur pray & blessings to do well in exam. Plz, pray fr me too frnds. Bcz this is my first step to achieve my goal and feeling so nervous too.
    @SWEETY SIS , All the best fr ur studies dear. Take care of ur health . I will miss u . See u aftr exam so that u will also bcm free frm all ur health issues ,covering of missed portions etc.
    @Vitharvians , take care frnds & see u aftr my exam.

    @Mallus , when ever my exam over i will defntly come back here . Bcz i can not leave here fr ever. Till then , i will badly miss u frnds.
    Gud aftr noon frnds.

    1. VizPinky

      All the best for ur exams sis and i will miss u soooo much upto then.our prayers always will be there with u sis.will wait for u until u return ????

    2. Aliza111

      didi best of luck for ur exms .of course we would pray for u we will to missu . didi vishamikenda exm okke kazhinjitt kanam . nanayi padich nalla mark vanganam

    3. Veer

      Good luck for ur exam Usha.

    4. Sunanda12345

      All the best Usha

    5. All the best best Usha dear,, we gonna miss you a lot till then take care.

    6. Sandy17

      Chechi, don’t worry .net examil concentrate cheyto.njangal ellarum prarthikum.chechikku nalla pole exam ezhutan pattum.
      We will wait for u chechi??
      All d best for ur exams?

  34. VizPinky

    Sry guys i am becoming lazy now a days due to hot summer and also not getting time to spend time here due to house hold works.
    See i have started typing this comment at mrng in middle my father called me and it took this much time to complete all the work and come back.
    Today all specials r made in my house and in all of them one recipe is made by me and that is chicken magestic…All my family ppls liked it and i am very happy for that.

    I thought that today i will be not able to appear here but atlast i am here double happy for that…?????…gud afternoon guys…???

    1. Aliza111

      yummy . will u give me ur recipe pls . i love cooking .

    2. Hi pinky gud evening dear.

  35. Optimistic

    Shall I stop my ff vitharv made for each other as no one is commenting on it plz encourage me with ur comments, these days comments are decreasing

    1. Pooja12

      Oh don’t stop dear it’s very nice

  36. I just hate that kangana just only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  37. vitharv_jabra_fan

    i think vivi is obsessed with mahav she should think abt khushi also.And Atharv’s intensity is missing but i think he is just controlling his emotions for family sake and then he knows vivi is disturbed so he is holding himself back thuogh he defended vivi yesterday

  38. vitharv_jabra_fan

    ok typo mistake (its madhav and though)

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