Ishqbaaz 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka meets Anika

Ishqbaaz 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye gives the chunri to Dadi. Dadi makes Tia wear the chunri and does rituals. Everyone showers flowers on Shivaye and Tia. Shivaye looks at Anika. Rudra observes their staring. He says guys, I have a question, the chunri fell on that day, so technically their roka is done. Om asks him to get quiet. Priyanka asks will you stop using your brain, if you have it. Rudra says think anything you want, what was meant to happen has happened, as Dadi says, what’s destined to happen will take place. Khanna asks what are you doing here. Anika says I came to take file, that job is still available, they asked me to get file.Dadi says Shivaye…. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Rudra asks do you remember that song. Om says yes, Mehfil me baar baar….. Rudra says you have a good voice, same thing is happening

in Roka. Om says thanks, I can see. He shouts Shivaye. Shivaye turns. Dadi says take this and give to Tia. He hands over the jewelry to Tia. Khanna gives the file to Anika. Anika hanks him and goes. She turns and sees Shivaye. Dadi says better late than never, Shivaye got his bride. Rudra and Om sing Mud mud ke na dekh…..and smile. Anika leaves. Shivaye looks at them.

Gauri and Sahil play and argue. Anika comes and smiles seeing them. Gauri asks how was your day. Anika says it was good, aunt will scold us seeing the mess. She turns to tie hair and chunri bobble falls down. Gauri says this is not of your suit, this is of some costly dupatta. Anika recalls the moment and says yes, roka has happened. Gauri asks what, your roka happened. Sahil says my life got spoiled, my sister’s roka happened and I didn’t even know. Gauri and Sahil tease her. Anika says you are crazy and dramatic, when did I say my roka has happened. Gauri asks whose roka was it. Anika says Shivaye, I mean Mr. Oberoi, Khanna works there, I went there to take my life, roka chunri fell on my head by mistake. Gauri and Sahil sing chunari chunari… and dance around Anika. Gauri makes Anika wear the chunri. Omru also dance around Shivaye. Shivaye throws the chunri away. Anika says stop it. Shivaye says go from here. Omru dance and leave. Gauri and Sahil leave.

Its morning, Priyanka asks did you call me. Shivaye says yes, sit, look at this, tell me which design you like and I will order. She likes the designs and says this looks nice. He says okay I will order. She says this is also nice. He says we will order this too. She asks will you order ten rings if I like. He says I can buy the entire world for you. She hugs him and asks and for yourself? He asks what do you mean. She asks did you choose ring for Tia. He says Dadi will do it. She asks are you happy with this marriage. He says I m very happy, my younger sister is also getting married, when is Junior kapoor coming to India. She asks did Tia not tell you.

Shivaye say she said you know about him more. She says Tia is so sweet, I m happy you are marrying her, she will take good care of you, I can go London without any tension now, Tia will take my place in this house. He says nobody can take your place neither in this house nor in my heart, your in laws stay so far, sister belongs to her in laws after marriage, her family doesn’t have any right on her, will you also get away. She hugs him and says don’t say such things, don’t make me senti. He says okay, I m sorry. She says at least learn to hug before my bidaai.

He says I m trying. Anika gets a call. She says its from Shyamali’s office, I wish I get the job. She answers the call and says okay, please let me know if there is any other vacancy Gauri comes and asks what happened. Anika says nothing. Gauri says there is something, did you fight with Nikhil. Anika says no problem is bigger than my courage. Gauri says I know, you share your happiness with us, share duties too. Anika says duties are just for elders, younger ones have only rights, if I start to burden you with all my problems, I would feel I m not fulfill my duty, just I have the right to worry in this house. Gauri hugs her and says you are more like a mother for me. Anika recalls Sahil’s mum’s words. Gauri says I don’t know what’s troubling you, I know your problems will fade away soon. They smile. Gauri says maybe your fate is knocking the door. Priyanka comes. Gauri greets her and goes. Anika asks you? Priyanka says I m Priyanka, you are wedding planner right. Anika says yes, how do you know. Priyanka says I have seen your file, you had also come to our house during my brother’s roka, remember. Anika recalls Shivaye.

She says yes, his roka was happening. Priyanka says I think that’s the file, I had shortlisted some of your designs, but you got the file home, so I got your address from Khanna and came here, I liked the simplicity in your designs. Anika asks really. Priyanka says yes, else I would have not come here, can you give me that file so that I can show it to my brother, I want you to do all the arrangements of my marriage. Anika says sure, come inside, sit here. Priyanka says its fine, can I take this file, I shall leave. Anika says yes, wait you have come for the first time, you won’t go without having food, lucky are those who have guests at home, I will make dosa and get it, I make dosa at my stall, just sit. Anika makes the dosa. She grinds some cashews and sprinkles on it. She serves dosa to Priyanka. Priyanka asks for spoon or fork. Anika says dosa can be enjoyed best by eating with hands, have it and see, its hot and delicious. Priyanka eats it and says its nice. She feels unwell and falls back. Anika gets shocked and asks her to get up, what happened. She gets some water and sprinkles on her. She says what do I do now….

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. At hospital, Shivaye asks don’t you have manners, maybe your mum didn’t teach you or maybe she was ill mannered too. She says I think even your mum is ill mannered, else she would have surely taught you how to talk to a girl. He says if any man said this same thing to me, I would have broken his face, you are lucky that this is our last meeting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Superb fast update…

  2. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies..
    2days beutiful episode…didnt realise it came to n end….
    The siblings bondings are ows … ShivOmRu…. ShivPrinku…AniRiSa…
    Luv the new bonding… brother and sister ShivPrinku…Shivaye luv his caring towards prinku all was beautiful…

    Well epi starts … shivaye cant taken hiseyes off anika….. both staring … eyes says it all. … i caught u staring at me….u r already staring at me… ok wait fora a while ….. tht eyelocks…. poor Tia…. but prinku is marrying Tia brother ….dun tell me because of his prinku sivaye will b pushed to marry Tia….please dun….

    And once again do u guys think OmRu will fish Anika for Shivaye since they know Shivaye hv no feelings 4 Tia…and looking at how shivaye stares at anima and the chinri landed on Anika….. i hope they will give hand in getting our Shivika closer….
    As for prinku .. her fiance Tia r siblings ….will prinku become dictator 4shivika or she see sunshines in shivayes eyes and will,help him to get the happines&luv he deserve….
    Hope this happens soon,…

    Anika going to enter OM with Prinku help… wedding planner of prinku….

    Redux on all eyelocks touches feelings hand twist kissess…. im waiting eagerly…

    Precap….. anika wht have you done to prinku???… waiting 2 c the tadibaaz SSO khidiktod anika… redux….

    Mere dil hua ishqbaaz..
    Gd nite sweeties….

  3. Riana

    Everything is going okay but isnt everything a bit slow…i am feeling like the show isnt moving only…scenes are getting too long…we know shivaay-priyanka have a grt bond but whats the point of showing them repeatedly like firstly they showed shivaay injuring his hand by saving priyanka…okay i accept it but then today the jewellery selection scene…we can it see yaar its not necessary to show it twice !…Anika-Gauri scene was like acceptable and good as its really grt to see their bond…Also i am finding one thing not judging but isnt shivaay a bit ignoring omru !…Well i am not a fan of it !…There is something wrong into it and again as usual to hook up watch the same precap daily it will give you frustation and we will enjoy it !..

    1. I totally agree with you the show is going slow which I never felt during the first one

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    What happen to U all…!!??? Kanha chale gaye sb!!!??? Itni kaam comment…!!! Why???
    Now coming to epi…
    I m loving this new BG tune…. I want to listen it again nd again…..
    Just loved each nd every part of d epi….
    D way both didn’t took their eyes from each other was Wooowwww!!!!
    nd when Anika leave OM , both stell glance to eo…. That moment was just lovly… Nd this new BG tune made this moment moree magical….
    Today for d first time I will say this Rudy for d first time U said something sensible…. LOL… Wase toh main humesha bolti hun ki Rudy is always rite , but sensible for d first time…
    *wink wink*
    Omru as usual funny….
    Chalo now we got someone to tease Shivay nd Anika…..
    Omru to Shivay nd Gourhil to Anika…
    That “Chunri” dance with teasing scene remind me of old ib when Omru tease Shivay….
    Gouri – Sahil bonding is nycc…
    Sahil… My cutipaaiii… My new drama prince… His reaction after listening roka was hilarious…. Hahaha….
    Seems like now a days cvs trying to highlight new Prinku….
    Shiv – Prinku , this bro-sis moment what i wanted to see during old ib… Nd i m happy that now i m getting it… But Obros-prinku moment will be more interesting to watch….
    Now Prinku love tia’s brother nd if Shivay will not marry Tia then he also will not marry Prinku….. Then…………………..
    Okk @Banita just leave it warna meri thoughts toh kanha se kanha chala jayega…..
    Now again becz of Prinku Anika will be in OM as Shivay’s wedding planer…
    Precap –
    Same…. So Shivika’s tashan will starts in 2yr annivarsery of IB…
    GN PKJ…

  5. Vidya Saraswathi

    There is no obro moment I miss it. The eyelock between shivaay and Anika was cute. From starting of this track there is not much seen for om and ru. When gauri and om meet because shivika meeting done ruvya meeting also done only rikira meeting is pending in old ib I love the bonding between brother in new ib I miss that bonding badly. Anirisa bonding is so cute to see

    1. exactly what i loved abt obros was that we kno that everybody loves their own siblings more but obros loved each other irrespective of concentrating on the fact whether they were real or cousions but in redux shivay is kinda ignoring or not giving much imp. to omru n omru r involved with themselves

  6. Luthfa

    Don’t know why I couldn’t take my eyes off you.I felt like my eyes were in search for something and finally its wait was over after spotting you in front of me.Your eyes too were speaking thousand things,emotions were overflowing but I couldn’t understand why that happened at first place.We don’t know each other still I was drawn to you without realizing.Do we have any connection?If so then I want to know what is it.So much is happening inside my heart and I never experienced those before.It’s like I know what I am doing is wrong but my heart is objecting my actions.I have found myself motionless but my heart beating faster than anything when we exchanged our sight.Some strange pain were gushing from my heart and I couldn’t help but tolerating silently.My heart,my entire being was moving towards you only.Your presence has created havoc and you have no idea about it.I was standing right there but felt my world had stopped.Something was stirred in my heart and it happened like never before.I wanted to read your eyes but couldn’t focus because of my own questions.You have come and brought a lot of questions with yourself.Surprisingly for me to answer,for the first time at first meeting when I don’t know anything about you.And I am surprised at this sudden curiosity of my heart for some particular information for some random like you.Everything occurred like a dream.And I am still in the hangover mood.Don’t know what I should do now…………………………………….

  7. Banita

    Hlo everyone…
    Well now i m here for an annoucement….
    As we all know in tomarrow epi IB will complete it’s 2 long year journey…
    So at least can we use “#2yearsofishqbaaz” or “#2yearsofIB” in each of our comment to celebrate 2 years of IB….
    Well one more thing this whole idea’s credit goes to our @Arpu who is absent now becz of her exms… I m just passing her idea to all of U…..
    Nd It’s my request to all PKJian or any new member at least tommarrow all of U come here to comment nd to celebrate THE TWO YEAR JOURNEY WITH IB ND PKJ…..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      I was thinking the same.On the other hand,I was thinking to celebrate it later as Arpita would be bussy with exams and most importantly major members are busy including me.But I am free for two days so I have dicided to write about my experiences with IB from start and my journey in PKJ,in small comments.For that I am asking you to share your experiences as well in small comments.

      1. Luthfa

        In fact I would love to have everyone’s experiences to be shared in PKJ to celebrate it.Whoever wants to join,can join us.I am inviting everyone on be half of PKJ.Take care.?

      2. Banita

        Exactly @Lu now a days many r busy with their work…. That’s why main vi soch rahi hun kya hoga…? Hoga ya nahi..!!!?? I mean koi vi active nahi hain Abhi…. But let’s see what will happen…. I hope all of u join us today….

      3. Luthfa

        Let’s do it together,you and me.I am going to write on certain things.I am not expecting a lot of members to come as chances are less,still hoping for the best.Want you to join me.The list I will post on today’s page.Waiting for today’s episode only.Take care.Lots of love?

  8. am sooo disheartened idk why’re cvs doing this i have no problem with redux infact i loveee it but plzzzz give something to om atleast 2-3lines .he can’t merely stand there n dance.he had his own aura which was tarnished long time back but i hoped that with this redux…….leave it only rikara is left,they need to come face to face when will they come!!!!!waiting eversince the 1st epi.of redux.shivika as always rocks n ruvya is exciting love their repo

  9. Seems like omru are no one to shivaay ,his cold behaviour towards omru,always shivika……..nonsense,hating redux a lot,rather than watching redux waiting for ib offair is better

  10. Shivaay’s cold behaviour towards omru,always shivika……. nonsense,nomore artistkara,hating this redux,waiting for ib to go offair soon

    1. Hiiii hope you’re okay and enjoying life

      I respect you for giving your opinion but don’t wish for the show to go OFF air at least I know there’s MANY ppl put there saying this and I can’t keep everyone shut but there’s always a scope for improvement if you can’t wish for the betterment of the series why do you even bother commenting and wasting your precious time I mean the actors work really hard to bring everything onscreen and act as an example to MANY ppl then why would you wish for it to let ppl down
      The only thing I’m tryna explain is if there was a mistake or if the storyline is bad according to you or any other reason that makes you sad and unhappy then FIND a way for your happiness but not wishing for it to go OFF air for those that are attached to this series and love it no matter what I’m sure you have your own reason and I respect you for that BELIEVE me and if you take this the wrong way I’m sorry but I just don’t want this series to end and I also have my reason …

      Sorry if it hurts anyone and I don’t wanna hurt anyone ? but seriously if we are together in good and bad we can reach great heights ..?

  11. at first I am extremely sorry for my comments..
    we audience have come to A long way…
    already we have seen Shivika journey of love…their hate to love story…rude version of shivay to sweet shivay…I don’t know from where the writer get this idea to show their love story again from first….
    we audience are not mad to watch and wait another 300 episode to watch their love story again…basically I love ib but I just can’t tolerate this track…
    don’t know how many people are interested to watch it…but I still watch it because I love ib..
    I hope that this track will end soon…
    as for punarjanam it is another bakws track…
    as for example kasam…how many times they will die n again revive don’t know…
    I just hope ib don’t lose it’s trp because of this unnecessary track..cause trp of last week is low…
    so it’s completely evident that most of the audience are not liking this track…
    because we can’t see the arrogant shivay again….

  12. don’t get upset or angry….
    but do you think this track is necessary to prove Shivika love when they already become one after so many struggles….
    but sorry to say I don’t think audience r mad to watch the love story of shivika for another 300 episode….
    the trp will decide the duration of track…
    maybe at first trp will high but I am sure trp will fall if they drag it….

  13. I m hating this redux version of ib….yrkkh ehmmbh was better…evrything has changed but not shivaay’s tadi…my mother also told anika gauri looks so artificial…shivomru bond looks pure..but they spoiled them…they made anika so much bechari…in today’s epi i didnt like one thing shiv told omru to stop it n they want nachte nachte dont they have self respect i accept of rudy but om was sensible…om was sensible among his bros…rikara had their chemistry but gulneet failed to handle dbo also they didnt showed their romance like they in first of ib there was shivika romance…rikara also make a cute pair…my mother got irritated of melodramatic bg of redux ..n she told me to change channel..i watched epi on hotstar

  14. Luthfa

    Good morning to my PKJ family.Hope everyone is doing absolutely fine.Today is the 2nd anniversary of IB and a very happy moment for us fans.Many many congratulations and sweet love to all members of PKJ(missing,present)on this special day.IB and PKJ have become an inseparable part of my life and I am very happy to be connected with it and all of you.And congratulations to the entire team of IB for entertaining us for 2 years.May God bless IB team all the success and love and we keep getting IB day after day………Love IB,Love PKJ?

  15. Hiiii everyone hope you’ll doing well but where are you’ll?? ?

    I’m loving this redux at least it’s showing precious brother sister bonds instead of negativity it gives a reason to learn and smile…LOVED THE EPISODE ? although it’s slow but it’s a better storyline I guess


  16. This redux is A big big big flop welcome to a fast ending IB …this month or next month the show will go off air for sure.

  17. Fresh & unique twist same characters deferent story but not rebirth

    In love with the idea nicely done writers keep going, can’t wait to follow their story again

    Loving that they both maintain essential Characteristics but deference in personality

  18. Its a really a pleasure and privilege for me to be a fan of IB .It has given me such lovely moments to cherish.Even after so many criticism IB still rules the hearts of the fandom.The beautiful storyline the wonderful casting and the most loyal fans are the reasons for its huge success.I wish the IB crew all the sucess and many more awards which they richly and truly deserve.

  19. Nikita_jai29

    A be lated happy anniversary to ishqbaaz team…
    Episode is good… The siblings masti is awesome

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