Ranveer reached airport but his flight got delayed he a waiting in the Airport later he got an announcment that his flight got delayed ,immediately he texted ishani and he replied him to take a safe journey.

the whole night ishani took care of amba very well around 5 o clock amba woke up and saw ishani was sitting in the floor and resting her head in the bed she regret for her behaviour with ishani at the time mobile got rang which was kept in ishani lap she woke up and saw the display with a smile it was ranveer.

with a smile she wa about to lift she saw amba wake up she said her maa ranveer by showing mobil amba said speak beta

ishani: hello ranveer

ranveer: sunny am back just reached airport

ishani: okay come soon

ranveer: but it will take an hour need to give some files to puneet

ishani: hmm okay come soon

ranveer: hmm luv yu

ishani:(in front of amba) hmm

ranveer: yeh kya hmm? say me now..

ishani: ranveer woh … ma tike she just woke up and she s next to me dont worry(some how she managed)

ranveer: acha maa tumhare saath hai..tike am leaaving yu now let me hear it at home

ishani: acha we will see

ranveer: challenge from RV

Ishani:oki come soon bye

ishani hung up the call maa ranveer has reached he will come within a hour let me go and bring tea fr yu then i will go and fresh up.

amba: tike beta

ishani gave tea to amba and kailash which was prepared by mala she went to her room took bath and came out wearing a peacock green colour saree she was stunning wearin matchin jewellery sindoor

ranveer reached home around 6:30 he ask ramu to bring luggage and ask mala about ishani she said bhabi is in her room, he went to amba room calling her MAA …And sat next to her.
ranveer: what happened maa?

amba: nothing dhikra just a fever am okay nw yu luk so tired go and sleep for some time am perfectly fine

kailash also said the same.

he hugged amba and then leaves to his room. on the way to his ramu brings the luggage he get it from and ask him to leave.

ishani who was about to open her door ranveer was about to knock she opened it exactly they shared a eye lock she was so happy to see him,, ishani lost in him

ranveer: sunny do i need to stand here itself.

ishani was blushing and moved aside come behind him

amba called mala to arrange breakfast,she got a call from lakshmi. that she is coming to mumbai tomorrow with parul she will explained everything .
amba informed the same to kailash.

baa and disha manas were sitting in devarsh home disha said baa am finally got my baby am happy.she smiled. baa was silent.

PRECAP: Amba kailash and ranveer were having dinner .ishani was serving them and amba said to ranveer ..really beta ishani take care of me very well she dint sleep whole night.ranveer was admiring ishani who was climbing the stairs towards her room with water.

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