#Ishqbaaz #Shivika #TrueLove Triumphs All Evils – Few Shots – Part 3

Part 3 –
Arnav & Anjali reached Oberoi Mansion with Anika who’s sleeping due to the dose of pain killer injection given to her by the doctor. The Oberois were in the living room when the bro-sis duo entered. They both greeted everyone. Tej asked Arnav abt his frnd. Anjali told them that she’s in the car sleeping due to the effect of pain killers so she asked Arnav to bring her in while she thanked the Oberois for let them stay with them. As Arnav opened the door of the car to pick Anika up in his arms, Shivay who was in his room sleeping while OmRu were by his side suddenly wakes up as his “Anika Meter” detected her presence. He quickly get off from the bed saying “my Anika’s here, she has come back. Anika is back”. OmRu tried to stop him but he didn’t stopped & rushed out of his room. On the other hand, Arnav picks up Anika in his arms while Anika clutched his shirt as she will fall down & then brought her in. Shivay & Arnav with Anika in his arms comes face to face at the same time while others were shocked to see Anika injured & in Arnav’s arms. Shivay quickly ran towards Arnav.
Shivay (to unconscious Anika) :- Anika…. Anika….wake up… Anika (to Arnav) Arnav what happened to her, is she OK na?
Arnav ? :- yeah she’s fine, unconscious due to the dose of pain killer.
Shivay :- OK OK I’ll take her to the room, give her to me..
Arnav ? :- Shivay it’s OK I’ll take her to the guest room, where’s it.
Shivay :- no I’ll take her to my room.
Arnav :- Shivay she’ll stay with Di in the guest room OK there’s no need for u to take her to ur room.
Shivay :- Arnav I said na that she’ll stay in my room with me in front of my eyes OK ?
Arnav :- Shivay why r u acting so stubborn that too for taking Anu to ur room, she’s just a guest here for one week she’ll stay in guest room.
Shivay ? :- one I’m not acting stubborn, two her name’s Anika, three she’s not a guest here it’s her home OK & last but not the least she’ll stay in my room with me cuz she’s my wife.
Arnav & Anjali :- what ????

Shivay takes Anika from Arnav & took her to their room & laid her carefully on the bed while others followed him but stopped at the door. Shivay starts talking to Anika holding her hand while she’s in deep slumber……
Shivay :- u know what I’m really very angry at u. What was the need to do all that drama huh? What u thought that I’ll not be able to handle the truth, huh? Anika u didn’t understand till now what I told u last time that u r my strength & with u by my side I can handle anything but if u will not be my side then I’ll just be walking living dead body. I want u to be my side in every phase of my life no matter what the situation be it good or bad or worse. I’m telling u for the very last time that now if u ever try to go away from me or this family no matter how much angry I’m at u or upset or show as much as tadi to u I promise that no one will be worse than me. I know k u can hear me & want me to tell what I feel but u r showing me tadi in this way but I’m also not less than u in showing tadi. Until u don’t wake up na I will not tell u what I feel. (& then he too sleeps besides her)

Now everyone is in the living room while Anjali & Arnav r standing in the middle crossing his arms round his chest.
Arnav :- now will anyone tell me what happened here ?
Anjali :- Chote relax & calm down OK don’t forget that u r standing in our Ani’s sasural. I’m sorry but I know that it’s ur family issue but Ani is one of the important person for our family & we wanna know what all happened here I mean why she left the house, was she not happy here.
Jhanvi :- Anjali I understand ur & Arnav’s worry. I agree that somewhere or the other we all r responsible for Anika’s current condition & I’m sorry for it from all our sides.
Rudra :- look Di we can only tell u that Anika Bhabhi herself manipulated Shivay Bhaiya to make her leave this house as she was forced by someone very close to Shivay Bhaiya to do this & Shivay Bhaiya did what Anika Bhabhi wanted or u can say what that person wanted.
Om :- & how & why she got married to Shivay, it’s better that Anika Bhabhi herself answer to this question of ur instead of us otherwise it will look like that we r justifying ourselves or Shivay.
Arnav :- fine then I’ll ask Anu & if I got to know that in all this if she was hurt either physically or mentally then be ready to face the worse side of Arnav Singh Raizada.
OmRu :- agreed.
Tej :- but how do u know Anika?
Arnav :- didn’t she told u? She’s Anika Singh Thakur, daughter of Bhuvan Singh Thakur, the famous industrialist from Lucknow. Both of our families were best friends. But we both lost our parents when we were 12 in a fire accident. We both then lived with Anjali Di & Abhay (Rana, Anjali’s husband). Then 8 yrs later on Anika’s 20th b’day, I was driving the car & suddenly it’s breaks failed. To save me Anu pushed me out of the car & the she fell off the cliff with the car. Everyone searched for her but we didn’t found her, then the police declared her dead. But I always knew that she’s alive.
Anjali :- it’s OK Chote. It’s of no use to think of past what matters is we got her back.
Dadi :- I think it’s very late now, today’s day was one hell of a tiring one so we shuld sleep now & start a new day afresh tomorrow morning.

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