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Hello peeps…????? Once again I am super late in submitting and big wala sorry for that… But finally today here I am with my update…☺☺☺ How you all will like it.

Previous Part: Psrt 10

Plz check above link to know what had happened before..And fir further story read below.??????

Part 11

After parking his car in parking of Shekhawat mansion he changed his smirking and devil expression with worried and tensed expression and entering in side he started his drama according to his script and soon he hugged broken Rishi a part of his is feeling bad for making them suffer but soon he jerk away that thought thinking of his future life with his lady love and soon his eyes turned towards live size photo of her where she is smiling whole heartily and he want to go and caresses that photo but controlling his desires he clear his throat and speak

Shivay: Mr.Shekhawat don’t worry I informed my manager Khanna tj help Commissioner with my security agency and they will bring Anika without any scratches. And then you can get her married to her fiance.

As soon as that word registered in Rishi’s mind his body stiff with anger remembering all the word Daksh have used for his daughter but he choose to keep mum but change in his behavior is already noticed by Shivay.

After few minutes Shivay left from there and he drive back to farmhouse barking orders to Khanna to divert police’s attention till tomorrow evening.

And after entering inside farmhouse he rush to room where he’ve locked Anika and turn the knob to unlock and he entered inside but whole room is filled with darkness and he switch on the light.

And Anika who is sitting on floor keeping her head on her knees who is hugging her chest look at him and her eyes are swallowed due to constant crying and her face have been became pale but as soon as she look him there she rush to him and joining her hand she speak

Anika: Plz Shivay let me go.

Without giving nod to her request he close the door with thud and she flinched on her place and for a moment Shivay’s heart melted like ice but soon it turned to hard rock e to her stubborn and untouched food and he drag her from door to bed and he almost throw her on bed and he is about to shout on her.

But suddenly Anika felt dizzy and her head is about to hit by corner of bed but Shivay held her head by head and she fainted in his arms putting him in great worries and next second with full delicacy he scoop her in arms and laid her on bed with utter care and covering her with blanket he checked her temperature and its lil night then normal and he immediately bring ice bag and started massaging it in her forehead and in between he kiss her on her forehead and in barely audible voice

Shivay: Anika, Why are you being stubborn??? I can’t let you go from here. You are my life I love you so so much but you are hell bend in rejecting my love and I’ve to be rude to you and along with you me too is being hurt with each second but don’t worry baby one more half day and soon everything will be OK.

And he soon choose to keep silent so she won’t be disturbed in her sleep and he keep caressing her hair, her face with full of love.

Shekhawat Mansion

Whole day is about to pass and yet not a single call or sign of her daughter is known to them and worried Jayshree fainted and Rishi’s worry increased more and he handled her wife and soon they get ray of hope with Shivay’s call who informed them that his men have find out many clue and soon they will get her back and he disconnected call with message to take care, which touched Rishi’s heart and he felt blessed to have Shivay for help them in time of problem.

Okay done with update. How it is??? Hope you all like it… And as usual plz do leave your feedback I am waiting eagerly for all of your feedback. And yeah I’ll update Vivah after completing this SS’s first season.

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  1. Pri_24

    And once again sorry for small update but is baar chala Lena next time I’ll write lambi update..☺☺☺☺

  2. Sanchi

    This sort of behaviour in men confuse the hell out of me..
    What should one call it romeo or psycho?
    Anyways the way you are portryaing Shivay is simply AMAZING! Loving it

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  4. Ruksy

    Loved it. ? update soon.

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  6. Nansshivika

    The obsessive caring shivay is so out of box.I am in love with him even if he is evil also coz he is loving n caring truly,its just his stubbornness.but love that too??? nox addicted I am.and chocopie seeing anika parents is so sad.waiting for vivah,this one,epilogue,KS…all those u write.coz I am addicted to ur writings.love u loads????

  7. Superb…update other ff dear 🙂

  8. Shakthi

    Wow shivaye cares for anika….. amazing update pri pls update asap

  9. Akshaya

    Awesome episode chocopie. I think Shivaay is pregnant . see he is having mood swings ?. God waiting for revenge

  10. Puvi

    Superb dear post asap soon

  11. Fama

    Wow…great ?????????
    I just loved this obsessive Shivaay
    i wonder what rishi will do after knowing that Shivaay himself has kidnapped Anika and that he was faking his sympathy and eagerly waiting for the revenge

  12. Amazing….plzz make it long!!

  13. Ishqkum

    Awesome dr

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  15. superb… Waiting for the next update…

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  17. shivaay’s behaviour is weird… but loved shivaay’s care for anika… post soon

  18. Alekhika20

    Amazing updt

  19. Nainaa

    My favorite os is here and I am so and so happy with this episode as I have witnessed some other side of the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi… his caring side is perfectly carved and I am loving it…

    Coming to the episode::
    I am totally in love with Shivaay’s character here it’s neither of white nor of black it’s a grey one which is a treat to readers…
    Anika’s pain is justified as being a daughter she is thinking about her parents name and fame and Rishi and Jayashree’s pain is worth with Anika’s pain as their only daughter is in some unknown isolated place…. Shivaay’s love is fully 100% justified and his moves to get His lady love is totally grey and cool…

    Be back with next rocking episode…

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    #kidkithod #part11 #cutiepieIsCraziepie

  20. Shivay’s character is confusing me but still I love his this new side of our SSO so much. He is so devil and I am feeling bad for Anika and her parents. And her parents ate trusting wring person…?????
    But his caring side is melting my heart like ice cream…????????? in lobe with new found SSO and his this character and this FF

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    Its amazing dear. Post the next soon ?

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