Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrajeet stopping Shlok and arguing with him about Astha. He warns him not to be away from Astha, and asks him to marry some good girl. Shlok says Astha is his life, he can die without her, not live. Indrajeet says that’s quite sad, you have to die every moment now, I heard what doctor said, if you make her recall her past by pressuring her, she can die, choice is yours, you want her life or her memory. He says I know you, you love her and would want her life, like she forgot you, you also forget her. He leaves.

Astha takes her medicines. Surbhi asks her how is she feeling and asks her to go home and not miss any medicine dose. Astha asks her to tell her husband. Indrajeet says he will take care of her medication. He asks Barkha not to worry,

as doctor has sent that man out. Surbhi goes to make discharge papers. She thinks to win Indrajeet’s trust and get friendly, to help Shlok. Astha asks Indrajeet to sit, she has to talk to him. Astha asks him about Shlok, whats the story behind this.

Indrajeet says I knew you will ask me this question, I will answer you, don’t take stress, Shlok used to work in our house and take care of kids, and you got friendly with him, his wife’s name was Astha. He says a fate story. (muted) She says my accident happened because of him, why did you not complain about him. He says I did, my parents met me and said he is mentally unstable, his is already broken, what can we punish him. She says being so good is not good, you have forgiven him and I don’t understand and don’t remember anything, only you know me, as all my past is blank.

He holds her hand and says I m with you, always, we will make new memories, forget this. She says promise me that Shlok will not come in our life again. He says I promise, he won’t come again. He thinks now her life matters to Shlok. Kalindi stays sad. Mala asks what is she doin here, why did she not get ready. Kalindi says I m ready, where are Avdhoot and Ajju. Mala says they went to plan a surprise. Mala says she also has a surprise. Ankush comes and says he spoke to Varad on phone.

Kalindi asks what, did you find about her, Shlok also called that he saw Astha, why are they troubling us, my daughter is missing and they are just saying they saw her, come with me, I will go to Varad and ask him where is Astha. Shlok recalls Surbhi’s words and walks on the road. He sees Astha and stops. Music plays………….. he turns.

Sojal and Varad start preparing to leave. Jyoti and Sid come there and hear they are going Mumbai, and talk to them. Sojal says Shlok saw Astha in Mumbai, she is there. Jyoti gets glad and says they will also come along. She says its much time meeting Shlok. Sojal says its not good news. Jyoti asks why. Sojal says its not our Astha. Jyoti asks Varad to say. Varad says she lost her memory, Shlok met her and tried to talk, but she is not able to accept that she is Astha, all this is done by Indrajeet, he has changed Astha and she believes she is Indrajeet’s wife Barkha, maybe this happened when they met with an accident, and Astha met Indrajeet in that state and he made her sure that she is his wife.

He says she is not agreeing to Shlok, he needs us a lot and we are going Mumbai. Kalindi comes with Ankush and says preparing for vacations. Sojal says she is mistaken and Kalindi does not listen to them. She says its good I saw this myself and scolds them. Jyoti says she is mistaken. Kalindi says enough, and asks Varad why did he call Ankush, maybe to say what Shlok said. She asks why are they not bringing Astha and tells Ankush that she believed them before, but this happened with Astha because of them, my biggest mistake is to get Astha married in this house.

Ankush asks her to calm down and come home with them. Jyoti says we got Astha. Sojal says we promise we will get her to you soon. Kalindi says if anything happens to my Astha, I will hold you all responsible. Ankush asks her to come with him and takes her. Sojal cries. Jyoti asks why did she stop her from saying Kalindi, she would have known we are saying truth, it was good chance to end her bitterness, we should have told that Astha is with Indrajeet. Varad says Shlok does not want us to tell Kalindi, else she will be more sad knowing this. Sid asks them to go and they will leave. He says call us if you need anything. Jyoti says take care and leaves.

Surbhi sees Shlok on the road and stops the car. She says he can’t lose like this, she knows the Shlok who was a winner, she will win Indrajeet’s trust and update him about Astha, it will take some time, have faith in Lord. She says to trust Lord who snatched everything, I just want my Astha. She says she will drop him home. He says he will go, he wants to be alone. She says promise me you will take care. She leaves. Shlok thinks he won’t let Astha get away from him, she is his love and will always be his, he will get her by any way.

Shlok tells his plan to Apsara and Sojal about monitoring Astha, and sends Apsara as the maid in Indrajeet’s house. Apsara meets Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yaaaa yes of cource… try shlok try… u just try I’m with u ok….. astha will be urs only….

  2. yeee me 1st…

  3. Below average episode..but precap is many laging..especialy kalindhi..



  6. sir plz end this track soon ..cant see asth with that shameless IS … ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON there is no pyaar at all …. its all about cry,sadness…etc .hope for love winning epi

  7. this is just a serial, so wasting ur time and energy by commenting and badmouth about the sir director and host shut
    Up and go to work this the word show ever

  8. I think that shlok will get aastha soon. Waiting for that epi

  9. As Sojal came to Shlok now,we would like to see they having s*x with eachother please cv’s there is no mistake in that because they r illegal hus n wife on d screen n legal hus n wife off screen.Ur show will beat even season-1 records also. Please sir we want Shl n Soj romantic scenes because we can not go to their bedroom n see their romance after d marriage know.Shl n Soj r ready to do anything withother,only u have to shoot thats all.Hope u will fulfil this desire atleast.

  10. love u is pyar ko kya naam doon ebp team

  11. astha shlok romance is coming soon iam waiting

  12. Hey guys wats the matter about sojal….y u all hate her this much….can anyone tell me

    1. hahaha where r u going?

  13. We to hate Sojal granny soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sojal.Why r u not replacing her even after many fans request.I hate this show so much.Even thoughl like Aas n Shl together very much,just because of Sojal I am stopping to watch d show.Second hand Sojal granny don down.

  14. Congrats Shrenu parikh for winning Star plus’s face of d year award.U r really gorgeous,ur acting ur smile ur complexion ur good manners off d screen n on d screen u r d best charactered woman of all d celebrities of d whole world.I love so much.

  15. Why 2 drag personal matter onscreen?Friends we should not stop watching ipkknd ebp just because shal&avi’s relation.

  16. Shrenu u r looking like a 15 year old girl in ur 500 epi pic that u pos.U have still 10 years time to act as a heroine.Just take care of ur phy n health.U have a very bright future.May God bless u my child.

  17. Ireena Iam not dragging their relationship.Shl n Soj r dra their rel on to d screen which we do not like to see at all.Many r Ashlokians,n wehave not watched all epis for Shl n Soj like fools.If u keenly observe them,u will come to know about their behaviour on d screen itself.

  18. Avinash n Shalmalee together,u look like parents to 10 years child.U both should have married long back guys.Its tooooo late now.

  19. please friends don’t talk about sojal this is sojal personal please friends give respect from sojal iam not sojal fan but she is women give some respect.

  20. In the show, Shalmalee plays the role
    of Avinash’s sister-in-law.
    Our credible sources have informed
    that the duo has found a liking for
    each other and have been often
    spotted having a nice time on the
    To confirm the buzz we called up
    Avinash and he said (in a rather
    heavy tone), “Who is spreading such
    baseless rumours? I don’t like to
    discuss my personal life and this is
    very untrue. We are a gang of five
    people and after our shoot we all
    hang out together. We all are good
    friends, that’s it. There is nothing
    more to it.”
    He chose not to answer any of our
    further love coated questions.

  21. TRUTH F**** off

  22. wat you need mayank
    and who r u to f**** off me??

  23. Priya kar who told u that Sojal a woman.She is number one b*t*h.If she is a woman she would have not grabbed Avi from Rubi.Afterall Rubi is also a woman.She also has feelings.How much she would have suffered for her love.Just imagine that pain caused to her.

    1. hum just viewers so see just viewers point don’t take personal and tension just enjoy….

  24. Truth u r right.Avinash is a big fraud.He is a big lier.Even now also he is lieing that when he gets enaged he ann it to d whole world.He is thinking that he is d only clever man d whole world is fool.

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