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While following Anika, Shivay’s mind thought of slight chances of she informing their parents about his past stunts so he run and before she can step down stairs he hold her hand and pulled her towards him and turning towards him Anika collide with his musculine chest and after that her head is about to be hit by pillar due to her back steps but Shivay is faster then her and he kept his hand on pillar and she is now stuck between pillar and him and by his another hand Shivay hold her by her waist which make Anika huffed and looking into her eyes he speak

Shivay: Before you pull your any stunt let me remind you what can I do to get what I want and…

But Anika don’t let him complete his sentence she put her one hand on his lips and she speak

Anika: Stone Singh Oberoi listen me carefully just because I agree to marry you does not mean that I can not fight with you and I am more stubborn then you so what I want I too get at any cost and as of now I don’t want much but… leave it let’s keep it secret for you too, then only it’ll be fun and now follow me…

Shivay is stunned with this much of courage of her but before he can react she free her self from his grip and with smirk she did his step signature which he use to do when he kidnapped her and then winking at him she started stepping down while Shivay is still stunned, surprised and spellbound with this lil action of his lady love but keeping in mind to confront her later for that he too started stepping down and soon they are standing in front of their parents…

And soon Rishi come to Anika and hugging her he asked Anika about Shivay and with plain face Anika speak in lower voice but louder enough so people present there can hear her

Anika: Papa I’ve few conditions…

All are surprised with this but Shakti speak

Shakti: Do not feel shy Anika beta you are like daughter to me so tell us your conditions…

Anika give one of her genuine smile and nodding her head she speak

Anika: Papa he have to agreed to my few terms like
-He will bring me here every weekend or whenever I want to come.
-He won’t interfere our papa daughter time ever.
-He have to take me to have ice-cream whenever I want and wherever I want.
– And I’ll work in our office even after marriage.
-He have to learn to make aloo-puri, ice cream sandwich and hot chocolate just like you I mean taste.
So, papa if Mr. Shivay SinghOberoi is okay with my all conditions then I am ready for marriage but for that he’ve to propose me for marriage in front of you all as I’ve this wish in my heart but… (And suddenly she remember that out of her emotions she is about to speak out what she have not to…) And she cup her face…

And on other side listening to all her terms and conditions Shivay felt like pulling her chicks and hugging her and one more time he fall in love with her head over heel…

And now all eyes turns towards him and with his genuine killer smile he come towards Rishi and Anika who is standing hugging her father is waiting for his next move and next moment Shivay kneel down on his knees and taking one of Rishi’s hand in his hand and one of Anika’s hand in his another hand he speak

Shivay: Mr. Rishi Shekhawat and Miss Anika Rishi Shekhawat I am not good with words specially when it cometo speak out my feelings so I can’t give filmy dialogue but I can promise you that I Shivay Singh Oberoi will fulfill every conditions of yours Anika and will keep your daughter happy till my last breath uncle so can I’ve honor to marry her???

For a moment Anika is stunned with his words she can’t believe that the person who destroyed her life without any mercy is right now agreed to all her conditions and that to like a gentleman if it is some other time then his words is powerful enough to melt her but now pure harted is only feeling she is feeling for him and still she can’t believe her eyes so she pinch herself and coming out of her thought land she found Shivay still on his knees holding their hands and all other are looking at her now for answer and she turned towards her father and he nod his head in approval and Anika to nod her head in approval and Rishi make Shivay stand and hugging both of them he speak

Rishi: I am so much happy that you are marrying my daughter we are so lucky to have son-in-law like you…

And Anika is elated with happiness of her father and she give curt smirk to Shivay who is taken aback with this sudden mood swing of her…

And after hour or so Oberois departed from there with promise to inform rather to say discuss date of ShivIka’s marriage…

Precap: Shivika’s one more phone conversation…

So here done with shot now peeps all your work starts hit star leave feedback aka review aka comments…

And what do you guys think their conversation will be related to which topic rather to say it will be normal or not???

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