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Veera 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan signing the papers and Baldev also signing to take the sarpanch position from Ratan. Ratan says congrats, be happy. Baldev is requested to say few words. Baldev says this is my childhood dream which they fulfilled, and he promises he will work hard and try to give them a new and better life. Everyone clap for him. Bansuri and Gunjan congratulate him. Billa and Jaggi look on. The people tell Ratan about the need of a school and Baldev is making a mall now. Ratan says its true, education is the right of kids, we will try to make Veera’s promises true, we will find some way.

Baldev says it was good food. Bansuri says she does not feel good to get food like this, as he left home. She says Veera refused to apologize to you, and Balwant also scolded me. Gunjan says I will talk to Veera, she loves Baldev. Bansuri says no, she loves her brother and mother, not us. Baldev gets angry and says he will forgive Veera, if she does not apologize, then what will pind think about her. Veeraa comes there and Gunjan tells him to see. She says I think she came to apologize.

Baldev asks Bansuri to see his wife came to stand by him, and apologize. Veera passes by him and shocks Baldev. She goes to Ratan and talks to her. Ratan says she is glad she came, why did she come late, Baldev will feel bad that its his imp day. Veera says she did not come to be a part of his happiness. Ratan says I know he did wrong, but you can understand. She says I can’t do this, else he will not realize his mistake, he will think it was right and do the same thing again. She says I m his wife and understand him that he is not bad at heart, I know he is good but he was not taught good things in life.

Ratan asks why did she come here then, he will think more bad now. Veera says I have to be strict to explain him, but I m his wife and its hard to be away from him, I wanted to see him becoming sarpanch. Baldev says see Biji, she came for her mum. Bansuri says no, she came to show you don’t matter to her. Baldev asks why should he come back. Gunjan says come home and solve the matter. Baldev refuses. He says he will not come till Veera apologizes to him infront of his friends and beg to me. Veera and Ratan hear this and are shocked. Baldev leaves, while Gunjan and Bansuri try to stop him.

Bansuri scolds Veera and Ratan. She says she wants Baldev back home. Ratan says we also want this. Bansuri says stop this acting, you never liked Baldev and asks Veera to apologize and bring Baldev back, else she will not leave her if anything happened to Baldev. Gunjan goes after Bansuri. Ratan asks Veera what did she say Baldev that he wants her to apologize. Veera says she did not say anything, he wants me to apologize as I stood against him in elections, and wants me to apologize infront of many people, to prove I m wrong and this happened because of me. She says she married him and he wants to humiliate her.

Ratan says she does not understand Baldev’s love, anger and hatred. Veera says what should I do, if I apologize, it will show we are wrong, what will I explain people, what does he want to prove, that the one you love, you should agree if he is wrong, no, I will not apologize else he will always do this. She says you told me I should not bear injustice, I also want to tell him he is doing wrong, I love him, I want him to walk on right path. She cries and hugs Ratan.

Ratan says what should I advice, what is right for Baldev or to unite him with his mum, you decide, I m with you and Ranvi too, I know its tough. Veera hugs her. Ranvi sees Ratan worried at home and asks what happened. Ratan says she is worried for Veera. Gunjan comes home. Ranvi asks about Veera. Ratan says nothing, Veera was going to open school in pind, they met me and was asking for the school, if we can change in the old school then.. Ranvi says its very old. Ratan says we can talk to an architect. Ranvi says its right.

Manjeet tells Bansuri to clean guest room, her guests are coming. Bansuri says Veera crossed limit today and gets angry on Veera. She says she thought of some way and needs her help. Manjeet smiles.

Kohli asks Baldev to sign on the mall papers. Veera comes to him and Baldev stops Kohli to wait, he knows his wife came to complete the condition.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think kohli cheats Baldev then Veera helps Baldev from kohli’s trapping,by this I think Baldev will change again n loves Veera……..

    1. when? when will he starts loving veera again? when world ends??

  2. thanks Amena 4 updtng fast

  3. Oh my god this story line is so stupid man… I stopped watching the show… But still they hav not moved forward… Thongs happen faster than this in real life

  4. today also disappointment

    1. Yeah, bt better to support Amena coz even she/he feel bad to write the same thing everyday

  5. Haha.u r ri8 roby.

  6. no progress at all. y they r continuing this drama? plz iam begging…..stop this nonsense serial

  7. Such a irritating serial….why baldev always insult veera

  8. yeah riya.please bhand karo na yeh drama ko..writers please stop this stupid story line

  9. i hate this dragging. baldev has no love toward anyone n he’s so selfish. y 2 continue this serial again??????

  10. this is a serial. so, there shld be twist n turns. viewers r not sitting 2 see the repeated plot

    1. ur ryt achu. but i think there r no viewers 4 this serial. so boring. plz director, viewers r not status

    2. ur ryt achu. but i think there r no viewers 4 this serial. so boring. plz director, viewers r not statue

  11. boringggggggg

  12. Veera should dump a stupid thick Crap like him why shes with him is beyond me. If she has any self respect. Director ji please kill off baldeves character and bring new person in that is nice and not evil oh and good looking. or kill off bansuri via pure slow torture then this drama will be hit. And make sure the torture lasts for three months. Then baldev finds and reduces her after three months he takes her home and she dies 20 days later in his arms. Blockbuster hit.

  13. idiot serial…………. 🙁

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