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Naagarjun 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maskini tells Arjun that she will not stay in his home. Arjun says they will go and stay somewhere else. Maskini says she will stay at Noorie’s house. Arjun says okay then, we will stay in Noorie’s house and she will stay here. Maskini says Noorie will stay along her. They both walk to Noorie’s house. Arjun asks her to relax and walks out. Noorie comes. Arjun asks her to obey Maskini, he will sort out everything soon. Noorie enters Maskini’s room. Maskini says she is not Noorie, she is just an illusion. She calls her and asks to press to sit. Noorie sits. Maskini yells she hates even her image. Once she marries Arjun tomorrow, she will destroy this llusion, till then Noorie will do as she says. She orders to press her feet. Noorie does and thinks Arjun promised to sort out things, she will tolerate Maskini till then. Maskini laughs that Kaya’s illusion is amazing.

Arjun meets Shankchurn and informs him what Katya told that Maskini thinks everyone is dead in black jungle and Katya has created an illusion. Shankchurn says it is good then. Arjun says illusion can destroy any time and they have to be really careful and finish Maskini before that. Shankchurn says they have to take guru vasuki’s help and says let us call him. They both sit in meditation.

Maheshwar reminisces Arjun informing that he is marrying Maskini tomorrow and nobody can stop him. He tells Yashoda that he trusts his son. Noorie comes and tells same. Yashoda asks what if Arjun will marry Maskini tomorrow. Maheshwar says he trusts his son and is sure his son will not betray them. Yashoda prays god.

Maskini wakes up at midnight and does not find Arjun. She thinks if he has gone to Noorie, he does not know Noorie is just an illusion, she has to find him. She starts searching him in jungle. Arjun and Shankchurn are seen chanting guru Vasuki’s mantras. Shankchurn hears footsteps and leaves from there. Maskini finds Arjun and asks what is he doing here, waiting for Noorie. Arjun says he could not control coming near here, so he came here. She asks why did he control himself. He says this is prithvi lok and they have to follow its rules, once they are married tomorrow, they will gain whole universe’s powers. She hugs him.

In the morning, Maskini gets ready and asks how is she looking. Arjun says beautiful. Maskini says this is her first marriage and his second, if he is feeling bad. He says no. Noorie comes there. Maskini holds Arjun’s hand and says she loves him. Arjun says even he loves her and rudely asks Noorie why did she come here. Noorie says she brought shagun. Arjun asks her to go. Maskini stops her and asks to dorn her jewelry. Noorie does and a bangle breaks, she apologizes and asks if she is hurt. Maskini thinks if Noorie is illusion or real, she need to find out. She injures Noorie’s hand and it bleeds blue. Maskini relaxes that blood color is blue, so it is illusion. Arjun thanks Nagmaya for helping them. Nagmaya says Shankchurn told her everything, Maskini’s end is necessary. Arjun says yes, speaks to Shankchurn and leaves.

Arjun walks towards temple with his parents and asks them to go in, he will come later. MAskini comes with Noorie and asks how is she feeling seeing her husband getting married to another man. Noorie reminisces Arjun’s words. Maskini reminisces burning her feet trying to step in temple and stops. Arjun asks to come in.

Precap: Maskini stabs Arjun and he collapses.

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