Iss Ishq Mein Marjawan (Promos)

Ishita: Shivani, I look like your sister so you may see her in me, right?

Shivani: yes

Ishita: then tell me why you hate blood? Why you do murders if you hate blood? How you became so violent when you yourself is saying you were never like this twenty years ago? Why do you always carry this photo with you?


Nandini: what?! Please di, its just a coincidence that we have same face and same blood, but we aren’t sisters, I gave my blood not for humanity’s sake but my main intention was to not let her live peacefully nor let her die peacefully.


A little girl sees Ishita on the road and runs to her.

‘Ishi Maa! Ishi Maa!’

She hugs Ishita and Ishita feels worried as Nyonika is with her.


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