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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita taunting Pam and telling her if she wants to share room with Sunny tai. PAm says no way. Nivedita taunts then she should share it with RK. Pam gets irked.

Neil comes to RK’s room. They start talking. RK says they both are same, he lives in US and he in Karjat here , he is divorced and is single and he did not marry at all and is single. Neil asks if he did move out from here since 15 years. RK says he does farming and earns enough here. Neil looks at pictures on wall and asks if he still holds them. RK says they are his life and says we may marry again, but first love will be first love forever, he saw love in Ragini’s eyes for him. Just then Ragini enters with bag. Neil says RK he brought gift for him. RK says he got gift

when they both came to his farmhouse. He says he will arrange meeting down and asks them to come. Neil and Ragini start looking at wall pictures. Agam and Arav come there and argue if dad or mom is looking pretty/handsome. Neil asks them why did they come here. Agam says RK is calling them. They both leave towards lawn.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

RK gathers everyone and discusses plan about mehandi, sangeet and other functions. He says everyone should dance on sangeet. Karan says he should choreograph it then. RK agrees and says he will take all youngsters for farm sightseeing now. Nivedita says she will stay with Pam. RK asks Nivedita to see farm, he will stay with Pam. Pam says she does not want to and asks Nivedita to stay, she agrees. Karan says he will cook food, Ragini and Neil with Dimp agree to help him.

Dimpy starts cooking and Karan helps her while Neil tries to help Ragini. Pam comes there and asks if they need help. Neil asks her to stay away, else her nails will spoil. Oil spils from tadka is about to fall on Ragini, but Neil saves her on time and asks her to be careful, else she will burn herself. They both reminisce their young romantic days when they romanced in the same kitchen and Pam came with RK to find them, but got afraid thinking it is rat in kitchen. Neil and Ragini silently move out, come back and taunt her to continue with her game with RK. Pam at present panics seeing a rat. Neil says it is brinjal and shows it to her. Everyone laughs.

Arav, Agam and Nishi enjoy dart game. Dart hits Nivedita’s chair by mistake and then Aman’s. Agam asks Aman to join them, but Agam says his lucky not good and neither his skills, so he will not. He asks Nivedita to join. She agrees and hits bulls eye. Agam praises her skills. Nivedita says her aim is very strong and asks to wait and watch. Ranveer comes and hits bulls eyes playing from backside without watching it. Shilpa’s mom praises his skills and asks him to teach Shilpa. Shilpa shies and says she does not want to, but agrees hesitantly. Ranveer holds her and hits bulles eye. Arav gets annoyed seeing that. Ranveer looks at him and feels he has hurt his rival Arav. Shilpa’s mom thinks she will hit the bulls eye when she will trap Ranveer and get him married to Shilpa and smirks.

Everyone starts dinner. Agam says Ragini she prepared tasty food. Neil says he is right, food is very tasty. After food, Neil serves champagne to Pam and Nivedita. Pam says at least he remembered now that Nivedita is also present with them. Nivedita asks Pam to stops, acts as getting embarrassed and walks out. Pam taunts Neil that the people he is staying with will leave him after marriage and should not get personal with him. Neil walks out angrily.

Neil gives alcohol to Aman, looks at Ragini and asks if he is allowed to drink. Neil says of course yes and while sipping alcohol thinks he need it the most.

RK starts antakshari game and asks everyone to participate. He asks Neil to start. Neil passes it on to Aman and asks him to sing with word Ajeeb. Aman sings Ajeeb dastan hai ye…… Everyone claps for him and Neil says he sings well. RK asks Aman to pass word to Ragini. Aman asks her to sing with word Zindagi. Ragini says she does not want to sing. Everyone insists her to sing. Neil also insists. She starts singing Zindagi kaisi ye paheli hai..kabhi ye hasaye… Neil silently looks and listens to her. Aman watches him looking at her. Everyone claps for her then. Ragini says it is her favourite song. Agam says it is also dad’s favourite and he listens to it while performing surgery. Ragini passes Raat word to Nivedita. Nivedita sings Raat akeli hai bujh gaye diye….seductively. Pam shouts and says superb. RK asks Ragini to pass word to Neil. She says he is heart surgeon, so his word is dil. Neil says he does not understand heart and needs some other word. Everyone insists and even Nishi. He agrees and sings Dil ki nazar… ye raat kya hai ye raaz kya hai….. Everyone claps for him. RK asks Karan to pass word to Dimpy. He says he will give full line. Neil gives Aman drinks again. Karan sings Ye Kya bolti tu…. she sings ye kya mai bolun.. and their song continues.

Ragini signals Arav and asks to come. He comes out and asks what is it. She says she is sending Aman to his room as he is inebriated. He says he is very boring. Ragini insists, and he agrees. She then calls Aman to come. He leaves. Neil looks at them. Pam thinks she should find what is happening. Ragini takes Aman to corner and says he can sleep in Arav’s room. He thanks her and asks what will he tell Neil/question bank. She asks
him not to worry and asks him to come early in the morning before anyone notices. Pam hears that and thinks Ragini is planning something. She goes back to her seat and asks Nivedita to be careful. Nivedita asks what is the issue. Pam says Ragini sent her husband to sleep in another room and will sleep alone, she knows Neil is sleeping in opposite room. Nivedita asks her to relax. Pam says she knows her brother and Ragini as well, Ragini will try to enter Neil’s room. Pam says she will lock Neil inside room.

Ranveer sings Hum tere bin ab rahnai sakte….looking at Shilpa. Arav gets irked seeing that. Pam purposefully drops drinks on Neil and asks him to go and change. He leaves. She signals Nivedita to go and lock his door. Neil walks towards his room and sees Aman walking from his room with pillow and bedsheet, asks where is he going. Aman asks to guess. Neil says he can understand him touching Ragini’s feet, but cannot understand this. Neil says he is carrying extra pillow and blanket as it is very cold here. Neil asks him to come to his room as he needs to take and forcefully takes him. In room, he asks Aman why is he looking tensed. Aman blubbers. Neil says he can understand his situation being under Ragini’s pressure and says he wants to apologize him for Pam’s misbehavior. Aman falls asleep. Neil thinks due to inebriation, he slept, he will have to tell Ragini now. He walks out of his room, leaving Aman on bed.

While all youngsters are busy playing antakshari, Neil goes and sits alone. Karan sees him and asks if he is fine. Neil says he wants to be alone for some time. RK comes and says let him remember is past as it is good to relive his relationship now and takes Karan with him. Neil reminisces his 3rd wedding anniversary when he gifts a necklace to Ragini and she gifts him a watch, he says he will keep it for Ragini and will give when he grows up. He gets emotional.

Pam comes to Neil’s room, sees Aman sleeping and mistakes him as Neil. She locks door from outside, shows key to Nivedita, and happily says Ragini will wait for him whole night and they will enjoy seeing her sad face in the morning.

Precap: Ragini tells Neil that she left her purse while replacing tyre. He asks what is in it. She says shagun haldi/turmeric. Neil tells Ragini’s mother, not to worry, he will not let any interruption in Nishi’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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