Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says look at Shivaye, learn something from him, he married Anika for family respect. Om says go and find something else, as your son is not ready to get sold. Tej raises hand. Jhanvi shouts Tej. Some time before, Anika calls Shivaye. He answers call. The glass layer falls down. Shivaye gets a shock. Anika hears it and asks Shivaye are you fine. Shivaye removes glass piece from his hair and sees all the glass pieces on the ground.

Jhanvi says Om please. Om says stop, I can’t stay in this house. She says you can’t go. He says relax, try to understand, none wants to go leaving family, but living with strangers is not possible. Jhanvi asks Tej to stop Om. Tej says no way, let him go, if he thinks he can survive without Oberoi’s surname and comforts, let him try. Dadi asks why are you doing

foolishness. Rudra says Papa stop Om. Tej says stop it Rudra, I will not stop him, he does not know whom is he threatening, if he is stubborn, I m his father. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. Jhanvi says Om is leaving house. Shivaye asks what. Om says Shivaye don’t stop me. Rudra says we all love you, how will we get Obro moment, don’t go please Om. Om wipes her tears. He says forgive me, I have no problem with you guys, try to understand, I can’t stay here till Tej is here.

Tej says then go, door is open. Anika comes and says I have to tell Shivaye his life is in risk. Om says I have to go. Shivaye shouts Om. Om says I decided, now none can change my decision. Shivaye shouts you can’t do like this Om…. Om stops. Shivaye says you can’t go when I said it, no problem is not so big that it can’t be solved, share your problem with me, we promised we will not hide anything, tell me what’s bothering me. He asks Rudra to take his bag. He says shut up Om, I m your elder brother, I did all duties, today I will claim rights, come with me inside quietly Om….. He takes Om. Servant cuts CCTV camera wire and smile.

Shivaye asks why do you want to leave home. Om says because of Tej, I was wrong thinking he does not know value of relations, he knows all values, which relation will sell at which price, he is big businessman, people sell gold, silver and lands, he wants to sell his son. They all get shocked. Om says its true, he wanted to make me marry a big businessman’s daughter for a business deal, I don’t know anything about that girl, even Tej does not know her name, even then he wants me to marry her. Shivaye asks is this true Bade Papa. Tej says yes, its true, arranged marriage is not a new concept, parents do a lot for children, don’t you have any responsibilities, people have children so that they support them, not to leave home, I did all duties being a father, can’t he give me any small thing, I asked him to marry big businessman’s daughter, not anyone random, she has blood, family line and money, I don’t know what Om wants. Servant takes knife and goes …

Shivaye says its alright if Om does not want to do arranged marriage, the girl he does not know, I don’t think its good idea to marry her for a business deal. Tej asks really Shivaye, you are saying this, you are going to marry Tia for business merger, its right if you do and unfair if Om does, I think you don’t want Om to marry a rich girl and take business ahead. Dadi asks what are you saying Tej, you know Billu can give his life for Omru. Tej says its just saying, every person thinks for himself first, our family is one, but our businesses are different, Shivaye’s age is less than my business experience, today Shivaye went ahead of me because of merger with Kapoors, I want also some merger. Pinky says I knew it, you are jealous of Shivaye’s succeed, you can’t see his heir coming. Dadi stops Pinky. Pinky asks shall we just see what Tej is saying. Dadi says you have to see while talking to elders. Shakti asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky says you don’t say anything to defend Shivaye, I will not be quiet. Servant does something to the car.

Ranveer beats the guys. One of them takes a knife to harm Priyanka. Ranveer comes in between and gets hurt. Ranveer beats them and throws off his torn vest. Police comes and arrests the guys. Ranveer wears his jacket. Priyanka looks on. He leaves. Tej says I don’t care who thinks what, its not my jealousy, but my concern for Om, I want Om to progress in life, if this business merger happens with Chadda, stocks will rise, its not a big thing. Om says its big thing, I don’t make relations a staircase. Tej says you got everything readymade, I gave my life to make Oberois the Oberois. Om says surname does not matter to me, it might matter to you, I want to make my identity by my work. Tej says you have stupid passions to show you are busy.

Tej says look at Shivaye, same school, education, values and opportunities, even then there is big difference, learn from him, he married Anika for family respect. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Tej says he maybe have set standards for his life partner, but when it came about family respect, he forgot everything and married Anika, without thinking her blood and family line, as it was about Oberois family respect, I regret this can’t be expected from you, you think just for yourself. Om says its between us, don’t get Shivaye and Anika in between. Tej says I had to give Shivaye’s example despite having two sons, its my bad luck. Jhanvi says everyone can’t become artist, stop comparing Om with Shivaye. Pinky says there is no comparison of my Shivaye.

Jhanvi says please Pinky, let me talk, Tej why are you doing this, is one business deal so imp for you, you don’t care if son is leaving home. Tej recalls talking to Shwetlana. She says I thought your happiness is with your family. Tej says I got this award since last 15 years. She says I can understand, it feels bad if beloved thing gets away, you may have sidelined me from your life, but I worry seeing you worried, I know this is that worry which you can’t share with family. He says Shivaye is winning over me. He says not on his own, you know the reason is 36000 crores merger with Kapoors. He says no one sees how it happened, they see what happened. She says exactly, you can use the same way, I have perfect business deal, Chaddas are 50000 crores party, they are finding alliance for daughter, after Shivaye’s marriage, Om’s marriage right, think about it, you won’t get better chance to leave Shivaye behind. FB ends.

Jhanvi asks is this business deal imp than Om. Tej says I m doing this for his betterment. Om says don’t do this, you can’t buy me, go and sell anything else, as your son is not ready to get sold, go and make any cheap plan. Tej raises hand. Jhanvi shouts Tej and gets in between. She asks are you raising hand on grown up son. Tej says if I raised hand in his childhood, he would have not done this, you are responsible for this too. She says you forced him to misbehave. He says oh, you are on his side, you all are on one side, and I m alone on other side, so I should go from this house, not Om. They all get shocked.

Tej drives and a car comes in between. Tej gets shocked seeing Shwetlana wounded. Anika asks Shivaye will you not leave me. Shivaye says I will not go, and not let you go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what is trp for this week?

  2. SilentReader

    Eventhough Om is not a buissinessman like Tej ,he is a successfull artist and I think his sculptures has great demand and he must be selling it for high price,,,so what’s Tej’s prblm,,he z talking as if he z the one who is taking care of Om’s expenses,,,bt even Tej is right from his POV,,coz he just wanna see Om successfull lyk Shivaaye….I found Pinky irritating

    1. Mouni

      it seems nakul is not back yet from london , am feeling the next episodes will have some dragging

      1. Yesterday episode was pre shooted , that is what I feel, and so why we feel discontinuity with previous episodes. I felt many times, some KEY MARKED epis might have been pre shooted long back and we find discontinuity in two epis in a raw , that we felt even in a epi when SHIV-OM-RO were saving TIA from kidnappers, at that time also, keeping different story line in front, that epis might have shooted long back which eventually failed to keep the changed story line and we condemned makers for such a awkward discontunuicy en story line. Makers themself forget what the story was before and what it is at the time of shooting and missed the continuity.

  3. sorry Cinderella I huge of ib shivika isliya i think abtho amari bech my cleared hogaya if u interested let’s be friend:)

  4. sorry Cinderella I am huge fan of ib shivika isliya anywhere I mu u once again sorry if u accept my sorry let’s be frnds if u are interest

  5. Very happieeee to see my om back…. <3333

  6. Aarosh

    till now i could not see written update of today’s episode what happened? first time 11:00 avvostunna written update ledu

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