Chandrakanta (Colors) 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldier informs Mahamantri that Bhola’s boat lost its way due to black magic and soldiers were killed along with Bhola by Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha’s father says Bhola was like his brother and Chandrakanta loves him a lot, how can she kill him. Mahamantri says doe she mean he is wrong. Chandrakantha shows ring and says the man who holds it has killed Bhola and soldiers, she works in palace and Maharaj knows her. Mahamantri’s buffoon son Krur Singh comes and Chandrakanta says he knows her, how can she kill anyone. Krur Singh says all girls are mad behind him and asks if she trying to hypnotize him with ring. He holds her hand and pushes towards him. She warns to stay away. Maharaj comes and says he knows what has happened and asks Chandrakantha to go home and rest today. Chandrakantha and her parents thank him and leave. Maharaj Avanti then tells he sent message to Shivdutt, but did not get a reply. Krur Sigh asks him to make him his legal heir, he will handle situation. After sometime, Mahamantri gives proposal of Iravathi’s son Virendra’s alliance with rajkumaris. Mayavi calls him. He happily goes to her thinking she will reward him. She keeps burning coal on his hand. He shouts. She says fire may be of havan or dead body, it is quality is to burn. Iravathi is a fire and she is untrustable.

Chandrakantha reaches home with parents and says ayyar whose ring is this killed Bhola and he is very powerful. Parents asks her not to risk her life again and throw ring away. Virendra with Tej Singh and Champa waits to get ring. Father sees them and asks where were they. Tej singh says whey they went away somewhere worried, they got worried and followed them. Chandrakantha sees Virendra/Veer looking a ring and gets suspicious. Iravathi on the other side tries to contact Veer via ring and sees all the incidents happening around. Champa gets jealous seeing Veer’s attention on Chandrakantha and suggests him that he should get ring from Chandrakantha forcefully. Veer says he will trap Chandrakantha in his love within 48 hours and get ring from her. Iravathi watches that and fumes. Chandrakantha takes back ring before Veer could take it. At night, Chandrakantha thinks why Veer is acting so suspicious. Veer turns into Umang and tells Chandrakantha he will sell this ring and get so much money that she won’t have to work whole life. She asks if he is Umang itself. He says yes. She says either she is not Chandrakantha or he is not Umang, he knows she can give her life for justice, then how can he think of selling this ring. She hugs him and gets emotional. Veer also gets attracted to her.

Virendra does black magic and creates magical block sucking vein and spreads it towards Chandrakantha’s hut. Chandrakantha sees that and panics. She call her parents and they all 3 panic. Veer rushes for their help and removes vein by his hand and gets injured during the process. He collapses. Chandrakantha thinks why he is helping them and risking his life. Father and mother rush to get herbal medicine. Veer then gets up and leaves to jungle to lure Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha walks in jungle reminiscing how Veer risked his life and saved them. Veer blows air from behind and hides. She senses someone around. He then sits under tree and says why did he get injured for others. Chandrakantha gets herbal leave for him and crushes it, it gets into paste easily, she thinks what is happening. He starts his romantic chat to lure her. She applies herbal paste saying their duty is to take care of guests, that is all she can do. She gets up, gives him herbal paste and leaves.

Krur enters Sonakshi and Sotakshi’s room and dances with them. They fall on him. Mahamantri watches him and scolds. He takes krur aside and says he wants to make him rajkumar and he is wasting his time like this. Krur Singh suggests him to befriend Iravati and win become king. Mahamantri goes to Iravathi and says he came to befriend her. She can win Suryagarh and kill Raja Avanti. He will become raja and she can rule Suryagarh. She says he betrayed Raja Avanti, than can betray anyone and orders guards to arrest him. Her magical aide emerges and asks her to befriend mahamantri and win Suryagarh as she will find Chandraprabha’s magical sword tattoo girl there. Iravathi does not budge and shouts she sent Veer to get that girl, but he is busy in some other work.

Chandrakantha in her hut weaves fishing net reminiscing Veer’s romantic words and him risking life to save her family. Veer comes and starts luring her again. They both get trapped in net and argue with each other. He tries to lure her again. She gets up and leaves. Champa gets jealous seeing that and thinks she will not let Chandrakantha takes away Veer.

Krur tries to flirt with village girls, but they call him brother and walk away laughing. Veer befriends him and says he can select best girls for him if he agrees to his plan. Krur agrees and takes him to Raja Avanti and tells he wants to include women in army. Avanti scolds him. Veer says he is also his praja and thinks women are more powerful than men as they give birth and we all pray kali maa, durga maa, etc.. Raja gets impressed says even then he cannot trust Krur. Veer shows his sword skills and says he will be with Krur and teach women. Raja agrees. Krur tries to enroll girls looking at them with lust. They scold him and back off. Veer shows his sword skills. They get mesmerized and enroll themselves. Umang sees that. Veer thinks now Umang will do his work. Umang runs and informs Chandrakantha that her dream of serving nation will come true and she can get enrolled in army which Krur and her guest are organizing. Champa comes and tries to brainwash Chandrkantha against Veer and Krur, but Chandrakantha leaves.

Veer continues training women and Krur continues flirting. Women get angry. Veer sees Chandrakantha coming and suggests women to attack Veer and show what he taught them. They run behind Krur and he runs away. Chandrakantha requests to teach him. He shows his skills and says she is unfit for it. She takes sword. A magician watches and thinks Chandrakantha is great ayyara’s daughter and even herself is an ayyara and warrior, she should show her skills. Chandrakantha fails first, but then shows her skills and fights with Veer. Veer asks if she is Ayyara and acting. She says even he is acting. Their fight continues. He tries to lure her repeatedly trying to steal rin in a bag on Chandrakantha’s waist. Ring falls down during fight. Iravati watches Veer luring a woman and fumes that instead of finding Chandraprabha’s daughter, she is luring a fisher woman. Veer tries to lure Chandrakantha repeatedly, but she fights and defeats him.

Precap: Iravathi’s aide tells her that Chandrakantha had world’s best warrior whom she made. Veer trains Chandrakantha and says he will make her best Ayyara. Chandrakantha saves a baby from tiger using her ayyyari magic. Veer is also seen fighting.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Its an amazing provably the best one as after ?Nagin…..serial.
    Wish u best luck for the TRP RATINGS n good 4ur upcoming progress ….. n also hope u all will keep entertaing us as ur doing from the 1st episode….

    Good luck guys…..
    For the historical + magical + romantic + entertaining + epicable = a huge great awesome saga….

    1. sushmitha shetty

      You really think best serials top on TRP chart? actually all stupid serials like kumkum bhgya, sathiya and ssk gets top position i dont how in spite of showing same thing again and again

  2. She is pretty …capturing attraction as the show progresses

  3. Today’s episode was superb….

  4. Jayalakshmii

    When they get trapped in the net ??

  5. VINAL

    Nice episode the show is attracting viewers inspite there is already chandrakanta on life ok this show has different story

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