Yeh Vaada Raha 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Abeer says I went to apologize her and she slapped me in return. I should take revenge. Kamini says by ruining your life? Abeer says I have worked out whole plan don’t worry. She is a special girl according to dad. I will bring her here and make her life living hell. Dad will realize how wrong he was about her. She will leave this house herself.
Khushi says I have to go for music class, you get ready for cafe. Khushi comes out, people show her newspaper where Abeer has printed apology. They all say forgive him he is apologizing you. move on khushi. Khushi says can’t you leave me alone? The woman says it takes 15 lac to print in newspaper. He wasted that money for you.
Khushi comes to class. All the kids give her flowers. They say i love you miss. She says what is all this? They say you look sad ma’am. Please forgive abeer uncle. Headmistress comes and gives Khushi chocolate and says eat this and forgive abeer.

Khushi comes home and asks pratpa didn’t you go to cafe? Khushi’s friends come and say please Khushi forgive abeer. Khshi says I thought you people are my friends at least. Please go from here. Abeer comes there with a balloon. Khushi says you..Pratpa says didn’t you hear what she said? Go from here. How did you come in? Abeer says I want to apologize you too uncle. Please pardon me. Khushi says enough. What is all this? you did what you could. Please go. He says I realized my mistake trust me please. Khushi says you can never change. Get out of my house or I will call police. he leaves.

Pratpa says to Abeer you think she will agree with all this? Abeer says I am trying to fix a broken heart. Pratap this isn’t a drama this time? Abeer says first time I am serious. Kamini says that girl is fooling you. When you realize it is gonna be too late. you will stuck for life and regret. She isn’t worth it. Abeer says stop it mom. Don’t say that about Khushi. She is my wife I married her. I couldn’t understand but dad showed her real face to me. If you have a problem with her let it be. Kamini says I am your mom. Abeer syas when I bring her here, I won’t tolerate any disprespect towards her. Please stay out of this.

Khushi says papa why are you not ready? He shows her Abeer’s clip, Abeer says forgive me khushi. Kartik says you should listen to him once think. He might have changed. Khushi says he can never change. I know him. I am going. she comes out, there are balloons everywhere.
Khushi is walking out, a man says same girl whose picture was printed in newspaper. A man stops her and says there is something about her that is why he is so crzy for her. You didn’t give him chance give us at least. Abeer comes home. Kartik says Khushi isn’t here get out. Abeer says I am here to talk to you uncle. He touches his feet and says forgive me uncle.
The thug says what is left that he can’t give you? Khushi says I wont leave you people. He says catch us first. Abeer and Kartik come there. Abeer hits the thugs.
Khushi says lets go papa. Abeer says its okay even if you don’t thank. You can at least listen to me. ABeer says you created all these problems for me. you sent these thugs and then saved me to become hero. What you want:? He says one chance. Khushi says you won’t get any.

Next morning, Khushi finds a sorry card in her closet. There are flowers everywhere. Khushi throws them away.

Precap-Abeer goes to a building. Media and police are there as well. They say abeer will jump down if Khushi doesn’t pardon him and come here in an hour.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Krishna & Sayyam


  2. indera sanichara

    Let him jump Khushi, remember you signed the divorce paper tell everyone you are not married to him anymore. Tell him go ask his mom.

    1. Trisha

      I agree…
      You should jump abir…or better yet get Kamini to take your place???

  3. Guys,I got the news that the series is going to end in january.It is as like every series if a 2nd hero will came the show will end.Oh! Zain once more you are leaving us.Hope u’ll come back soon.

  4. The show get intresting.Nice episode.

  5. going to miss yeh vaada raha….wish it didn’t end so early….was happy to see Zain on it.

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