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Tia switches on the gas knobs and says now fire will be ignited. Dadi asks servants to keep things there. She stops. Some time before, Anika says I m going forever. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words and says okay. Anika asks okay, do you have to say just this, what’s your problem, you were fine, you had doubt on Tia and being father of her child, now I think you have problem with me, not Tia, can I know what’s the reason of this u-turn, person is either good or bad, innocent or clever, straight or complex, but you are everything, don’t know how many Shivaye are there in one Shivaye, you are not human, not a maze, in which I got trapped, so I could not make any opinion about you.

She says whenever I think I understood you, you do something to make me doubt on my understanding, whenever

I feel everything got fine between us, you do something that spoils things, whenever I feel you want to stop me, you want me to leave, what do you want, tell me what’s in your heart, if not directly, say it any other way, scold me, say angrily, but please tell me, if not seeing my way, see somewhere else, if not on face, then say on phone, but please say it. He turns away. She cries. She takes her bag and leaves. O jaana….plays…..

Anika and Sahil come to living hall. Pinky says I will get rid of her. Dadi says Billu does not know what is he going to lose, he could stop her, but he is sending her. Shivaye comes and looks on. Anika walks away. Tia comes and says I feel really bad for you Anika, you did a lot and even then you are leaving, how sad, sometimes destiny gets cruel, I got a see off gift, hope you like it, open it and see. Anika sees slippers. Tia says I can’t change your broken fate, so thought to change slippers, all the best. Soumya calls out Anika and asks how will you go. Anika says I will go. She walks ahead. Shivaye calls her out and says you don’t show off so much Tadi/attitude. Anika goes out of the house and recalls her words and Shivaye’s words.

She stops and thinks Shivaye gave me sign to stop. Sahil asks what happened. She smiles and leaves the car door. She goes back home and keeps her bag. Everyone look on. She smiles and goes to Shivaye. She says I was showing much Tadi, not anymore. Tia asks what’s this Tadi, and you came back again. Anika says yes, I m not going, I will stay here in this house, as I m bahu even now. Tia says you signed divorce papers. Anika says just signed, divorce did not happen, I m bahu of this house till six months, and bahus don’t leave sasural, so I will stay here Tia. Tia gets angry. Anika sees Shivaye.

Tia talks to Shwetlana and says I did not see such shameless girl in my life. Shwetlana says focus in aim. Anika is an ant, we can crush her anytime. Tia says its easy for you to say, this ant is biting my feet. Romi asks her not to get hyper and understand Shwetlana’s point. Tia says I understood, Anika is my problem, I will handle her, thanks a lot. She ends call. Shwetlana says this girl is mad, I m afraid she can do something in anger that can ruin our plan. Romi asks what to do now. Shwetlana says we have to go there and stop her. Romi asks but how….

Anika comes to Shivaye and says don’t show much Tadi…. see I did not show any attitude, the way is good, you stopped me and none knew of it. He says I did not stop you, you came back. She says but I came back as you asked me to stay back. He says I don’t understand what you are saying. She says oh, its your day to act innocent, what should I understand, what you did, you stopped me and not accepting me, you are showing attitude.

He says I don’t care by your coming and leaving. She asks really. He says I said that in hindi now. She asks don’t you worry for me. He says no, shall I write. She says no, you are lying, you worry for me and stopped me. He says I did not stop you, you came back. She asks will you not accept. He says there is nothing like that. She asks if I prove it. He says you can’t. She asks are you challenging me. He says think what you want. She says fine, you will accept you care/worry for me, infront of everyone. Dadi calls Anika. Anika says coming Dadi…. She says tonight I will prove you care for me. She leaves.

Dadi says my two bahus are useless, they did not do new bahu’s first rasoi. Anika asks about it. Dadi says bahu is Annapurna, when bahu cooks for the first time, its called first rasoi, you will cook food for Billu and family. Soumya says I will help you. Dadi says none will help Anika, bahu has to make family have good food of their choice and impress them, without anyone’s help. Soumya wishes her all the best. Dadi says I will arranged fruits and vegs, you think what to make. Tia hears them and says first rasoi, sorry Anika, you will be cooking for last time in Oberois kitchen, I will make your first rasoi last. Dadi says see they have come.

Shwetlana and Romi come in disguise of servants. She goes to servants and asks them to keep all the things that side. She stops and turns to see. Tia switches on gas knobs and says now fire will be ignited. She goes. Shwetlana pulls her. Tia asks what are you doing here, how did you come here. Romi says we bribed them. Tia says you know its risky, if anyone sees you…Shwetlana says you hev to control anger Tia. Soumya passes by and stops. Tia sees Soumya and asks them to keep vegs and fruits separately. Tia says actually, I was making them keep vegs and fruits came from farm. Soumya goes.

Anika is in kitchen and says don’t know where are the utensils. Soumya comes and says I think you need help. Anika says yes, but Dadi stopped me from taking help. Soumya asks whats your plan. Anika says I can make aloo puri well, but when everyone see oil, they feel michmichi, I want to make something simple which has less chance of mistake. Soumya says relax and all the best, tell me if you need help. She goes. Anika says I don’t know to cook anything, what to make. She thinks of Shivaye’s words and checks on net. She says I will make paneer butter masala. She takes a pan and cuts paneer into cubes. Tia looks on and smiles. She says come on Anika, light the matchstick and die, you have to die. Anika takes matchstick and it does not ignite. Anika tries again. Tia looks on.

Servant says Shivaye does not want to have tea. Anika says fine, I will have it. Tia adds pill in tea. Anika drinks tea and falls down. Tia, Shwetlana and Romi put her in the fridge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode. i like shivika……

  2. Khusbu sharma

    Hlo guys !! Im a silent reader &new here …but where is omru ??they arent still fyn ..ohh I miss dem …come soon omru ..get well soon..

  3. Hello all. I feel SSO is the illegitimate child n Shakti has either killed or hidden this truth from OF except Tej. tej must have told this to swet in one of his conversation which she may hv mistook as om . When shivaye will come to know I think he will b into a trauma as he believes in lineage n all…..OF will b not normal with him but anika will stand by him n give him the support. Gayatri’s husband must have come to know abt this n got killed..I say this as ishaana said that u don’t talk abt lineage n blood Mr.oberoi when she was blamed

  4. Hiiii friends….its a long time since I’ve been here!!how r u all????
    Happy last day of the year guyzzz….
    Had beautiful memories with u…

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