Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tej says look at Shivaye, learn something from him, he married Anika for family respect. Om says go and find something else, as your son is not ready to get sold. Tej raises hand. Jhanvi shouts Tej. Some time before, Anika calls Shivaye. He answers call. The glass layer falls down. Shivaye gets a shock. Anika hears it and asks Shivaye are you fine. Shivaye removes glass piece from his hair and sees all the glass pieces on the ground.

Jhanvi says Om please. Om says stop, I can’t stay in this house. She says you can’t go. He says relax, try to understand, none wants to go leaving family, but living with strangers is not possible. Jhanvi asks Tej to stop Om. Tej says no way, let him go, if he thinks he can survive without Oberoi’s surname and comforts, let him try. Dadi asks why are you doing

foolishness. Rudra says Papa stop Om. Tej says stop it Rudra, I will not stop him, he does not know whom is he threatening, if he is stubborn, I m his father. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening here. Jhanvi says Om is leaving house. Shivaye asks what. Om says Shivaye don’t stop me. Rudra says we all love you, how will we get Obro moment, don’t go please Om. Om wipes her tears. He says forgive me, I have no problem with you guys, try to understand, I can’t stay here till Tej is here.

Tej says then go, door is open. Anika comes and says I have to tell Shivaye his life is in risk. Om says I have to go. Shivaye shouts Om. Om says I decided, now none can change my decision. Shivaye shouts you can’t do like this Om…. Om stops. Shivaye says you can’t go when I said it, no problem is not so big that it can’t be solved, share your problem with me, we promised we will not hide anything, tell me what’s bothering me. He asks Rudra to take his bag. He says shut up Om, I m your elder brother, I did all duties, today I will claim rights, come with me inside quietly Om….. He takes Om. Servant cuts CCTV camera wire and smile.

Shivaye asks why do you want to leave home. Om says because of Tej, I was wrong thinking he does not know value of relations, he knows all values, which relation will sell at which price, he is big businessman, people sell gold, silver and lands, he wants to sell his son. They all get shocked. Om says its true, he wanted to make me marry a big businessman’s daughter for a business deal, I don’t know anything about that girl, even Tej does not know her name, even then he wants me to marry her. Shivaye asks is this true Bade Papa. Tej says yes, its true, arranged marriage is not a new concept, parents do a lot for children, don’t you have any responsibilities, people have children so that they support them, not to leave home, I did all duties being a father, can’t he give me any small thing, I asked him to marry big businessman’s daughter, not anyone random, she has blood, family line and money, I don’t know what Om wants. Servant takes knife and goes …

Shivaye says its alright if Om does not want to do arranged marriage, the girl he does not know, I don’t think its good idea to marry her for a business deal. Tej asks really Shivaye, you are saying this, you are going to marry Tia for business merger, its right if you do and unfair if Om does, I think you don’t want Om to marry a rich girl and take business ahead. Dadi asks what are you saying Tej, you know Billu can give his life for Omru. Tej says its just saying, every person thinks for himself first, our family is one, but our businesses are different, Shivaye’s age is less than my business experience, today Shivaye went ahead of me because of merger with Kapoors, I want also some merger. Pinky says I knew it, you are jealous of Shivaye’s succeed, you can’t see his heir coming. Dadi stops Pinky. Pinky asks shall we just see what Tej is saying. Dadi says you have to see while talking to elders. Shakti asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky says you don’t say anything to defend Shivaye, I will not be quiet. Servant does something to the car.

Ranveer beats the guys. One of them takes a knife to harm Priyanka. Ranveer comes in between and gets hurt. Ranveer beats them and throws off his torn vest. Police comes and arrests the guys. Ranveer wears his jacket. Priyanka looks on. He leaves. Tej says I don’t care who thinks what, its not my jealousy, but my concern for Om, I want Om to progress in life, if this business merger happens with Chadda, stocks will rise, its not a big thing. Om says its big thing, I don’t make relations a staircase. Tej says you got everything readymade, I gave my life to make Oberois the Oberois. Om says surname does not matter to me, it might matter to you, I want to make my identity by my work. Tej says you have stupid passions to show you are busy.

Tej says look at Shivaye, same school, education, values and opportunities, even then there is big difference, learn from him, he married Anika for family respect. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Tej says he maybe have set standards for his life partner, but when it came about family respect, he forgot everything and married Anika, without thinking her blood and family line, as it was about Oberois family respect, I regret this can’t be expected from you, you think just for yourself. Om says its between us, don’t get Shivaye and Anika in between. Tej says I had to give Shivaye’s example despite having two sons, its my bad luck. Jhanvi says everyone can’t become artist, stop comparing Om with Shivaye. Pinky says there is no comparison of my Shivaye.

Jhanvi says please Pinky, let me talk, Tej why are you doing this, is one business deal so imp for you, you don’t care if son is leaving home. Tej recalls talking to Shwetlana. She says I thought your happiness is with your family. Tej says I got this award since last 15 years. She says I can understand, it feels bad if beloved thing gets away, you may have sidelined me from your life, but I worry seeing you worried, I know this is that worry which you can’t share with family. He says Shivaye is winning over me. He says not on his own, you know the reason is 36000 crores merger with Kapoors. He says no one sees how it happened, they see what happened. She says exactly, you can use the same way, I have perfect business deal, Chaddas are 50000 crores party, they are finding alliance for daughter, after Shivaye’s marriage, Om’s marriage right, think about it, you won’t get better chance to leave Shivaye behind. FB ends.

Jhanvi asks is this business deal imp than Om. Tej says I m doing this for his betterment. Om says don’t do this, you can’t buy me, go and sell anything else, as your son is not ready to get sold, go and make any cheap plan. Tej raises hand. Jhanvi shouts Tej and gets in between. She asks are you raising hand on grown up son. Tej says if I raised hand in his childhood, he would have not done this, you are responsible for this too. She says you forced him to misbehave. He says oh, you are on his side, you all are on one side, and I m alone on other side, so I should go from this house, not Om. They all get shocked.

Tej drives and a car comes in between. Tej gets shocked seeing Shwetlana wounded. Anika asks Shivaye will you not leave me. Shivaye says I will not go, and not let you go.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TUFFY

    Stop this serial if you can’t show women having some brain and realising what’s happening around them. For example Anika etc. Just keep going round in circles.

    • Sanchi

      |Registered Member

      Calm down friend..
      Your frustration at utterly dumb lady leads is 100% valid but not everyone can be logical and as Sherlock says everybody is stupid

    • Sakshii

      |Registered Member

      I think all serials women r brainless only…is anika very special?? Yaa she is.. ..her character is much more stronger dan any other leads..if u hv so much problem then stop watching it no need to say end it!!!…

      • Jaya

        |Registered Member

        Hello sakshii! Sory for late hello. I agree with you guys. If we are real ib lovers we must have patience to watch it.

    • Vijji

      Even in real life, aren’t bad people more brainy than good people? Bad people get more ideas than good people. Unfortunately they use it for bad things. I am not saying all the time bad people are more brainy. But they get these bad ideas that good people cannot even think about.

    • Halimah

      If you dislike the show’s leads or roles you need to stop watching this serial how stupid of you and idiotic of you to write down stuff like this when you are the one who is reading/watching the show. IDIOT.Plus you need to stop writing hate comments if you can’t stop acting like a dumb person using the word ‘perfect’ for someone else’s show.

  2. Sanchi

    |Registered Member

    Omkara returns with a bang..
    Today’s episode was filled with drama and no Shivika scenes but Shivay being authorative to Om just turned the heat up to another level..
    Tej is again being manipulated by Swethlana..
    Kya nafratbaaz honge kaamiyab? Ya Ishqbaaz denge unhe maat?
    janane ke liye dekhte rahiye Ishqbaaz, somavar se shanivar raat 10 baje sirf star plus par

  3. Sakshii

    |Registered Member

    Dekho woh aa gaya…..woh aa gaya.. .
    Finally!!!!…omkara my jaan u r back😘😘😘…
    Ok so full episode was of omkara only…its a first episode in which omkara got all screen space.. .m I Right?? ?…..
    Om-Tej takkar is very bhayanak…somewhere I felt Tej is right on his place cz..every father want his son to get settle down…he should secure his future..noyhing is wrng in dat…
    But at same time I felt more than concern there was his selfishness…just for sake of best businessman award??nd stock…
    OmRu scenes where also nice….loved the way rudra tried to convince om….
    Precap: who is in precap??…is she swethlana?? ?…
    Nd I think plan was to kill omkara but instead tej got in car cz first om was leaving but at end Tej leaved oberio mansion…..

    • Lax

      Sakshii..!! It’s Svetlana in Precap. I think they were planning to kill Shivay n it was Shivay’s car I guess. But instead Tej got into it I think.

  4. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode portrayed pure emotions by all I am spellbound what can I comment on this issue I guess every second business house has this issue in their roots I will not say that anyone is wrong at their places I guess what tej Singh oberoi has done is because every head of the family is proud that he is achieving something is in own life as well as satisfying his family needs ….and if anyone is better in this he would surely somewhere be jealous of him … Whereas om is also ryt in his POV janvi too but I just felt bad for anika how tej described her … Rudra was sensitive for om every word was not a drama all delivered real emotions as always which is not so easy always and the precap… I would skip Svetlana part….and SHIVIKA was awesome to the core…
    Thanks for rapid update

  5. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Guys after along time I am back to IB home missed you all sorry …. As nowadays serial is revolving around Ishqbaaz &nafratbaaz so I was not so excited to comment but today’s epi only obbros &family and not too much of nafratbaaz so I felt good….u all Ishqies remember me na ?¿… Upset for om pair… 😥😥

  6. aarosh

    if u want to witness some good episodes we have to bear with bad episodes(manchi episode chudalante dani loni storyline ardham kavalante ilanti episodes bharinchalsinde)

  7. Sakshii

    |Registered Member HELLY SHAH entering the show??? i don’t want her….plz bring tejaswi prakash…..
    Nd if she enters so no problem but they r telling she will play Ishana….big no for dis only vrushy can play Ishana noone else..introduce new character for her…

    P.S:- whts going on??? Sometimes says SANA going to play chuttki..when all started accepting her…new news came dat VRUSHIKA is coming back…all ishkara fans started assuming their story again..just like soye armaan jaga diye….nd after 2 days they r saying HELLY roped in…i mean Seriously???stop playing as our emotions !!! Whts this kabhi ye kabhi woh….confirm one nd start his story….now it’s getting too much to wait for his story…now they should understand feelings of OMKARA fans….they r showing romantic moments of shivika nd rumya…nd OMKARA is still alone…
    Plz final anyone nd start his story…request…humble request..

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      l heared the news about helly but some said they still trying to find om lady so not confirmed and maybe sana will play shuttki but maybe she is not om’s lady love ?? maybe her story will be out of the OM ?? anyway nothing is confirmed yet but am thinking that om lead may enter after nafratbaaz exposureso let’s hope its soon

    • shahabana

      Im with u guyz….i tooo dont want helly shah in ishqbaaz….i dont have any hatred for her….but im sure she wont suite for omkara….she is so young….i think its better if they will mature girl for omkara….i will prefer either vrushika mehtha or tejaswi prakash

    • saira

      I think we should stop seeing all these future stories; sbs segments; these fake news etc. We shud sit in front of tv daily and only watch ib it wold be lot more suspenseful. All this material is making me lose my mind. This way we will be able to save a lot of time. What say guy? I am just fed up of rum ours.

  8. Archiya

    |Registered Member

    Looks lik New year celebrations are over for us.. after 2 gorgeous episodez they threw us back to reality
    Wht a boring episode.. it was only abt om marrying some gal.. it wld hve been over in one small part.. why drag it thru entire episode.. an nw again swetlana tej story will start..dnt understand why thy r nt focussin on the main leadz story..
    An they ended the scene of shivay attack so abruptly..
    Only thing i liked in today epi was ranveer.. he is so handsome.. an also Om come back.. was missing him so much

      • Archiya

        |Registered Member

        I think it gt edited. As I had seen an spoiler wher anika comes to him after the glass break.. or it might b such a huge attack n no one knws

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      am thinking they were dragging this ep bcz nakul is gone in london for the NY and the new videos they did not show him , only tia and anika and om so maybe that’s the reason
      the entire ep was 1 scene only and next ep will be about swetlana coming back

    • Sakshii

      |Registered Member

      Yaa archu di…u r right..they should now focus on main leads story specially of omkara nd rumya…
      Nd ranveer is so cool…nd already I m a priveer fan..hope their story will progress…

  9. Jaya

    |Registered Member

    Good to see om back. But today’s episode gave me headache. So much arguements. Om should have left the house. Atleast he could prove tej oberoi that without oberoi tag also he can make own identity. Kunal performed brilliant today.

  10. Cinderella

    stop this serial really!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂

  11. My om

    Awesome, finally my omie is back… Good to see u r healthy my love.. Muaaahhh omie darling luv uuuuuuu

  12. Nafisa

    Fade up to this serial. Swetlana again washed Tej’s brain and that too so easily!!!!!!! And Om oh God please help me I can’t bear this any more. But love the Priveer track only this track I love. 😙

  13. fan

    good epi. i think om will agree to marry because he wouldnt want his father to leave- and shwetlana will get another daughter into the house.

  14. Tia Padhye

    And this is how you break the momentum of a great ongoing show…makers need to understand that ppl watch this show for shivika and rumya moments and not for this crap😡😡😡

  15. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    l must say that pinky is somehow right for the first time , tej is jealous of sso , he can not believe that sso with his young age and small experiance has become more successful than him and he is afraid that with this presumed merger with kapoors he will be more famous , little do they know that kapoors have nothing to offer but only wants to destroy OF
    and from what l anderstand the family buisness is different from one another so tej and shakti buisness is different from sso buisness and that’s what explains his feelings , bcz of the dominant personality of sso in the OM it looks like tej and shakti have no role there and from ep 1 sso seems to be the head of the OF and he referse to the OM as MY HOUSE not our house add to that the fact that tej’s sons both of them loves sso too much and go to him for every decision in their lives so tej lost all of his influence in the OM to sso who is a naturally dominant and l think swetlana knew this and used tej to creat these problemes btw them
    anyway am hoping for the kapoors phase to end soon as the new spoiler showing anika giving robin’s letter to tia who is shoked and afraid so hoping this will make anika find the proof she needs to expose them

  16. kajal

    Guys I am little new to this show i loved it.. But one doubt is shivay the only son of pinky..priyanka..and rudra…are they both janvis children

    • miley

      hi kajal ,yeah shivaay is the only child of pinky and shakti .
      omkara ,rudra and priyanka are childrens of jhanvi and tej. if you want more information, you can watch the show in hotstar. believe me it will be great to watch the show by your self . you will enjoy it.

  17. Srilatha

    Seriously yaar tej apne bhai ki beta se jealous kiase osat thahai. Om is right usihai relationships ki kadar nahi hai agar kissi ki kadar hai tho usi sveltana ki i hate today episode. Percap:shivaye says to anika i will not go & i wan’t let you to go. I can’t wait for 10pm that why will see 05:40pm on hotstar & again i will also see 10pm for trp


    |Registered Member

    Confusion and confusion….
    Ghr me sbke rehte hue shivaye pr attack ho gya uski kisi ko tension nhi hai not even to om and rudra and when anika is trying to say everyone is busy in their stupid fight..
    Tej ne indirectly anika ki bezzati kri ya shivaye ki tarif kri yeh bhi samjg nhi aaya…
    Aajkal to sirf priyanka and ranvir (backgroud music se lgta hai psycho wala) pyar hi iss show me jaan daal raha hai…

    • Archiya

      |Registered Member

      Ur so rite Shraddha,
      It was such a huge attack, n no one is bothered. I wonder hw no one even heard the glass breakin.. it must b a huge sound

  19. Jaya

    |Registered Member

    Sory for interrupting…couldn’t stop myself asking. You were talking about some letter written by robin ri8? What’s that?

  20. miley

    i am happy see om back in the show. todays episodes is full arguments.
    apart from this drama please dont bring omkara love in such confusing situation . take some time to bring suitable girl for omkara. no one is liking helly or sana for the role of ishana .
    writer and director its a request koi achche is ladki le aao omkara keliye kyunki bahut log omkara ko pasand karte hai woh chaahenge ki omkara ki pyaar bhi uski takkar ki ho. dont upset your fans guys. agar tum log shivaay aur rudra keliye suitable ladkiyon ko laaa sakte ho toh omkara toh sab ka favorite hai uskeliye toh ek suitable ladki ko laana hi chahiye naa tum logon ko.

  21. Srilatha

    Cinderalla if u are not interested in ib show watching the ib but u didn’t have any right to say stop this serial

    • Cinderella

      Hi Srilatha u misunderstood me dear actually I reacted on someone’s cmnt who said IB ko stop kar dena chahiye I don’t want this..☺

  22. Lax

    Welcome back Om..!! Was missing you. Om looks physically weak.

    Anyway abt the episode, Om-Tej fight was fierce 😱😱So Kapoors are trying to create more problems between father n son, trying to kill Shivay n what not. Let’s wait n see what’s in store for us.
    And Chaddas again, Dev was also a Chadda right? Hope that’s just a coincidence. And poor thing Annika, unnecessarily dragged into the convo. Koi bhi aake Suna k jaathe hain.

    Again after seeing today’s episode have to say IB has best performers on board.

    Precap is interesting both Tejs n Shivikas scene.

    P.S- Sorry Guys…!!! Something totally out of context, Dangal movie is a must watch, U ll like it. Women empowerment at its best. Try to see.

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      true lax , the performers in IB are all very good , they make it look very natural
      but it felt like dragging in today ep , the family fight took so much time and as you said they bring poor anika in the middle even when she has nothing to do with it
      let’s hope the nafratbaaz gets exposed soon

      • Lax

        Mouni dear.!! I feel nafratbaaz may end soon. They are planning to go for Om’s story, thats why daily we hear names of actress roped in as his lady love.

      • Lax

        Mouni, After seeing Tej insulting Annika, I feel Annika belongs to a rich business family. May be it’s my wish, I donno but I ve that feeling.

    • Sakshii

      |Registered Member

      Lax dear…
      U told about dangal movie naa….u know what happened as me…om 31st Dec I was having holiday..i thought going for movie I asked my mom to give me company she refused…then I called my friend but she was out off station.. .wait my bad luck not ended still…i phoned my sis..she told tomorrow is Sunday will go tomorrow that’s on 1 Jan.. .i was so happy day finally I will watch movie…nxt day i phoned her when to go so she told…i m having test in tuition classes….she is in 12std naaa…i was left heartbroken..😭😭😭😭😭…
      I don’t y I m writting this but..felt like saying my story as I asked naa watch movie so…..

      • Lax

        Sakshii.. it’s ok. It’s still in theatres rite?? U can go any day. Try to watch if u get a chance. Btw am not forcing, but am sure, movie is an inspiration to all of us some or the other way.

  23. Krishnaa

    |Registered Member

    glad to see Om and Ru back on the show. in the past few episodes, these kapoor sisters were dominating the screen. the series started as the story of three brothers with anika as an equal supporting role and in the past few episodes the female villains and female protagonist were seen as the main characters,somehow dragging and boring. today’s episode was more like a family drama. but i do miss the old moments which had bromance,romance and comedy. i hope we get to find such moments soon again. rudra’s comedy always makes things on a light note, i really appreciate his character (though Om is my favorite among the favorites 🙂 ) and miss such scenes.

  24. fionah

    truth be told…. … guys are dragging the serial with many villains it’s turning into any other serial not the ishq baaz I fell in love with

    • Tahima

      okay honestly im tired of ppl saying that. If we get all the romance and progress with the love stories super quickly what will be left to show. Ishqbaaz is still the same just depends on which episode we were watching. WE cant have an episode like we had yesterday all the time.

  25. iamsofianeak

    Helly Shah is much better than Sana & Tejaswwi , atleast she’s natural on-screen go watch swaragini , and come here ! whan swara assumed to be dead her sister ragini was doing makeup and cried like seriously ! and i’ll be happy if Helly joins IB.
    But sad bc only Shivika will get space ! till now ishqbaaz is about shivaye and Anika not 3 brothers… Om & Rudra play sides role not lead !

    • Sakshii

      |Registered Member

      Ok..i know u r HELLY fan….but no one told she is bad actress…but as u prefer helly..we prefer TEJASWI…dats it….no personal issue we her but it’s just choice…no one is telling we will not accept her…but it’s just dat need some time…

    • shahabana

      Im not helly fan but im not saying she is a bad actress….helly is a good actress….i resoect her…she is tooo young then also she acheived much….i dnt hate helly bjt im not her fan tooo…i hope u understood my point.. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes…i respect ur choice…
      But i really wish helly to wont enter ishqbaaz bcz its my choice…..ya she is a good actress i really wish her to get chance in any other show
      And by the by if helly is a good actress then both tejaswi and sana also good actress…makeup is not example for acting skills of a actress
      If u want check sana done good job in krishnadaasi
      And about TEJA i think i dnt need to say anything about her acting skill….bcz u said about her makup then i think u observed her acting to in swaragini
      Teja done superb job in swaragini as simple innocent girl later grey shade later little phsycho….and she done romantic scenes also very nc in the show….Teja is a actress who has done different types of charecter in a single show….
      Im sure omkaras lead will be little grey shade so tejaswi is a better choice than helly

  26. Tahima

    I guess nafratbaaz aint leaving anytime soon I guess. Hopefully none of this garbage gets in between shivika and roumya. There has been many new articles claiming that ishanna as in vrushika mehta will once again return to the show. Hopefully it is true but I havent seen any spoilers that actually show her back.

  27. moni

    Waiting for 2morrow’s epi….anika worrying for shivaay n asking not to leave her n shivaay saying i won’t go niether let u go anywhere…..shivomru..scenes were nice after a long time got to c them together sharing one screen n also priyanka n ranveer scenes were awsome…

  28. Christina

    |Registered Member

    Is helly shah going to play the role of love girl of om???is it true??
    Plz plz plz guys do reply….
    I read it in spoiler says one thing n other says another what is this????

  29. Aqua

    |Registered Member

    First of all I am extremely delighted of seeing Omkara/Kunal after such a long time.
    And on top of that his top notch acting was just the cherry on the ice cream cake yummmmmmm.

    I know many of found today’s ep boring, because of all the family drama and less of blushing shivika… but i must say, today many improtant issues were pointed out…

    first one, shivika marriage, when Tez said Shivay married Anika for the respect of Oberoi house and he did not think about Anika’s lineage etc…

    Anika and Shivay looked at each other realizing the plain truth to their so called marriage–it was forced, nothing special and Anika is not perfect to be Shivay’s wife… But of course that will change eventually as they have already started to notice a pull towards each other. I thought tez, pointing it out so directly gave them something to think about.

    Most improtant point of today’s episode: I absolutely loved the power packed verbal dual between Om and Tez… It reminded me why I was in love with the show…. to Me Om represent the Ideal world, he is the moral police but tez represent the real cruel world, where there is no place for an moral police. I loved how Tez expressed his concern for Om’s future in his own twisted way…he is a dad who wants his Son to follow his foot step…. there are many parents are like that in our culture…. they want daughters to be a doctor, and sons to be a engineer, and then when they become adults the parents wants to choose their life partner…. and Today Tez realistically portrait the flaw in our societal parents.

    Om, being the idealistic, only wants what his heart desire, and belieave everyone had the right to live for their own happiness… though he isn’t selfish, he isn’t willing to sacrifice his happiness for the family…. so the question is when do we call our selves selfless, when we shed our identity for the sake of our family honor and become another cookie cutter like rest of the people or do we hold on to our identity and flourish with our God given talent, like in Om’s case ?

    I think the show has raised a very important issue today…many of the youths in our culture are battling between selfish and selfless with their parents.. I mean if Lata Mangheshkar opted for a career in medicine, the world would have missed out on her melodic voice…worlds needs unique talented people….and parents should encourage it and not become a obstacle to their happiness for the parent’s own selfish ego….

    • shahabana

      Im agree with ur points Aqua….i dnt find yesterdays episode is boring its really one of the best episode in my point….i know many are wont happy bcz there is no happiest scene in yesterdays episode….but uts really a good episide…u know what im really expected this kind of argument betwn omkara and tej… Its really happens in real life too.. Im not saying just like that i have seen in real life thats why im saying….

    • shekhar

      Nicely described the expectation of parents from their child and needs of children against their parents expectations. Conflicts then arise among family which leads either sacrifices or parted the ways, and both ways we get ashes of dreams of either one. Personnelly I blv, parents should understand, let the DNA to be attain a different features than you have, your feature are enough to accomplish your dty to perfrm!

  30. shahabana

    Finallyyy omkara is back…..but poor omkara….whats this tejs problem….he is humilating omkara shivika and jaanvi by his words….its not bad if a father wants good for his son….but pressuring his son for a buesiness its not at all cool….this swetlana once again manipulated tej…precape is intresting….
    And i just wish helly wont enter ishqbaaz… not understanding why they where choosing short and baby type girl for omkara……its ishqbaaz so its better if they will choose someobe mature for omkara….i think sana is better than helly
    Im liking the way anika stood silently when oberoise argueing…if its in any other show lead lady will given any free advise to all others but anika not….thats why ishqbaaz is special
    Love ishqbaaz

    • Shekhar

      As on today, she has been acknowledged by SHIVAAY , that is not even loud out ,and DADI only, else all are knowing, they are going to be divorced after a while. Even ANNIKA just can not be have any assurance for her future in OF only on the indirect saying of SSO. She kept silence, that she had to. She just can not indulge in to create any situation of being insulted after getting involved in the ongoing drama in which she can not have any right to play any role. She is nor family yet, let what ever going on between SHIVIKA, but untill and unless whole family acknowledge her as OF BAHU, she will not be a family!😃

      • shahabana

        Im agree Shekhar….half members of oberoi mansion doesnt considera anika has a family….then also u can check if u want in any other sereals…. they wont conciders lead lady of the show has their family member then also she gives them free advises but its not happening in ib…
        Anyways i just told its only for fun not a serious point

    • Lax

      Shahabana..!! What’s the TRP, Any idea?? Heard in SBS that IB is in top 5 this time. But don’t know the numbers. Not published in any site till now. If u know pls share.

  31. priyanka

    helly is nt entering the show jst she went to ishqbaaz set to meet anika as she is the best frnd of her

    • shahabana

      Yaaaa i tooo read it on insta that helly is not entering ishqbaaz but she visited ib set to meet her friends surabhi and lalith sir
      Anyways im happy if helly wont enter ishqbaaz


    Today epi was full of family drama, and it has emerged up that what SWETLANA has said is going to be right! She just blew the fire already there in TEJ for SHIVAAY, I hope SWETLANA is going to raise the curtains between OBEROY’s family member and will put them all just on the mouth of volcano. But she had made a mistake by under estimating the capabilty of ANNIKA, which ultimately get SWET on loser side. As the time passes away she will learn, how much TIA was right in her saying, OUR MAIN HURDLE IS ANNIKA!

    SSO, while TEJ talking about NKK fingering at ANNIKA, looked at ANNIKA with full of guilt and thats his one second look at ANNIKA cleared me out how much he and TEJ were wrong? He feeled the sad shade over her face.

    Anyhow, TEJ has acted fantastically standing with his character, but OM reaction were dramatic more and over than realistic. Rudra has nothing to do with that drama but very scared to very thought of OM leaving home.

    Some may think, on accustaion of being SELFISH on SSO, he will now get start to be selfish and may concentrate on his life and his LADY LOVE ANNIKA, keeping aside family, but there they will get stumble over this specula. First thing is that, MAKERS does not think of such twist with main leads, other thing ANNIKA will not allowed SSO to be selfish who is already missing a family charm, and most importantly, SSO is most rigid when ever the matters come over to his promise given to DADI that he will take care of OMRU at any cost. So, in my POV, no such twist is possible in basic characterstic of SSO .

    JHANVI vommitted out all her accumilated hate, anger since long by answering TEJ, YOU YOURSELF PROVIDED ENOUGH REASONS TO OM TO MISBEHAVE WITH YOU!, that s what isolated TEJ from main stream of family. JHANVI and SHIVAAY both are most generous persons to deal with a matter particularly when it comes over to family unity. DADI has a DRAM of family unity, and JHANVI and SSO are there to mantain that DADI’s dream.

    • shahabana

      Im agree sso wont leave his family ever and he wont become a selfish…if he has fallen for anika then she will become part of his family and life….she cnt take his brothers and familys place in his life…before sso used to worry for his brothers and family not anika also included in this list…
      And u are right shekhar its bcz of jaanvi and shivaye family are together….im not understanding how this tej gone behind swet leaving his wife behind

    • shahabana

      S its swetlanas biggest foolishness that sge underestimated anika….anika will be a biggest hurdle in nafrathabaaz gangs plan
      I dnt find omkaras exoressions are dramatic….i really enjoyed kunals acting and diologues

      • SHEKHAR

        Yet after 6 months long period, I could not fix the CHARACTER FRAME of OM thats why I may have committed missinterpretation of OM in his right perspective . But some how what I feel is, either makers are failed to pour continuity in his story line or may be OM himself might have lost the consistency in his character due to abrupt change in story line.

        Anyway, I am not intended to BASH on any character including OM, but it seems to me unusual when some character cross the predefined character frame, and act and react

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      hi shekhar , l believe sso is feeling guilty for the first time about the way he married anika , before that he was guilty bcz of daksh lies but now with tej words he feels that he made a huge mistake even if it was for his family and that is major change in his personality , bcz before that he did not care for her as long as his family name is safe but now she became a part of his life and he considers her his wife even if others thinks he chose tia
      the nafratbaaz will surly make mistakes and swetlana is underestimating anika’s capacity and intelligence , the fact that tia was terrified at robin’s letter will make anika doubt her more and maybe with the help of omru she finds the truth and that accident of swetlana where she pushes herself in staires to blame maybe janvi will make anika more alert especially if tia testifies that janvi pushed swetlana bcz anika will never believe tia

      • SHEKHAR

        yes, MOUNI, you are right, atleast he consider HER as a family, no doubt in it, but still he is hesitating to loud out because of TIA factor.

  33. Halima

    I also like helly so much but she will not suit omkara its better to cast tejashwi she is really a good actor

  34. ishq

    felt very bad for anika..poor shivika looking at each other hiding their pain..n tej did a right thing by pointing shivaay in marrying tia for just a bussiness deal n fabulous performance by om..precap so emotional ..n knowing dat shivaay signed d divorce papers how cn anika ask him not leave her

  35. Hkhan

    Please someone confirm to helly that she is not entering in IB i love her so much but with omkara a big no

  36. SilentReader

    Eventhough Om is not a buissinessman like Tej ,he is a successfull artist and I think his sculptures has great demand and he must be selling it for high price,,,so what’s Tej’s prblm,,he z talking as if he z the one who is taking care of Om’s expenses,,,bt even Tej is right from his POV,,coz he just wanna see Om successfull lyk Shivaaye….I found Pinky irritating

      • SHEKHAR

        Yesterday episode was pre shooted , that is what I feel, and so why we feel discontinuity with previous episodes. I felt many times, some KEY MARKED epis might have been pre shooted long back and we find discontinuity in two epis in a raw , that we felt even in a epi when SHIV-OM-RO were saving TIA from kidnappers, at that time also, keeping different story line in front, that epis might have shooted long back which eventually failed to keep the changed story line and we condemned makers for such a awkward discontunuicy en story line. Makers themself forget what the story was before and what it is at the time of shooting and missed the continuity.

  37. srilatha

    sorry Cinderella I huge of ib shivika isliya i think abtho amari bech my cleared hogaya if u interested let’s be friend:)

  38. srilatha

    sorry Cinderella I am huge fan of ib shivika isliya anywhere I mu u once again sorry if u accept my sorry let’s be frnds if u are interest

  39. Aarosh

    |Registered Member

    till now i could not see written update of today’s episode what happened? first time 11:00 avvostunna written update ledu

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