Ishqbaaz 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry for mistake readers.

Tej says that car🚗 breaks were failed. Shivaye says how its possible your car🚗 was serviced. Tej says my car🚗 tires was puntured so I took your car 🚗. Anika say it means Shivaye, you were the target🎯.

Some time⏲🕧 before-

Tej say I should leave as you all are on Om’s side. Jhanvi say do not go please; but Tej leaves. Pinky says that both father and son should leave the house. Dadi and her husband ask her to keep quite.🤐

Shivaye goes behind Tej and Anika behind shivaye. Shivaye tries to stop tej but anika stop shivaye.
Tej ask driver for keys🔑 but driver informs about tire punture, tej ask for shivaye car🚗 keys 🔑and goes.

Servent informs Romi and Shewtlana about break fail and tej leaving in car🚗.

Romi says that Priyanka MMS📱 is with me now. Now Rudra will agian come to me.

Shiavye says to Anika that I was fool that I allowed you to spy Tia and call📱 tej but he did not pick. Anika ask about break glass and ask Shivaye if he is hurt. Shiavye ask her to relex but she do not and servent come and inform that it was due to frame was losen. Shivaye ask Anika to relex and tries to call📱 Tej. Tej do not pick up his call.

Shewtlana calls📱 Tej and ask him to meet👏 her, just than tej realises that his car🚗 breaks are fail. He tries to control car🚗.
Shewtlana on confrence call with Tia and Romi and inform about car accident🤕 plan. Tia says its risky di. Shewtlana ask them to remember swear to take revenge from oberios for destorying our family and Robin’s life.

Tej tries to control car🚗 but in vain and just than Shewtlana car🚗 come infront of the car.
Tej hits Shewtlana car and she get injured🤕, tej pick her up and take her in his arms.

Anika ask Shivaye to listen to her.Shivaye says that its your assumption only. Anika ask her to listen👂 to her that its Tia who want to kill you. Shivaye do not believe her and say that she is upset with you thats why she is behaving like this. Anika says that sleeping😴 pills💊 and now glass break but Shivaye says that she want to marry me for child👶, than why will she do that? Anika repeats same. Shivaye says do not make “Dimag ki Dahi🍲” and leaves.

Rudra and soumya talk. Rudra says what has happened, mom-dad fight and now bhai and bhabhi. Soumya says that bade bhaiya will do everything fine and says till we are together everything will be fine soon.

Randhir and Priyanka talk to each other. Priyanka ask if he is fine and do his dressing on wounds. Randhir says that you gave me lot of pain and this pain is nothing infront of that. Priyanka appologize to him. Randhir say that I want to take revenge but without spoiling anyone’s dignity. Priyanka hold his hand and appologize to him and thank him for saving her dignity.

Anika and Shivaye fight but suddenly Jhanvi comes and inform that Tej is not picking call📱 and no one knows where is he now? Shivaye goes to find but Tej comes back with Shewtlana in his arms. Anika calls doctor👷. Jhanvi and Dadi ask what happened to her? Tia sees her and cries😢 and calls 📱Romi. Tej says that she sved my life from accident. Tia says to Romi we can’t lose di. I need to go to her, Romi stops her and says Shewtlana di plan will fail, please clam down. Tia cries 😢seeing her state.

Tej tries so that Shewtlana gain conciousness and shout where is doctor👷. Anika says that doctor👷 is coming soon. Shewtlana regain conciousness. Some looks in anger and some in tension.

Om ask if she is soo much hurt than why didn’t you took her to hospital🏥. Tej replies that I value oberios dignity more than anything, unlike you. Om says yes, thats why you went to her after leaving house🏡. Tej shouts Om. Jhanvi ask them to stop. Om says why should we..

Shivaye interfer and ask how did all this happened? Tej says that car 🚗breaks were failed. Shivaye says how its possible your car was serviced. Tej says my car tires was puntured so I took your car🚗. Anika say it means Shivaye, you were the target🎯. Shivaye thinks.🤔

1. Anika cries 😢and say if anything will happen to you shivaye, how will.. Shiavye says nothing will happen to me and to you till I am here and holds her.
2. Om, Soumya, Shivaye, Rudra and Anika were standing and Anika says Tia is not that what she looks like,something is really fishy🐳.
3. Tia says to Shewtlana that everything is as per our plan.


  1. Aarosh


    |Registered Member

    finally our TOY(team of young oberois) united to fight against nafratbaaz repati episode chala intersting ga untundi anipistundi lets see what surprise ishqbaaz will give tomorrow ivala prinku mms really shocking surprise one mistake of nafratbaaz is underestimating anika(pathade ayina repati episode i mean precap ki sarigga saripoye dialogue(suitable dialogue)DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A COMMON MAN)

  2. anuja

    This show is no more interesting to watch neither creats excitement of what will happen next. Anyone can fool oberies esily. Though there is security which is no use as all are dumb to utilise cctv which is fixed in house and around. Writters please show some smartness in shivay and anika, not if omru n priyanka n soumya. Dadi is very soft. she is expected to be little rude towards whatever happening in house problms. Why can’t anika present any of the proff of tia and prove she is bad??? No logic here.

  3. Jaya


    |Registered Member

    Again anika made pappu of herself. Why She’s so innocent. Shivika’s fight was a bit useless acc. To situation. Rumya were adorable today. Priveer gave life to epi. Pinky…bad part:she bad mouthed…good part: emotionally supporting jhanvi. Precap 2nd is interesting…ishqbaaz joined hands.

  4. Meenu

    Nice update Shraddha…
    Thanks to Nakul’s London visit… So that everyone got equal space in acting…
    Otherwise more of shivika scenes…

  5. Maria

    I love this episode!

    Finally there is some spice. I love how all the girls want to destroy the Oberois and the plan is huge. Like super mega huge. I feel bad for Priyanka though. How can Romi being a girl do this to another girl.

    Now all we need is a girl opposite to Omkara and Priyanka/ ACP to join this team. I also like how all the characters are getting the screen space. This is one thing that lacks in many shows.

  6. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    Hi shraddha di,thank you very much for today’s epi update..
    Smileyes ☺ and logos👍 that you have used are really nice……it seems very interesting to read..

  7. Mouni


    |Registered Member

    am really hoping that the precap is not decieving us , am afraid that tomorrow none of them will believe anika’s words as usual but let’s hope for the good
    l didn’t think that rumi was behind that dirty mms of poor prinku , and rudra will be blackmailed for that , l think he will be too embaraced to talk about it to his bros or anika but maybe to somya or prinku and am hoping acp will come to know and help them
    sso plz take anika’s warnings serioucly this time as the attacks will continue with the acid coffee and maybe other incidents
    l dont know about you guys but am feeling that the last 3 ep are dragging especially yesterday , they could do it in 2 ep or less but am guessing its bcz nakul is in london maybe that’s why ??
    anyway the nafratbaaz drama is taking too long now , its more than 2 weeks and will last more if we see the course of the events

    • shekhar

      I think you missed a look of SSO over ANNIKA just after TEJ exposed the fact car which was got accident is not of TEJ, but of SSO, that is after turning around towards. Just before that, SSO asked how brakes of car could have been failed?, it does not make any sense! And over more, TEJ told, his own car got punctured!!!! Certainly, so much coincidents within few hours made him suspicious, and recalling doubts created by ANNIKA, he just after turning around took a look at ANNIKA, thinking she might be right!!!!
      And if SSO did not having any doubt, he would not be present in youngster meeting, could have been ignored and remain absent, over more, he could have asked OMRU to overlook ANNIKA’s doubts!😊😊😊

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      But mouni dear..evrthng was already shooted befr nakuul went London..thr is no draggng..nw a days thy r gvng more screen space to nafrathbaaz girls..and I agree I am also felt it’s vry bore becz we knew all abt ROTILANA gang and their plans..til nw no one is ready to believe wl becme intrst when our ishqbaaz team realise what really happeng around them and make sme move..aftr watchng yes episode Romi’s plan fr rudra..I thnk next week also we hav to see ful of nafrathbaaz drama..
      And happy news fr u and mrng Nakuul sir wl join the ishqbaaz set..Our
      SSO is back frm London..

      • shahabana

        S sumi dr nakul has completed his part of shooting before going to london…now he is back to shooting also..
        I think they where not found any lead for omkara thats why they where dragging it
        By the by sumi dr is u are the same sumi ss who is sented request in insta account

  8. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Mmmmm… again swetlana ki entryy…i read in a spoiler that it will creat hurdles between shivika…but the precap hints that they all together will fight agains kapoor sisters..and woh mms.i think after romis entery…roumya will bcme more closer and soon their shaadi will exposed…and randhawa is very caring towards prinku..may his nafrat will turn pyaar soon…any way i felt that our IB bcom mor intresting on day by day
    And any body know about vrushikas reentry…is it finalised????
    And hw r u my ishquieess…

  9. srilatha

    boring epi ib got 5place in trp I am so happy I hope next time 1or2place (cinderella I leave a comment for yesterday pls see once)

  10. srilatha

    obeiros are fools

    i hope anika will found any proof shiomru pls trust anika.

    this tract is so long yaar I won’t tolerate this nafratbaaz any more gk pls end this tract as soon as possible




    I have one doubt if anyone can clear- how can oberios do not recognize their servent (who employed or where he suddenly came,who is behind all this) i mean seriously dumbness is shown…
    But priyanka and randir story is beautifully on progress…

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      the OM is big and maybe they have many servants and the guy looks like a professionnal criminal so he may fool them but am really bored with this track of the kapoor sisters , they seem to be winning every round and poor anika looks like an idiot trying to convince sso without any valid proof

      • Lids


        |Registered Member

        I agree, I’m also tired and really bored of the Kapoor sisters. I prefer another Daksh track than these sisters. At least we might get some romance out of the Daksh track with “Shivaay protecting his wife”. But now, all I see is Anika looking like a fool, in front of SSO and SSO again thinking that Anika is just a idiot who is jealous of Tia.
        I really thought SSO was so smart, the man who can ruin anyone’s life, the man with all the frecking damn answers will believes Ms. Kapoor, about Om not being Jhanvi but Tej mistress’s son. Get a damn DNA sample without telling anyone. I will have my security team keeping an eye on the procedure of the DNA test. Come on, money talks. LOL. I just need these ladies out and destroyed in front of the media or the entire family, especially pinky. Pinky got so negative. Proof!!! Anika needs real proof. Part of me also want Anika just to leave and leave them suffer on their own, but we know she can.
        PS: Don’t ever become rich, too many enemies. LOL.


      It has been shown in earlier epis when SWETLANA was PS to TEJ, responsibiity of SECURITY in OM was being looked after by SWETLANA, and might be also other employee too in OM. So it would be natural for SWETLANA would have apponted the SECURITY STAFF as well as others EMPLOYEE in OM who were and are still favoring SWETLANA. SWETLANA , as revealed in recent epis, is behind OF since long, right from the first epi.

  12. Lax

    The much awaited Shivika scene is again pushed to next episode. Aaaagh 😬😬 Good to see Annikas concern for Shivay, Priyanka’s concern for ACP, Soumyas concern for Rudr. MMS plan was Romi’s which means another blackmail track in Rumyas story.😵😵
    And Svetlana really. Cannot imagine anyone could endure such pain only for revenge. God..!! Like Om said Tej should ve taken Svetlana to the hospital not to the mansion. Love the shot where Tej carries Svetlana entering the mansion.

    And my fav. dialogue from the episode- SIM dalne ka kya phayada agar phone hi bandh ho tho…!!

    TRP is 2.3 only this time. But still managed to be in top 5 as per sbs.

    P.S.- Tellyupdates ve gone all colourful today with funky icons. Cute..!!

    • Mouni


      |Registered Member

      yes lax , they are dragging episodes this week maybe because nakul is not there yet ( plz come backkkk soon ) its been already a week aghhhhh
      that kapoors sisters track is not ending anytime soon and l hate it , they are showen in IB as more intelligent than all of the OF

    • shahabana

      No Lax dr ishqbaaz not in top5
      Ishqbaaz position is top9
      Actually thus weak trp decreased….last two weaks it has 2.6 and 2.4
      This weak 2.3
      Im not surprised bcz last weak episodes are little boring with nafrathbaaz
      I think next weak trp will increase….

  13. iamsofianeak

    Yes they are obssesed with shivika , we love them but show us roumya and start om’s track !
    sorry if i hurt everyone 😡 and hope helly shah plays opp omkara

    • Tahima

      dont worry it is happening and give them time to find a good girl of om if ishana doesnt return. Also if they show to much of the love aspect of the show rn nafraatbaaz will never leave. So I feel like once there gone we r gonna see alot of the ishqbaazi

  14. shekhar

    This episodes is again proved that ACTOR, ACRESS are puppet who dance on the finger tips of makers! After getting her future wife and MIL blackmailing him, how SSO can overlook the doubts of ANNIKA over his to be wife TIA? ANNIKA is uneducated, but as a educated, and after fighting many cases in business, he should aware that a illegitimate child , out of marriage , has all the rights that a legitimate child does have! , let his illegitimate wife does not have any right! After told by ANNIKA TIA’s saying, it does not make any difference to me that now SHIVAAY does ALIVE or NOT!, soon it’s deep meaning should be blinked out from his mind!, but no, he was being acted after being dumb!
    Anyhow, I never expected from GK MAM such even a little consistency in lead character SSO!!;😊😊😊
    In my POV, by touching PRIYANKA, KAPOORS unknowingly dragged ACP RANDHAWA and this may go against KAPOORS!
    During convo between SHIVIKA, it has been revealed that SSO permitted ANNIKA to spy over TIA, that is proof that he is confirmed that he is not responsible for TIA’s baby, and wanted to get rid of TIA!😊😊😊
    Anyhow, epi was more illogical, more inconsistnt than yesterday. But I will bear with maker’s choice!, no way !!!

  15. Reddhi

    I think they should distribute smartness all around. I find everything lacking that. SEVERELY. and SHRADDHA, I think the servant mightn’t be new, he could be bribed to do the dirty jobs. Just my guess.
    Why on earth will Tej ask for Shivaaye’s car, when he’s jealous of him?? He could’ve asked for Shakti’s car. As he’s the one who stopped Pinky. Every time.
    Also, Romi’s entry is really disgusting . I mean, I thought they’d like to create a good impression of themselves between the OF before striking the blows? Where’s that?
    In all honesty, Tej doesn’t even deserve someone so amazing, caring and sacrificing as Jhanvi as his wife.
    But even between all the negativity, PriVeer and RuMya were’s a good thing that PriVeer marriage won’t be as forced as ShivIka. Everyone should have their own unique. Om really needs someone, right now. Poor guy’s going through a lot . Dear SHRADDHA, i suggest to lessen the use of emojis. It’s kinda disturbinf. But, all in all. Nice epi. And nice update.

  16. Tahima

    OKAY EVERYONE todays episode was not a waste okay. We got see every single couple in ishqbaaz and got to see family drama. All u ppl wanna see is romance like please come on. This nafraatbaaz thing is gonna be so interesting. Like to see the lenghts these girls r taking for there father is just making me so curious to see what did tej and shakthi do to them. So plz dont expect this track to end in a second. Also anika is not making a “pappu” OF HERSELF. Even shivaay now has doubt and i really hope the precap is not an illusion.

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Yeah vry happy dr..but really worried fr upcmng tracks..if we cmpared wth kasam..dnt take me wrng..I dnt watch kasam but my bestie is huge fan of sme tym she wl Send sme videos.passed sme weeks evry fans of kasam irked wth ongng track..I saw kasam upcmng video it’s a major twist..this what all the fans waitng fr long tym..ML( rishi )actor also said in his intrvew all the actors we r also waitng fr this intstng track only..hopefully kasam may take place in top10 shows..
      But all of us trp does not matter..but fr ishqbaaaz team it’s matters a lot…

      • shahabana

        Dntworry dr…..ishqbaaz is special dr
        And coming to kasam i dnt want to say anything about that show….i used to watch that show before leap its superb that time.. After leap they desroyed the show and its just dragging….and ishqbaaz in top9 and kasam on top10
        Next weak ib trp will increase i think bcz this weak its good comparing to last weak

    • Lax

      Shahabana..!! Good that we are slot leaders. But Trps are coming down slowly. Last week it was 2.4. Hope it does not go down further.
      Sumi- You are right. Even I saw the spoiler, Kasam has a positive twist coming up where negative character is exposed by the male lead itself. So IB has to buck up.

  17. |Registered Member

    Episode was good…
    After watching yesterday’s episode one thing is cleared dat three sisters r really planning something big dhamaka…loved the way Soumya showed her concern towards Rudra….PriVeer scenes were nice…but one doubt I remember dat ranveer broke dat phone in which they hv taken MMS..hw comes suddenly they send MMS to romi????….nd another question does Romi really thinks she is devi or it was just a plan to trap rudra ??? Vz in yesterday’s episode swethlana said ur I m lil confused…

  18. Vrushali

    It’s becoming irritating to watch now! Plans and plans and how can Oberoi’s be so foolish! If you cannot find out what’s going on just hire a private detective or something! Don’t even want to watch the show now!

  19. Archiya


    |Registered Member

    First of all Shraddha,I liked the update,it must hve taken effort to put those emoji,an I liked them.
    Comin to the episode,I actually felt bad fr swetlana,she gave half of her life to b tej mistress n today she was ready to give her life for revenge,tat is a picture which her mom has shown.poor gals they dnt even knw whts the truth
    Tia has already lost her hubby n her child father fr tis revenge

    It was obvious on shivay part nt to believe anika today abt the glass incident,an the reasoning he gave was logical as to why tia cant kill him.but with the car incident I think he gt some doubt tats why he turned towards anika
    If precap is true then hopefully all young IB will defeat NB.
    But I thght tat this NB track was only to cover omru absence bt they r simply stretching it now
    Loved rumya n priveer today, they r so lovely couples.

    • shahabana

      Im agree with ur points that its logical that sso doesnt beleived that tia is trying to kill him when she want to get married to him…..after car accedent he will definietely gonna doubt on tia..

    • Lax

      Archu..!! U r rite. Shivay’s reaction to what Annika said was logical. It’s not that he does not believe Annika, it’s that he feels Annika is way too overthinking. Also Annika has made silly mistakes when she tried to expose Tia before. Yesterday When Shivay came up with points defending Tia, Annika did not ve an answer. And now even Annika is not sure if it’s Tia, that’s why in Precap she says – JO BHI HAIN bahuth pahunchi huyi cheez hain. I also feel Annika at the first place should not ve said Tia’s name yesterday without proof.

  20. nithu

    This kapoor sisters just irritating to the core, and that stupid psycho rumi, how can she fall very low for taking revenge from someone, how can she use another girls dignity for her own purpose infact ranveer(boy) didn’t do that cheap thing for his revenge then y the writers show a girl character like that, this is the show which talked about women respect, dreams etc before then y, just disgusting..
    And hello sharadda sis, Thank u for the update, hv a good day..
    But where is ameena sis.


    Whole story moving around the one man, that man to whom ASHOK was briefing for his drama to set on fire himself in initial epi.

    ROOP and SWET are being with that man right from that man and after trapping ASHOK, they instigate ASHOK’s wife and made her their puppet to act against OF, who arranged some attacks on OF. Later, for a unknown reason, they killed GAYATRY, i think either SWET or TIA , and carried on conspirancy against OF.

    That man, who was shown with ASHOK briefing him in car during initial epi is the main conspirator of OF.

  22. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Hi..guyzzz..hw r u al???
    I was really enjoyd the starting of 2k17 gallery was get filled wth shivika and rumya pics..I am really happy Omkara is back..plss guyzz be calm. including sbs also makng as fool..wthout getng any cnfrmatn frm the set they r gvng irrelevant news lyk helly is FL opp to om.
    So dnt frustrate fr meangless rumours..
    Aftr watchng yes epi evryone track is movng on..Good..but fed up wth this wl be vry intrst when real game starts b/w Ishqbaaaz Vs nafrathbaaz.
    Felt vry bad fr rudra..he is the baby of he is gng to manage romi’s blackmail..
    Guyzzz I saw one upcmng episode pics in insta.where shivaay is gvng sme GIFT to Anika..I hope this tym thr is no papers..expectng lovely gift frm billu ji to her pannika..this scene may be 2day or tmrw..
    Last one thnkq shraddha..Update was quite intrstng wth all emoji…great wrk..keep it up.

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member

      Frm yestrday epi anothrone scene while taking wth romi tia was cried and came out frm the curtain,she was vry clse to anothr side entire fmly was one is noticed her even anika also..great!! Makers r showng not only shivaay but also entire fmly as fool..


    It was planned by KAPOORS, TEJ met accident only in SSO’s car, and not in his own car, and for that they punctured TEJ car!! What may be the motive behind this ?

  24. cutiePie

    Guyss can I b too a part of ths family.. Hope u don’t mind.. I’m a Fan of IB.. More than evrythng.. In ths serial wat I love is the camera.. The camera of IB is damn good…

  25. Bhavana

    Now that NB team has roped in ACP by mistake ..they are going to pay the proce for it.Going according to the precap if Shivay too belives in Anika – then it must be due to failing of his car brakes.
    So here again NB team has erred they could have sabotaged Tej’s car itself why did they do it with Shivay’s car , when their plan was to trap Tej
    One more thing – i think there is nothing called a security even thatched houses have better security than that of OM. Anyone and everyone can get away with anything be it cutting the CCTV WIRE or cutting glasses.

    • Lax

      It was not clear, why did they tamper with the brakes of Shivay’s car when they could ve gone for Tejs car directly.

  26. Lax

    It was not clear, why did they tamper with the brakes of Shivay’s car when they could ve gone for Tejs car directly.

  27. shahabana

    I felt very bad for jhanvi in yesterdays episode…i mean to say its very hurt to see her hubby with his mistress….tej is just ignoring jhanvi and busy in taking care of swetlana…omkara is right is this tejs respect that go behind some other women leaving his family…disgusting this tej is
    Jhanvi is right tej himself is the reason for omkaras harsh behavior towords his dad tej….anyone will get angry if their father cheats their mother….tej should thank god bcz rudra never misbehaves with him….but im sure one day rudra will also burstout his anger towords tej….its clearely shown in yesterdays episode how omkara and rudra are hurted seeing tej with swetlana

  28. Kamal

    Please yaar shivay believe anika.. She is trying to help u.. Tia stop it.. Svetlana aur romi ki acting achhi hai but stop
    …. Anika and shivay love each other but for their ego they are not exposing it… Arey bhai romance tomance karo.. Kitni s*xy hai anika…

  29. Ishquie

    Hey Shekhar! I think they punctured Tej’s car, so that he had to unwillingly take Shivaay’s car. This would create more doubt in Anika’s mind against Tia harming Shivaay and not focus on Svetlana trying to harm whole OF. It can be called ‘Ek Teer se Do Nishaana’, as Svetlana would gain Tej’s sympathy and trust and enter his life again as well as no one would doubt her. While other way, Anika will not doubt her and continue to think that Tia’s wanting to kill Shivaay (as she cannot think anything above Shivaay’s safety) and thus, divert her mind….. My POV.☺

    • Bhavana

      hmmm… Yeah Ishquie .. ur right… This NB team is very shrewd and nasty.. hope this young gang now joins hands and expose them … wish to see more of ACP gelling with Oberois

    • shekhar

      Yaa, that is only a reason dietable! Good guessing!
      I was amazed to find no one guessing the reason till you commented!

      I was really at the loss to get it, but you get it!😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌

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