Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet asking Bakool where is the mangalsutra. Bakool sings song nazar ke saamne…Ranjeet says this song was sung by Rahul Roy for Anu Agarwal. Bakool says I am singing for Sheena. Sheena asks him to make her wear it. Bakool refuses. Ranjeet threatens to kill him and aims gun at him. Bakool acts and says I have married Sheena and haven’t done any theft. He tells that he will make her wear mangalsutra infront of 500 people. Sheena gets emotional and tells that lets have a grand party and Bakool will make me have mangalsutra infront of guest. Ranjeet announces party in his farm house and says they will invite 20 people. Sheena says you are a miser and I hate you. Ranjeet says it doesn’t matter how much people come to the party. Sheena hugs them.

Malti is shown. A drunkard man says I have been waiting for you. Malti slaps him and says I will tear your clothes. He says I am ready to get beaten. Malti tries to beat him. He runs. Baa asks Jigna to make new food for Bakool. Jigna laughs. Baa introduces Malti to Jigna and tells that she is Bakool’s wife. Malti says their Jodi is like sita and ram. Her phone rings and says she will not pick her husband’s call. Baa asks her to have sheera made by Jigna. Jigna says my husband made me wear mangalsutra for the first time. Malti cries and says my husband made other woman wear mangalsutra also. Jigna asks what you are saying? Malti says he lied to me that he is going to work and got married again. Bakool comes and hears her. Malti says such persons should be beaten at their back infront of everyone.

Bakool asks what nonsense are you talking about and says may be that man is helpless to be trapped by two women. He asks him not to talk violent things in his room. Malti says Bhao is angry and goes. Bakool asks why did you call her here, she talks nonsense. Baa says I have decided to get you married to Jigna in the temple. Bakool asks her to think about his happiness and asks her to send Jigna to village. Baa says she will get him married tomorrow to Jigna so that he gets feelings of husband as the previous marriage happened in childhood. Bakool refuses to come. Baa threatens to drink poison. Baa asks her not to talk about death and says he will come to temple and marry.

Harry teases Bakool and says you have become dholak. He asks him to buy fake mangalsutra till he gets mangalsutra from Jigna. Bakool asks him to buy artificial mangalsutra. Harry feels bad and says he couldn’t marry even once. Bakool blesses him to marry 4 times. He asks him to help him save his two marriages. Harry agrees.

Bakool comes to Ranjeet’s house. Ranjeet introduces him to his guest. Pandit ji asks him to hurry up and tells that he needs to do other marriage also. Bakool thinks Harry haven’t come till now. Ranjeet asks where is mangalsutra? Bakool says it is with her. Baa calls Bakool and asks him to come fast. He tells that he will be coming soon. Baa then calls Pandit ji and asks when you will come? Pandit ji says he is busy in short and sweet marriage and will come soon. Sheena comes downstairs. Ranjeet announces that today is the special day of Bakool and Sheena, and tells that today Bakool will make Sheena wear mangalsutra infront of everyone and asks Pandit ji to start the rituals. Bakool says we will do it after sometime. Pandit ji says this is right mahurat. Bakool thinks where is Harry.

Bakool gets Baa’s call and reaches temple. He collides with Sheena there and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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