Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says its some really big plan. Tia says our arrow has hit the target, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction. Some time before, Shivaye and Anika see the knife stuck in the car tyre. Shivaye removes the knife. Anika says now you believe it, I m saying truth, someone really wanted to kill me. He says its not my car. She says so, your car brakes were failed too, that person did not know Tej is going to take your car, it means they wanted to do your accident. He says I can’t believe this. He shouts to security and asks don’t they know if anyone harms the car, did you notice anyone, check CCTV footage and tell me who is it.

Rudra says I have doubt on them, I will check and come. Shivaye calls Tej. Anika sits in shock. She says glass, brakes….he does not understand his life

is in danger, if anything happens to her. Shivaye asks what happened. She cries and asks why don’t you understand. He says nothing will happen to me. She says if you leave me like everyone, then tell me. He says Anika, listen to me, I will not go anywhere and I will not let you go away, did you get that. He holds her.

Tej stay with Shwetlana. Pinky and Jhanvi look on. Pinky says matter looks serious. Jhanvi says she did not get conscious till now. Pinky says I m not worried for her, I m worried for you. She signs her to see. Tej covers Shwetlana. Pinky says she has come in our house. Jhanvi says she saved Tej’s life. Pinky asks did you believe this, if you say, I will suffocate her with pillow. Jhanvi says please, how can you say this. Pinky says I m saying this for your betterment, your wish, remember, Shwetlana came here, but she is not one to leave. Anika comes and hears them. Pinky asks what’s this coincidence that just her car came in front and collided with Tej’s car, how did she save Tej. Anika goes.

Shivaye and everyone see the CCTV footage. Anika recalls the servant and says he is same man, who gave me tea which you were supposed to drink, he told glass fell as frame was loose. Rudra says it means someone is planning against us staying in our house, I will find out, come Soumya. Anika asks what to do next. Shivaye says I have to change security staff first, I can’t trust them any more.

Anika stops Tia and asks where are you going. Tia asks are you Shivaye’s bodyguard. Anika says wife has to become bodyguard to save husband from bad sight, I don’t think you should meet him now, his mood…. Tia says you are desperate to know, I will tell you, I m taking Shivaye on lunch time so that we can spend quality time. Anika says oh, fine go….

Shivaye asks Tia have you lost it, my brother is saying he will leave home, Tej met with an accident, Shwetlana is injured and then security reasons, and you want to go on a date, I want to make things fine here. She says sorry. He says I m busy, you go on date, you need rest in this state. She gets angry seeing Anika and goes. Anika goes to cupboard and smiles. Shivaye says don’t assume things, you would be thinking I refused to Tia as you said all that I did not feel like eating and going on date. Anika asks why are you giving explanation. Shivaye says I was just saying. She says I did not ask anything. He asks why are you smiling, I can see it, you are enjoying this situation right. She says I don’t know. He says you don’t understand, right. Anika says leave it, you can’t dine outside, but you can have food at home, or will you show Nakhre Noorjahan ke/ attitude. He asks her what words does she use, Bagad Billa, Tadi….. She smiles and asks shall I get food. He says you are so…. Anika…. They both turn away and smile.

Its night, Shivaye, Anika, Om, Rudra and Soumya meet. Rudra says Ajay is nowhere. Soumya says no staff member know about him. Omsays I spoke to window maker, he said someone broke glass by laser. Anika says Ajay lied, it means he is behind this. Om says no, someone else is playing real game. Rudra says yes, someone is making Ajay do this. Shivaye says let me call agency, I will get detail info. He calls agency and asks about Ajay Verma’s details. He asks what, are you sure… He ends call and says they are saying they have no one by this name in their records, they did not send Ajay here. Anika says it means someone else has sent Ajay. Shivaye asks who can it be. Tia looks on and smiles. Tia goes to Shwetlana. Tia says our arrow has hit the target, now no one can save Oberois from their destruction.

Anika says whoever it is, he is clever, he is playing game and not coming in front of us, we have to find out, this is surely some big planning.

Its morning, Shivaye gets ready. He calls out Anika slowly and asks her to get up. He shouts Anika. She wakes up and asks what happened, is there any fire. He says its morning, good morning, I had to wake you up like this, as you sleep like a log. She asks who people. He says log… She says I don’t want to talk about anyone, you punctured my sleep. He says you felt you will come inside room before anyone comes in. They argue. He asks her to get ready fast. She asks why. He says I m going to make breakfast for you. She says fine, add good amount of chilli, wait, are you going to make breakfast for me. He says yes, I said that in hindi.

She asks why. He says so that you realize what’s good food, what you make is not food. She asks are you praising yourself or saying bad about me. He says my food talks of me, come fast. She says what happened to Bagad Billa. He calls her out and throws the gift saying its for you. She asks what is it. He says open. She checks the gift and sees a phone. He says Daksh broke your phone, you were using Sahil’s phone, I thought he will have inconvenience, use this and return Sahil his phone, don’t start about returning every penny to me. She says thanks, I accepted this, I don’t have Nakhre Noorjahan ke like you, you don’t know how to invite for breakfast, can you do anything by love.

He asks do you want to say by love… He says I want the rest of the morning after this fight to become good morning, so I m making breakfast for you….. He holds her hands and says by my hands, and this gift which I got, I chose this myself for you. She looks at him. He says I will like it if you have my handmade breakfast and use gift. He moves her hair. She gets nervous. He asks was this by love, or shall I try again. She smiles. He says get ready fast….. use phone… He comes back and says Anika you blushing again. She says I will brush when you let me go. He smiles and says ya… I got to go. He goes. She says what’s this blush, I m doing it and I don’t even know. O jaana…..plays………..

Anika, Soumya and Rudra promote/talk about Dil Hai Hindustani starting on Star Plus.

Om asks what will you have. Shivaye says Aloo puri. Rudra says you find Aloo puri full of nutritions now as Anika likes it. Anika looks on. Everyone sit for dining. Jhanvi asks Tej why did you get Shwetlana here. Om says you can’t do this with my mum. Tej shouts I have seen who is mine, I don’t expect anything from anyone else. Om gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aarosh


    |Registered Member

    wah wat an episode and aatadinchadam start chesaru first step lunch date ni cancel cheyyadam may be repu acid coffee scene untundemo or atleast in precap and pinky kuda valla plans ki against ga velladaniki ready ayindi baboi navvu agaledu episode chustunte after a long time kitchen cooking of obros ippudu modatalvutundi asalaina aata acp randhawa kuda join ayithe inka interesting ga untundi

  2. Pooja26


    |Registered Member

    pkir se blush kiya 😉 😉
    omg !!! shivaay is killer !!!!! my god !!!!!!
    he kills every girl by his kanji eyes only !!!!

  3. shahabana

    Ohhhh ishqbaaz…..its a faintastic show….i told ishqbaaz is a special show… todays episode they proved its that ishqbaaz is really very soecial show….
    Shivika…..what to say about them….they where superb….im just loving them day by day
    Finallyyy they had doubt that soneone is trapping their family….ishqbaazians dont leave that nafrathbaazians
    Love shivika rumya omkara priveer and all ib cast
    Pinky is right they should kill that swetlana…
    And precape half good and another half….plsss tej get some sence man….i dntknow why im feeling that omkara will agree to marry tejs choice girl to keep that swetlana away from his family….now i really wish om should marry a rich girl and she should teach a lesson to tej
    And love u ishqbaaz….give us everyday superb episode like todays episode

  4. Riddhima

    Adadada ena oru episode … Shivaye smile panratha pakamune ayyiyooo ..yena oru azhagu alluthu …. This expressions making me go crazy … 😍😍😍😍…

    • shab khan

      Hey shiv eppadi iruka and hi Tamil ishquies how r u all ☺☺ I thinknknakre noorjahan ke also share same meaning like tadibaaz

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      noorjahan is a queen with a lot of power and authority. She ruled the entire state with her authority making jahangir/salim a puppet since he is a drug addict. What anika meant is that Shivay is showing attitude equal to a queen.

  5. Nafisa

    Awesome ep. Love Shivika nokjok. OMG!!! Shivaay touches Anika and also says good morning 😙😙😙😙😙😙.

    Guys as we all know that there is a new show coming in st plus did any one know it’s timing bcoz am afraid that this will not be on 10’O clock 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. If anyonehave any info about it plz tell me.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. srilatha

    mind blowing epi &wt a diagloue this love OK shall I try again.
    akka kal shivaye romantic oraahai.
    I hope next week lo nafratbaaz tract end ojahai.
    thanks gk sweet epi

    again u are blushing omg.nakkul is rocking yaar

  7. ishq

    another fantastic shivika epi…loved of young oberois going to rockz in upcoming epi..sso saying with all love wow ..anika blushing again..shivika love progressing day by the last shivika scene lo nijanga nenena ila nee jatha lo unna idanta premena song set avthundi anipinchindi

  8. Sanchi


    |Registered Member

    I am finally sure that I am not dreaming but still
    Bagad billa kab itna romantic ho gaya? Aur ye dabangg ladki kab aise bheegi billi bangayi?
    Its been a week and they are going on romancing..
    K well Shivika are moving ahead and it will take time to digest..
    Om came with a big bang but still I feel bad for him yar, he is tolerating everything alone..
    Come on makers give Om his partner already..
    One who can match him in his tadi..
    Shivay and Om maybe opposite but still they show equal amount of tadi- not for same things but still it’s there

  9. Sharmi

    Wow such a nice episode.
    Though the track is not good their fight love and all making me watch the episodes again and again.
    Yellarum Jodi Jodi ya varaanga om Mathum single ah varaan pa. Pavom when they will bring om’s Jodi.
    But good to see all shivika rumya and Om to join hands for this mission. ❤

    • Sharmi

      Yeah. Some idiots are uploading the episode in instagram before the telecast. It’s affecting the trp. They don’t just understand the problem behind it. It’s affecting the whole team’s hardwork.

  10. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    So finally shivay ans the question most of us were askin abt the security…they will b doing timepass most of the time..
    Just loved the expressions of ANika wen she felt shivay will go away from her an the most awaited dialogue from Shivay “na main khood jaunga na tumhe jaane dunga” wow.. ek hug toh banta tha .. bt as soon as shivay felt he showed more of his feelings,he withdrew.
    So pinky does have brains,Valid point why swetlana car only came in frnt of Tej.Loved her dilaogue “full fat vala milk pilao nagin ko”, “takia se maar doon swetlana ko”.Wish she used the same brains for Tia as well
    All youngsters came togther,just decided tat its a big conspiration… an then what just left ..tats it?.. really so much has happened an no action,will wait hopefully they will cme up wit somethin
    Poor Tia shld have listened to ANika.. simply took scoldings from Shivay.
    I just love it wen shivika laugh together.. more than romance i feel laughter brings them together,anika always make shivay laugh..whatever the situation
    Last 6 mins were like superb,, i m still laughing., So much change in shivay,anika said say wit love an he did, tat too soo sweetly.Shivay please dont raise gals expectations, we wil also expect tat r hubby prepared BF for us.

    I missed Priveer today.Wen all youngsters gt together, only om is alone,they shld hve started the NB track once all the 3 pairs were together.

    • shahabana

      Hahahaha i liked u r diologue that “shivaye dont rise girls expectations,we will also expect tat r hubby prepared BF for us”…… Its true dr…..whats doing this kanji aankevale baagad billa……its not fair at all….he is becoming romatic singh oberoi day by day…making blushing anika and all girls tooo….shivaye rockz

  11. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    lovely ep today , finally the young oberois know that someone is after them , am sure anika is suspecting tia to have some hand in what hapends but she is still assembling the puzzle
    l love the way he behave with her , since the minute he found daksh lies he changed completely and that made me realise that the only obstacle in their relationship was not his KKN beliefs but the ONS MU
    today tia knew she lost her charm with sso , he burst against her for the first time and lost all his anger when he saw anika and even smiled happily
    the next move should be gathering evidence against tia and her sister as l read in a spoiler that anika will doubt swetlana and that both sisters will try to kill anika but fail and rumi will blackmail rudra so am guessing that prinku will ask for acp’s help and in exchange will accept to marry him

    • shahabana

      U are right mauni for the first time shivaye burst out his anger on tia…..its nc to see shivaye like this
      And what u think about omkaras lead…. I dntknow why im feeling that omkara will agree to marry his fathers choice to keep swetlana away from tej and jaanvi….its my guess only
      And i think bcz of this rumi blackmailing rumya marriage secret will be also out soon…
      I dntknow it all happen or not….im just assuming like crazy….i think its better to avoid all this things and enjoy the show

      • Mouni


        |Registered Member

        om’s lead is still a mystery as the show is in the middle of the nafratbaaz track but didn’t they say that maybe she will be also anika sister ?? dont know if its true or not
        in the blackmailing l think acp will be in charge as it concerns prinku his “fianceé” , l dont think rudra can handle such pressure and he may not tell sso or om so am guessing prinku will ask for the acp help and probably to save her family name will accept to marry him in exchange what do you think ??

    • Vijji

      Yes Mouni. It is just ONS misunderstanding otherwise he probably would not have married Tia even if she did not run away. It was very difficult for him even with ONS misunderstanding as hew as thinking about Anika just before the marriage. Now he completely accepted Anika as his wife. Tia is the only obstacle now.

      • shahabana

        Yes viji dr im agree and i have mentioned in tu page a long ago that in shivayes mind that ons mu didnt occured he would have postponed or cancelled the marriage with tia…
        And Mouni dr….u are right may be priyanka will take acp help to solve this mms problem and for return she will get ready to marry him….but we cnt say anything….anything can happen ib…its just unpredictable

    • CutiePie

      Mouni di.. I have a dount.. Hw come ths priyanka nad Acp gt attractd towards each other.. Actually thr fightng wth each othr na!!

  12. Sharmi

    Yeah romi blackmails rudra by prinku mms on the other side tia blackmails rudra by his mistaken marriage. Feeling bad for rudru…

  13. Ramyakumar

    Fabulous episode….enjoyed shivika moments…you both are so cute …many joyful and romantic moments today….This is one of my favourite episode…and ishqbaaz is rocking day by day especially shivika…😍😍😍

  14. Ramyakumar

    Fabulous episode….enjoyed shivika moments…you both are so cute …many joyful and romantic moments today….This is one of my favourite episode…and ishqbaaz is rocking day by day especially shivika…😍😍😍



    |Registered Member

    Anika, Om, Rudra, Soumya and Shivaye all five are finally united like fingers make hand or bundles are unbreakable, same as all these five are unbreakable… ✊✊✊✊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
    And plzzzzz end kapoor chapter fast.. its taking too much tym- and i know it will not end so soon.. but plzz end soon..
    And no secene of randhir and priyanka😔😔



      |Registered Member

      And thanks all reader for liking my 5 jan 2017 episode update.. and who did not like i will try to make it better in future if i update in future..

  16. Shiv


    |Registered Member

    Young oberoi team s mind blowing want priveer to be part of it soon!!!👍👏🏻👏🏻 Reminding me of twilight final part 2!!!!😘

  17. Lax

    Am looooooving this Shivay. Hope these moments last. Shivay loves Annika, we know that even if they don’t, but now he is like that teenager who loves to flirt with his new girlfriend n see her blush. Annika is bringing out the child in him. Love the way both smile. Awww..!!
    And Shivay if u really want to gift Annika something, gift her new clothes. So bored of her same old ones.

    Finally, good to see desi power rangers all set, their walk was cool. But I don’t want Annika to take charge always. Lets the Obros lead n girls support this time.

    And Oberoi Mansion Ko sharanalay banake rakha hain, every other person is allowed to stay. God…!!

    Pinky’s dialogue – munh pe takkiya rakhkar Oh my Mata kar doon 😁😁

    P.S.- Dialogue writers 😘😘😘

    • shahabana

      I tooo think they should change the dressing style of anika saumya and priyanka…..whats thisyar they aleays repeats same dress and tops….and priyanka she is one and only daughter of oberoise….im not saying give all of them laud dresses…but should give them some different types of new dreses…..its boring to see them in same old clothes
      I really like jaanvi pinky swetlana tia and shivayes dressings…they wheres different clothes and looks cool also

      • Lax

        Shahabana, Salwar suits are still fine, but those same old tops. I liked it then but how many times they ll repeat. Donno.

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      you know lax , l want anika to be the one who finds the truth , its a good way to prove that even if she has not their money or fame she is still intelligent and can solve big problems
      and about her clothes she wear the same old bcz she not rich and she was not prepared to marry in the first place so its logical she put her own clothes and also l dont want her to start wearing sari like other typical dramas its good to have her unique style

      • shahabana

        Mauni dr i tooo dont want anika should where sari daily….but they should give her varios types of dress tops skirts anything….she should where saris on special occasions only

      • Lax

        Mouni dear, I agree but still Annika proving everything should not make the brothers look useless. After all it’s the story of 3 brothers. Also she should be different from bahus of other shows who are born to solve all the problems of sasural. Annika can be a major support system. I want it to be a team effort with equal participation from all of them.
        Abt clothes, she is poor, true.Now she is Oberoi bahu after all. That’s y I suggested Shivay to gift clothes.😀😀 I too don’t want her to wear saree daily not even salwar suits. Indo Western is best. But the tops n jeans are so monotonous. That’s all.

  18. Diksha

    Jus luv dis serial. Dey show special bonding in every relationship. Be it obroei bros daadi potas or devrani jethani. Pinky who was cursing jeth jethanis in yestrdays episode was giving full support to jethani wen swetlana cumes. Apart frm shivika luved her dailogue takiye se daba kar maar dalon isko😙😙fr pinky

  19. Samm


    |Registered Member

    loving this show more now 🙂
    guys, does anyone know if ishqbaaz will air on sundays now or not because dhh is starting from the 7th?

  20. Arshi

    Its been shown in news that from march 2017 all the star plus shows will again be aired 5 days in a week….. now coming to this episode….i’m just dumbstruck!!!!! Is this the same SSO who had threatened Anika to marry him!!!!!& is this the same Anika who used to keep on throwing water on MR.TADIBAAZ BAAGAD BILLA!!!!! no certainly they are no more the same…. pyaar ka jaadu sir chadhkar bol raha hai dono ke… & guys did u notice…2day rumya were always investigating 2gether…. behaving like typical hubby-wifey… so their love story is also on… wait is now only for our OMKARA’z story… hope its going 2 start soon… btw,acc to me… vrushy would be the best choice for ishana… but if they devide to bring Helly…. then she should be ishana not any other character coz i want to see only ISHKARA story… wats say guys???

  21. Arshi

    #love_ishqbaaz#love_shivika#love_rumya #love_omkara#miss_ishana#miss_ishkara#miss_vrushika#want_vrushika_back…#request#from#a_true_ishqbaazian…

  22. Tahima

    Todays episode was just ahh, I was like omg is shivaay on drugs whenever he is with anika but he was just regular singh oberoi anyway. I feel like if that annoying ad they put at the end of the episode wasnt there we probably would have seen some roumya. Anyways todays episode was amazing and we will be able to see some DRAMAAAA tomorow. I like the balance of some episodes drama and some romantic. Also SHIVOMRU cooking yaaas

  23. maria

    Today’s episode was beyond epic! I love love love it!

    1) When Om, Raumya and Shivika come together; the way they come together and the intense chemistry when they are figuring out things… it’s epic. They all are getting screen space so im glad with that.

    2) Shivika morning scene is like <3 <3 it was to die for. I just want them to make it more intense. Like i love when they smile but they should still be confused right about their feeling because if they smile too much, it looks cheesy. They can smile after they realize their love but for now, the way she fights with him, shows tadi and all, that looks much intense and better.

    3) can't wait to see what nafratbaaz has plans for the oberoi's. this looks like an epic plot!

    4) I love how pinky supports Jhanvi now despite losing it sometimes. She has come a long way but she is still the light of the show.

    Guys, is Nakuul back and shooting? because usually when actor goes on vacation, they don't show him much on the show, no? Also, will ishqbaaz not air tomorrow?

    • Lax

      Maria, Nakuul is back on sets. The episodes that are being telecasted now were shot before Nakuuls vacay. Next few episodes we may not see him.
      IB will be aired today, but not tomo.

  24. maria

    And what is most annoying is someone is uploading most of the episode as spoilers on tellyupdates. i know im not suppose to see it but its not fair uploading the entire episode as wu…spoils the fun and can affect trp

  25. saranjit

    does anyone find it weird that the writer messed up on the accident part???

    If Tej tire got slashed and shivay car was the one with the tampered brakes…..

    then why did Tia didi confirm on phone about plan going well? she Knew that the brakes was bad as Tej was driving it. as Tej told her on phone that brakes is bad.

    so how can they agree that shivay was going to drive car?

    That part is puzzling. Umm don’t Oberoi knw that of Tia sister

  26. Viji

    I dont understand how Tia n sisters can find out everything about the Oberois but no one in the family can even figure out anything about Tia’s doings. Tej is such an IDIOT!! Om and Rudra got the video about Anika being forced into marriage BUT they could not go further to get the footage on Tia’s ‘kidnap’?? SO DUMB!! Tia and family seems to be way smarter than the men in Oberoi family.. such a pity that they can be made fools so easily…Oberoi men are made to look like they dont respect women in this drama. There is no continuity to the plots.. Now the new drama of the sisters in the OB mansion and nobody will suspect anything??? This drama makes us the viewers look stupid because we keep watching to see if something better will come from he producers. The just keep adding plots to keep he show running. ACP Ranvir and Priyanka – another plot that looks so 80s.. Its disappointing..

  27. akann

    Today’s episode really surprised me and was really awesome. Just when I thought Shivika chemisty can’t get any better, they come up with this episode. Gosh!! too good..
    Plus, I never thought I would say this but Pinky was the most sensible Oberoi today. It seems like she was the only one actually doing some critical thinking today in regards to the whole Swetlana mess.
    Also, this whole week, the screenplay and dialogues have been really good imo. Anika, Shivay, Pinky, Om, Saumya, Tej, Ranveer – almost all the characters had some great moments/dialogues this whole week which makes me real happy.

    • shahabana

      Yaaa i tooo surprised with yesterdays episode…it was awsome one…they didnt give any hint about yesterdays episode….they just give us a surprising episode….thats why i say ishqbaaz special….and u are right this weak diologues are just faintastic from all the charecters


    So atlast SSO realised , ANNIKA is right, some one is keep trying to harm him. Stabbed KNIFE was not left in tyre by mistake, but to let the TEJ to make an immediate decission to take the SSO car. One member ISHQUIE rightly intepreted this car pucture drama, and TEJ was forced to take SSO ‘s car and got accident and left the impression over ANNIKA. ATTACK WAS ON SSO only to shift the focus from over SWETLANA to TIA so as SWETLANA get enough time to make space in OM with TEJ, that is what exactly happening.

    Few one are there, SHIVIKA unison is not of EQUALL, and there for it will not be longed, but I differ over this. SSO never ever could have been able to ignore ANNIKA at all right from the first clash between due in first epi itself. She was occupied the major portion of his mind from where SSO himself could not remove her even after making hartd frequent attemts and ANNIKA keep continue getting his attention since then, let it be a hate, anger or whatever we may say, and eventually that attention was getting shifted from one feeling to another likes respect, honour, and love even, for which no one can denied. I swear, flow of love like feelings between was started first of from SSO himself, before it was got started from ANNIKA , but TIA factor and his own ideology keep him stopped from loud out.

    Expression of LOVE has many ways other than to confess loud out and all that ways very well applied by SSO , but in this epi, it was expressed in a UNIQUE WAY by SSO by gifting her MOBILE and MAKING BREAKFAST FOR HER with open heart confession like wordings.

    I am doubting that unknowingly pushing the ACP, RANVERR RANDHAWA into PRIYANKA MATTER (MMS) may be resulted into the failure of KAPOOR’s plan and he may get some clue that will lead him to actual murderer of GAYATRY. In my POV, for ACP, its a matter of time only to reach at the depth of conspirancy going on against OF since long.

    • shahabana

      S Shekhar u are right its shivaye who had first fallen in love with anika before her…..he just fallen for her attitude more than anything….
      And he is afterall sso he is different…so his way of comfessing love towords anika also different… I like his way of comfesing….and u know what sso makes food for only his beloved ones for a soecial times… So now he is making breakfast for his thadeebaaz girl anika… Thats cool
      And im agree for acp its veey easy to reach kapoors game plans….this mms plan will be gonna give very tough time for kapoors
      And its also true thar they where done tejs acedent plan in shivayes car to divert their mind….u remember what swetlana said to tia when she asked about plan ” jho hoga oo nazar nahee ayega…jho dikhega oo nahee hoga” something like that

  29. Aarti32


    |Registered Member

    I’ve understood one ye Oberoi mansion nhi Oberoi ashram h..har kisi ko utha k le aate h..

    Aaj un Pancho(shivomru n animya) ko dekh kr maine Ishana ko itta miss kiya..agar wo ab bhi show mein hoti to wo bhi inki help kr rhi hoti..miss Kunshika..😖😖
    Btw Omkara ki lady ban k aa kaun rhi h?? Koi bata sakta h??

  30. arshi

    Well guys…i have one more thing 2 share…. I hope u all wont bash me after this… Actually i really hope gul khan wont turn ishqbaaz into another naari shakti crap where all investigations are done by women of the show and men are shown as dumb puppets… In this epi Anika was shown leading the young brigade… But i hope the kapoors truth will be revealed by the obros only with the help of anika & not by anika alone… Actually i am just fed up of watching women centric shows… Not all houses make their DIL suffer… Then why every serial is based on the problems & sacrifices women need to go through… Does men not hv any problems in their life…dont they hv brains to solve problems!!!…??? I know women empowerment is very much necessary in 2day’s world but what they show in daily soaps is not true women empowerment!!!! I apologize if i’m wrong but…i really had to put my views forward as i’m just too frustrated… & hv high expectations from ishqbaaz that they wont let us down… Hope for the best…#fingerscrossed…plzzz do reply guys…

    • shahabana

      Im agree arshi we to dnt want to see male leads as dumb chatecters like other sereals….i wish all this secrets should solved by obros with the help of anika saumya acp….it will be really uniq and fun to watch


    I must admit, ISHQBAAZ is very different from many perspective, and equally the GK MAM. I have condemnd her many times, but not for her skills, but for not mantaining the consistency in story line as well as character.

    But I must appretiate her for WEAVING & SEWING the few scenes in DETAIL with extreme care and there by let we enter into the character’s mind and heart, but unfortunately just can not keep the pace with consistency in story and character. But it happens in serial as there may be many constraint.

    • neha sharma

      Hey hiii,
      Actually I was going to say this after reading your first sentence. Ki many times you have lashed out at GK mam and that’s quite obvious… :-):-) so it’s okay …
      And yeah ye mai bhi manti hun ki GK mam ki detailing kaafi acchi hai except unhe ye feel nhi hua hoga starting mai ki 4 love stories ko equal space Kaise de payenge..half an hour k show mai ..ya firr unhe ye realize nhi hua hoga ki public sabki stories ko pasand karegi shivika k alawa….awainn he dimag mai aya …

  32. CutiePie

    The shw is gttng intrstng.. Hpe it won’t take a turn and b like al the othr serials…😊

    Keepng Apart.. I’m jst lvng the Anika-Shivaay part…😍😍

  33. chithra

    Hello isqiees😍😍😍🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌do u remember me
    😉😉😉😉😉😉😉…I was busy vid ma exams and still one left 2 finish….oops …ib
    😍😍😍ib is on write track …and my shivika😍😍😍now days iam addicted to ib….
    Lot of changes in SSO ….he completely turned into isqwal obroi ….and btw I Jus’s impressed by the dialogues given to all actor …and this tym all are getting equal space on screen …waiting fr Om’s love story ..iam wondering is it so difficult to find opposite to om??off course om is so special to us 😍😍😍😍😍..his girl should be up to om level
    😍😍😍😍iam curious who will play opp to om
    😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊I juss read all intiall written episodes of ib I think starts from June 27 I guess and I think initially all thought negatively about surabi as anika fr playing opp to cute nakul as SSO ..and now its changed guys even I didn’t like surabhi initially but now she won my heart 😍😍😍😊😊😊😊not only mine all of us isn’ t it 😊😊😊😊she z Jus’s amezing and doing really well look how she gave life to anika’s character …..usually v girls is too like always male lead of serial especially me ..but after divyanka iam totally fallen fr surabhi chandana as anika
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍…..she is too good yar …..I never addicted to other serial like ib …I don’t know its became favourite after Mahabharata which was launched on starplus few years ago I think its year ago I forgot year but I still revising and recollecting those episodes …its not like ib also up to mark of Mahabharata bcz Mahabharata is Jus’s comes above always no other serial take over it ..but somewhat iam too crazy about ib

    I think I typed lot 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀sorry fr this ….

    Coming to this page how are you guys hope all are fine …I vl be active after 13 th bcz after that I vl get holiday😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  34. chithra

    Guys I juss forgot to mention one thing …actually I liked😁😁😁😁😁😁 dialogue where anika says ..yae blush be kyya chez hai joo mey karthi rahi hu lekin muje patha nahi hai”””😀😀😀😀😀
    😀😀😀😀lol …he he he

  35. ishq

    ya i agree with u shekhar..u analysis things very well..first shivaay had fallen in love with anika..n plz tell me when did anika start loving shivaay means at which incident..i think shivaay realised his love in when anika faints in kitchen for d first time n shivaay says om dat what will happen to anika when im there..n he laugh n smiles at her for d first time..


      LOVE FEELINGS are very sensitive to judge. I know, from where they both had started to think otherwise .

      SSO has all the negetive opnion for ANNIKA, but he started to think otherwise for ANNIKA on the day she entered in OM first of all as wedding planner and ENCASH SHIVAAY’s CHEUQE and spend all the money in his wedding planning, there after even he continue with his opinion for ANNIKA, but started to give second thought befor judging ANNIKA thereafter.Love feeling were started, in my POV, right from that moment when he got ANNIKA getting agreed with his thoughts of LOVE during MALLIKA’s stay at OM

      For ANNIKA, he was rude, egoist and self concentrated man and she was always busy to make him belittle , insult in her own style. But when she came to know, WHY SSO LEFT THE RAAKHI RITUAL LEAVING ALL AT MID, she started to think otherwise for SSO. Finding him loving , caring for his brothers, she got to see other side of SSO, SHIVAAY (!!!!) , who is kind by heart. For her, I just can’t judge the exact moment for her falling for SSO, but definately LOVE FEELINGS were started from her side after it has started from SSO. I believe, growth of love feelings in ANNIKA was not happened all of sudden, it grew steadily and gradually. For her, SHIVAAY IS NOT ONLY ANGRY, RUDE, ANGRY, but ALSO A KIND HEARTED PERSON, is enough to change her attitude towards SSO. Actually she could not dare to loud out her strong feelings for SSO due to frequent changes she saw in SSO attitude in shade of his shitting ideology of NKK. She never expressed her feeling for SSO to anyone except to SAAHIL.

      Eventhough I can say, she started to express her strange and undefined feeling just during the making of BD CAKE for SSO during which she pushed SSO in pool to save him from fired muffler! TheY were very , very light moments and enough space she got to express her feelings.

      I find two different ANNIKA on the both side of the juncture of first SHIVIKA date and MALLIKA entry. Upto entry of MALLIKA, she was all BINDAAS gal, but from that point we were keep getting LOST that BINDAAS ANNIKA frequently , and reason is she was getting her strange feeling hurted by SSO as and when we were loosing BINDAAS ANNIKA.

  36. ishq

    oh tanq u soo much for ur reply shekar..ya its diffucult to judge exactly when hd fall in love with shivaay n she said mujhe pata nahi chala kab meri life aap ki irdh girdh gumne lagi when she was with shivaay in car d day before he agreed to marry tia..

  37. ishq

    i dt thnk he got love feeling when they came to same opinion on love bcz even in shivika date when she said shall we talk abt marriage he says u r soo fast which meant he already started loving her if nt he could hv undrstd dat she was talking abt his pov it started in dat faint scene he even went to drop her to home..sry shekhar im just saying what i feel


      I also believe it , LOVE FLOW WAS STARTED before the first SHIVIKA DATE, but later on looking at the progression in SHIVIKA LOVE STORY, I stepped back. Utmost it might be his submission for her GOODNESS exerted by her for him and his family, and a reason to think otherwise for her.

      I amnytimes watched, and rewatched many episodes, and what I found is, may be wrong, when ANNIKA was leaving the convo over LOVE THOUGHTS during MALLIKA stay, I found SSO very confused state after hearing version of ANNIKA over love, and that confusion was very well expressed by SSO and picturised by makers. ANNIKA was leaving and SSO was looking back of her and he received the phone of TIA. On TIA plea, he was lost in his thoughts, and at last he told, you know, I am very weak in expressing my feelings. Look, I have to talk with you over many matters, come to OM directly from airport!!!

      That convo with TIA was very unconventional, rathar it was his simple attempt to , in my POV, push out of the thoughts of ANNIKA. There after we found him many times to do unusual act against we thoughts for!!! All his these unusual acts were his attempts to go away from ANNIKA!, to empty that corner of his mind which ANNIKA acquired since long.

      Now you see his two acts.

      1-He called TIA at late night to get rid of ANNIKA’s thoughts!!!( I lost the reference)

      2-He proposed TIA again instead of ANNIKA we thought for just after saving SSO from arrest!!!

      Anyhow, atlast, now it does not important since when his LOVE started, but it has started is important. We may have argue against argue, but no matter now!!

      • Lijince

        Shekhar I think SSO’s love started after that Janmashtami incident where Anika will faint in the kitchen due to small explosion and Shivaye pours bucket of water on her…..because I think after that incident he was never hesitant to drop Anika at home….and I think that was before Shivika date and Mallika’s entry….correct me if I am wrong……but if not love Shivaye started showing concern towards Anika from that incident onwards. And Anika’s feelings for Shivaye might have developed gradually….she made cake for Shivaye….don’t remember the reason behind that….but maybe that was the starting I guess…..and then the party night happened na where both of them had expressed their feelings…..
        But as you said, one thing is sure… started from Shivaye’s side first!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.