Ishqbaaz- the night changed our lives [Part 11] {and a shock from my side}

Bhai kuch bhi likhne ka man nahi, help karo… agar koi meri sahaita kar sake to meri wajai agla part wo post kare, mujhe neend arahi hai… nd producers remembered now that Shivaay have heart prob else they didn’t mention it after epi between 12-15. Nd Shiv rescues Ani, but Ani was hanging with a tree??? nd Shiv also got an attack???

Part 11
Scene 1
2 months leap (Neeti ka special jhatka, aur ab mai gayi apne ghar?)
Om and Ridhima is sitting at a garden on a bench.
Rid: Om, it’s full 1month since we are dating each other. Don’t you think we should talk to our families about it? I mean till when will we keep it secret that we are more than friends?
Om: Ridhima, it’s just 1 month and how can I tell them just like that? I need time.
Rid: Om, do we really have time?
Om remembers Ishana’s words. His eyes get wet. RidhiMa noticed it.
Rid: Om, why are you crying, did I say something wrong?
Om wipes his tears.
Om: where, no I am not crying. Why will I cry?
Rid: Om after few days it will be third month of our meeting, what will you gift me?
Om: well, ummm… I will recite a poem for you.
Rid: Om, are you serious? You will recite a poem for me on our third month of meeting? Learn something from Shivaay bhaiya, he is so romantic. He always gives romantic gifts to Bhabi. He cares for her so much…
Om: sympathy, it’s called sympathy. What Shivaay does for Bhabi is just sympathy nd nothing else. We all can see that she is in much pain. She is not at all happy after this marriage.
Rid: no Om, maybe she is a lil upset by the behaviour of family but She and Shivaay bhaiya are just so cute together.
Om: Ridhima, looking cute nd being happy are two different things. Maybe she is upset bcz of that but she is not happy. I knw her from a long time. I have seen that they aren’t happy with each other. They live in the same house but it seems that they are far away from each other. They live in the same room but there is a huge wall b/w them. They share the same bed but they avoid each other.
Rid: but Om, bhaiya never avoided her. He always try to be close to her. He loves her.
Om: maybe u r ri8. Shivaay loves bhabi maybe but bhabi… she never considered Shivaay as her husband. It is visible to all of us.
Rid: hm.. u r ri8 Om. I also noticed that only Shivaay bhaiya always try to be close to her but she tries best to avoid him.
Om looks on.

Scene 2 (Shivaay’s bedroom)
The sun rays are disturbing her sleep. Her face isn’t visible due to the lights She covers her eyes with her hand. Someone comes there. His face is shown. He is Shivaay.
O jaana plays…
Shivaay: she is getting disturbed.
O jaana…
He draw the curtains. She removes her hand.
O jaana…
He sits beside her nd caresses her face.
O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki waja
O jaana…
Music continues…
Shivaay: you look very cute while sleeping.
He smiles. She moves her head and hugs him like a teddy bear and sleeps. He moves his hand from her face.

Ishq hai ansoon, ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai, rahat hai
Ishq hai sehra, ishq hai daariya
Ishq junoon hai, zehmat hai (2x)

Scene 3 (Om’s room)
Om: you wanna change the theme of this room into pink roses? Are you mad Ridhima?
Rid: I just wanted your room to be unique before Rudy’s wedding.
Om: Ridhima, leave all this. Now let’s talk about Rudra. I still can’t believe that this month he and Saumya will complete their studies and get married next month! Like they had the most complicated love story. Now Shivaay’s love story is complicated and Rudra’s sorted.
Rid: but still they haven’t stopped fighting.
Om: yeah, they fight but they care for each other also.

Scene 4 (Kitchen)
Saumya was eating paratha and Rudra looking at her lovingly.
Ru: dil me parathe lekar chal rahe ho to Sumo ho tum.
Fitness ke mamle me 8 out of 100 ho to Sumo ho tum
Thori si moti aur thooori si overweight ho lekin usse cuteness ke sath carry karo to Sumo ho tum (galat huya to bolna ha, mujhe ye thik se yad nahi, almost 75epi purana hai)
Wah wah… wah wah…
Saumya looks at him angrily like she will eat him now.
Saums: Rudra, you are making fun of me?!!! How rude!
Ru: no, I just made a poem to praise your beauty.
Saums: this is called insult. I will not talk to you now. Go to ur Romi devi.
Ru: Sumo, I really wanted to praise you.
Saumya turns her face to side making an angry face.
Rudra makes a cry baby face but suddenly an smile appears on his face. He leaves. Saumya turns and sees Rudy gone.
Saumya: he left?? Now I will never talk to him, huh!
Suddenly something hits her. She turns and sees Rudy with guitar in his hand. Rudy plays the song “piya piya piya” and dances funnily. [If you remember the scene then imagine it.]
Saumya finally laughs. Rudy smiles and runs to her but collides with something and falls.
Saumya rushes to him.
Saums: Rudra, are you alright. Did you get hurt? Why are you so careless? Can’t you see and walk?
Tears roll from her eyes. Rudra sees it.
Rudra: Sumo…

Dil vil chahat wahat plays in bg (Rumya love song)

He holds her face.
Saums: kya hai?!
He kisses her on cheek.

Dil vil chahat wahat mai
Milti hai tension full.
Acche khase bande ki
Ho jati hai batti GUL (?)

Saumya gets surprised. She looks at him. They share an eyelock.

Ishaq bisaq tumhara
Bematlab hai bilkul
Kabhi banke to dekho tum
Kisi signal ka Rahul..

Ye risk kiu mai lu bhala
Fande me kiu dalu gaala


Dil vil chahat wahat me
Hoti hai tension full
Acche khase bande ki
Hoti hai batti GUL

Ishaq bisaq tumhara
Bematlab hai bilkul
Kabhi banke to dekho tum
Kisi signal ka Rahul..

Ye risk kyun mai lu bhala
Fande me kyun dalu gala


Saums: Rudra…
She hugs him. Rudra hugs her back.
[I heard this song with great difficulty coz they hardly played it, it had more lyrics but bcz I couldn’t hear it properly till end so there are many words missing, I will give the lines, plz if anyone heard it then complete it]

Scene 5 (Om nd Ridz at a park)
Om: are you serious? You still want to change the theme? Ridhima plz jerk the topic.
Rid: ok. BTW, Om, you said that last night bhaiya and bhabi returned home late, what happened?
Om: actually Shivaay had some business dinner meeting and they wanted bhabi to go so Shivaay nd bhabi went there nd got late.
Rid: I didn’t see bhabi today, where is she?
Om: I said na that they returned late, so maybe bhabi didn’t have proper sleep so she is sleeping.
Rid: ohk.

Scene 6 (Shivaay’s bedroom)

She is still hugging him and sleeping. Then Shivaay sees the time.
Shi: oh no! It’s 10am now. She is still sleeping. Maybe she took sleeping pills. I need to wake her up.
He looks at her.
Shi: but she looks so innocent while sleeping. I don’t want to wake her up but I have to. Ok, let me try.
He touches her face.
Shiv: jaan “he slowly whispered”
She didn’t responded instead tightened her grip.
Shiv: jaan “he again whispered”
She didn’t rply. Now he shakes her slowly again no response.
Shiv: jaaaannnn!!! “He shouted loudly”
She finally moved
She: what, what happened? What happened Shivaay? Why are you shouting?
She realises she is hugging him. She removes her hands quickly.
She: I.. I am sorry.
Shiv: jaan, it’s 10 already.
She: what what!??? 10! Why didn’t you wake me up? “She panicked”
Shi: relax. You slept at 2am so I didn’t woke you up.

Screen freezes on his face..

Precap:who is “SHE”? Why is she unhappy. To know more stay tuned and keep commenting.

So I am v. late, or shld I say v.v.v.v.v.v. late but my schl opened. My tuitions and coaching also started and we have many functions in schl now so I couldn’t write. Thanks for the comments everyone. Please keep commenting as I am very upset that on my TS I got good response but in this ff which is my first IB ff, I got less response. Looks like I have to decide if I shld continue it or not.

Lyrics which is incomplete:
Apne upar itna…. tum
Pachtayo ge jab
Mai ho jayungi goom.

Arre pechtane walo me
hum hote nahi sumar
Lagi huye hai dekho
Hottie naughty ki katha

Saho se ur jayengi
Ek din jab har bulbul
… baja ke mujhko
…… GUL

Ok bye now. See you all later. I hope everybody knws that GK said abt Omkara’s fans. Shivika dreams, take care- Neeti

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  1. Samm

    hey neeti, i’m so happy that you included that song in your ff 🙂
    even i don’t know the complete lyrics, but there’s this one place you made a mistake:
    “ye shikwa shak tumhara, bematlab h bilkul,
    kabhi ban k to dekho tum, kisi simran ka rahul…”
    also, please don’t end this so soon 🙂

    1. Neeti

      Yeah I know that I made mistakes but choriye na, bara dimaag lagana para, sound itne jor se diya ki pura moholla jaag utha, maa muhhe pagal bol rahi thi, bari dant khani pari but mil to gaya ☺ mai phirbhi khush hu itna jitna thik hua wo thik to hai ? and thanks for the correction warna log to itna sharma te hai ki jaise shaadi ke din behen se jija milne aya ho??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? nhi nhi usse bhi jyada, so thank you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? itne sare flying kiss lete lete khud mat fly krna? but please someone complete the full song, don’t know what prob GK have to play the song? Rumya fans ko maar dala haye mar dala. Nd depends on comments if I will continue or not. Thank you di???- Neeti

      1. Samm

        wow! i didn’t expect such a reply 😀 😀 😀
        and please do continue… don’t end it abruptly 🙁 pleeeaaasssseeee 🙂

    2. Neeti

      Actually I am a bit mad, also very talkative, that’s why don’t cmnt anywhere to save people frm my tandav type cmnt. Well then please pray that I get more comments. The half cmnt section got filled with my comments??? bye bye, tc- Neeti

      1. Samm

        i like such frank and friendly people 🙂 and i’ll definitely like to know your views on my ff ‘Lucky’. feel free to tell me what you think 🙂
        this is the link to my posts, if you wanna check it out 🙂

  2. Minion....

    That was amazing…? n now i am waiting for the next plzzz post that soon i must tell u , you r amazing writer….??

    1. Neeti

      Thank you. I will post it aftr thinking if I shld continue or not- Neeti

      1. Minion....

        Y…post that soon plzz…i am waiting..??

  3. Sairan

    Wowwwww…Too good
    Write the next part asap

    1. Neeti

      Thank you. Next episode is on progress but I will think if I shld upload or not- Neeti

  4. amazing…

    1. Neeti

      Thank you- Neeti

  5. Kehkasha

    Hey neeti dear ur reply and ur talk…………both r amazing and frankly speaking dear then I have a bit forgotten the storyline but nevermind I will catch all that from previous part………but I do remember Ishana’s death………i mean full om part……

    And today’s epi was great……and keep it up dear……..even I am a chatterbox………so I won’t mind ur comment on my ff…….next part uploaded dear………..check that out….
    And I luv Rumya bg song……but I really don’t know the lyrics……

    Post the next soon…..

    1. Neeti

      Hey di! Sry for the late rply. Nd abt cmnt, di mere hath ka to sochiye, uspe rehem nhI krnge kya? I mean that if I cmnt on one post many will get offended thinking that I am partial nd if I cmnt on every ff then mere hath ka kachmbar, nhi nhi, raita ban jyega??? sorry if you mind. Kya hai na I can’t give short cmnt warna I feel michmichi so sorry. I read ur ff nd it’s amazing. But one qstn, would you like to be my frnd? I love making frnds that’s why.
      Ok if you need links then do tell me, I will pm u.
      Thank you. The lyrics is killing us all. Nxt epi is in progress but I have to think if I shld upload it or not.
      Bye bye, take care, see you- Neeti

  6. Amazing episode…

    1. Neeti

      Thank you- Neeti

  7. Yashu

    Nyc….waiting for nxt….

    1. Neeti

      Thank you. I have to think if I shld upload the nxt ine or not- Neeti

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      Thank you- Neeti

  9. Mukta

    Wawwww Neeti…. it was just amazing…. waiting for the next update….. please post soon…..

    1. Neeti

      Thank you di. Ye post soon wala ap bki logo k rply maise dkh lijiye???????? ek chiz kitni bar likhungi, haina????- Neeti

  10. Deepika12

    Ohhhhhh neeti it was just superbbbbbbbbbbbbb???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. And please don’t end it ? or i will kill you???.

    I think the girl is anika. I mean “she” is anika. And shivay calling her “jaan” wooooooh??. I really wanted it. Shivay loving her and she almost hating him or ignoring him.

    Atleast u know that much lyrics na i don’t know even that much.?

    If u reject this comment then u will get 5 years of bad luck. Huh……

    1. Deepika12

      And yess u can’t take my tag of “the most talktive girl in the world”. As i talk mote than u do.?

      1. Neeti

        Sorry to say but ap mujhse nhi jeet payengi. Apne khudko talkative ka khitad dena tha but mere rehte nhi hoga???…- Neeti

    2. Neeti

      Thank you di. Ap kahe to jaan hajir hai but aiise low response milne k bad likhna matlab izzat ka kachra krna. Mai apne izzat ka kachra nhi krne wali. First let me think.

      Ok, u wanted that? It means u didn’t wanted their romantic love story but hate story? Hwww, very bad di. Bad girl? whoever she is you will get to knw if I continue.
      Hahahahaha, who said I knew this much lyrics? Kan ka varta ban gaya isse sunne k liye??? moholle wale to mar hi dalte mereko but sahi smy pe bach gyi???

      Hwww! U said that for me? I mean mai kaise reject kr skti hu cmnt, wo bhi apka?
      Ok bye. Love you, take care, see you- Neeti

  11. Its awesome…..hmm,wat happened in the two months as far as i remember it was shivaay’s marriage after 2 days then wat happened?????.Eagerly waiting for the nxt part, update soon….?

    1. Neeti

      Thank you. You will get to knw soon in few epi, only if I continue nd for that I need ur support. Keep commenting so that I post all the epis soon.- Neeti

  12. Soha

    So Sorry neeti for commenting late seriously dude you gave a shock to me and even you rocked. i will kill you neeti if you will not continue this ff dear and post as soon as possible

    1. Neeti

      No prob, mai usse bhi late hu. Hehehe thank you. Hwww if you kill me than apki ek bhn kam ho jyegi… I will try to continue nd post soon- Neeti

  13. thank God finally ur back..
    apni longest or bestest epi dene k bd to tm is ff ko le kr aese gaib hoi jese gadhe k sar se seeing.. ???
    tm ne blkl theek kaha tha last epi main k aesa dhamaka krogi k sb tmhain marainge or sxh main tm boriat ka dhamaka kr k chali gyi han… ab btao kya saza mile tmhain??.. chalo tm jb tk saza socho to main is epi k bare main kch arz krn..??
    han to last precap main u said “finally next day” pr yahan to 2 month ka leap hi aagaya bhae…. u rightly said(neeti special shock?)tm bs aese shocks hi deti rho readers ko.. ?
    wese ye riddhima to blkl apne IB jesi hi lg rh hai om k peeche hi pr gyi hai room ka Makeover krane k lye.. ??? axhaw hoa is k paas koi jacket nh hai om k lye.. ??
    or raumya un k baare main kya kahon ye to mere favourite hain.. cutest nd most adorable jodi of television?? unka BG song bara axhaw lgta hai mjhe tm se jo glti hoi thi wo to ooper kisi ne theek krdi to i will not mention it here.
    baqi bacha shivaye ye kis ko jaan keh rha hai ab i think anika hi hogi lady baba ko ye jaan keh hi na dey.. ??
    or ye tm ne kya lkha hai end main ff stop krne ka khabardar jo ff ko itni jldi stop kya to. u have an amazing talent of writing dear so dont depend on numbee of comment dear..
    just keep going we ur admirers r there for u nd dont forget there r silent readers too..☺☺
    chalo ab mjhe lgta hai cmnt bht lmba hogaya hai islye main chali..???
    tm jldi jldi next paet posr kr deba i m waiting

    1. bht saare typing errors hain cmnt main tm khud smjh jaana ab.. ?

      1. Neeti

        Hehehe, mai smjh gyi. Thanks for commenting – Neeti

    2. Neeti

      Hey di! Sry for the late reply. Apke sawalo ka jawab dhund rhi thi warna ap gaana suru krte, “MERE SWALO KA JAWAB DO, DO NA… MERE RANG ME RANG NE WALI….” hahaha, galat, uss gadhe ne mujhe apni sing di thi rkhne k liye, maine wapas nhi diya, aur ab sare gadhe ganje hai?
      Saja to pata nhi, mujhe dairy milk chahiye, milega? Aisa waisa nhi, Cudbary Dairy Milk Silk Caramello ?…
      hahaha, pata hai. Maine bhi pehle sicha tha ki bla nxt day hai, 2mnths ka leap kaise loon? Then socha two months bad wale next day hoga na, logic (doing logic sign)… maine kitne jhatke diye phir bhi mujhe kisi ne ga ke nhi sunaya, “ZOR KA JHATKA HAYE JORO SE LAGA, HA LAGA”…
      Hahaha, jacket maine rakh li, socha ki bhai ko de dungi?
      Yeas, the cutest couple. BTW, idhar Sahil to nhi hai na. But suniye to, last k lyrics complete krke jaiye. Mujhe wo chahiye?…
      Hehehe, intelligent enough. Ab agle epi me pata chal hi jyega…
      But di, if nobady reads it then kya mai iska cover dikhayu sabko? There are nhi there was. Pehle tha, wo thi ap, ab koi nhi hai.
      Ok bye. Mujhe bhi neend arahi hai.. ok kar dungi mauka mile to. See u, ta ta- Neeti

  14. Mrunal

    ohhhh my god…
    I’m so happy u continued it…
    i thought u ended it abruptly..
    plzzz don’t do like this..
    at least wrap it properly may be in less episodes but don’t end it all of sudden…

    today’s part was fantastic…
    it’s annika.. but how come she is there..
    and why om thinks shivaay’s love as sympathy & why she is staying away from him….

    rumya part was cute..
    bechara rudy.. accha karane jao toh bhi fas jata hai..
    and i was reading comments there u said that.. ki tumane poore mohhale ko jaga diya by loud volume..
    may i suggests u one solution..
    headphones naam ki bhi ek chiz hoti hai unhe use karo agali baar se…

    hey don’t mind about headphones comment.. i felt that u r frank hence said..
    if u r bothered about it then let me know..
    I’ll not comment again…

    episode was superb… zakaas…

    1. Neeti

      Hehehe, itni jaldi picha chodne walo me se nhi hu mai. I will try to continue but itni to sharm mujhme bhi hai na ki mai itne kam cmnts k bad continue krke apni izzat ka raita na phailayu, hope you understand.
      You will get to know all this in few epis, only if I continue but I think that most of the readers here didn’t read my prologue so most of them don’t know abt the plot.
      Nd Rumya part, kya kare bechare Rudra ne Sahil se uska pyaar chin liya tha tab usse 100 saal ka paap nasib huva tha??? ab wo ek hazar ath sri sri Baghad Billa ji to nhi hai na, isliye…

      Nd wo headphone ya earphone lagati na to moholle wale to nhi par mere kanpoor me hartal lag jati, mere kan ka tanpura ban jata, mujhe bhi Annika ki tarha ghantiya sunai deti wo bhi har kisi ko dekh kar. Mera na bachpan se problem hai, headphone nd earphones lagati hu to at least 1min tak kan soon pada rehta hai. To maine socha ki agr hartal krni hj hai to pure moholle k kan me karwayungi, sirf apne kanpur me kiu? Isliye pura speakers ka set up krna para.
      Mera dhanda band karwayenge kya? Idhar bethiye chup chap. Ek to nye readers mil nhi rhe hai aur uper se purane jana chahte hai. Ab lagta to hai mere ko hi jana parega, Nakuul k pass?…
      Hahahaha, thank you. Nd again answr to question no. 1: Neeti k FF SINGH OBEROI ki jaan itni asani se nhi jyegi? thank you again. Bye bye, take care, see you- Neeti

      1. Mrunal

        Ohh ho u r complete chatterbox..
        I loved ur nature a lot..
        Okay thik hai tumhara problem samaz mai aa gaya mat karo use headphones.. Karo tang apane mohalle walo ko isi bahane gana sunege to IB ke fan ban jayenge..
        Fir hamari crazy fan gang ka population baghega???

        Baki abhi izzat ka kachara mat karwao.. Band karna hi hai.. Tih proper wrap up karo
        As OS karogi toh bhi chalega…

        Baki after all i can understand I’m also an author.. But i don’t mind about comments.. I do it for my happiness.. It’s my hobby…

        It was so nice to chat with u…
        Akhir I’m also chatterbox..??

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