Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 141

Hi guys!Just wanted to let u know,I was quite upset with the amount of comments I got for episode 140. Ep 140 was a Maha episode,and I wrote it Long so that u guys could enjoy it,but no one appreciated it(as far as I know because only shruthi and Manasi commented).Guys,im feeling my ff is not nice anymore.Please don’t let my confidence go down like this.Thanks.

Start with episode 141.

The episode starts with Sona waking up at 6.30 am.Sona wakes up and brushes her teeth.She showers and gets into a purple salwaar kameez(the one she wore for ep 229 for devaakshi divorce).
She is trying to wear her mangalsutra when dev comes from behind and helps her ties it.
Sona:Dev,Its been 8 years since our marrige.Do u still love me?
Dev:of course I love you.Madam,I haven’t booked you for 8 years,I have booked you for 8 lifetimes.I know people say 7 lifetimes,but 1 extra,for me and you.
Sona:cut the butter Dev.
Dev:Isse romance kehethehai.
Sona:Toa Elena se shaadi karlenichaiyethi.
Dev:HAHA very Funny.Ab chalo its parents meet Teachers in Diya and jhanvi’s school today chalo.
Sona:Arae ha…
Sona goes to the kitchen while Dev goes to Diya and jhanvi’s room.their room is light pink with two mini beds and many other props like soft toys,night lights,photos,wall stickers,and their school books.
Dev goes to Diya first.
Dev:princess,wake up.*sweetly and softly*
Diya:Papa 2 mins pls.
Dev:Diya,Chalo chalo you’ll be late for school baby.
Dev carried Diya out of bed and makes her brush her teeth.

@ bathroom.
Dev holds the brush for Diya and brushes her teeth and tells her to go shower.
Diya comes out in a towel and wiggles the towel out.
Dev:Diya,that’s bad manners.Chalo chalo get into your school uniform.
Diya gets into her white blouse and red and green checked skirt with a red tie.
Diya:Papa,Why is jhanvi still sleeping?
Dev:She is not well no?chalo,mumma has already made breakfast.go down and eat fatafat.Papa will come after getting jhanvi ready.
Diya:ok papa.
Diya goes down with her black Jansport bag.
Jhanvi opens her eyes while Dev is still sitting there.
Dev:How are u feeling baby?
Jhanvi:*weak*papa I’m still very weak.Can u pls check my temperature.
Dev:Ok one minute.
Dev brings the thermometer and puts in jhanvi’s mouth.
Dev:102!Oh no…*dev gets worried*jhanvi,I’ll call the doctor,u be with mumma ok?
Dev:*goes down*sona!sona!

Sona:What happened Dev?why do u look so worried.
Dev:I just called dr avasthi.Jhanvi has high fever.U go to her,ill wait for the doctor.
Sona:Kya?ok..I will go to jhanvi*worried*
Nikki:Ya bhaiya?
Dev:Can u pls drop Diya in school while u go to work,jhanvi has fever.
Nikki:Oh ok bhaiya.
Diya:Papa,I thought u were dropping me.
Dev:*cupping diya’a face*princess,jhanvi is not well.She has high fever.
Diya:ok papa,tell jhanvi to take care ok?love you.
Dev:*kisses diya’a forehead*love you too angel.and me and mumma will come for your parents meet teacher ok?dont worry.
As Diya and Nikki leave,Dr avasthi comes.
Dev:Dr avasthi.Thank God u are here..Jhanvi has high fever…

After some time.
Ishwari,Sona and dev are standing worried.Dev is extra worried.
Sona:Dev,don’t worry,nothing will happen to jhanvi.
Dev:*holds sona’s hand*ya I know.Our jhanvi is a strong girl.
Dr avasthi:Don’t worry mr and mrs dixit,everything is fine.I have injected jhanvi,shell be fine after rest and these medicines.
Sona:Thank u so much doctor.
Dev:Aiye,I’ll leave u to the door.
Ishwari:I told u Sona.Nothing will happen to jhanvi Beti.
Sona:Yes maa..Jhanvi is a strong girl.

Sona and dev leave for Diya’s school for parents meets Teachers(PMT) leaving Ishwari to take care of jhanvi.
Dev:Maa,if jhanvi wants anything,just call us ok?
Ishwari:Buddhu,I have had 4 children.I know how to take care of jhanvi ok.you don’t worry.
Dev and sona leave and reach Diya’s school in a while.

Dev and sona meet the teacher.
Teacher:good morning mr and mrs dixit.
Dev and sona:Good morning teacher.

Precap:Diya has problems in school,jhanvi recovers,Neil and Neha problems,Dev and sona romance,Ishwari falls ill…Natasha re entry…Bijoy passes away

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  5. Wait don’t be sad i wasn’t able to comment on the last one but it was just fab post real soon….and your ff is one of those ff I look forward to read nd enjoy it..yours nd Manya’s I enjoy others ff to but you both r my fav…..

    1. Erica

      Heh thanks Nehal:)I’m Glad to see new people appreciate my ff.Although u might have been a silent reader,I’m damn happy that u like my ff.Thank u so much!

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