Humsafars 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir starting the car. Vikram asks him to drive the car.
Sahir drives the car tensedly. Arzoo thinks Sahir is driving the car after 7 years to save her. Alvira sees Kurti Apa unconscious on the floor and tries to wake her up. She calls for help. She then sprinkles water on her face to wake her up. Kurti Apa gains consciousness and asks about Zeenat. Alvira asks where is she? Kurti Apa tells that someone took her Zeenat. Alvira asks who? Kurti Apa curses the man who took her Zeenat. Alvira asks her to tell clearly. Kurti Apa asks her not to do drama as if she really cares for her. Alvira is really tensed. Sahir brings Zeenat home while carrying her. Alvira turns and sees them. Kurti Apa rushes to her. Vikram says she is fine because I reached there on time else she would have died. He says Sahir would have kill her. Alvira asks what is this nonsense. Vikram says Sahir will go to Jail now. Kurti Apa couldn’t believe it and says you all are together. You wants to kill my Zeenat and why? She says no one can kill my Zeenat. Alvira shows concern for Zeenat. Kurti Apa asks her not to touch her Zeenat. Alvira says she cares for Zeenat. Kurti Apa asks her to stop her acting and blames her for bringing her sautan. Alvira reminds her that she is Zeenat’s Ammi. Kurti Apa says she remembers everything and that’s why asking her to stop shedding fake tears. Anam comes there and listens to them.

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She asks Vikram to help her and take Zeenat to her room. Vikram obliges. Alvira sits down and recalls Zeenat’s childhood. She recalls Kurti Apa taking Zeenat away from her. Anam says she wouldn’t have gone out if she knows about the drama. She says history is repeating itself. She says Sahir has proof of his innocence now too, his second wife. Alvira reminds Anam that whatever she is today is because of Sahir. She says everything is because of Sahir. If he wouldn’t have been here, then everything would have finished. Anam says you are right, but we have to pay a heavy price for his doings. Since Zeenat came back to this house, something is happening and Sahir is responsible for it. She says we had small house before, but no one had risked on life. You are taking side of your son in law instead of your daughter. Alvira says if Sahir married my daughter then you also married my son. You are also outsider. Anam says, Zeenat, Shiraz and Zaki are your own kids. Why don’t you think of them. An outsider is snatching their rights and making their lives difficult. You are sitting idle looking at the happenings. She says you are silent after looking at everything. Sahir’s relation have broken with this house when he married Arzoo. She asks what is his right to stay in the house. Alvira gets angry and slaps her hard. Alvira says you are ill mannered. Anam is shocked after getting a slap and goes from there.

Sahir asks Alvira to take care of herself and everything will be fine. Alvira hugs him and asks to save the house. Sahir asks her to stop crying and assures nothing will happen. Arzoo looks on. She recalls Vikram accusing Sahir for Zeenat’s accident. She takes out her bangles and gets hurt. He says you can’t even take out your bangles carefully. Arzoo says it doesn’t matter to her. Sahir caresses her injury and cares for her pain. Arzoo says you don’t care for your pain. She says you took blame on yourself. Why did you say that you was driving the car. Sahir says because you didn’t do any mistake. Arzoo asks why did you take my blame on yourself. She says we are like this broken bangles incomplete without each other. If anything happens to you, then I will be left incomplete. If Vikram arrests you then what will happen to me. Everyone is against you. She says they don’t love you.

Arzoo says they want to leave from here. Sahir asks her not to worry. Arzoo blames herself. Sahir says you are right, our relation is like bangles, beautiful but not weak to break. He says you didn’t do anything wrong. He says question should be, who took Zeenat from home and pushed her infront of our car. He says Zeenat’s life is in danger and prays for her. He puts bandage on her hand and asks her to be careful next time. He comes to Zeenat’s room and sits on the bed. Kurti Apa comes and looks at Sahir. She says you thought about Zeenat at last. Sahir says what do you think that I didn’t think about her. She is the reason for my life. I am alive to fulfill the promise made to her. Kurti Apa asks him to look at her and says she is the one whom you used to love madly. She says you started forgetting her and also remarried. She says my Zeenat came back, but her love in your eyes didn’t return. She gives Zeenat’s hand in Sahir’s hand and asks him to look at her. She asks are you same like before? No, you are not that Sahir. Now you have become new Sahir. My Zeenat is not able to get well because her Sahir is lost in second woman’s embrace. She asks justice and right for her Zeenat. She asks him to return in Zeenat’s life as she needs him very much. Sahir stares Zeenat and takes his hand back from her hand. Sahir gets up shocking Kurti Apa.

Vikram stops Sahir and asks where are you going? Sahir says it was good that you are here. He says you are seeing the incident from the wrong angle and says we have to enquire who took Zeenat out from the house. Vikram says it is you. Sahir says he didn’t do anything like that. Vikram says you brought Zeenat her here from abroad. He says this is not jungle, but city. He says he will tight security to Zeenat for the next 24 hours. Sahir asks what will happen in 24 hours. Vikram says you will go to Jail in next 24 hours. Sahir looks on. Arzoo gets tensed hearing that.

Arzoo says you said that I can’t be like Zeenat, regardless of what I do. Sahir says you can’t be like her. I will say today also. It is shown Zeenat telling Sahir that their relation has ended and she needs divorce.

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  5. “Ok, has any one find out if the show is ending at the end of the month.”ok let’s just say that Alvira is behind this crazy incident, and let’s not forget that Arzoo doesn’t know the real past true of her husband Sahir. Watching basketball game as I’m typing. That mean that within the next two weeks that Zeenat need to woke up. I don’t think that MIL, really know the true between Zeenat/Shair, just curious ok, inwas Zeenat cheating on Sahir with another man, or could it be that Zeenat wanted Shair company in her name and Sahir said NO, and that really piss her off, cause the plan was to transfer the Sahir company to her lover b/f, and divorce Sahir and Zeenat lived happily ever after. Ok SIGN OFF Peace Out

  6. Thanks for the update H Hasan and I want to tell that I love this serial and do not want it to get shut .

  7. Do you all know that humsafars will end on 27th February 2015 i.e. in the end of this month. I cannot stop crying and feeling sad about this…………..

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