Humsafars 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arzoo sees Sahir sleeping and thinks she fell in love with the person she hates the most.

Anam gets an MMS clip of her meeting someone and the blackmailer asks her to meet up saying he knows what she has done with Zeenat years ago. Anam fears what will happen to her if the truth is out.

Arzoo is not able to sleep and therefore she wakes Sahir up too. He tells her to sleep little bit more. She says she doesn’t want anyone to see them like this. Sahir finds her talk cute. He receives a call and he gets shocked. He leaves in hurry and tells Arzoo he will tell her about this later.

Zaki is on breakfast table with his mum. Anam comes and taunts Zaki for being useless. On his mum’s insistence, Zaki promises her that he will join Sahir in his business and prove himself.

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Arzoo’s mum informs her that they got factory land back. And the person who destroyed it will rebuild the factory. Arzoo is surprised and happy. She wonders if Sahir did that for her or for other reason.. and thinks Sahir is a mystery which she may not able to solve ever.

Sahir is informed Rehman backed out from the project and as Sahir doesn’t have factory land anymore either, he needs to arrange 100 crore within a day else his deal will be cancelled. Sahir says he can’t give up and will have to arrange money somehow.

Anam comes to meet the blackmailer. ACP comes there and says he knows about the clip and it seems she knows a lot about Zeenat. He asks her to tell him everything. Anam tries to avoid him, but he doesn’t let her go.

Arzoo comes home and finds the mug broken which her and Sahir made together. She’s sad as she wanted to keep it for ever. While she’s looking at it, Sahir comes and says they will join it with glue. Arzoo says but once something is broken, signs remain on it. Sahir says time fixes all signs/wounds. Arzoo hopes time gets rid off his past relationship’s wounds as well. They both join the mug with glue.

Precap: Anam overhears Zeenat talking on the phone that the deal must go through. She can’t live her life as a divorcee. Anam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  2. Plz upload the written update quickly after show ends telecast. I waited whole day and night yesterday for this update. Thanks for update Simmy. Very nice episode. Precap looks good.. Love u SaAz 🙂

  3. Have anybody tried to write to gul khan via Facebook or something
    So she Will maybe Think again about not shutting humsafars

  4. Plzz write the episode in detail like how Pooja writes for Maharana Pratap

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