Ishqbaaz: we fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time (Chapter 1)

Hi guys! Shrutika again! A new idea stricked my mind. So,here it goes.

Note:no Sundari bua is there in the ff.
New characters:-
Manish Rathore:Gauri and Anika’s dad. Anika hates him just like Om hates Tej. Like Tej and Svetlana,he also had an affair with a lady named Tina Diwan.
Gauri Rathore(Shrenu Parikh):Anika’s sister. She’s kind hearted and Omkara’s love interest.
So the story starts when Tej declared his. Engagement with Svetlana. All were angry. Shivika and Rudra were tensed.
Pinky:jethji,aaj toh aapne apni hadein par kar di. Kya aap jaante hai aapke iss harkat ke vajah se Om aur jethani ji aapse nafrath kareinge?(today you have crossed all your limits,jethji. Do you even know how much Om and jethani ji will hate you after this?)
Tej:shut up Pinky. First of all explain these things to your son,who doesn’t even know whom to sorry-his wife or the mother of his child.
Shivika share an eyelock.

Pinky :bohot ho gaya aapka. (Now I had a lot of this).
After this,Om and Svetlana engagement takes place. Tej bursts.
Tej:how could you Om?why did you do engagement with Svetlana?
He starts insulting them.
Anika:uncle ji,please,aap Jhanvi aunty ko aise hurt nahi kar sakte. Please yeh sab rok dijiye. Main Om ki halat ke bare main janti hoon. Voh kis haal……(uncle ji,please don’t hurt Jhanvi aunty. Please stop all this. I know how much Om is suffering. I know in which….)
Before she could complete.
Pinky:apne suggestions apne pass hi rakh. You don’t know what happens in his families. But how would you know? You are a middle class cheap gir……
Shivaay:please mom. Stop your drama. You don’t know that Anika is…..
Pinky:wow Shivaay! I don’t know what magic this girl has done to you. Why are you supporting her?
Pinky starts blaming Anika.
Pinky:I think iski maa bhi aise hi hogi.
Anika,who has had enough,shouts…
Anika:please pinky aunty. Stop all this. You don’t have any right to tell about my mother. Aur rahi baat aapke so called khoon khandan etc. Ki,toh sun lijiye. I’m Anika Manish Rathore,daughter of Manish Rathore.

All stood in shock except Shivaay.
Just then,towards the door.
Man:at least you finally accepted that you are my daughter.
Anika:just shut up. I’m not your daughter,Mr Manish Rathore. Your daughter died long ago,when you married that Tina. Now just leave.
The man is none other than Manish.
Manish:but I was searching for you all these 6 years. Where were you?
Anika:oh just shut up. You were stalking me. Just leave me alone.
Manish:but you will have to come home with me.
Anika:no,never! I cannot forget what you have done with my mother. So,just leave.
Dadi:what’s all happening puttar?
Omru:yes Bhabhi,what is all this? Why are you crying?
Anika:this person standing here is the murderer of my mother,Tulsi.
Manish:but Tulsi was….
Anika:just don’t. Don’t use my mother’s name with your bad mouth.
Omru:but what’s the matter Bhabhi?
Anika:Om,this person was married to Tulsi Rathore,but he betrayed her. He was in an affair with his personal assistant,Tina Diwan. My mother loved him a lot,bit he never called her feelings. Om,I know what circumstances Jhanvi aunty is in,add my mother used to feel the same. Later,when he asked my mother to sign the divorce papers,she broke down and just like aunty,she also…..(starts crying terribly and breaks down. Shivaay comes to support her. By now,even Shivaay was crying.)
Anika:finally,she burnt herself. The most astonishing thing was,he didn’t even attend her funeral and married that Tina. My Dadi couldn’t handle all this and she fell ill. Soon,she also died. Only me,Sahil and Chutki were left. I don’t know whether she’s safe,but I took Sahil and left that house. Because of him,Sahil broke his leg.
All were shocked,especially Tej.

Just then,a sound comes….
Voice:Anu Di!
A girl comes running and hugs Anika. She’s Gauri,Anika’s sister.
Anika caressed her hair.
Anika:thank you for at least keeping my sister alive. Because these things can’t be expected from you.
Om:you saw,Mr Oberoi? This was the reason I hated you. You saw Anika Bhabhi’s condition?
Manish:but please return to the house Anika.
Anika:never,I’ll never enter the house again. Mujhe wahan ghutan hogi.(I’ll feel suffocated there). And after seeing that Tina,those incidents flash in my mind. I cannot tolerate all this. So please,either you return or just like Maa,I’ll………
Shivaay:have you gone mad?don’t you know what we’re you going to say? I request you,Mr Rathore,don’t trouble my wife.

Shivika share eyelock. All others state at them. Pinky is 50% irked but had melted 50% after listening Anika’s story. Suddenly,Anika get anxiety attacks. Gauri rushes with an injection and injects it in her body. She faints in Shivaay’s arms. Shivaay takes her to the room.

Precap:Anika and Gauri’s decision. Sahil’s entry.

So guys,how was it ? Please tell whether I should continue or not. ?

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