Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 9

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 9
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Raj: ishita what’s been going on
Ishita: nothing much I love someone now
Raj: what who
Ishita: Raman
Raman comes
Raman: hi
Ishita: my baby
Raman: hi baby
Raj yes angry
Raj: heloo Raman
Raj: come ishita I got you a present
Ishita: what
Ishit goes with raj
Raman fumes in jealousy

Viren: Shivanya I heard your mom looking for a groom for you
Shivanya: I think i found one already I love ritik
Viren smiles (pretends)
Shivanya: what’s up here meet ritik
Ritik: hi Viren
Viren: come Shivanya I have a gift for you
Shivanya goes ritik jealous that she didn’t hug him

Khushi: met Arnav my soon to be husband
Arnav: hi
Virat: I’m virat what’s up
Arnav: I’m Arnav
Virat fumes in the inside
Virat: come I have a gift for you
Khushi goes leaving Arnav fuming

Pragya: I meet someone I love
Khushal: who
Pragya: abhi
Khushal fumes in jealous
Abhi: hi
Khushal: heloo come pragya I have a gift for you
Pragya: okay
Pragya goes
Abhi fumes in jealousy

Jeevika manvi Gopi and Akshara are seen thinking how to get their love

Precap: the new boys plan
Romantic date of the couples
Engagement date but something………..,(not telling it will be in upcoming patsssss)

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  1. such cute scenes loved it

    1. AHT

      Thank you

  2. nice dear

  3. Jasminerahul

    good that the girls introduced their real lovers to the that they wont have false hopes.but they seem to be angry n sad that still our heroes r jealous.hope everything gets sorted out,precap is interesting.waiting 4 the romantic date.hopefully boys do not plan anything evil

    1. AHT

      Thanks you

  4. Can I give negative comment?… Actually I think this ff is getting a little boring… I mean same thing is happening to every heroines and heros. Like, Raman gets jealous seeing Raj while raj gets jealous seeing Raman. Then Raj takes Ishita somewhere to give her a present. Exactly the same things happen to Viren-Shivanya-Rithik, Virat-Kushi-Arnav, and Khusal-Pragya-Abhi. So I think this ff is boring. I mean not all the the heros and heroines have to have the same problem. It would be interesting if every pair has a different problem. Since you have the same problem for every pair, I just don’t read the whole ff. I just read whats going to happens one pair and then I quit reading because I know the same thing is going to happen with others…
    Sorry if you felt bad, but I thought to tell you my opinion….

    1. AHT

      No it’s fine but soon the pairs won’t face the same problem I will make sure it’s different the problems thanks for commenting

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