Pari omkara singh oberoi’s diaries — meri mummy daddy and me

hi I pari! I am 7 months old and I daughter of rikara. I love bunnies and pink!

they are mummy daddy:

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both are very kid like. they very sweet.

daddy is artist. he paint lots. I always in his art studio playing with his paints and glitter. I get very messy but he never get mad. he pampers me lot but also my other sisters. it no fair how I share attention.

but he very sweet all same.

mummy singer and songwriter. meaning?? she really good at singing. she make me listen music. she always sing me lullaby at night along with munni didi. she very kid like and too sweet. she never listen to daddy in name of fun. she pampers viren bauya a lot.

mummy daddy romance a lot with each other but they never fight like shout shout.

mummy big fan of salman khan. he handsome. he cute. daddy get very jealous because of salman khan I like salman khan but daddy get annoyed with that but he rarely yell.

but something wrong with mummy. she vomit a lot, get dizzy a lot and tired. everyone concerned for mummy. she mostly is in bed resting. no one know why she feel like this. me neither. it creepy but mummy try to have fun.

but my mummy daddy very sweet and cute.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is cute but the pari intro seems little confused… Please make her little better by increasing her age..

    1. Magicglow11111

      Hi, actually on Instagram, we do baby diaries so where our ishqbaaz babies blabber a whole lot of stuff in their language. but yeah will try and make it less confusing

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