Naagarjun 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini thinks if she steps into temple, she may burn like last time, so she has to send Noorie in first as she is made by Katya rishi’s illusion. If Noorie does not burn, even she will not. She pushes Noorie in and nothing happens to Noorie. She thinks even she is safe and walks into temple. She asks Arjjun why did nothing happen to her. Arjun says god’s blessings are on them. Maskini says let us start marriage. Arjun dorns garland on her neck. Noorie feels sad.

Arjun reminisces with Shanckhrun chanting guru Vasuki’s mantra and calling him. Guru Vasuki comes praises Arjun and Shunkchurn for saving people and planning to destroy Maskini. He informs them that they should get Maskini to shiv mandir and only there he can destroy her. He gives shivji’s trishul and says Arjun should kill Maskini via it and then bury her soul in shivji’s chirkund, Maskini will get engrasped in it completely.

Arjun comes out of flashback. Maskini takes garland to dorn on Arjun’s neck when she notices Noorie’s injury with red blood instead of blue, retracts back, and stabs Arjun’s neck. Arjun falls down. Maskini then ties everyone present around with her superpowers and tells Arjun that she realized Arjun’s trick seeing Noorie’s red blood. She killed Astika and now everyone will die due to Arjun’s mistake. She walks away. Shankchurn enters with trishul and gives it to Arjun. Arjun stabs Maskini and extracts her soul in his hand and then immerses it in shivji’s chirkund/water pot. He then falls down. Whole family runs towards him. Yashoda cries to open eyes, god’s blessings are on her son and nothing will happen to him. Arjun closes eyes. Yashoda chants Har Har Mahadev followed by everyone present. Arjun’s injury heals and he sits. Yashoda says she knew nothing will happen to her son as he is a nagarjun. Arjun looks at Maskini’s dead body.

In naglok, nagmaya praises Arjun that he destroyed Maskini and helped humanity and even god.

Noorie continues crying at home. Arjun comes. Noorie hugs him and says if something happens to him, she will die. He says nothing will happen to her until his love is with her. She asks if he is fine. he says he is fine. He says he is fine, nobody can separate us again. They both reminisce their romantic days and hug each other. Kaisi ye paheli kya pata….song plays in the background. Arjun reminisces Maskini torturing Noorie and pampers her.

Arjun thanks Shankchurn for helping him and Amroli people and says he does not know how to repay him. Shankchurn says he did not do any favor, many relationships are bigger than blood relationship, their relationship is also same. He wants to see Maskini’s stone once. They both go back to temple and look at Maskini’s idol. Shankchurn says Arjun took dad’s revenge. Arjun says evil’s end happens in a bad way always. Shankchurn says he is right.

Precap: Noorie wakes up from sleep at night and walks subconsciously and then falls down. Tina sees that and calls whole family.

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