His Heartbeat Kundali Bhagya ff – PROLOGUE

Hi everyone…. I m back with another Fan fiction ….


Luthra family was the most reputed and the richest of all in the entire Mumbai city.

They were always known for their social works . They were engaged in many social movements too. They never consider anyone small by person’s religion, cast or anything. They were the MASIHAAS for the needy.

The family consist of the following members.

Mahesh Luthra:- The man of the house… He was the owner of Luthra Industry.

Rakhi Luthra:- The life partner of Mahesh Luthra in every manner. She is the strength of his husband and the entire family.

Rishabh Luthra and Karan Luthras:- The luthra brothers… Perfect combination.

Ruchika luthra:- The newly born child of Mahesh and Rakhi Luthra

The entire family was an example for all .

But as you know “WAQT KISI KA SAGA NAHI HOTA”.

A blast was planned at the Luthra mansion by a gangster whose illegal workings were stopped by Mahesh Luthra. This blast changed everything…..

What happened next……?

Guys I know you all want to know that whether its RishTa ff / PreeRan ff…. Honestly its not yet decided…. So its up to you guys…. Comment your choice….YOU WANT RISHTA/ PREERAN?

Regarding my other ffs …. I will update CHAAHATEIN & AND HE BECAME MY LIFE…. asap❗

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  4. Please let it be preerean because your other ffs are on rishta so please let this one be preeran

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