Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks you two? Rudra says not two, three Anika was also with us. Shivaye asks Anika. Rudra says now we are not getting her. Shviaye gets her bracelet/chain. Anika faints in sauna. Sometime before, Om is on the way in auto. He directs the driver. A car follows him. Om sees the car and asks driver to drive fast. Anika says how to know where is Tia. Rudra says we will ask her. Anika asks receptionist about Tia Kapoor, we are looking for her, is there booking by her name. Lady says let me check, no Mam, there is no booking by this name. Rudra says it means Tia came by other name, Lady Baba is becoming Shady Baba, what to do now.

Anika signs him. They go and check some rooms outers. He go upstairs and reach a room. Tia says not so fast, slow…. Rudra says I will call Shivaye and say his world

is ruined. Anika says wait, we will check if its something else or what we are thinking. He says we have to go inside, be ready with phone, we will go inside and take pics. She says fine. They go inside the room. Anika moves his hand off his eyes. They see Tia getting massage. Tia asks what happened, why did you stop massage. She moves cucumber off her eyes and sees Rudra.

Anika and Rudra run out. Tia asks Rudra, is that you. Anika says Rudra, Tia was saying truth to Billu ji, she really came here for therapy, don’t know what we were thinking. Rudra says call Om and tell him not to come here. She says battery dead. He asks what shall we do. She says its like Bhool Bhulaiyya here, even then we will leave. A car stops his car infront of the auto. Om looks back and there is another car. Anika and Rudra run. He collides with something and gets hit on head after a fall. He faints, while Anika runs ahead. Ranveer stops his car.

Tia says you are late, I m sorry, our romantic day spending plan is not liked by universe, Rudra is here, I think you should leave, I m also going now. She hugs him and says sorry. Her phone is left there. Anika thinks where did Rudra go. Tia looks for Rudra and goes upstairs. Anika sees her and worriedly goes to hide in a sauna. Tia comes there. Ranveer goes to Om.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Anika sits in the sauna and coughs wondering from where is the smoke coming. She says in which pressure cooker did I come, how did this steam come. The police aims gun at Om. Ranveer looks at him. Om asks whats all this ACP. Ranver says haye, you are so innocent and does not know this, a girl was murdered some days back, you maybe knowing it, humans are strange, they can run fast but can’t get rid of past, see your past has caught you. Om worries.

Rudra gets conscious and holds his head. He gets up and says where did Anika go. He calls Anika. Her number is switched off. Rudra says her phone battery was dead, what shall I do now. Anika tries to open door and says what happened to this door, how to go out, and calls out Rudra. Om says you can’t arrest me like this. Ranveer asks why, because you are an Oberoi. Om says no, I m a common man and I need arrest warrant from court to arrest me. Ranveer claps and says great, you know a lot about laws. Om says I dealt with people like you who mend laws. Ranveer says and I dealt with one who breaks laws, I m not arresting you, just interrogating you, I don’t need any warrant for that, you got annoyed, we can just talk, I want to know what you know about the woman’s murder. Om says I told you that day, whatever I knew. Ranveer says you did not say anything special. Om says I won’t say anything new today. Ranveer says culprit can be silent, but evidence does not, that too of crime like murder. Rudra asks hotel staff lady about Anika. She says I did not see her. He says what to do now.

Ranveer says I heard you are Harishchandra and never lie, can you tell truth, what you lie. Om says that night….. Om gets Priyanka’s call. Rudra calls Om and wonders why is his number busy. Anika shouts Rudra. She gets her phone to call him and says battery dead…. She shouts if anyone is there. The temperature of sauna begins to get high. Om recalls Priyanka making him swear for not telling this to anyone. Ranveer says you were going to say something. Om says that night whatever happened, I told you, I m getting late, can I leave if your questions are over. Ranveer thinks it was my mistake to think he is weak link, but there is weak link in every chain, I have to attack on that weak link now. Om leaves.

Anika falls short of breath. Om comes to hotel and asks Rudra why are you worried, where is Anika. Rudra says she was with me, now she is not here, I think she went home. Om says she is not so irresponsible, come we will find her. They look for Anika. Shivaye steps inside the hotel. He sees Om and Rudra. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Shivaye says you two. Rudra asks what are you doing here. Shivaye says I should ask you two, what are you doing here. Rudra says not two, three, Anika was with me, now we are not able to find her. Anika gets dizzy. Shivaye says what do you mean by this, that is ridiculous. Om says she is here, don’t know why. Rudra says her mobile battery is dead. Shivaye says you both should have taken care of her, where is she, why are you two here, God knows in which problem is she. Rudra says become angry young man later, lets find her first. They go to find her.

Ranveer sees Priyanka and stops the car. He greets her. She asks how did you come here. He says your earring fell in garden, I came to return it. She takes it and says thanks. He asks are you waiting for someone else. She says my car did not come till now, don’t know where is driver. He says that’s so sad, maybe he got stuck in traffic. He recalls police stopping the driver and checking license. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will manage. He says its police work to help public, I m just doing my duty, not any favour, trust me. She asks do you help everyone. He says I don’t get much time. She asks why me then. He says time has to be set for some people, come.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra look for Anika. Anika is still inside. Shivaye comes that way and stops. Her bracelet is stuck in the plant. He thinks why do I feel she is somewhere near. He goes back and gets the chain bracelet from the plant. He holds it. Temperature increases more. Anika faints. Shivaye looks at the sauna door and calls out Anika. Om and Rudra come there. Shivaye knocks and shouts Anika. He signs them. Om and Rudra also know. Shivaye counts three and they together break the door. They see the dense steam fumes. Shivaye goes inside and gets shocked seeing Anika lying on the floor unconscious. He shouts Anika and checks her pulse. He lifts her in arms and takes her outside.

Ranveer and Priyanka are on the way. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He takes a turn. She asks why are you taking by this route. He says its shortcut. Shivaye makes Anika lie down. He asks lady to lessen AC temp and get ice pack fast. He applies ice pack to Anika’s hand, face…. Music plays…………. Anika gets semi conscious. He holds her hand and cares. Om and Rudra look on.

Tia says Anika, if you don’t mind, can I ask you something, I can see on your face that there is something about me that is bothering you. Anika says on Karwachauth’s night, I have seen you hugging a guy. Tia and Shivaye get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy diwali to all of you!

    Feelings for ANIKA burried at the depth of his heart is getting more and more intense in SHIVAAY! He can over look the injury of RUDRA, but can not of ANIKA. FEELINGS are at its full heingh while SHIVAAY was sensing, caring and managing her treats without caring what OM and REDRA may think of. In faint state, ANIKA caressed and pulled his hand is the unidentified feeling for SHIVAAY in ANIKA! ICE cube lying between duo does not start to melt till now , and that is due to situation being complicated both for DUO. HONEST heartly ANIKA does not find it fit with her own subconscious mind with which she keep pace. Honest person has always a problem, they just can not walk against their SUBCONSCIOUS as OM too. ANIKA, from inner does not wish to interfere in the happiness of TIA but her feelings for SSO , when she find , smell something detrimental for SHIVAAY, she simply get ready to do anything for SSO even at the cost of her SELF RESPECT and SELF IMAGE.

    I can’t understand, why ANIKA did not briefed OMRU what she did saw while the an INTRUDER incident happen? Knowing the details of that incident, SHIVAAY may recall that TIA was nervous when he saw TIA at midnight again at DOOR STEP? He will also recall the report of SECURITY officer as of that time who confirmed such intruder. TIA may missguide SSO for hotel incident, but she just will get in trouble in explaing her VERSION of intruder incident.

    SSO , then just can not be in a position not to think over ANIKA’s doubt, and then he may figure it out in his own way.

    Don’t know, what is mind of DIRECTOR. She might have framed many clues at HOTEL itself fingering at TIA!

  2. Hi guys hope u all remember me !!!!

    Sorry i could not comment as i have exam but am reading all u ff they r just amazing ??

    Please wish me all the best for my exams ?????????

    1. Shaza

      ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS , even I had exams , just finished yesterday ?

  3. Hi guys hope u all remember me !!!!

    Sorry i could not comment as i have exam but am reading all u ff they r just amazing ??

    Please wish me all the best for my exams ?????????

    1. Renimarenju

      sri……u can do well….be confident and cool….all the best

      success never ends until u work hard

  4. Kiki

    Happy Diwali friends….

  5. Kiki

    I really loved the way Shivaay cared for Anika. Also I love the bondinq between Anika and OmRu.
    @Renima Take care di..
    @Shahabana Happy Birthday…

    1. Renimarenju

      thanks kiki…

    2. Thanks for the wishes kiki and happy Diwali u too sweety

  6. The guy Tia was hugging in Karwa C and at the spa, from the back it looked like Robin, not ACP Ranveer.
    if its ACP Ranveer, what will happen with Pinku?
    How did Shivay come to the spa place… I think he has been following Tia and is himself spying, maybe working together with the ACP to solve Gayatris murder….Seems possible?
    Cant wait…hope it all solves before they bring other suspense otherwise its too confusing…
    Loved Shivika moments…the way Shivay cares for Anika….WOW hope it continues

  7. Renima didi take care di
    Eat healthy foods and don’t worry u ‘ll get well soon??

    1. Renimarenju

      thanks nivi ishqie

  8. Tridha

    Shivay takes care of anika, at oberoi mansion tia asks anika do u want to ask me something, anika says about the hug, tia says tumhe koyi misunderstanding hoyi hai, shivay scolds everyone. Soumya was talking to someone over phone and smiling, rudra was looking at her, reyaan was also staring at her, rudra felt jealous and says why r u looking at her like she is better than icecream or chicken ( something like that) . Romi calls rudy, rudra goes to meet her. She tries to come closer to rudra. And om is scared and frustrated

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks Tridha. I hope Shivaay scolded without insulting this time.

  9. Roz and shaza thanks foe ur birthday wishes guyz really it means a lotz to me and happy diwali guyz.
    Once again thanks a lotz all of u guyz for ur best wishes love u all
    Renima be strong and tc dr
    Sri all the best for ur exams dr do well and tc

  10. episode was good
    but plzzz atleast update the written episode upto 10:45 u took so much time to update it….
    am really fed up this

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