Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 7

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 7

RECAP: Rumya have a deal……Ishana appoints Om as her assistant……Shivaay misses Anika in office…..Tej sends Shivaay for work to OM

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay reaches Oberoi Mansion, he goes in and sees Varun and Anika chatting, he gets irked seeing them together, they were talking, laughing, he gets irked seeing their closeness,

Shivaay (thinking): Just look at her, in front of me she behaves as if she has never learnt how to smile or laugh and now just can’t stop that beautiful smile…..wait how can I call her smile as beautiful……. (he looks at Anika)…..her smile is nice actually….so what sach hi keh raha hu……Shivaay, why do you think so much about her…….leave all this…..remember you are here for work.

As Shivaay was standing there thinking, Ishkara come from behind, Om was busy talking with Ishana and didn’t notice Shivaay, he bumps into Shivaay who comes out of his thoughts, even Anika and Varun see this and come there,

Omkara: I am so sorry, I didn’t see you (Shivaay turns around and they look at each other surprised) you
Shivaay: Hey, it’s ok.
Ishana: You both know each other.
Omkara: Yes, we have met once.
Shivaay: Acha, to yeh woh hai (Shivaay signals Om about Ishana)
Omkara: Haa

Just then Anika comes there,

Anika: Shivaay, what are you doing here? You should be in office.
Shivaay (murmurs to himself): Aate hi tadi marna start
Anika: Did you say something?
Shivaay: Nothing, actually Tej Sir sent me to get these papers signed.
Omkara (whispers to Shivaay): Acha, to yeh hai aapke wali
Shivaay: Haa
Omkara: Looks dangerous
Shivaay: Abhi tumne dekha hi kya hai
Ishana: What are you both talking?
Omkara: Nothing
Anika: Who are you?
Ishana: He is my new assistant, Om. (She introduces Om to Anika and Varun)
Varun: Acha, Anu, you complete your work and then we’ll go.
Ishana: Where are you both going?
Varun: Not we both, we four are going, you and Soumya will also come.
Anika: Ishu, he wants to have fun, he didn’t even let me go to the office.
Omkara (thinking): From his talks to, he looks like Anika’s BF but that day in the academy, no, I have to confirm his identity.
Ishana: Sorry Varun, I can’t come, my next show is just two weeks away and I have to prepare many things.
Varun: But Ishu…
Ishana: Sorry, but I cannot, you three go.
Soumya: Even I cannot come.

All turn to see Soumya standing behind.

Soumya: Sorry, Varun Bhaiya, but I have my college project, so I cannot come.
Anika: See Varun, they both are busy, we’ll go next time, please.
Varun: Ok, as you three say.
Anika: Oh, thanks (saying so they hug him)
Varun: But next time, pakka. (He leaves)
Ishana: Who are you? (All turn around to see Rudra)
Rudra: hello everyone, I am Rudra, Soumya’s project partner.
Anika: Acha guys, you continue, and Shivaay, come with me, we’ll discuss in my room. (Shivika leave)
Soumya: You come with me, we’ll work in my room. (Rumya also leave)
Ishana: To hum bhi chalet hai. (Ishkara leave)

Soumya’s room,

Rudra enters to see her room filled with gym equipment and fitness charts,

Rudra: Oh so, you love doing exercise.
Soumya: Haa, my day starts with my workout only. I just can’t stay without these.
Rudra: BTW, your house is really nice.
Soumya: Thanks. Acha, you sit here, I’ll get something for you.
Rudra: No its Ok, I am fine.
Soumya: Are you sure?
Rudra: Yes, lets start with the project.
Soumya: Ok then as you say.

They start discussing the project.

Anika’s room,

Anika was busy reading the papers and Shivaay was looking here and there, as he was getting bored, at last Anika finished reading and signed the papers, Shivaay felt relieved,

Anika: I have signed them, give them to Bade Papa (she said handing him the papers)
Shivaay: Your house is really big, haa.
Anika: Of course, after all it is Oberoi Mansion.
Shivaay: You just can’t keep quiet naa, hamesha tadi marni hi hoti hai aapko.
Anika: First of all, stop using that weird word and main tadi nahi marti.

Shivika look at each other in shock,

Shivaay: Dekha, you also used it naa, I told you this sounds cool.
Anika: I didn’t use any weird word, ok.
Shivaay: Haww, don’t lie, I heard it, you said tadi.
Anika: No, I didn’t.
Shivaay: Yes you did.
Anika: I said naa NO.

Anika tries to go out but lost her balance, as she is about to fall, she holds Shivaay, who loses balance and they both land on the bed, with Anika over him, they look at each other and share an eye-lock,

(“Ishq hai aansu, ishq hai nagma……” O jaana plays in BG)

In the corridor,

Ishana was walking ahead and Om was all the time admiring OM, thinking about how his life will change if he stays here, he was lost in his dreams,

Omkara (thinking): Beta Om, if she falls in love with you…teri to nikal padegi…..just imagine you’ll live like a this palace.

They reach Ishana’s room.

Ishana: See, now that you are my assistant, I feel relieved as you’ll help me. See this show is really imp for me, as this would be dedication to my mom.
Omkara: You don’t worry, I’ll handle everything, when Om is there, why fear.
Ishana: Acha, bas bas, so tell me, what all you can do?
Omkara: Arre, whatever you say, I’ll do it aise aise (he clicks his fingers)
Ishana: Great then, so I’ll tell you what all is needed.
Omkara: if you don’t mind, may I ask you something?

Ishana looked at him in surprise but nodded a yes.

Omkara: You always talk about work, I mean you don’t talk much about yourself. Why like that?
Ishana: I don’t like to open myself to others, not all can understand me, and those who, they know it without me telling them.
Omkara: Looks like you have a lot to say, and I am a good listener. (He smiles at Ishana)
Ishana: You know what, everybody thinks ki I am Ishana Singh Oberoi, so my life is full of happiness, I don’t face problems. All just see my money, power and status, no one ever tries to see my heart and its pain. “Duniya ko naa sirf chehra dikhta hai, dil kisiko nahi dikhta”
Omkara: “Zakham sabko dikhta hai, dard kisiko nahi dikhta”

They look at each other and share an eye-lock.

(“Jo naa keh sake tum, jo naa keh sake hum……” O Saathiya plays in BG)

PRECAP: More of Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya

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