TEI Competition: I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband (One Shot)

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I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband
One Shot

I entered my room and saw it beautifully decorated for our first night. A smile crept over my face as I thought about my better half. I walked inside and saw her sitting on the bed. I walked up to her and sat beside her. “She looked beautiful in the marriage outfit and makeup”, I thought. I placed my hand on hers as she slowly and hesitantly moved her hand away.

“Kunj..”, she muttered as I looked up at her. “Yes?”, I replied. She slowly got down from the bed while I asked, “Where are you going?”

She ignored my question and stood in front of the balcony. “Kunj..”, she muttered again as I continued looking at her.

“Kunj, I’ll be very frank. I didn’t want to marry you. It’s not that I dislike you or I love someone else but, I didn’t want to marry this early. I know you’ve always liked me since the first day I’ve started working as your personal assistant but, I wanted to focus more on my career and goals right at the moment. When you came with the proposal, maa and papa were very happy and seeing them so happy about it I couldn’t just deny them for the marriage. I am not telling you that we won’t take this relation further ahead ever but, right at the moment I need some space and time to sort out things. I hope you’d understand me”, she said and I smiled as she finished. “Proud of you, my girl”, I thought.

I walked up to her and turned her around so that she could face me. “You can take your own time”, I said and gently kissed her forehead. It was a genuine one and she was never uncomfortable with it. She smiled and said, “Thank you!”

I passed her a reassuring smile and walked towards the bed. I picked up a pillow and a blanket from the bed as she continued staring at me. I settled down on the couch and greeted, “Good night!”

“Why are you sleeping on the couch? You can sleep on the bed. I don’t have a problem. After all, we’re friends, aren’t we?”, she asked. “Moreover, we are husband-wife. I do accept you as my husband. I just need some time to take the relation further ahead, to give it a true meaning”, she added. “Take your own time”, I replied and laid down on the couch as Twinkle walked up to me.

“Sleep on the bed. Don’t be so stubborn”, she said while I replied, “It’s comfortable here. Don’t worry. You go sleep on the bed.” “You’re sleeping on the bed or no? I’m stubborn as well”, she said as I smiled and nodded my head in a no.

She climbed onto the couch and laid down on me. “Kunj, move to the bed or else, we’re sleeping like this the entire night”, she said looking up at me. I let out a soft laugh and said, “Okay, get up first.”

We both settled down on the bed as Twinkle pulled out my arm and rested her head on my hand. I looked at her realising the proximity between us as she looked up and said, “Actually, I’ve a habit of sleeping like this. I’m not bothering you, right?” I was staring at her as she got up and tried to move away. I held her wrist and asked, “What happened?”

“I thought you were uncomfortable”, she replied as I pulled her down making her rest on my hand. “Good night!”, I muttered kissing her forehead gently while she smiled and greeted, “Good night!”

Days passed by and me and Twinkle became the best of friends or, may be best would be an underestimation to our bond. It was something more than friendship. I did love her and over the time I fell in love with her all over again. May be even Twinkle loved me over the time but, she was a suppressed girl. She would never let her emotions out to anyone so easily. The day she does that, it means you really hold an important place in her life.

One day, we both were working in the office when Twinkle excitedly shouted, “Kunj, Kunj!” I looked at her and said, “Calm down. What happened?” “The deal with the Singhania Group of Industries has been finalised”, she said as I excitedly sat up straight.

“So, the mail says that Mr. Sarna, we’ve decided to finalise the deal with your company. It’d be great if you could make it up to Mumbai for the final meeting”, read Twinkle while her eyes shone in excitement. I smiled and said, “Book the tickets for tomorrow. We can rest for one day and attend the meeting the next day. Also, postpone all my meetings planned for the next three days.”

“Kunj, morning tickets aren’t available. Only afternoon ones are available”, said Twinkle. I was a bit busy and replied saying, “Okay, book the tickets.”

The next day, I was ready when Twinkle asked me while handing the coffee, “The flight is in the afternoon. Why are you read so early?” I looked up at her and shouted, “Why did you book the afternoon flight? Don’t you know I hate afternoon flights? Twinkle, this is disgusting.” I threw the newspaper on the table and was about to walk away towards the balcony when I noticed the tears rolling down her cheeks. I pulled her closer to myself by her waist and gently kissed her eyes.

“I asked you whether it was fine or not while booking the tickets”, she muttered in a choked voice. I remembered about it and said, “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay”, she replied and smiled. “I should bear a punishment or you deserve a surprise. Chose what you want?”, I said pampering her. I loved pampering her because she still had that cute, innocent soul in herself alive.

“Surprise!!”, she squealed as her eyes shone brighter. “Okay, so be ready today evening, Love”, I said and kissed her forehead gently. She smiled and replied, “Thank you!” She kissed my right cheek and moved away to pack her luggage while I smiled thinking about her.

We reached Mumbai around 6 in the evening and checked in the hotel. We entered the room booked by our name as Twinkle asked, “Where’s my surprise?” I smiled and said, “Come to the terrace in half an hour.” She smiled as I left the room to check everything for the surprise planned.

I was waiting in the terrace when Twinkle came there wearing a red netted saree properly draped and a little make up applied over her face. I smiled seeing her and remarked, “Gorgeous, Love!” She blushed and said, “Thank you Mr. Husband!” I smiled and holding onto her hand walked over to the table arranged in the middle of the terrace. The terrace was decorated with heart shaped balloons in a combination of white and red.

I pulled out the chair for Twinkle as she settled down on the chair while I walked over and sat on the chair opposite to hers. “Date?”, she asked. I nodded my head in a yes while she added, “You’re trying to flirt with me Mr. Husband?”

I smiled and replied, “Never. I’d better go flirt with someone else.” “You better not Mr. Husband”, she replied. I smiled and said, “Aww.. my Love is getting jealous! Well, I don’t need anyone to flirt with. I just love the way you call me Mr. Husband and that’s the sweetest way one can ever flirt with me.” She smiled and replied, “I love the way you address me as your Love!”

We both continued talking when it suddenly started raining. I got up from the chair and pulling Twinkle’s hand ran inside the building. We were about to enter when Twinkle freed her hand and went to the terrace. She started enjoying and dancing in the rain as I silently stood there adoring her. “I love everything about her”, I thought and walked towards her.

I hugged her from back and slid my hands on hers. I pulled her close as her back hit my chest. She turned around and said, “Let’s go.” I smiled and both of us walked back to our room.

We entered the room and found it completely dark. Twinkle held onto my hand and said, “Kunj, switch on the lights quickly.” “There’s no electricity. Do one thing you change and come. Till then I’ll light some candles and I’ll also change”, I replied. She nodded her head and slowly and carefully walked away to change her dress.

I had changed my outfit and lit up some candles. The room still seemed to be dark but, it was better than before. I was waiting for Twinkle when she called me from the washroom. I ran to her help when she said, “Kunj, I forgot to bring my night outfit. I don’t have any extra outfits also and this one is completely wet.” I patted my forehead and said, “Wait here. I’ll give you something.”

I found only an extra shirt in my luggage. I took it and handed it to Twinkle. “Kunj, how can I wear this? It’s only a shirt”, she complained. “Twinkle, I’ve nothing else. You wear this, it’ll be long enough for you”, I said. She hesitantly agreed and went to change.

She came out of the washroom wearing the shirt which came a bit above her knees. She looked breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn’t stop myself from moving towards her losing all my senses. I walked and stood in front of her as she looked down embarrassed. I placed my forefinger on her chin and made her face me. I kissed her forehead gently and wrapped my arms around her waist. She didn’t try to free herself and neither did she try to resist me. I pulled her close as her front hit my chest and she looked up at me earnestly. I was lost in her deep brown eyes and slowly moved towards her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I kissed her and surprisingly, she responded and kissed me back. It was a short and passionate kiss showing our love and care for each other. I pulled back and later, gently placed her on the bed.

I kissed her neck as she moaned my name driving me crazy. I kissed her again and this time it was a long one and slowly we pulled out as both of us were out of breath. I slowly kissed her neck while unbuttoning her shirt and after sometime bit her neck as she moaned my name loudly. I came back to my senses and quickly pulled back.

“Twinkle, I .. I .. I am extremely so..”, I said as she covered my mouth with her hand and said, “I love you Mr. Husband!” I looked at her surprised as she added, “Kunj, I’m completely yours tonight.” “Are you sure, Love?”, I asked as she signalled with her eyes granting me the permission. I smiled and kissing her forehead pulled the blanket over ourselves and we took our relationship further ahead giving it a true and new meaning.

The next morning, I woke up and saw Twinkle sleeping peacefully sleeping beside me. I smiled observing her innocence and kissed her forehead gently while she woke up. She looked away shying as I smiled. I turned her face towards me and said, “I love you!” She smiled and replied, “I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband.” I touched my forehead with hers and both of us smiled at each other.


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

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