Yeh Vaada Raha 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi calls Abeer and says come here. Or should i call pratap? Kartik says is everything okay between you and Abeer? Khushi says everything is okay. Let me call him. His number is off. Kartik says what happened? Pratap calls Kartik. Kartik says Abeer isn’t here yet. Khushi takes the phone. Pratap says where is abeer? Khushi says he is in office. Pratap calls office and asks did abeer come there? She says he came here for an hour. Pratpa calls kamini and says where is abeer? Kamini says he went to office I won’t know. Pratap says if Abeer is disturbing her I won’t leave him. Kamini says to Abeer your dad is being mad for that Anjali.
Kartik says to Khushi there is something wrong You are not telling me.
Pratap comes and says Abeer’s phone died. He called me and said he will be late in office. So I came here to pick her up.

They come home. Pratpa says what have you done abeer. Kamini says what happened? Pratap says ask your son. Kamini says when you asked me to call him I traced him. Pratap says where were you? Abeer says I went to office. I wanted to do something for Khushi. I wanted to start this relationship anew. So I went to our travel agent. I want to take her on honeymoon. Khushi and my nature are totally differnet. Something that we both would like. When we came out my tire was punctured. Then mom told me you went to pick her already.

Khushi shoves Abeer in the room. He says what if my hand breaks, you will have to feed me all my life. Khushi says how dare you. Abeer says if you say no dad would be mad. Dad will be send me anywhere. Today because of you my world tour dream would come alive.

Khushi says my food slipped. Pratap says Abeer help her she is hurt. Abeer picks Khushi up. Pratap says you are so careless Abber. Call the doctor. Khushi says can you call my doctor. i had a fracture in childhood. SHe knows my medications. Dr. Lata her phone is in my number.
Pratap says to Abeer Khushi is here for two days and all this. Her dad is already worried for her. Kamini says this isn’t abeer’s mistake. is she blind? Can’t she walk. Pratap says can’t we expect humanity from your for five minutes? Better keep quite.
Doctor says its a hairline fracture. She can’t walk for a week. Khsuhi says I am fine. Pratap says your trip is cancel. Khushi says abeer really wanted to go. Pratap says you will rest. abeer can go later. Abeer she is your responsibility. You have to take care of her.

Precap-Abeer picks Khushi. There are thugs in the house. Abeer hits them. One of them stabs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. how romantic :* :* 🙂 😀

  2. I like the fight between them . But Zain imam used to look better with Twinkle . And kushi should get rid of the glasses

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