IshqBaaz FF – A Love story of rivals… CH–10
CH –10
Scene starts in Oberoi Mansion–
Shivaaye & Rudra went to Omkara’s room. It was totally dark. They saw Omkara sitting with hands on his face.
Both looked at each other & go to him.
Shivayee- Om….
Om- Plz Shivaaye … leave me alone…
Rudra- But O…
Om- Plzz i wanna stay alone….. Plzz go ( he said little loudly)
Sensing the situation & mood they felt that it was better to leave OM alone for few hrs. They left from there.
But Shivaaye & Rudra were also broken seeing Om like this. Rudra goes towards his room while Shivaaye in his.
As Shivaaye goes through hall, Dadi stops him.
Dadi- Shivaaye… Om kaisa hai…
Shivaaye- Dadi woh kucch waqt akela rahna chahata hai…
And he just left from there. Pinky, Shakti, Tez & Janvhi goes to there rooms.
Mallika – Yeh kya hogaya Dadi…
Priyanka- Haa Dadi… yeh sab…

Dadi- Ghabrao matt putara ji…. Bhagwaan parr bharosa rakho..
Anika came there.
Anika- Haa.. Bhagwaan sabko unnke kiye ki sazza dette hai…. (She said taunting)
Mallika & Priyanka looks at her.
Anika- Merra matlab thha ki jiss ne bhi yeh kiya hai usse bhagwaan sazza jarrur den gey…..
Dadi- Haa , Anika puttar tu sach kah rahi hai…..
Anika smiles.
Anika- Chaliye dadi, Main aap ko room takk chhod doo.
Dadi goes with her while Priyanka & Mallika leaves to there rooms.
Anika goes with dadi till her room & was abt to go when,
Dadi- Anika, tu merra ek kaam karen gii.
Anika- Haa boliye na Dadi…..
Dadi- Betta, tu billu se ek baar baat kare gii…
Anika- Dadi main…..
Dadi- Dekh beta , billu kissi se kucch nahi kahta lekin main jaanti hu aaj jo hua , ussese woh bahut pareshaan hai… plz tu jaa na usske paas….
Anika did not knew why for the first time she was not confident abt facing Shivaaye.
Dadi- Tu ussese baat karre gii na puttar….
Anika- Thhik hai Dadi, main billu ji se baat karu gii…..
Dadi smiles while Anika leaves to Shivaaye room.

Scene shifts to Rudra’s room–
Rudra was crying and eating aloo paratha. Soumya passes by his room & sees it. She thinks to cheer him up. She enters the room.
Soumya – Arrey see health freak Rudra oberoi is eating Aloo ke parathe. And why are u crying cry baby.
Rudra- Removing his tears & says- I am not cry baby…. And there is lot of chilli in this paratha.
Soumya- Really… let me taste.
She takes a bite.
Soumya- You liar , there is no chilli in it.
Rudra – I am feeling chilli in my mouth…. fine… U go…
Soumya- Rudra u dont need to lie or hide ur tears from me. I know u are worried abt Lambey baal waale bhaiya.
Rudra looks at her. He says,
Rudra- O will be fine na Sumo… tell na…. He said in childish voice…. tears coming out of his eyes…
Soumya– Rudra…… Give him time .. he will be fine.. Ya but u need to support him…
Rudra nods.
Soumya- I said support him , not by being a cry baby but by bein a strong bro … Haa..
Rudra- Yep Sumo u are right… i will support O…. He smiles & thanks Soumya….
Soumya smiles back at him.
Screen freezes on there face……

Precap– Shivaaye hugs Anika tightly……

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