Ishqbaaz 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika meet with an accident

Ishqbaaz 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye recalls the fight. He sees his wound and looks for first aid box. He says Anika would be knowing, where did she go. Rudra recalls the fight incident. He asks Bhavya where is my breakfast. He calls out servants. He says I will make tea for myself. Om recalls the fight. He looks for Gauri and goes to kitchen. He sees Rudra and asks did you see Gauri. Gauri says no, I tried to find Bhavya but couldn’t find her. Shivaye comes there calling out Anika. He sees them. Om gets a call and says Dadi…

Rudra says I didn’t answer her call, I think the news reached the ashram. Shivaye says she will feel bad if we don’t talk, she will scold us, we didn’t even raise voice till now, and yesterday we raised hand on each other, this should have not happened. Om says damage is done. Rudra says

media is troubling. Shivaye says we can discuss this, I know you are upset with me. Rudra says I don’t want to talk. He holds hot vessel and gets a burn. Om and Shivaye care for him and apply ice. Shivaye says even kids are not so careless. Rudra says my hand is burning, its not time to scold, Om explain Bhaiya. Shivaye looks at Rudra.

Rudra says I will manage, sorry. They say sorry and go other ways. Hame chod kar…. plays….Gauri says they can’t see each other’s face. Bhavya says they can’t see each other in pain. Anika says they all have much ego. Gauri says we have seen their love after a long time. Anika says kitchen was their fav place. Gauri says they love each other, but won’t agree. Anika says its because of their ego. Bhavya agrees. Anika says to bring them on time, we need to bring a chance. They join hands. Rudra says you can’t cancel the deal. Agarwal says whatever happened yesterday, we can’t bear the loss, my company’s board of directors don’t want to have any sort of business relation with you. Om says you know this deal is profitable to both companies. Agarwal says I understand, I was having this deal because Shivaye was involved, I want to advice you, your company needs Shivaye, else your company may face more losses, its your family matter. He goes. Rudra says we will be ruined if this deal gets cancelled. Omru go. Shivaye looks on. Khanna says my mum is unwell, I have to go home. Shivaye says go home and look after her, I will talk to family doctor for her treatment, go fast. Khanna goes.

Anika talks to her aunt. She says I m going to Sahil’s school, its last date to pay fees, I m going with Khanna. He says Khanna isn’t here, he went home as his mum isn’t fine. She says I will call a taxi. She says it will take much time, Sahil’s school will be closed, I will go by auto. He says why, I will drop you. She asks will you drive after many years. He says person doesn’t forget driving, don’t worry, I will drop you safely. She says I know. They leave.

She says if you aren’t ready, I can go by auto. He says no, I will drive. He drives. She smiles and says it doesn’t look like you are driving after years. He hears a horn and stops the car. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I got nervous hearing the horn, did you get hurt. She says no. He asks her to wear the seat belt. He helps her. O jaana…plays….He says I will ask Khanna to fix it. She says don’t worry, I trust your driving skills. He drives ahead. She asks shall I play some music. Tere naam pe…plays…. She says I always had this wish that I hear romantic song and go on long drive with my husband. She enjoys the breeze. The RJ says this was a romantic time, friends, life is unpredictable, sometimes a brother turns into an enemy, yesterday Oberoi brothers had a fight in front of the media, Om and Rudra are not at fault, anyone will lose temper seeing his father’s murderer. Shivaye recalls Tej’s death. Anika worries seeing a truck and asks him to do something. She shouts to him and turns the steering wheel. The car hits aside. Shivaye gets up and turns to see Anika. He gets shocked and looks for her. He sees her lying injured somewhere. He shouts Anika….. He asks her to get up. He hugs her and cries.

Shivaye lifts her and runs on the road. They come home. Everyone gets shocked. Gauri shouts. Rudra stays calm. Gauri and Bhavya stop at the line. Rudra says don’t cross this line. Gauri says we can’t do this today, she is my sister. Bhavya says she is my sister too. They cross line. Rudra says Bhavya I said stop. He asks did you see, they didn’t listen and cross the line. Om says anger and hatred can’t be above humanity, look at Anika’s condition, Priyanka get first aid box quick. He calls doctor to Oberoi mansion. He also goes to see Anika. Roop comes to Rudra and says no one gives importance to young ones, this happened with Tej also, Shivaye always got everyone on his side, Tej felt lonely like you, poor Tej, may Lord rest his soul in peace. Gauri asks what happened to Anika. Bhavya asks how did she get so injured. Om says the doctor is here. Doctor treats Anika. Bhavya asks Shivaye are you also hurt, how did you both get hurt. Shivaye says we were going to Sahil’s school and met with an accident. Om asks who was driving the car. Gauri asks were you driving the car?

Gauri says you know your condition isn’t fine, you didn’t sleep since four days, your wife is your responsibility, you are responsible for this, if anything happens to my sister, I won’t forgive you. Shivaye cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Well can’t stop myself watching IB… lol..
    Now coming to epi ,
    Happy to see that Obro kitchen scene… That was really need after yesterday’s epi…
    Three of them say sorry to each other…
    Obohus in Obros milao mission…
    Old “O jaana” female version with car romance was lovly…
    nd after that song part was also nycc…
    But that radio RJ mess everything… Ab radio mein vi kon ase bolta hain yr…
    I was expected “Nazdik hain dil ke” song after that accident… But its ok…
    Uss badam ki dibiya ki toh…. Asi ki tesi…
    Precap –
    Gouri’s break down is normal… Now our SSO will be backkk…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Sindhudi

      Congrats Banita for being number 1. Did you realise banita they actually played Lafzon sad version song? That was nice.
      I missed that song so much.

      1. Banita

        Thank U diii…
        Yup dii “Lafzon ka yeh rista nahi” song played… I forgot to mention about that… Yeh that was nycc nd perfact 4 this condition of Obros..

    2. Our SSO will be back soon 😀😁😁😁😁😁
      Waiting for Monday eagerly……. 😃

      1. Banita

        HLO Jerin…
        Yup waitinggg… Waitinggg…

  2. NSK

    Really depressing again.sorry to say.😢
    Hope everyone have good days.!y exams will start,pray for me lovely pkjians.😇
    Tata and take care everyone.💗
    I miss you guys.😞
    Hope to be commenting soon.👋

    1. Banita

      Hlo NSK…
      What happened dr..!!??
      All Ok!
      ADBOL for ur exm…
      Koi baat nai exm khatm hone ke baad aajana yanha…
      Till then TC..

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey NSK how are you dear? Glad you care to
      Say hello. Take care my dear

    3. All the best noushin

  3. Luthfa

    Opposite pulling in and out are going on for the time being.Who will be out and who will be in,only time can tell.Nice episode.Here comes the analysis-
    1.Hearts are wounded,broken but not separated yet.Few very rare relations are like stubborn stain on dress.Dress may be torn but stain won’t go.Dress is Obros and Stain is their Ego,symbolically.
    2.Business Man Of The Year is not only a title but also a name of Reliance.Shivaay Singh Oberoi is equivalent to perfect business skill and it’s proper implementation which OmRu lack.Experience is the keyword.
    3.Faulty seat belt brought back Shivaay’s deeply buried hormones in forefront,be it for few seconds.If husband is romantic,boring long journey becomes short but if husband is unfortunately unromantic then,romantic ambience as well as short journey bound to get long and boring!
    4.Sudden recalled humanity was where when Rudra refused drinking water to Shivaay,Om?Very convenient(cvs).
    5.Rudra the permanent baby of the Oberois is giving in to the advices of a Nut-Eating-Advisor.Now she will break nuts(jackfruit)on Rudra’s head very easily.

    Precap:Monday’s episode will be something different.Watching precap,some questions were peeping in my mind.Those were-
    a)If everyone knows Shivaay has not recovered yet then why they panicked seeing Anika like that especially Gauri?Was it necessary?
    b)Anika is Shivaay’s wife so it’s obviously his responsibility to take care of her.What’s new in it?
    c)Why Gauri is behaving like Anika won’t survive?Is it because Shivaay was driving the car?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Lu…
      Now about Gouri,
      a)She know Shivay is still not recovered , but after seeing her sister like this it’s obvious for her to react like this…
      b)Nothing new in this , but she just said it in flow in sorrow…
      I agree Shivay also got hurt nd she told all these things to him which is not correct , but Anika will be her 1st priority than Shivay , just same like we saw like Shivay choose family on Anika..

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey Luthfa nice analysis, I also asked the same about Gauri. I wasn’t condemning her but I thought imbibed Anika’s qualities so she would not question or ask Shivaay in this manner. Anyway the belt was not working either. I agree Gauri loves Anika very much so in the fit of anger she hurled words and forgot one split second one Shivaay is going through. Shivaay is trying to rectify it but he is probably not doing right.

      Anyway Shivaay got also hurt but no one cared for him by doing first aid to him. I felt sad. At least Om could have done first aid to Shivaay while the doc attended to Anika. That was sad. Everyone interrogating him like he is really a criminal.

    3. Wow luthu superb analysis

  4. Better episode. More moments and hopefully humanity saves their relations.

  5. I thought after yesterday episode obros will try set there realtionship but no its same atleast i thought will have change of heart no he is also the same i forgot its a waste because he is not the same rufy who is used to know the value of humanity,love,family and relationship now he is RUDRA SINGH OBEROI who just values money and give importance to hatred and that irritating bus she is instigating RSO and this RSO doesnt have brain he get maniuplated by bua words easily i think its better that i skip IB for few day until everything get sorted between OBROS
    And yes anika or (shivika) fans just stop bashing every character in this show in social media till yesterday you guys bashed omru for there hatred towards anika now they are bashing gauri because she scolded shivay for not taking care of anika in social media some guys are bashing gauri for not standing with her sister when rudra was insulting her in yesterday episode guys remember one thing IB doesnt run on just anika (shivika) fans all fans will watch IB let it be omru fans , riya fans, rikara fans and ruvya fans all these fans make IB top if just shivika fans can make IB in top postion then why is TRP low so try to understand and stop bashing other characters and yes i feel IB TRP will only get back to his postion when OBROS GET UNITED i wish cvs should finish off this track as soon as possible

  6. Vidyakrish

    Obros in kitchen after long time nice to see. Next week so is back. waiting for sso return

  7. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, have a good weekend.

    First of all I don’t like the precap. Why is Gauri very angry with Shivaay because he was driving? If gauri has to be angry she needs to be angry with her Husband who did not treat Shivaay with respect when he was released from prison and did not allow her to talk to her Sister freely. I don’t like the way Gauri spoke to Shivaay. This is the time Gauri should be more understanding. Accidents do happen. Because of Gauri, Shivaay is now totally going to distance himself from Anika. He was just getting close to Anika and now Gauri herself damaged their relationship. Shivaay is going to immerse himself into business and forget about Anika as he needs to save Oberoi empire.

    I hope Anika will question Gauri and tell her that she has no right to speak in this manner to her Husband. I like Gauri but I don’t like the way she questioned shivaay bhaiya in the precap. Even Om never said anything. Poor Shivaay!!! Everyone is blaming him. Only Nakkul can pull his role off very well. Amazing acting.

    Coming to the episode, I think it is good that three brothers actually sat down and thought about their unruly behaviour infront of the media which never happened in history of Oberoi family. The hurricane has died down and the three bros must have realised how silly of them to fight over a stupid deal.

    The three bahus can’t keep in control of the situation as well. They are also helpless. The care and concern is still within them. This is life. No matter how siblings quarrel it won’t be for long.There are moments when you will feel for them as this is what we call real flesh and blood relations.

    It was nice to savour Shivika moments. Anika’s dressing is really fabulous. I hope they continue to give her good wardrobe. It suits her so well and she is so stunning. Next week Shivaay will become SSO but he will distance himself from Anika thanks to Gauri and the rest of them who always keeps repeating you have not been sleeping for days. Now gauri said the same thing so what is the difference between her and the media and omru if she does not support Shivaay and hurt him with words. Already he is trying his best but it is not his fault of memories are hard to erase. Time only will heal.

  8. Sindhudi

    Just want to add it is understandable for Gauri to react that way in anger as she cares for Anika like Anika is her Mother. However when you hurl hurting words in anger it is difficult to rectify it especially to someone who has become very sensitive and depressed. Anything an angry person says it will hit the core of Shivaay’s heart and he will think only negatively. He will only blame himself.

  9. Nikita_jai29

    Kitchen scene was good.. Waiting for the sso tadi

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