Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Vengeance to Ishq) episode 20

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Episode 20

“Dadu Dadi I love you both so so much. Kittu loves everybody”

Shivika pinched Shakti and Pinky’s cheeks… Adi was watching her from outside. He doesn’t got a chance to get intimate with her. Ankita approached Shivika…

“Kittu di I’m Ankita your Sahil Mama’s daughter.”

Ankita reached her hand for a handshake. But leaving others in wonder, Shivika slightly slapped her.

“Pagali I know. Due to the presence of double Ro. Their always reminded me a girl of their age and I tried hard to remember the face. Somehow I succeeded in it also. But I’m unable to remember the incidents happened between us.

“It’s K. Shall we go for an outing??”

Shi: Sure. Lemme change. Bye bye Dadu bye Dadi.

She went to change. Adi followed her…

He strictly closed the door leaving Shivika startled.

“Urrff get out Prince. I wanna change.”

Adi: I’ll help you ??

Shi: Shameless I’m leaving.

She attempted to go out.

“Sochna bhi mat??. Once you left this room and took an year to come back. Now I won’t leave you.”

They hugged each other in tears…

“Now no more Judaai. Ab jaungi toh tumhe bhi sath lekar jaungi.”

Then some emotional baatein. Slowly slowly it changed to an intimate intense atmosphere. She leaned towards the bed. He laid over her. They romantically stared at each others eyes.

“Adi can I ask you something??”

Adi: Why not ask me.

Shi: Kya hamhare beech mein sab kuch ho gaya.

Adi: Stupid, we are husband and wife. So it usual..

Shi: If we have a child then aur bhi mazaa aata…

Adi’s eyes were widened. Yeah right where is their child… He was damn sure that it will be his Advika. Ab tak toh usse aa jaana chahiye thi. They doesn’t thought about her till now.

Ankita came inside without knocking…

“Oops sorry Bhaiyya. I think fault was yours. You should close the door.”

Adi was lost in his thoughts…

“Thank you.” he said and left…

“Anu why did he said thanks??”

Anu: I donno di. Come on.

Ankita grabbed her hand…


Shivika, Ruvya and Rikara were gathering at the living hall with Tejhan, Dadi and Shakti Pinky…

Adi came in furiously, Vivi and Shravan were trying their best to stop him.

Adi: Shravan leave me. It’s my right.

Vivi: But not now. We should talk to him alone.

Adi gazed at Shivaay…

“Till now, everything were hidden. Now it’s the time to expose.”

Vivi: But Adi he is your Paapa.

Adi: I know but he taught me to ask anything face to face tha ki aage jaakar koi confusion na ho.

Shivaay approached him…

“Tell me what do you want to know??”

Adi: What happened to Saanjh??

Shi: l will tell you but it is not the right time to explain.

Karthik entered inside.

“Why?? We wants to know.”

Shi: But I don’t want to mention you anything. It’s the matter amid me and my daughter.

Adi: But I want to know about my daughter, my child.

Everybody became hell shocked. They remembered suddenly that Shivika was expecting.

Ani: Shivaay where is the baby??

Pinky: Haan Shivaay bachcha kahan hai.

Dadi: Shivaay where is the infant. Where is the next generation. I doesn’t expected this sudden joys. First of all your children then your grandchild!!


Shivaani desperately gazed at the phone. Then discarded it onto the bed.

“Today also he ignored you,right.”

She turned around for the owner of that voice. Again Shravan.

“Shivaani why are you tolerating this relationship??”

Shivaani: I have to Shravan. Mama is unable to tolerate this. Our marriage is his only wish. I can’t break his heart and our family.

“Haaachi.” Shravan released a couple of sneezes. Shivaani passed him a death glare…

“No no Shivu. Mainne jaanboochkar ni kiya. There was a rain sequence so.”

Shivaani chuckled loudly… He had lost in her laugh. Her smile it is most beautiful in Shivaani.

“Okay okay I will prescribe you some tablets. Time se khana haan.”

Shra: Mm k

Shivaani yelled loudly…. “Happy happy.”

“Why are you calling my PA??”

Shi: I know you won’t take these medicines.

Happy obediently stood in front of them.

“Happy, feed him these medicines at right time. And keep him away from water and dangerous stunts.”

Happy: Okay done Mam but I don’t think I can care him like you do.

Happy passed a hidden smile. Shrashi gazed each other ashamed.

“Leave, leave ??.”

Happy left room with a mocking grin.

“It’s k Shravan we know na that we are just friends.”

Shravan hardly nodded willingly. Aakhir she is Shivaay and Anika’s daughter. So slipping and holding is necessary. She also slipped and held by Shravan. Shivika was passing near the room with adjusting her duppatta and caught them red handed. Ankita also came inside.

“Jiju please wait a little more. I will say about both of you to Paapa.”

Shiv: Kittu he is not your Jiju. He is in US.

Kittu: ?? ohh mujhe toh Shravan Jiju achchi lagti hai. Marry him na Chiku.

Vivaanika entered inside with a comment. Shivaani’s face changed like she suffered from the attack of honey bees post spotting Vaani in her room.

“Kittu you are a perfect matchmaker. First of our jodi and now Chiku and Shravan.”

Double Ro: Then ours with our lady Ros.

Vivi widely opened his eyes… It was the first time that Double Ro is talking to them sweetly.

Vivi: Kittu you are awesome. They are changed only cz of u. Hats off to you.

Kittu : Not cz of me Vivi ??

Double Ro blushed. They continued the talk

Shivika: Bittu tell me your Saga…

Ankita: I’ll I will di

Ankita began to tell Vivaanika story…

To be continued…….

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