ishra arshi destiny part 2

In Asr fashion design building Arnav and Mihir entering the building where as at the same time Payal and khusi entering Asr fashion design . Payal and khusi started going to the receptionist but suddenly Arnav and khusi bumped into each other eyelock happened sanam re plays in back ground arnav said what the … they were still having an eye lock . Mihir and Payal came and cleared their throat . So they both got separated. Mihir was mesmerised seeing Payal beauty whereas Arnav was mesmerised seeing khusi beauty . They inquired and Payal went to mihir cabin where as khusi went to Arnavs cabin they both knocked and they both told come in . Khusi was surprised seeing Arnav in the room. As there was no other job so arnav asked khusi that she is his personal assistant. Mihir also told the same their duty was a little bit funny where ever mihir and Arnav used to go they also had to go their duty started at 8:am in the morning and finished at 10: pm at the night. They were not going to get any holiday. At ishitas clinic raman and ishita had an eyelock . Raman was completely mesmerised seeing ishitas beauty. Ishita went inside and was really pleased to see baby Ruhi . Ruhi was really happy she checked ruhi teeth and told it’s a normal pain .Let’s see if arnav and khusi able to be lovers and Mihir and Payal to bee lovers let’s see if ishra able to know each other plz tell me if you are liking my fan ficton or not .

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course ,I like it yaar……….plzzzzz continue it……….Eagerly waiting for your next update…………

  2. Okay will post it on Sunday evening

  3. So short updates yaar

  4. Will updates long one

  5. Ofcourse its awsum yaar.. just keep gng nd adb”’

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