Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan look at a photo of him and Preeta

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Sherlin and Prithvi are walking in their house when his phone rings and her mother asks if she has come back, she says and then she asks if she is alright but she says that nothing was stolen from their house and everything is in order, she thinks that her mother should never go into her room as Prithvi is there and so goes to him.
When she enters he asks if her mother is coming to which she says that she is not at which Prithvi asks her if everything is in order after searching she says that nothing was out of place and this was because her mother made such noise that the thief did not steal anything but he says that if the thief was not here for the jewelry and he was Karan and Preeta, because in the party Rishab and Rakhi were looking for them she again searches her room and finds that he

Scrap book is missing to which he sees and says that she should have kept it hidden because it was such an important thing. She says that they might not be able to open it at which he asks her to not underestimate them, he then yells at her saying that they are finished because of her and first it was her pregnancy test and now this , she gets shocked and he sits down where he finds an ear piece.
Karan is holding her Scam book and thinks that it will have a lot of important information that he can use and tries to unlock it but is not able to do it, he then tries to hammer it when someone starts to knock at the door he tries to act as he is sleeping when Chachi comes in and seeing this says that she thought he is awake and when she is about to leave he sits up and says that h is awake and she comes saying that he always does this and she likes that he always speaks the truth, he thinks that he does tell a lie when it is useful and she says that he is thinking that he tells a lie at some time at which he is impresses, she further says that she does not like Sherlin and Prithvi and feels that they have some connection, they both agree and plan that they will not Sherlin come into their house after which Chachi says to him that he should marry Preeta Karan hearing this gets shocked and says that he is only her friend and nothing else.
Prithvi is holding Preeta’s earpiece and Sherlin says that this is not her to which he says that he is aware and this belongs to Preeta, Sherlin says that this means that she has a scrap book and asks him to get it from her house immediately.
Karan picks up the scram book and then holds his phone and looks for the schedule but finds a photo of him and Preeta in some function and thinks as to what a photo it is.
Prithvi is at Preeta’s house and is trying to break I but when he is unsuccessful he thinks that he must get the Scram book at any cost he then picks the lock of a window and enters Janki’s room and sees that she is awake but then smiles and comes to taunt her saying that he was scared at first and did not come to her but now he knows that she will not get better and he will pray for her death and she must pray for his well plan, Janki’s start to yell at which he says that he feels like a victorious person after seeing as he is the one who made her like this and she cannot do anything , she tries to talk but he says that she cannot and this because of him and she cannot do anything, he she that she is getting angry but there is nothing she can do and now he will tell a secret to her and says that he will tell it in her ear, he then says to her hat he is going to become a father and she must not get tensed as she will not become the father of Preeta’s son but it is Sherlin who will be the mother of his son and she must give him a hug as the last time when he tied to touch her feet she kicked him but this time he will only hug her and when he tries this Janki tries to strangle him and starts yelling.
Precap: Prithvi breaks into Karan’s room and when

Precap: Prithvi breaks into Karan’s room and when he is sneaking he says in his dream that Prithvi is a very bad person and this gets him tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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