Mere Sai 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anta and Panta’s Dirty Tricks To Prove Sai Dead

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Mere Sai 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appa reminisces being ill with coughing and fever. Sai meets him and gives holy ash and asks him to rest, but not completely bed rest, he should do house hold chores. Out of flashback, Madhav says Sai is sleeping since long, that means he is severely ill, they should get medical help and asks muslim disciple vaidya if he can treat Sai. Man says he is not that knowledge like Sai and needs to know illness first to cure. Mhalsapati says they should respect Sai’s wish and should wait. Baizamaa thinks something is really wrong which she is missing.

Anta and Panta inform Kulkarni that Sai is ill and has gone into deep sleep. Kulkarni says Sai boasts of treating any illness, then how can he not treat himself, he must be acting. He gives chilli flakes mixed incense sticks and asks to light

in front of Sai and see if he will wake up coughing or not.

At Dwarmakayi, Pari cries and asks when will Sai wakes up. Jhipri asks Champa to sing and calm down children. Champa sings crying. Suvarnaa bai enters singing and praising Sai. Anta Panta enters and says they informed Kularni about Sai’s illness and he gave medicine for Sai. Disciple warn them to go away. They say they will light just an incense stick for Sai’s soul and body’s strength. Panta lights stick reminiscing Kulkarni mixing chilli flakes in stick and giving it to them. He keeps stick near Sai, runs out with Anta and they both hide. Smoke spreads all over Dwarkamayi. Disciples start coughing and walk out. Anta Panta think Sai will wake up coughing and his drama will end. Mhalsapati sits coughing, but does not come out. Baiza maa walks to Anta Panta and asks what did they light, what are they up to. Panta says Sai is actin and they are all blind to not identify his drama. They all warn him to not return here and kick them out.

In the morning, Anta Panta return and shout Sai is dead. Baiza maa scolds why did they return, Sai is alive and is resting. Panta says Sai is not breathing since 1.5 days, so he is already dead. Disciples reminisce feeling Sai’s feet cold and Sai not getting up even with chilli smoke and think if Sai is really dead.

Precap: Kulkarni says spoke words and dead person don’t return, prepare for Sai’s funeral. His men dig grave while Sai’s disciples pray for Sai’s health. Lamp lights back.

Update Credit to: MA

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