Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 18

Gauri, Annika, and Bhavya are driving in one car while Omkara, Shivaye and Rudra are driving in another car.

In the Guys car

R: So Om, do you have any plans for tonight? I was thinking of going to Trisha’s birthday party. Do you want to come?

S: (Glares at him) This is not a good time, Rudra. Try to understand the situation before you say anything.

In the Girl’s Car

A: Gauri, I understand you are in a bad situation right now and I am in no position in advising you right now. Please give Om a chance. You can see a difference in Om from when you met him till now.

G: You might have seen a difference. But, I do not. He still treats me the same and I always feel like there is a noose on my neck when he is around me. I open my mouth and he will start tightening the noose. But, as soon as he finds out that I am short of breath, he will loosen it. I am not looking for that sort of relationship.

In the guy’s car

R: Maybe you should take her out somewhere and talk about this problem. A change in environment will lighten the mood.

O: She is not willing to talk to me. She will not even give a chance to explain my side of the story so how can you expect her to understand me.

In the girls’ car

B: Maybe you just blurt out everything to him. I told everything about my mission and the locket to Rudra and he understood my problem. It feels like a huge rock has been lifted off my shoulder.

G: He is not willing to listen to my side of the story. He is calling me a sl*t in front of you the other day. What else can a husband insult his wife? A girl cannot always be following her husband, she needs to preserve her self-respect as well.

In the guys’ car

S: Just put your ego aside and apologize. Problem solved.

O: I will not do that. It is not only my fault as well.

Both cars arrive at the court house and Rikara gets out of their respective cars. Both are wearing black and walk towards the courthouse side by side. However, their hands were barely touching.

Judge (After 1 hour of discussion): So it has been finalized. As for this couple, Omkara and Gauri, their divorce will be finalized one month from now.

O (Thinking): 1 month? Shivaye told me it will take two months. (Says), I have a small request. Gauri is currently studying right now and I do not want her studies to disrupt as a result of this. Her education will support her after the divorce so I want her to complete it before the divorce get finalized. It will take 1.5 years from now. On the day, she receives her diploma, can we have the final divorce hearing.

G (Praying): Shankarji, is this a sign that you are trying to show me or is Omkaraji just being a gentleman and being nice to me? If he wants me to leave, why would he postpone the hearing. Omkaraji, wants me to finish my education so I can get a stable job and not bother him for money. There must be a reason that will benefit him in the future or else Omkaraji will have never asked for time and I need to figure that out. Also, with the extra time, I can just focus my time and effort and studying

G: I also agree with Omkara. I do not mind if the final divorce hearing will be postponed for 1.5 years as then I will be an independent woman. (She looks at Om) I do not need to rely on anyone.

The judge smiles at the Oberoi family, knowing this is exactly what they wanted and grant their wish. The hearing will be held 1.5 years from now.

As they head outside to their car, they both look at each other.

G: I do not know what your game plan is but you can never stop me. I will finish my studies, leave this house and show you that I do not need anyone.

O: Gauri, I hope you consider this as the sign you asked Shankarji. In 1.5 years, both of us will be back at this court house to cancel the case.

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