IT’S COMPLICATED… — Avneil , Twinj , AdiYa and MaNan ff (CHAPTER 5)


Scene 1 – College campus , stonehill
(Next morning )

Avni was walking alone in the campus , 10 minites were still left for the class. Usually she walked to the class with Neil but today all the boys had their football practice and girls had cheerleading practice in the first hour .  Being a tomboy she had no interest in either of these . Though Twinkle requested her thousand times to come to cheerleading practice but she denied. She knew that other girls didn’t liked her and don’t want her to be in cheerleading group considering she’s not very girly . Her eyes ran around the campus searching for a friend but no one except for some nerds could be seen in the campus who were busy in studying. She sighed and walked to the class.  She entered the class and looked around . No one was there except few. She took her place waiting for bell to ring.  She was humming a tune and writing something on the paper ,her eyes widened in shock when she felt a tap on her shoulder  . She turned around to find her classmate and vice captain of school football team standing there , Rishi. Avni and Rishi didn’t know eachother very well but they used to talk daily however for sometimes. And Rishi had a slight crush on Avni.

She smiled and welcomed him to come and sit beside her. He sat there.

“What are you doing here Rishi ? I mean football practice is going on “.  She asked him looking totally confused.

“Ooh , I have sprain in my leg so”. Rishi said with a sad smile.

Avni was going to answer but soon the bell rang and her gaze fixed at the door to see if Neil is coming.
But then she remembered that first hour isn’t over yet so she started talking to Rishi.

Scene 2 – football ground,stonehills

The practice was almost over and the boys looked tired. Everyone was sweating and their face told that they needed rest. Priyank said the team to follow him to the changing room. And the team followed him. Manik look extremely tired . He took out his t-shirt and sat down on a chair near his locker. Since there was only one chair in the room so Priyank also came and took a seat beside him. Manik rolled his eyes at this because for sure he didn’t wanted anyone around now.
Priyank opened his mouth to tell something to Manik but was interrupted by his phone.
Manik’s eyes also fell on Priyank’s phone and he was shocked to see the caller id. It was Twinkle’s call.

Why Twinkle called Priyank now ?

He tried to hear them talking over phone and was surprised when Priyank used the term babe to address Twinkle. Priyank saw his shocked expression and disconnected the call to explain everything to Manik. But Manik soon put on his shirt and walked out from the room ignoring Priyank.

The room was alomst empty now since most of them had changed and gone , but Priyank , Kunj , Neil and some other boys were still there. Priyank was waiting because he was captain and he had to lock the room after everyone was gone and others were just chatting with each other. Kunj took out his t-shirt and searched his locker for his shirt but it was not there. He saw some boys laughing and he understood that they were the ones who took it… no one left any chance to bully him . He knew they would something worse if he asked them his shirt back but he had no other option left. He went to them and asked for his tshirt. But they started pushing him. One of them pinned him to the locker.

“Leave him”. Neil gave them a glare .

They ran because Neil was a friend of Manik and Twinkle and they didn’t wanted to upset them of course.

“Thanks”. Kunj said to Neil putting on his shirt.

“It’s ok bro”. Neil said putting his around kunj’s shoulder.

“Let’s go to the class , one hour is already finished”. Neil said and kunj shook his head in yes and they walked out of the room.

Scene 3 –  Khanna Mansion

A big room is shown , it was bright and spacious. It had plane white walls but they were covered with so many family pictures , the walls of the room told a story of Aditya and his family. And in the centre there was a big photo of Aditya and his brother Neil . Aditya was lying on his king sized bed resting his head on pillow ,his eyes were closed and he had his headphones on ,the room was very silent …but soon this comfortable silent was disturbed by ring on Aditya’s phone. Aditya picked up the phone…

Aditya- hello ?

But there was no reply from the other end.

Aditya – hello ??will you answer? Who are you ?

Aditya yelled at phone.
But still no response from the other side.

Aditya  – why do you keep calling me  When you don’t even have a blo*dy mouth to answer… If I ever receive another call from this number then I’ll report to police..

Aditya waited for a reply but when no one replied he disconnected the call angrily.

“blo*dy idiot… spoiled my mood”. He said rolling his eyes and then getting out of room slamming the door shut behind him.

Scene 4 –  Classroom, stonehills

It was physics class and class was silent as hell although everyone was present. Physics class used to death for most of the students not because it was very hard but because physics teacher was strict as hell. No one had strength to utter a single word from their mouth during this class.
Neil seemed to be angry  because for the first time in these many years his best friend Avni was not sitting with him …. he gave a death glare to Avni and Avni looked away.

Let this class finish then I will tell you miss little elephant??and this Rishi ..a*sh*le , idiot , bastard … how dare he sit with my Avni… I mean my best friend Avni.

Neil turned the pages of his notebook thinking all this.

Manik and Nandini were sitting together and anyone could tell that they didn’t wanted to sit beside each other but almost all teachers had some problem with Manik so they always made them sit together.
Nandini being a good student was trying her best to concentrate on class but Manik was going on disturbing her. Nandini was writing something in her notebook but Manik took her pen from her hand making her frown.

“Give it back”. She said soflty hoping teacher wouldn’t hear her.

“I won’t… do anything you want”. Manik said with a smirk on his face.
He keeps the pen in his pocket which results in Nandini giving him a death glare .

“Shut up and give it back… I have to write”. She said hiding her face from teacher.
Manik let out a little laugh at this.

“Give it back I said”. She said frowning.

“Miss murthy and Mr Malhotra,I suppose you don’t have any interest in class ,get out of my class right now”  Teacher shouted at them.

“Sorry sir actually”. Nandini tried to explain.

“Just get out”. Teacher said pointing at the door.

Nandini was highly embarrassed ,she was class president , she was supposed to make the class disciplined but she herself was thrown out of the class for being undisciplined. Her cheeks turned red due to embarrassment.
Manik had no affect at all because he was used to being scolded by the teachers. They both walked out of class.

They were walking in the campus waiting for the bell to ring so they could go back.

“This is all because of you”. Nandini said pointing a finger at Manik.

Manik looked at her angrily…and then  next second she was pinned to the wall by Manik. Manik’s hand were on her shoulders.  He took a step towards her. They were very close now. Nandini could feel Manik’s breath on her neck. He leaned in closer.
Nandini closed her eyes tightly,she had no idea what was he going to do.

But then manik loosened his grip on her shoulders and whispered in her ears “don’t even dare to point finger on me ,this is your last chance,next time I don’t know what will I do”.

He took steps back and walked towards canteen when he heard the bell ring.  Nandini was still standing there on the same place , completely shocked.

Scene 5 – canteen , stonehills

“Heyyyy sorry na”. Avni said running behind Neil.

“You sat with Rishi …?? you were laughing with him.. you ignored me ?”. Neil yelled at Avni.

“You were not in class that’s why … sorry”. Avni said with a pleading look.

“That idiot was flirting with you?”.
Neil said rollling his eyes.

“Ahh. You are just jealous”. Avni said sighing.

“No . I’m not .. okay okay.. I’m forgiving you but this is last time if you ignore me again then you’ll be dead”. Neil said finally giving a smile .

“love you sooo much and promise I won’t do this again”. Avni said hugging Neil happily.

They both saw Manik near the food counter so they went there to join him.

“So you both know that Priyank and Twinkle are together?”. Manik asked Neil and Avni .

“What ? When ? No.. ” . Avni replies completely shocked.

“Exactly.. she didn’t even thought of telling us.. let her come I w..”. Manik said but stopped when he saw Twinkle coming towards them.

“Hey guys “. Twinkle came and smiled at all four of them.

“So finally you got time to talk to us”. Manik said rolling his eyes.

“Don’t act like a kid now and listen to me .. I have something important to tell you”. Twinkle said taking the burger from Manik’s hand.

“Yeah please Miss Twinkle kind enough to tell us because I’m really not getting anything.. you and Priyank are together and you are roaming in the campus with that nerd at night… please explain”. Manik said angrily.

“Ahh… calm down Manik , Twinkle you know na he’s..”. Neil said trying to calm both of them.

“Yeah I know he’s a dick?”. Twinkle said rolling her yes but then laughed .

All of them laughed then.

“Well.. he’s a good guy  , I mean most popular , football captain and all but you should have told us “. Manik said smiling.

“Ya.. you forgot your friends for your boyfriend.. that’s not fair”. Avni said frowning.

“Hey hey calm down my dear friends? I’m not dating Priyank.. we’re just .. I mean.. we’re just spending some time with each other and that’s it.”. Twinkle said .

“Oh.. we thought”. Avni said.

All of them got busy in  talking after Twinkle clarified that Priyank is just her friend. But then their talk was interrupted when principal’s assistant came there.

“Miss Twinkle Taneja.. principal has called you to her office”. The assistant informed her .

She followed the assistant to principal office with a confused look.

Twinkle was gone and then Rishi came and joined them.

“Are you free after classes Avni ? Can we meet ?”  . Rishi asked avni making Neil frown.

Avni was about to reply but Neil dragged her in the corner .

“Reject his proposal “. Neil said with a angry look.

“Stupid that wasn’t a proposal ”  . Avni said .

“Whatever it is.. tell him no”. Neil said looking mad.

“I wasn’t going to say him yes otherwise “. Avni said smiling and pulling Neil’s cheek.

Avni loved when Neil got jealous.

Scene 6 – principal’s office

“May I come in Ma’am?”. Twinkle asked principal.

“Yes please Twinkle.. your mom just called us and when we told her about your grades and discipline then she said that you won’t go back to your home after annual sports day , you’ll stay here only”. Principal said with a serious look.

“But ma’am.. almost everyone is going to their home after sports day and before finals please ma’am let me go”. Twinkle said pleading.

“Sorry twinkle but we have to follow your mom’s order. And you won’t be alone here , many other students are also staying and we have asked your classmate kunj sarna to tutor you during vacation so you will perform well in finals. Best of luck and now you can go”. Principal said and got busy in searching  some file.

“I hate you mom , now that nerd will teach me.. goddddd”. Twinkle mumbled and got out of the office.

Precap : MaNan and Twinj moments. Little bit of Zoya’s and Neil’s  POV .


So its the longest I have ever written.  Hope you all liked it. If you have any confusion about what pricipal said to Twinkle then let me explain. They are going to have annual sports day next week and after that are getting a short leave. Some students who want to study are staying like Nandini , Kunj and other toppers. But twinkle had to stay because of her mom.

Like  and please comment guys. I feel like you guys are not liking it.

All the love.

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