Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky asks why did you call me here. Shivaye comes to their room. Naintara says your necklace can shut my mouth. Pinky gives her necklace. Shivaye hides and sees Naintara. Pinky leaves. He calls Anika and asks her to see the person coming downstairs. Anika sees Pinky. Some time before, Anika says I m saying about you three, how you guys love, its first hatred, fights, and then…. Shivaye asks and then… say it. She asks Gauri to say something, why are you looking at Om. Rudra says she used to talk a lot when she was Chulbul. Anika asks did she stay silent in Bareilly too. Gauri says no, I talk a lot, my mum worries, even my cow worries, everyone calls me Dabangg Gauri. Rudra says if anything gets into a fight with you. Gauri says then I would stick them to the wall

by a tight slap. Rudra does not understand her line and says like we get user manual with electronics, we should have dictionary with Bhabhis. He asks her what’s jhaanp. She says Devar ji, this is called Jhaanp. She shows it means slap. Om looks at her.

Rudra says fine Chulbul bhabhi, but don’t call me Devarji. Gauri says don’t call me Chulbul Bhabhi. Anika, Shivaye and Rudra think they heard Gauri before, on phone. Anika asks Gauri what happened in first meet, tell me, Om won’t tell anything. Gauri says I have run bulldozer on his car. Shivaye asks do you know running it. She says no, I m clever bird, I ask internet chachi whatever I don’t know. Rudra asks is your aunty’s name internet. Om says she is saying about search engine. Anika says I broke Shivaye’s car windscreen in first meet. Shivaye says she has ignited my car some days back. Rudra says both bhabhis will bond well, they believe in breaking things.

Gauri says when I get angry, I don’t listen to anyone. Rudra asks what do you do in anger. Gauri takes a candy and throws. Om moves back. Candy hits Shivaye’s forehead and goes back. Gauri eats it. Om smiles. They all look shocked. Anika says Shivaye… He holds his forehead. Gauri says sorry. Anika says its fine, I have spit black coffee on Shivaye. Gauri asks what do you do when you get angry. Anika says when I get angry, I…. She takes water glass and throws. Shivaye sees her and bends down, getting behind Om. Water falls on Om. Anika says sorry. Om says its fine, I was thirsty. Shivaye says if we did not know about you two, we would have felt you both are own sisters. Rudra says you two give good competition to them. Dadi says love is good when lovers are equal.

Shivaye sees Naintara talking to someone and thinks whom is she talking to. He goes to see and says whom was she signing. Naintara says its good I got you here, I was finding you, there is a problem. He asks why. She says since people know you are my son in law, people are asking me to repay loans. He says you are asking me money. She says price for your valuable thing. He says I will give price, Sahil is with you. He says till you do what I say, nothing will happen to Sahil. He goes. She says he is agreeing to me easily, does he have plan in mind, I have to find out. She calls and asks for Sahil. The man says he is in our clutches, why. She says keep an eye on him. Khanna points gun at the man and says good job. Naintara says I was just worried, game is still in my hands. Shivaye looks at her.

Om asks Gauri what is her new drama, does she want to stay here, its big house, costly clothes, jewelry, servants, comforts, why will anyone wish to leave. She says I m doing this for your family. He says shut up. You are doing this for your profit, tell me how much money you want to leave. She says you are misunderstanding, if you don’t believe me, tell me what to do. He says nothing, now I will do, I will tell truth to everyone right away. She says you want me to leave from here, fine, you tell everyone I have run away, they will start hating me, but they won’t be annoyed with you. He says go….. She cries and leaves.

Pinky says I told her not to call me in front of everyone, it will be problem. A size 5 sticker on her sandal troubles her. She throws it. It sticks to door. Shivaye comes there. Pinky asks why did you call me here. Shivaye gets that sticker on hand and tries to get it off. Naintara says you have to give and I have to take it, I like your necklace, give it to me. Pinky asks are you mad, you think I will give this diamond necklace. Naintara says yes. Shivaye tries to hear. Naintara says if you want my help, you have to give it. Pinky asks what help. Naintara says to make Anika out of this house and Shivaye’s life. Pinky says I did not see any greedy woman like you. Naintara says I did not see selfish woman like you, who is ruining own son’s life, your necklace can shut my mouth. Pinky gives her necklace. Shivaye hides and sees Naintara. Naintara kisses her and says this necklace will suit me more. Pinky stops near the door. Shivaye hides.

Naintara checks and signs Pinky to leave. He misses to see Pinky. She leaves. Naintara shuts the door. He says I was here and could not see. He calls Anika and asks her to see the person coming downstairs, I could not see, just see and call me. Anika waits at the stairs. Rudra comes and asks her to come. She says I will come, you go. Pinky goes. Anika sees Gauri coming downstairs. She stops Gauri. She says I got to know what you are hiding. Gauri thinks did Anika hear me and Om. Anika takes her and says Buamaa, we did not see Gauri, she got lonely. Buamaa calls Om and says you are married to her, she is roaming along, keep sync with her.

Shivaye signs Anika. She goes to him. He asks did you see who came downstairs. She says no, are you sure about the person. He says that person is staying in this house, I will find out. Om says you were leaving. Gauri says Anika got me back. He says you and your lies, I will have to make you leave, I don’t care what they think about me, I won’t tolerate you now. He holds her hand and takes her. Dadi comes in between.

Dadi asks where are you taking my bahu. Dadi says Gauri will stay in my room till rasams get over, I will know my bahu and tell the traditions, bahus have to take traditions ahead. Pinky says you said right we will keep kulgotra puja, I spoke to Guru ji, he said tomorrow is a good day for puja. Shivaye says you started again, puja won’t happen. Pinky says Om and Gauri’s matter is also there, will you decide for them, Gauri will know her name and blood, now Anika’s mum is here, why are you refusing. Naintara holds Anika and says Pinky is right, Anika’s name will be written in Oberoi family kulpatri. Pinky says if you are refusing, as Anika is dancers daughter, I can understand. He says stop it now, this puja won’t happen. Om says I don’t mind if Shivaye does not want it. Dadi says its our family tradition, both bahus names should be entered in kulpatri. Pinky asks Shivaye to agree. Shakti says this topic will end forever, what’s the problem, its matter of some hours. Shivaye says do anything you want. Dadi says fine, we will do this puja tomorrow, Pinky gave tomorrow’s time to Guru ji. Pinky thinks Anika’s name will be out of Shivaye’s life tomorrow.

Shivaye gets angry. Anika says we can’t let Naintara’s name written in kulpatri. He says so I was worried, I will do something. She says now Sahil is with us, we will kick her out. He says we have to find out who is with Naintara. She says I m worried, this wait can get costly. He says no, we have to expose that person. She asks how. He says we have to think.

Dadi shows old pics to Gauri. She shows everyone’s childhood pics. She says they have much love, their bodies are three, but soul is one, my Shivomru can’t be separated. Om comes and says Dadi being awake till late is not good for health. Dadi pulls his leg and asks are you not able to stay away from your wife. He says its nothing like that. She asks them to talk, and goes.

Om says you have no shame, how many times shall I ask you to leave. Gauri says someone stops me when I leave. He says Kaali and his goons could not stop you, you are having problem to leave from here, I came here to say my decision, do anything but your name should not come in Oberoi family kulpatri. She asks how to do this. He says do anything, eat poison and die, I don’t care, but your name should not come in kulpatri. He goes. She cries.

Anika holds Shivaye. She apologizes and says these things spoiled because of me, that cheap woman came as my mum and troubled you. He says its not your problem, its our problem, I can’t bear anyone eyeing my family, you don’t need to feel guilty, its not your mistake, I should feel guilty, I went to find your background after you refused, now till Naintara stays here, I will not get peace. She says we will do something. They hold hands. She asks him to come. She sees the sticker on his coat.

She asks what’s this sticker. He recalls and says when I stood outside Naintara’s room, maybe it was on the door. She says its fine, leave it. Its morning, Buamaa checks arrangements. Rudra says this puja will end till afternoon right, I have to go Meerut. Buamaa says yes, it will be done. Shivaye and Anika walk downstairs. Naintara whistles and says she is my daughter. Rudra says she is not your daughter. Naintara asks did you say anything. He says nothing.

Naintara tells Shakti that her name will be linked to him today. He asks what are you saying. She laughs and says I m saying about Kulpatri. Anika says see her courage, she is dreaming, I will kick her. Shivaye asks her to bear Naintara for some time. She asks do you think our plan will work. He says yes, its the only way, we should scare her so that she goes to the person helping her, then we can catch that person, remember we were, are and will always be together, don’t be scared. He holds her hand. She says if you are with me, I m not scared of anything.

Jhanvi asks Om did he not get ready, Gauri got ready, she is looking so good. He asks don’t you have any other topic. She asks what’s his problems. He says I don’t want these rituals and functions, its all a lie, there is no relation between me and Gauri, the motive for which I got her here is over, now I want her to leave, you all are forcing her on me, why don’t you understand. She says Gauri is your wife, how can we change decision of fate, she is a nice girl. Om says I will be hurt if she stays here. She says its your life, you decide, but don’t take wrong decision in anger, get ready fast. She goes.

Buamaa asks pandit to start rituals. Anika sends Priyanka to get flowers. She asks Priyanka for her sandals. She asks her to wear anyone else’s sandals. Priyanka asks Pinky for her slippers, as their size is same, 5. Pinky gives her slippers. Buamaa makes Om and Gauri stand close. Rudra asks them to stand close and pushes Om. Shivaye signs Anika. Rudra takes their pic and asks Shivaye and Anika to stand. Anika says I have imp work. Shivaye and Anika pose for pics. He asks do you remember what to do. Anika says yes, and goes. Rudra says now its moment for Obros pic. He poses with Om and Shivaye and jumps in their arms.

Shivaye calls Anika. Anika sees Naintara and starts acting. Naintara says why was she staring at me, there is something, I have to find out. She sees Anika talking to some men. Naintara asks what’s the matter, why are you worried. Anika says some goons came out to take 20 lakhs from you. Naintara asks did they come here, they are lying, I just have to pay 12 lakhs, I will talk to them. Anika says do anything, I don’t want any drama in my inlaws, if Shivaye knows about goons, he will call police. Naintara says no, I will manage, they will not go without money. Anika says send them soon. Naintara asks her to give money.

Anika says I have no money, shall I ask inlaws for your loan, sorry, you have to help yourself, do anything soon. She goes in puja. Naintara says how will I get money, when will my obedient son in law come in use. She goes. Shivaye sees her and asks Guru ji to start puja. Guru ji asks who will do Maha Aarti. Pinky says Shivaye will do, he is eldest son. Shivaye forwards hands. Om and Rudra hold his hands. Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi…..plays…..

Everyone pray. Naintara goes. Anika sees her talking to someone. She says Shivaye was saying true, there is some family member involved. Naintara talks to Pinky.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranilya

    As i expected, today was no fun except the pool scene…..
    repetitoin of Anika’s pya…. scene with Shivay’s naughtiness n Anika’s blush was a treat to see.
    Aniri make best sisters in law…
    Gowri’s candy n Anika’s paani…. poor Shivay n Om…..loved Shivomru expressions…

    Shivay–couldnt you atleast listen to the voice? you could have hid on the opposite side and spied…
    ‘kahin yeh intezaar mehnga na pad jaye’…im worried too … much do they want to drag this issue… pls dont stretch it like this…hope by todays episode Pinky will b exposed…And pls dont let Anika know the truth first…

    So Shivay realized that all this prb started bcos of his NKK search….and he is the root cause… but still i feel sad for him…. All this is bcos of his mom….not bcos of him….

    ‘5’ number sticker ka kya chakkar hain? first i thought it was some tracker/recorder….but then Prinku n Pinky having the same shoe size….What does it mean? the sticker was from Pinky’s footwear? Pinky ka banda Chappal se phootega kya?

    Shivika were awesome… Anika was looking so gorgeious…. like a Princess… so elegant when she climbed down the stairs… loved the way she held her saree …

    Her make-up was perfect…
    A simple Bengal cotton-silk saree was looking so Royal today on her…. Even the plain red border was looking way more rich n classy than the zari borders. The cream with simple golden self buttas on the pallu was so sublime…
    The tiny bindi enhanced her beauty…
    Though the earpieces were bulky it complimented well with the blouse n saree….the hair accessory too was good…good she dint go for a neck piece… loved the torquoise accesories today (on all the ladies)… Gowri’s was more like a bunch of grapes!!
    Anika love you….
    Shivani well done….good choice of saree n the way the saree was draped was superb…

    ‘hum saath the, hum saath hain. aur saath rahenge’… Stick on to it Shivay….i know you will but i cant trust the cvs….

    liked it when dadi was showing om’s pics to Gowri….

    ‘zeher kah ke mar jao, lekin thumara naam kul gothra patri mein nahi aana chahiye, so trmro Gowri wiill do something to stop the puja?? it means Shivika will get more time to solve NT issue….that again means Pinky will not b expposed so early…. im going mad!!

    By the way why dint Om refuse to perform the puja? he was like if Shivay doesnt want the puja then its ok with me….What does it mean? He doesnt have prb with Gowri’s name written along with him in the patri??

    That day Shivay n Anika had to sit together for the puja…but today only the men were sitting for the ritual…. Shakthi n even Rudy sat for the ritual…

    Pinky agian….right from day one till now she is the same….. Garh ka bada beta karega…. uff!!
    loved the fb…Om was so handsome with open hair….

    Nakul was looking tired n aged in the close up….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      kahin yeh intezaar mehnga na pad jaye..
      Ya ranu! CVs pe bhi mehenga padega.. trp will be down!
      Y did ru sit for the Pooja? Yeah I was wondering that too!
      And Om, they have killed him totally.. he is was so irrational.. Om was the soul of OF.. he was the conscious of OF.. he was the one person who could question anybody at OF coz of his honesty! He has lost it all!!

      1. Ranilya

        @Anu @Lax…they have completely ruined Om’s character…. DBO is sush a disaster!
        That stupid sci-fi svetlana n nat-geo Kali Takhur spoiled Om… why couldnt they come up with better stuff like in IB?
        Hope to see the old Om soon….

        want to see that angelic Om…the soul of IB

    2. LAX

      Donno why Om was not objecting to the Pooja?? His reaction seemed like he is ok either way.

    many more r there visit insta page i cant bring those many links hehehe

  3. I love it
    waiting for next episode

  4. Shekhar

    There is a lot of fear, ANNIKA MAY GET HURT AGAIN, is coming out of most comment, and

    consequently all the frustration of ANNIKA being hurt is emerged out in this way or that

    way. It happens when we fall for this and that character.

    When RUDY was made to divert the focus of ANNIKA from over the person(PINKY)

    communicating with NT near the stair, it was a signal of dragging this matter for few more


    The youngster fun convo near pool was , in my POV, a stage for joining the dots between


    Unfortunately , I just never get any good vibes from the character OM which is being

    murdered by CVS by odd blending of a POETIC characteristics with stunt . The way

    character SSO is being taken care in the back ground of his basic characteristics by CVS,

    same is missing while dealing with OM, and I never found him within his character line. The

    way he keep humiliating GOURI all through without any good reason for that, is totally a

    loss of one’s understanding, WHERE IS THAT OM WHO KEEP GETTING ANNIKA IN HER


    EXCUSE is his father TEJ-JHANVI mess up, then I would like to say, he is the most weak

    character, and is being more and more weak with each episode, and in fact, character OM

    is losing CHARM with each epis, and on other side, if we find the character RUDI on the

    better side then it is his own talent, and I don’t see any reason for any credit to CVS. I never

    found him out of character, what ever it has been defined.

    special note for OM’s fans

    This is not a offence in anyway, just a critic and that is all in my POV, and is all that what I

    keep feeling for OM all through. When I am over to OM, then take it as CVS standing behind

    OM, and not KUNAAL JAISINH.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      First couple of lines Shekhar chose to analyse PKJ today! ??

      1. Shekhar

        Yes, and it happens while jumping on any forum for any serial. Viewrs are emotionally get attached with a character, and after beining biased such types of consequences take place, but it was only a referral, and no critic, no bashing, no complaint there of.

  5. Good Morning Ishqies
    yesterdays episode was nice but more screen space was given to that pinky & NT didn’t like that but they showed FB of starting episode that was soo good to watch again.Loved Dabangg Gouri & OM explaining RU about Internet Chachi lol that was funny when Ru said apki chachi ka naam internet hai & also RU & NT eexpressions when they spoke.
    well after seeing Aninak & gouri’s bonding am missing somu very much want to see bonding between Anika,Gourri & Somu just hope she comes back soon.

    even I agree that Obro photo session was much better than Couple Photo atleast during obro photo session got to see OM smiling whole heartedly . Loved the costumes of Anika & gouri they were looking soo beatifull especially Gowri the colour was looking soo good for her.

  6. Chavi

    Yes its true nivi…
    Samm …they fight for no good reason ..I agree yaar..

  7. Chavi

    I agree with u shekar baai..about om’s character.. Rudy’s talent… Yes yaar I too think so dey will drag 9tara n pinky plot for some episode..but still there is hope dey will end soon ah..

  8. Chavi

    Friends… Today is my birthday yaar..
    Kindly..can I know all ur birthday’s too dears..?

    1. Shekhar

      Dear sis CHAVI

      Wishing YOU



    2. AnuluvsIB

      Happy birthday chavi!! ???
      What’s special??

    3. Shreyanvi

      Happy bday dear.. .??..stay blessed yards nd njoy the day????

    4. Shreyanvi

      Happy bday dear.. .??..stay blessed hard nd njoy the day????

    5. Ranilya

      Many happy returns of the day Chavi….
      Be happy always…

    6. LAX

      Happy Birthday dear…!!! Have a blast..!!
      Wishing u birthday full of smiles.
      My birthday is over. It was in Jan.

      1. Archiya

        Lax ur bday also in jan.. what date?

      2. LAX

        It’s Jan 29. Let the year be secret ??
        Also ka kya MATLAB. U too are an Aquarian.

    7. happy birthday chavi dii my bday is onn august 6

    8. Archiya

      Happy bday Chavi.. God bles

    9. Meenuu

      Happy birthday chavi
      Mine is july 8

    10. Anah

      happy bday dr

    11. Gayathri.visu

      Happy birthday dear…. May god bless u Chavi!
      Keep smiling dear…..

  9. hi chavi,

    May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. ” Wish You A Cheerful Happy Birthday

  10. LAX

    Can anyone tell me how hotstar ratings are checked?? How to know what’s IBs position??

  11. Chavi

    Thank u dear..sekhar baai..for ur wishes ..☺..
    Mmh no one is saying ur birth date friends ah..?

  12. wish you many many happy returns of the day chavi and serial is good pls dont drag pinky and nayanatharas action cant they(shivay &anika) find out , and wen ever they vl show shivay and anika , om and gouri background music and deir action also lagging pls dont do this and show ranveers and piku characters too and we all want tej shd back and hope this serials should be as it is mahasangam now also they can show everyonces characters parellely pls lalit requesting pls dont separate this serial

  13. Piyuu

    @chavi happy b’day dear

  14. hi chavi,

    May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. ” Wish You A Cheerful Happy Birthday –

  15. Piyuu

    yesterday episode is just ok….
    i cant tolerate pinktara drama..cvs pls end this track soon.

  16. Shekhar

    The way ANNIKA spoiled her self image while saving SHIVAAY from murder of GAYATRY case, and stood as wall with him during TIA’s pregnancy drama, and when he found ANNIKA innocent in ONS MU, it is obvious, ANNIKA +SAAHIL are most trustable persons , over and above all including OMRU, around him. To what ever the direction this present track may lead , no question arised of any MU between SHIVIKA, and even though it happen then it must be the part of SHIVIKA plan.

    SSO is confirmed, one of OF family member get connected with NT. From the VIDEO CLIP of DNA report drama, he had the physical glimpse, let it be not sufficient to fix PP, but enough to reduce the radius of doubting circle vide two points

    1-person is fat
    2-person is lady
    3-person is from OF

    These three points might have put him on decisive point, but wishing proof there of.

    I don’t think, regarding this any confrontation will take place between PINKY& SSO, but CVS may opt for self confession of PINKY after going through MAAHI-SHIVAAY’s TWIN TRUTH. It is the best way of redemption of PINKY. If ANNIKA comes to know the truth of PINKY being involved with NT, simply she will keep mum, and we may jump over directly over to the MAAHI track again. CVS will not opt to make ANNIKA a mean, and will go on, leaving PINKY on her own .
    It will be interesting, then how NT track may get an END without exposing PINKY-NT link.

    But any how, I don’t see any serious reason either for real separation or real divorce.

    Over looking PINKY’s feelings for safety of SAAHIL is enough to understand what I mean to say.

    1. Shekhar

      Over more, i think, the STICKER of CHAPPAL of PINKY may reveal her identity even after PINKY faked the FALLING drama and saved by ANNKA, that is what a spoiler said. I think TWINS truth may compell SHIVIKA think otherwise , and whole matter get turn around in the oblique way which may lead another track, SHIVIKA LEAVING Oberoy Mansion.

    2. Meenuu

      Ya bhaiyaa
      Some spoilers are coming that divorce may happens

      If it happens then it will be their plan
      As there is no solid reason
      Pinkys redemption will be good to see rather than more drama
      But cvs will always think in different way

      And i dont understand your last line

      1. Shekhar

        Last line means, SHIVIKA may not react to the PINKY’s truth in this track , and instead they will prefer to leave Oberoy Mansion after next track

    3. Meenuu

      Shekar bhaiyaa watch todays episode
      You will get solid reason for shivika seperation
      Do tell me your views

  17. Chavi

    Thank you dear..anu..shreyanvi..ranilya..lax..chaithu..leela..piyuu..☺?for ur wishes…

    Mmh my kids wished me with their sweet hugs n kisses is d special yaar…

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    I don’t know lax…some of our friends here will help u yaar..☺

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Hii chavi dear… Happy birthday… And my birthday is on 29 August..

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies…. Get well soon astha dii… And thanks nivedita dear and pushpa dear for your thoughts..

  20. Lijince

    Hi gyzzzzzzz….. not able to write a detailed comment….. just a few things I didn’t understand…..

    1 Where did the sticker come from?? Did Pinky stick it on the door?? Y?
    2 What are the CVs trying to do?? Are they fooling us by hinting that Pinky’s shoe size is 5?? They are really going to expose Pinky with this 2rs. Shoe size???

    I don’t want to discuss about Anika’s costume…. I feel the first one matching Shivaye’s shawl was better….but she looked so elegant with that hairstyle!!!

    Hmmmm……only 2 more episodes of this Mahasangam……why can’t they continue in this way forever?

  21. Chavi

    Thank you..Nikita..anah..gayathri.. Meenu..archiya..shab…?dears…

    Have to wait n see what CVS going to twist us in exposing pinky …….but one thing is clear DAT shivika won’t b separated r get divorce if it is then it will b sure it is their plan…yaar..?☺..

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