Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy episode 3

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In Art Gallery
Om calls Gauri.
Om : hello.
Gauri : hello, who is this?
Om : I’m Omkara.
Gauri : ooo Mr. Long hair, do u want to insult me again.
Om : no, I’m really sorry, I misunderstood u. Plz help me in this project.
Gauri : ok but come to meet me at the beach, I want to tell u something.
Om : ok.

In Coaching Centre
In class
Professor : everyone show me ur notes.
Prinku : where did my book go?
Professor : Priyanka, where is ur book?
Prinku : Sir….Sir its missing.
Professor : wat? R u so careless. Show me ur book by tomorrow evening. If no then be ready to get the punishment. Prinku gets angry.
Prinku : who has taken my book?

In beach
Gauri : go and I love u to that girl?
Om : wat? R u mad.
Gauri : this is the punishment for insulting me. If u won’t go then do ur project urself.
Om : ok. He goes to the girl.
Om : excuse me.
Anika : yes.
Om : I lov…..
Anika : very bad, don’t hesitate so much to say I love u. Think me as ur sister. Om smiles.
Om : I love u.
Anika : Gauri is my sister. Because of her, where ever I go some boys ll come to say I Love u. Wat to do? She is a bit angry but she ll come to help u, don’t worry. Gauri comes there.
Anika : Gauri, he did as u said now go to help him.
Gauri : not so soon, there is one more.
Anika : I know wat is the next punishment. U ll ask him to say I love u to Soumya.
Om : Soumya??
Anika : my second sister.
Om : ooo.
Gauri : didi…..
Anika : no, go with him and help him.
Gauri : ok. Om smiles.
Om : thank u….
Anika : Anika.
Om : hmmm, Thank u Anika.

In Coaching Centre
Prinku sees boys discussing how they stole her book. She goes to them.
Prinku : tell me y did u steal my book or else I ll complain to sir.
Boy : Ranveer said us to steal ur book. She gets angry and goes.
Boy : she believed it, now Ranveer ll get the punishment.

In class
Prinku goes and checks Ranveer’s bag and sees her book. Just then Ranveer comes there.
Prinku : cheap man, u stole my book, now I ll insult u in front of everyone. Wait and watch.
Ranveer : but…. She goes. Ranveer gets confused.

In Principal’s Office
Prinku : sir, Ranveer tried to misbehave with me.
Ranveer : no sir, she is lieing.
Sir : y shud a girl say such a lie.
Prinku : Ranveer stole my book, I got to know about it so I said that I ll complain so he tried to kiss me. She cries.
Ranveer : no sir.
Friends : Priyanka is saying truth sir.
Sir : Ranveer, u r suspended for 5 days. Say sorry to Priyanka.
Ranveer : but sir, listen to me.
Ranveer : I’m sorry. Prinku smirks.

In Oberoi Industries
Shivaay and Anika discuss about project.
Anika : Shivaay, I want to tell u something.
Shivaay : yes.
Anika : Actually, can u act as my boy friend.
Shivaay : wat???? ??????

Precap :
Oberois discussion………Malhotra discussion………..One couple falls in love.

Author’s note :
Guys, plz tell me if it is boring so that I can make it interesting. I checked my comments and as usual its low, didn’t u guys like this story, then plz tell me. Though bad or good plz comment. Even I feel it is boring so I updated a short one. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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