IshqBaaz FF – A Love story of rivals… CH–11

Chapter 10

Scene starts with Anika walking towards Shivaaye ‘s room.
Anika (Self thought)- Why am i nervous to talk to Shivaaye. I just have to act sympatheic towards him. But i dont know why i am having this awkward type feeling. Anyways…..
Anika shrugs her thoughts & enters Shivaaye’s room. As she stood on entrance Shivaaye’s mobile comes & falls infront of her.
Shivaaye was looking at other side. Anika was just staring at Shivaaye. Just then Shivaaye puches the wall & keeps punching on it ,due to which blood flows from Shivaaye’s hand.
Anika was shocked. She runs towards Shivaaye & holds his hands.
Anika- Billu ji What are u doing??? See how much blood is floowing from ur hands.
She makes him sit on bed & takes the first aid box from side table. She starts doing first aid.
Shivaaye was staring at her. He saw concern for himself in her eyes, which he have seen in only his family members eyes till now.

Anika applies dettol on his wound.
Shivaaye- Aaaah……
Anika looks at him & says- Jal raha hai…
Shivaaye- Hmmm…
Anika- Toh jale gaaa hii… ittni chhot jo laggi hai… Kya jarrorat thhi apna gussa wall parr nikal ne ki….
Shivaaye just looks at her. He had a small smile on his face. For a minute he thought that he has no tensions & everything is perfect in his life.
Just then his mobile rings. It was Tia’s call. Shivaaye picks up the call.
Anika realises what she was doing.

There Shivaaye talks to Tia,
Tia- Hello Shivaaye baby… just came to know abt Om…. Is he okk….
Shivaaye- Yes Tia…. He is kk….
Tia- I know baby u are tensed…… Dont worry i will send u rekris….
Shivaaye— Yaa….
Tia- Okk baby…. bye talk to u later….
He cuts the call.
He turns to find Anika standing.

Anika- Yeh bandage aap lagga lijiye….. Main aati hu…
She was abt to leave when Shivaaye holds her hands.
Shivaaye- plz dont leave….
Anika looks at him. She cld see pain & tears in his eyes.
She had never seen him in this way from the day 1.

And whatever she had heard from business circle & Sid she knew he was very strong.
But today she could see a vulnerable Shivaaye. …..
She cld see a kid who wanna talk & cry his heart out. A kid who wants to tell his pain to her.
Screen freezes on Anika staring at tearful Shivaaye……

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