Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 52)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 52

Hi guys, so back again with the next episode, I hope you all are liking the story. Please guys, if you think the story is losing its charm, do let me know, I would make it better than the previous one. So feel free to make suggestions and point out if you feel something is wrong. People learn from their mistakes and experience, so even I’ll learn and come with something better next time.

Ok, now let’s get back to the story,

RECAP: Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya doubt Shreya’s intentions…..they decide to find the truth behind the accident……Mayuri join them…….Naina bonds with Tej

At present, Hotel Milestone,

Shreya was talking to someone on phone,

Shreya: I know, I tried my best to create MU between them but these Oberois are so hard to separate, I think we need to do something big otherwise we’ll lose both Naina and property.
POC: Calm down, Shreya, I can understand your frustration, even I had a hard time dealing with these Oberois, and their unity is their strength. You relax, this time, we’ll make a better plan.
Shreya: But what, I heard all MU between Ishana and Omkara are cleared and moreover Naina is bonding well with them, what if they decide to make her stay with them.
POC: Don’t worry, only one MU is clear, we’ll create so many that they wouldn’t be able to clear them and Naina, even if she stays with them, she’ll be under our control, you are her masi after all.
Shreya: Ok, but we have to act fast. If we don’t do something before Naina’s 6th birthday, we won’t be able to do anything after that.
POC: I know, we still have a week, its enough to execute our plan and win the game. Acha, I’ll call you later.
Shreya: Ok, bye, take care. (Shreya disconnects the call)

Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya, Priveer and Mayuri are sitting near the pool side, Tejvi and Shinky had gone out with Naina and Dadi went to visit her friend.

Ranveer: Oh, so this is the matter. (Ranveer said as Shivaay explained the whole matter)
Priyanka: why didn’t you tell us earlier, we would have worked it earlier only?
Omkara: I never thought that the matter would become so serious and that Shreya would do something like this.
Mayank: Guys, what happened leave that, we need to think about what we’ll do now, how to stop her.
Anika: Mayank is right, we can’t change that happened, but we can change what will happen.
Ishana: I think we should divide work amongs us.
Shivaay: Right Ishu, we have to find out about Shreya’s plan, investigate the accident and stop her from doing anything against us.

Soumya: I don’t think Shreya can do all this alone, she definitely has some help, maybe from someone who also wants the property.
Shivaay: Or someone, who also has enmity with us.
Rudra: I can’t believe this. (All look at Rudra with confused looks)
Soumya: What happened to you, suddenly, what can’t you believe?
Rudra: Yahi ki, mere saath rehkar aap sab itne smart ho gaye hai (he does his collar wala step)

All look at him with “iska-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta” look and Om has to say his famous dialogue,

Omkara: Shut up Rudra.
Shivaay: We are discussing something imp and all you can think is this, grow up yaar.
Anika: Rudra, we know you are the smartest Oberoi, but now we should think about Shreya.
Ishana: Haa Rudra, once we solve this, no one will ever question your smartness.
Rudra: See, only my Bhabhis apprecieate me.
Shivaay: If your drama is over, let’s get back to work.
Ranveer: Ok, so lets didvide work, I think Mayank and Gauri should keep eye on Shreya as she doesn’t know them, she’ll not doubt them.
Mayuri: Ok
Ranveer: We all will investigate the accident.
Soumya: But it happened 3 years ago, how we will find anything ever.
Ranveer: Sometimes even after many years, some clues remain, we should check the accident site.
Shivaay: So, Ishu, Om, Soumya, Rudra, Anika and I will go there. And Prinku and you find all papers and documents related to the case from the police station.
Anika: So, let’s get started.

All leave to their respective works. Mayuri leave for Hotel Milestone to keep an eye on Shreya, Priveer leave for Meera Road Police Station where the case was filed and Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya leave for the accident site.

Accident site,

Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya get out from the cars, and look at the lonely road,

Ishana: This place is so deserted in the day, then in the night, there is no chance that ppl roam around here.
Anika: Now I am sure, Shreya only planned all this, she would have only killed naina’s parents and pushed them in front of your car.
Omkara: But how will we find anything here, there is nothing here that can help us.
Soumya: Don’t worry Om Bhaiya, where there is will, there is a way. Let’s check, we’ll find something.
Shivaay: Soumya is right, atleast let’s check once.

They start searching around.

As Ishana was searching around her hand got pricked by a thorny bush and she winced in pain,

Ishana: Ouch (Om immediately turned to her and saw her holding her hand)
Omkara: Ishu, why are you so careless, can’t you see aroung and walk. Now show it to me (he holds her hand and checks it)
Ishana: Relax Om, it’s just a small thing.
Omkara: You keep quiet, you scold me that I am careless and now, look at yourself. Jara bhi dhyan nahi rakhti apna.
Ishana: Awww….Om, you look so cute when you care like this.
Omkara: Oh hello, I always care, you are the one who doesn’t pay attention.
Ishana: Ok, now leave my hand, we have to search for the clue.

Shivika’s side,

Anika: Shivaay, did you find anything? (Anika looked up as she got no response from her husband, when she looked up she saw Shivaay looking at) why are you staring me, we are here to find clues.
Shivaay: When my beautiful wife is standing in front of me, how will I focus on something else?
Anika: Shivaay, baatein banana chodeye. Find the clue.
Shivaay: Oh ho, Anika, you are so boring.
Anika: Acha, jaise aap to bahut interesting ho. You are double boring.
Shivaay: Acha, ghar chalo phir batata hu, kaun boring hai. (Anika blushed)

Rumya’s side,

Soumya was busy searching when she looked around she saw Rudra busy clicking selfies, she hits her fore-head,

Soumya: Oh God, Rudra, for God sake, stop clicking selfies and help me.
Rudra: Wait naa Sumo, I have to update my status, “Adventures in jungle” sounds fun naa.
Soumya comes and snatches his phone,
Rudra: Arre Sumo, give my phone back, I have to update my status, my fans are waiting.
Soumya: Rudra, you can never be serious naa. First help me, then take you phone.
Rudra: Sumo, give it or else
Soumya: Or else what, I am not affected by your threats.
Rudra: Acha (saying so he pulled Soumya towards him twisting her hand)
Soumya: Rudra, what are you doing. Leave me.
Rudra: Why, you are not affected by me naa, then why should I leave you.
Soumya: Dekho Rudra, leave me or
Rudra: Or what? What will you do?

Soumya stamps on his feet and he winces in pain.

Soumya: Ab kaise laga, dare you challenge me again. Now help me.

Rudra gave her, “I’ll-see-you” wala look and starts searching.

PRECAP: Ishana finds something….Mayuri follow Shreya……Discussion at OM

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