Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

All are playing cards. Pam keeps winning and RK says it’s because her lucky charm is with her today. Pam says she has habit of winning everything. Ragini joins them and takes chair beside Neil. Neil has already given up because of bad cards. He then helps Ragini. Ragini asks him to control with stakes. Pam taunts Ragini to stop being middle class and tells everyone that Ragini is always like this in money matters. Jignesh’s mum says how come despite being wife of a doctor? Pam makes it clear to her that Ragini is his ex-wife and asks her to remember it. Ragini wins with the help of Neil. RK says now she won because her lucky charm is with her. Ragini starts sneezing. She goes to take medicine. Dimply tells her to rest now and not come back. Aman takes Ragini’s seat

now. They continue playing cards. Neil can’t concentrate on the game. RK notices it. He goes to a side and calls Neil. He makes Neil says that he can’t hear and tell others it’s an important call. Neil leaves and comes to RK.

RK says to him how he noticed Neil got disturbed once Ragini started sneezing. He tells him he can go and check Ragini. Neil says it doesn’t matter to him if she sneezes and Aman is there to look after her. RK says he will tell Aman then. Neil stops and says Aman is already injured, how he would take care of Ragini? He goes himself now. RK gets happy.

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Ragini is sneezing more now and can’t find medicine. Neil comes and scolds her for getting wet in cold weather. She says she didn’t do it purposely. Neil says sorry and sees she removed her sandals and not wearing heavy clothes either. He again starts scolding her. She tells him to stop scolding her. She just removed sandals few minutes ago and wears them back. He asks if she took medicine. She says she can’t find it and maybe she forgot to take them with her. Neil can’t believe it and says he will do something. He goes and comes back with brandey. Ragini says she can’t drink it as she can’t handle it. Neil says she got no choice. She still refuses. RK comes and says she would need Aman’s permission. Ragini says she takes her own decision, she doesn’t need anyone’s permission and takes bottle from Neil and starts drinking. RK smiles. Neil tells her that’s enough, but she drinks whole bottle and then complains it was so bitter, how they all drink it. RK says he will take care of Aman and leaves. Neil tells Ragini to sleep now. He leaves. Ragini smiles recalling how Neil took care of her.

All are still playing cards. Neil and RK join them. They discuss sangeet being even more special tomorrow as it’s Valentine’s Day as well. RK reminds all how Neil proposed Ragini years ago. Pam doesn’t like that and says Ragini and Aman will celebrate this Valentine together, but Aman says he doesn’t believe in all that. For him, if someone loves truly to someone, then it’s Valentine every day. Pam is impressed but says Neil is most romantic person and all should watch out for surprise that he will give to Nivedita. Neil gets shocked. Pam asks him he will give her surprise, right. Neil says yes in confusion. All call it a night then. RK helps Aman and Pam asks Neil to help Nivedita and she goes to get water.

Pam sees upset Nishi and goes inside her room. Nishi says her tailor screwed her dress up. Pam says she will tell her designer to get a dress ready before tomorrow’s function. Nishi gets happy. Pam tells her she will take care of her makeup as well. Nishi gives a scarf to Pam saying she bought it when she was doing shopping for her marriage. Pam gets emotional as Nishi remembered her while shopping for her marriage. She says she loved it.

Agam video chats with Suhani and tells her about mehendi ritual. Suhani shows him mehendi in her hand. Agam is surprised. She says she can’t be there, but she can celebrate all rituals of her sister wedding there. She then asks him if he gave saree to Ragini yet. Agam says he never got a chance. She tells him to go and give her now. Agam goes but Ragini is sleeping. He asks Suhani should he wake her up. Suhani says leave it as she needs to rest and asks him to give her tomorrow morning. After call, Suhani says it’s so strange, her and Ragini are just a call away and she can never manage to talk to her. She decides to talk to Ragini tomorrow.. if not through Agam, then through Neil directly.

Precap: Ragini wakes up in middle of night and knocks Neil’s door (in drunken state). Neil wonders what’s wrong. He opens the door and Ragini scares him. She asks him if he got scared. Neil says of course if she comes like this in middle of night. He asks her to go and sleep. She refuses.

Update Credit to: vandy

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  1. nice perecap…the show is going superb.i jut love this show and hope very soon neil will came to know about ragini and aman’s fake marriage.

  2. nice perecap…the show is going superb.i just love this show and hope very soon neil will came to know about ragini and aman’s fake marriage.

  3. truly amazing episode. .. very nice series of episodes displaying and going to come. .

  4. I love this show its my fav serial neil and ragini are superb.

  5. Ever notice that when you

  6. I love this show soooo much !!!

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