Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 9)


Hi evryone
I am happy with ur sweet words for my previous part.I hope anika questioned shivay all those which u wanted her ask.plz do comment in this part I always say just a emoji so tat I know it made u smile.

Last part shivay proposed anika.anika rejected.shivay anika kiss.Here goes next

Next mrng, in oberoy mansion
Evryone doing breakfast
Dadi: finally ur ishqbaazi started billu. but make her agree soon
Tej: just anika yes then see how grand ur wedding going to be.I am sure this time u will agree for a grand epic wedding.
Shivay smiles and says: I just need my brothers , my family tats it
Pinky: oh my mata! I forgots anika don’t believe on god much what will I do?
Shakti: arey pinky! When one’s life becomes beautiful then ta magic god does is also knwn.
Om: by the way shivay, the way u proposed her at a tat moment we all have tears in our eyes
Rudra: haan! Mr.amresh puri also became amitabh bachan
All giggle.tej gives a serious look to rudra.rudra keeps mum
Om:we never thought u will speak ur heart out like this.
Shivay: I just say what I felt tat just cut it OK?
Rudra: arey bhayya! The way u kneel down waah! The way u asked for marriage waah!
The way u said I love u……saying this he stops
Evryone realise and at a time
“ u didn’t say I love u?”
Shivay: okkkkk I said tat much what else u want??
Evryone: u didn’t said I love you???
Shivay: guys pleaseee
Om: let it be some feelings are beautiful without saying also
Rudra: but bhayya. U wre talking abt pool party to anika didi.
Shivay coughs…..

Rudra gives him a suspicious look
Om: and u were saying abt tat painkillers night
Shivay fastly takes glass and drinks water speedily.
Evryone looking at him curiously to know
Shivay: its nothing….
Soumya: nothing?? There is something.tat day u n anika didi tried so hard to stop us watch video.
Omru: shivay???
Rudra: did u become imran hashmi tat day?
Evryone: hawwww
Shivay: rudra u r impossible.
And he fastly get up and goes to his room.
Evryone laugh aloud giving HiFi each other.

After sometime
Office time.tej shakti are ready to leave.ahivay comes and says
“ dad,bade papa I mailed all details of project to mishra.I have some work. I will join u later.”
They say its fine and leave.
Omru: some work? Or anika work?
Shivay: ha u guys na, OK I am going to her only.fine? Happy?
Omru sowmya: how romantic!!!!!
Shivay: just just…. And he fastly leaves from there.
He goes to designer jewelry shop and takes some box he had ordered already and drives to anika place.

Anika place:
Anika is packing her luggage as she is leaving tonight.she is reminiscing all shivay words but again his distrust and then tat kiss.she finishes packing and kepts in bedroom.
Her phone rings.she comes to hall and picks it.
Anika: ram!! U took promise from me when I was leaving tat I will not take risk of calling u regularly.but now?
Ram: what to do? U must have made ur place lake by now by crying.
Anika: haha such a PJ!!!
Ram: so everything fine?
Anika: nothing fine.yesterday he proposed me.
Ram: interesting!!!!
Ram: I was angry on him but he finally spoke his heart sweet!!
Anika: r u on my side? Or his? Byeee
Ram: OK listen!! Its only 10 days na.come here only.why to go somewhere else? U will be safe here.evryone are missing u.its been 4 months now.
Anika: I too miss u all.but u want all see me in this devdas expression? I need to compose myself.its only 10 days na? I will be back.and I will take my care.pinky promise.
Ram: OK fine bye.
Anika: bye.
She pickups her bag and turns .she gets startled by shivay just in front of him.
Anika: R u mad? Y r u scaring me? And she just composes herself.
Shivay: I was abt to call u.i..
Anika: y r u here?
Shivay: what u mean by y am I here? After yesterday…
With ta word yesterday,anika reminisces ta kiss and becomes nervous.
Shivay notices this.anika looks away and says” just leave “ and tries to move aside as she is between the table and shivay and she can’t hndle this much closeness.but shivay blocks her by placing right hand on table and gives her a victorious smile coz now she can go nowhere as there is wall on his left side.
Shivay: OK I will leave ……..along with u.just come with me.
Anika: if not what will u do? Will u forcibly take me ?
Shivay; ya if tats what u want.I can make evryone agree for live in relationship until our marriage happens.
Anika is totally surprised n shocked with this loving stealing cool new Shivay
Anika: what?
Shivay: I proposed u with ring Yesterday.but u were angry.i accept ur decision.until u say I won’t make u wear ring.but u can accept this na? Saying this he opens box and takes out a platinum chain and keps the box on table and shows her by placing it on his palm.the chain has dollar of AS letters beautifully entangled n carved with not just studded by tiny diamonds but also his love.anika is more surprised n looks into his eyes.after few seconds she comes to senses and tries to leave again.but shivay pulls her with his left hand.
Anika: do u really think I am going to wear it?
Shivay: no becoz I will myself make u wear this.saying this he leans towards her right side and makes her wear the pendant.he was so close to her neck.shivers are passing through her body and he can clearly sense it.he sowly comes to her face and takes out her hairs out of ta chain brushing her neck with his fingers.she is just feeling his cold touch and he is feeling her warm breath.
Then she pushes him and tries to take out ta chain.but she can’t open the hook.shivay seeing this behind her,
Shivay: don’t trie hard.u can’t . and he comes n hugs her from back and keeps his head on her shoulder and whispers in her ears
“ i am sorry anika,plz forgive me”
Anika: in my dreams and she pushes him back.
Shivay: OK fine u take time to forgive me.but until u come with me I am not leaving.
Anika: OK fine stay.
And she takes hr bag and lock goes to door to lock n leave.
Shivay stops her closing door.shivay: u want me to stay in ur place romantic !!!!
Anika: what????? U r …… U r…. U r. No1 billu
She pulls him outside ,locks ta door.

At ta very moment she gets sahils teachers call( guys sahil trip is over.she is going to pick him up)
Teacher informs anika tat “sahil bua came along with a couple and said they r sahil parents.they adopted him.from now they are his guardians.and they take sahil with them.sahil was crying thought to inform u.and tells the names of them.”
Anika is hell shocked ,angry,worried for her sahil
Shivay notices this calmly asks her” what happened?”
Anika: sahil bua gave sahil to somebody and i know she would have got money in return. Don’t know how is sahil.I need to go.
Her eyes are wet and is abt to cry her like this shivay hugs her saying nothing will happen to him.
Anika too reciprocates.and cries.shivay rubbing her back.

Precap: shivay naughty side.

Guys sry for short update.and don’t wy for sahil.the couple adopted him are very relax.and guys I already said anika has nothing to do with sahils real parents.she know him when she came to this city.within a short span they both r connected with souls.
Just send me ur views if u like my ideas

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    Suggestion from my side
    Dear we all know that real IB is not showing sahika ( Sahil+ anika) bro sis bonding properly if its possible to show their equation then I will love it more may like serial he makes anika understand her feelings so Baat hi kya hogi awesome….

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks shama.and I already made a story line long back.u will get it in upcoming stories.and for sahil and anika I will show them also.but in my ff anika is more close to ram.just wait n watch dear.and share ur views

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