Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl says Tej and Shakti are responsible for my death. Tej says I did not see this video or this girl ever. Inspector asks him to come with him and say anything in police station. Shivaye says you can’t take them, if you take a step ahead. Omkara says Shivaye, they did not come to arrest them, they are just taking them for taking statement. Tej says let it go Shivaye. Tej and Shakti leave with them.

Some time before, Tej asks why do you want this CD. Inspector says as I said, this is proof against Gayatri. Shivaye says I m sure this woman has come to steal something else, she is making story as she is caught. He asks inspector to make the case so strong that Gayatri does not come out. Inspector agrees and says but I need to see this CD. Tej says you have no idea who we are and what we can

do, you are doubting on us. Inspector says Sir, I m just doing my duty. Tej says now you will do your duty at home, I m going to get you suspended. He calls to talk to home minister. Dadi asks Tej are you hiding anything. Tej says no Maa. Dadi says then let him do his work. She takes CD from Tej and gives it to inspector, asking him to find truth, so that this family can breathe peacefully.

Rudra asks whats happening. Shivaye says its nothing Rudra. Om says it seems something big is going to happen. Shivaye says don’t worry, I m there. Om says please, its not time to become great wall of Shivaye, we are with you, my gut feeling is saying, whatever is in this CD is not good for our family. Shivaye says I hope Om is wrong. Tej says if Maa did not say in between, I would have got his uniform off. Inspector gives CD to play. Anika’s phone rings. Inspector asks who is she. Shivaye says she has nothing to do with this. Inspector says fine, but who is she. Shivaye says she is family, she is part of this family. Music plays…… Everyone look on. Shivaye asks her to answer the call. Anika says yes and answers. Sahil asks her where is she. She says I m at work, things are spoiled here, I can’t talk, I will come home and explain. She ends call. Sahil coughs and feels like vomiting. Bua looks on and goes.

CD plays. Shivaye says such a drama for this blank CD. They see the video of the girl Shilpa Mehta. Shilpa says I used to come in Oberoi’s factory, I have seen something wrong happening there, when I asked them, they threatened me and fired me from job, now I have no hope to get job, they threatened to kill my family. I have just one way now, I m giving my life on 26th July 2011 and I want to tell everyone that two people are responsible for my death, Tej Oberoi and Shakti Oberoi, I want them to always remember this date. She keeps the knife at her neck and slits. They all get shocked.

Gayatri says this is Tej and Shakti’s truth. Gayatri shouts Tej and Shakti are murderers. Dadi cries. Rudra holds Om. Tej and Shakti get worried. Gayatri says my husband’s death will not go waste, you covered up this girl’s death, but can’t cover up by husband’s death. Tej says you are nothing but a liar, you won’t get anything by this lie, you will be in jail all your life. Gayatri asks him to threaten someone else. Inspector asks Tej to calm down. Tej says this woman is blaming me wrong, I did not see this video or this girl. Shakti says Tej is saying right, this is plan to defame and ruin us. Inspector says Shakti, this CD was found in your locker. Tej says I don’t know how did this CD came there. Inspector says whatever you want to say, come to police station and say. Shakti asks what do you mean. Inspector says I mean you have to come with us to police station. Shivaye asks are you out of your mind, you think any outsider will come and blame Oberoi family, and we will come with you to police station. Inspector says sorry, this is law and its equal for everyone.

Shivaye says but law has to understand difference between criminal and biggest industrialist, this woman has shot my brother, she has run away from jail and attacked on me, she tried to steal here, you think you should believe her, this is insane, if Tej knew whats in that CD, he would have destroyed it, and not kept it safe. Inspector says that will be found out after investigation, but Ashok’s murder enquiry will start again, Tej and Shakti has to come with me to police station, this is procedure and we have to follow it. Shivaye says I know this is procedure but you can’t take them this way. He gets in between. Inspector asks him to move. Shivaye says if you take a step ahead, the govt for which you work will fire you from job. Om says Shivaye, let him do his duty.

Shivaye says to hell with his duty. Om says he did not come to arrest Shakti and Tej, they are taking them to take statement, right? Inspector says Omkara is right, we are just doing enquiry, as I said, its just a procedure. Shivaye says inspector… Tej holds him and says let it go Shivaye, come inspector. Tej and Shakti walk off, and leave with police. Jhanvi comes home and sees them leaving. She asks whats police doing here and where are you both going. Tej signs her to stop and goes. Jhanvi asks Shivaye whats happening, where are they going. Shivaye says nothing, everything will get fine, you come. Gayatri turns and smiles. Anika sees her smiling and eyeing the house badly.

Pinky gives water to Jhanvi and consoles her. Jhanvi says if I knew matter is so serious, I would have come home earlier, Tej can be ruthless and unethical in business, but he can never be the reason of that girl’s suicide. Pinky agrees and says don’t know whose bad sight did this house catch, Shakti keeps fasts, visits temples, he can’t do this, Shivaye, our sons will get Shakti and Tej, don’t worry. Priyanka hugs Jhanvi and says Bhaiya will make everything fine.

Shivaye promises Dadi that he will make everything fine, don’t worry, I will call commissioner Kadam. Anika gets tea for Dadi. Dadi does not wish to have it. Shivaye takes the cup and gives to Dadi. Om asks Dadi to please have tea. Rudra also requests. Shivaye says I will make a call and come. He goes. Dadi asks Anika did you not go home, its festive day, your brother would be waiting. Anika says no, I will stay with you. Dadi says no, you go home. Anika hugs Dadi and goes. Shivaye says why is commissioner not answering. Anika comes to him. He sees her and tries to call again. She leaves. He goes to Dadi. He says Dadi I promise….

Dadi says I m not scared that my sons are blamed, I m scared that it can be proved true. Rudra asks do you think this happened because of them. Dadi says don’t know, I just know their way of work is different from your Dada ji’s way of working, I m Maa and my heart asks me to believe this blame is a lie, but my mind says no one blames anyone for such big thing without any reason. Shivaye says you are believing Gayatri, she is a criminal, our family’s enemy. Dadi says trusting outsider’s words don’t hurt heart, heart gets hurt when we can’t trust loved ones even if we want, we both know Tej and Shakti have hidden some secrets from all of us, wrong things don’t get hidden for long, we have to bear for wrong deeds, we and our children…. I m scared that whatever happened today, is it first sign of the coming storm. Dadi cries.

Anika comes home and says sorry Sahil, I got late, get ready, I will take you to atleast 10 pandals, I will make you have many modak and make you little Ganpati ji. Sahil is upset. She asks why are you lying like this, what happened, there is no fever. Bua comes and gives tamarind water to him, saying you won’t get vomit now. Sahil drinks it. Bua says don’t worry, I went to doctor, you will be fine. Anika asks what happened to him. Bua says he was vomiting, don’t know whose bad sight caught him, you know her body and heart are so weak. Anika asks why did you not inform me by calling. Bua says Sahil called you, you did not answer him. Anika says I thought he is calling me as he had to see Ganpati pandal, there was big problem. Sahil asks Bua to switch off lights and go. Bua says yes and leaves. Sahil gets annoyed with Anika.

Shivaye says Om, Dadi is worried, if she says anything in worry, it does not mean we will doubt on our dads. Om says I m not doubting Shakti, but I can’t trust Tej. Shivaye says so you believe Gayatri. Om says not just Gayatri, even Ishana blamed same thing on Tej, there is no smoke without fire, there will be something that the entire world is blaming Tej. Shivaye says Gayatri, Ishana, one criminal and other con girl, you believe them but not your family, I told you before everything is not black and white in life, some things are grey, what you think is cheat is business, that’s why I do business, even if its unfair, it does not prove that our dads are responsible for that girl’s suicide. Om says lie is lie, not small or big, to hide one lie, thousand lie has to be said. Shivaye says but our dad…

Om says no Shivaye, where lie is sown, lie will be grown, you will get lie wherever you check. Shivaye says our dads can’t do this. Om says maybe Shakti can’t do this, but Tej can do this. Shivaye says its not about our dads, its about family, we are in same family, if anything happens to me, will Rudra and you not care. Om says of course it will matter, our thing is different. Shivaye says matter is not different, we are in same family, you believe stranger girl in video and not your dad, this is ridiculous. Om says I know Tej has lies in his veins. Shivaye says you are saying against family. Om says no, I m saying in favor of truth. Rudra says Bhaiya… He gets tensed seeing them arguing.

Shivaye asks what do you mean they can’t come home and throws the Bluetooth headset. Jhanvi asks what happened. Shivaye says some ACP Rathore is handling this case, and he is saying they both can’t come home, there is some enquiry going on. Pinky says it means they will stay in lockup tonight. Om says evidence would be strong Shivaye, else no one can keep big business tycoons in police station. Shivaye says no Om, the matter to think who is behind all this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Ishqbaaz ki CVS Mei pehle baar….

    24 din ki baad….

    Ishana ko apni dialogues Mei join Kiya hai…

    Don’t miss it.. If u have missed the epi.. Then no prb.. Pls watch it in retelecast… Bcoz it’s a miracle….

  2. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    I want to appreciate CVS and thank them for something….

    First of all.. I wanna appreciate them for not forgetting ishana.. Bcoz it has been 24 days.. Many people would have forgotten.. They had gave them a way to think abt ishana again.. M damn sure.. If anybody have forgotten ishana.. After the dialogue
    . They would screw their mind and l recognize her again..

    Tq is for…..

    After 24 days… For the first time u made ishana name to re-enter in the serial…. And that too from Omkara …….

    Many people thought om forgot her… But u people proved us wrong….

    I was sooooooooo happy to hear ishana from om… When I saw the spoiler.. I was just waiting to hear the word ishana from.. When he said… I Was jumping Iike mad…. I know it’s not a big thing to react . But trust me… For Ishkara fans… It is like a treat.. Treat toh bahut Kam word hoga…. Bcoz we r dying to hear it…. Tq sooooooooo much CVS… Aisa hi jaldi ishu ko lekar aajavo pls…

  3. nikki

    Wow the epi was interesting yaar jo ishana ne bola woh kahi sach tho nahi hai well i think but aj atleast ishana ka naam om ki mooh sunahai very happy for that thing a shivay ne jab anika ko family ka hissa bola muje bahuth accha laga after all woh us parivar ki hissa tho ban bhi jayegi anyways abhi is serial ka trp rate badenge haina guys

    Good night all ishqbaazians sweet dreams

  4. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Sahils anger is justified ,anikha is giving obreois more importance than her lil brother😈😈…he is so small …Ommi doesn’t believe in his father,its all becoz of tejs deeds… There is a connection btwn the death of girl &death of gayathriss husband!! Ishana knows about it to?? What did she tell??

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    I don’t like the way shivay reacted today.. When om said that ishana said that too.. Shivay called her criminal con girl…

    How can he say that???

    Con girl is okay…. But criminal is unacceptable….. Did he saw her killing anybody???? R he saw her blackmailing anybody??? And did he know that she is doing everything for herself???… How can he say criminal?

    Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi… U can trust ur family blindly.. I accept that bcoz we trust our family first… But u shouldn’t use that word… Bcoz conning is not a criminal activity…. Btw… When u know y ishu did it.. U should feel sry for saying her criminal.. But I know u won’t??…..

    • Abiha

      O dear priya calm down yaar..i want to say that shivaye said like one crimnal n other con..u r beleiving thm instead of dads …dear u misunderstanded shivaye’s words..i can understand u can’t bear anything about ishakara..but yar he didn’t said..hope u will never mind this..
      N yeah m also a big fan of shivika n ishkara although i also like rumya but the other two i lv them a lot..waiting when ishana will come back..bcz missing her so much..

    • salsa

      Priya darling relax…. Did u missed today’s episode??? Shivay was refering gaytri as a criminal not ishana…..he said ” tum uss gaytri aur ishana pe believe kar rahe ho ,ek criminal aur dusri con girl” so he is not saying criminal to ishana……. 😉😉
      Looks like u we’re so happy to hear ishanas name from om that u didn’t hear shivaay properly…. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Tusi

    are they stupid! they keep safe the CD in locker? and what is the meaning of gayetri’s smile? what happen next? is gayetri making this vedio by own to accouse them?

    • Mayank agrawal

      to agar gayatri ne vedio bnayi hai to vo cd pehle se he locker mei kaise padi thi and tej oberoi baar baar aisa kyu lag rha tha ki cd shi mei juthi hai ..tej and shakti ke reactions se aisa he lag rha tha ki raaj to hai lekin kuch aur hai ye cd nhi

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        They didn’t show her taking from the locker ….but the question is did she really wanted herself to be caught and cd to be given to police but then why was roop worrying then…but I have feeling that the CD is real …cuz even Ishana also said ..but don’t know…

    • Mayank Agrawal

      yes shaza after so much thinking even now i am comes to the conclusion that cd is original and really it is found in the locker..

  7. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    I loved om to the core…..

    Especially when he said…

    No, no shivay.. Mei family ki against nahi… Sach Ka favour mein bol raha hun….

    He is An ideal man yr.. He is a goal…

    Omkara,….. Best son, best grandson, best bhai, best human being, best artist and best husband to be in future..


    • Abiha

      It seems that u r sooooo happy now……
      By the way ……how r u……..? how’s ur exams ……?
      N yeah shama d in one of her ff used ur name …….when i was reading m imagining that what will b ur reaction after reading this……n i can’t beleive that ur comments reflected the same what i imagined yr…… seems that i know u very well about ishkara liking…what say..?

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Hii di… I m sooooooooo happy.. . I m like in cloud 999999999999.. Haha…. And my xmz r soo bad strdy.. . It’s so difficult… It is maths.. But we students didn’t get ans for any qns….. I was upset bcoz of that strdy… There were out of portions too.. Which was didn’t even teached by sir…. It was like hell to attend it… For the ever first time.. I feel like.. I m not satisfied with my maths xm.. Maths is my favorite… But strdy it was hell for me…. And ya Di.. Abt that os.. I m literally happy.. I don’t have words to describe my happiness… Om ke saath.. Increasing temperature… Can’t express it… I m speechless..

  8. Trisha

    Today i cant see episode bcoz my grandmom nd mom want to see kasam so i have to read update thanks yarr frm this i can imagine what happen in isqhbaaz … what shivaya tell anika is our family member ??wah !!shivaya wah !!! I dont thinks tej ko ish video ka bare ma kuch pata bhi hoga i think this time om bcom wrong abut his dad…what u say guys ??? I AM Muje toh issh barr lag raha hai shakti na kuch kiya hoga bcoz everyone tell shakti cant do dis…… serial hai kab kya pata kuch bhi kar sakta hai
    Kuch dino say shivaya anika side layraha hai ….aana bala scene may tia will blam anika for stoling her braslet but that time shivaya will support her…..

    • Mayank agrawal

      yes i also think so ki ye cd juthi hai lekin ye cd unke locker mei kaise aayi kyonki usse pehle to kisi ne locker nhi khola tha and raaj to jarur hai tej and shakti koi na koi par apan ye bhi jaante hai ki ashok ko bhi tej and shakti oberoi ne nhi marwaya tha vo khud ki galti se mara tha to fir kya baat hai guys ? kon kar rha hai ye sabh and haan ashok ka koi na koi relation to jarur hai

  9. Abiha

    Shivaye saying anika is a part of family😁😁😁😁😁…….at last omkara remember ishana her words😃😃😃😃…….OMG…….
    M just confused that is the video in CD is true or not…….may it’ll the plan of gayatri to defame them…….or may b its true ……according to jhanvi think it should b fake bcz she trust tej soo much……When anika moved i thought that she’ll tell shivaye that how gayatri was smiling n looking at house ……..but she didn’t said..

    • Mayank agrawal

      yes its true ki cd galat hai ye ek sajish rachi gayi hai lekin vo cd locker mei aayi kaise and gayatri ki smile karna to saaf pta chalta hai ki cd juthi bnwayi hai aur lekin raaj to jarur hai koi na koi guys mujhey lagta hai in sabh mei shwetlana bhi ho sakti hai vo bhi inki dushman hai aur security ka management bhi vo he dekhti hai lekin tej and shakti ka raaj koi aur he hai lekin ye cd nhi hai vo raaj. kuch aur hai

  10. salsa

    Let the drum roll begin and let us all be seated THE MYSTERY IS ABOUT TO UNFOLD… All the oberois secretes are on the way…. 😯😯😯😯🙅🙅🙅

  11. Nivedha

    Wat om remember ishu
    I must watch the re telecast
    Wow I must watch it
    Missed the Serial due to some problem in my tv😭😭😭😭
    Waiting for ‘re telecast
    Atlast ishkaarians r happy

  12. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    How many of u people felt like being in cloud 9…wn om took ishana name???

    U know I was In cloud 999999999999.. It’s a great feel to hear ur fav Jodi remembering each other.. I Had it tdy…

    It Really shows om still remember ishana and everything she said.. It means he remembers everything.. It gives an awesome feel…

  13. Abiha

    Gayatri’s smile hints that may b it will b her plan…….bcz if tej n shakti know about this……..then why they kept it safely in locker………? n why they didn’t destroyed it………??
    Don’t know what will gonna happen in next..

  14. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Priya di ur spoiler came absolutely true. OMG I can’t believe it. It was same to same. Please priya di aisa spoiler roj dena. Because I don’t have patience. Please keep giving spoilers.
    Shivay baby r u alright?? Anika is family. He wants to save anika from all trouble. So protective part of shivay.
    I think the video is fake. I m guessing it because of gayatry’s mysterious smile.
    Felt bad for sahil. Bandari bua ki bacchi teri toh….bandari bua is creating rift between sahil-anika.
    And today’s breaking news for me & what made the episode special for me is “OM ISHANA KA NAAM LIYA. OM TOOK HER NAME. OM TALKED ABOUT ISHANA.” Om said “ishana nevi aehi kahatha” that’s enough for me. Thank you om for remembering ishana. At least u took her name which made the episode special. Ishana will enter soon. Because yesterday they showed ridhkara break up part. Today om took her name. After some day they’ll show ishana.
    Today I understood that everything is okay between shiv & om just because of rudra. Yei dono to ladte rehtehe. They would had a war if rudra wasn’t there.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Hii dear… It’s actually the spoiler given by tu page…. If they give anything relating to ishkara.. I l copy paste here.. But actually aaj Kal bas shivika aur family prb ke baare Mei hi spoilers aa raha.. So I used to ignore spoilers.. But when I saw strdy spoiler I wanna read it.. So I read it and that was an amazing news.. If they give anything abt ishana or ishkara then I l give.. Or else I came to know anything abt ishkara also I l say…

  15. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Yes priya di it’s a treat for us. Party toh banti hai. First time ishana in any dialogue that too from omkara it was amazing.
    You are right om is the best. Actually he is the bestest. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I think shivay called gayaty criminal

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      I can understand ur feelings now dear….. Ya party toh banti hai… Ya dear.. He called Gayathri criminal.. I couldn’t hear it clearly bcoz I saw TV in hopstial not in home.. Sry for that…

  16. saira

    @priya15 shivaye told ishana a con girl and gayatri a criminal. He didn’t say that ishana is a criminal. Sorry but don’t blame shivay uselessly. He is not bad at heart. He is such due to circumstances and he is changing.

  17. Jaya

    Thank god…. finally after 22 days, we hear the name of ishana that too from om..
    loved it… hoping for ishkara’s story to start….

  18. Maya

    From the precap do you think Shivaay or Omkara will go to Ishana to find out the truth thinking she knows something.
    Since Shivaay says whirs behind this.
    They could hire her for further research as Ishana is smart and intelligent.
    Actually from the look of it Ishana is shown to be smart, intelligent and educated also. She knows how to speak good English also unlike Anika.
    She is also shown with laptop if u guys remember the episode this means she does her research on it and is really smart.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      I don’t know whether it l happen or not… But I don’t think they l get ishana help….. Actually in sbs seggy they shown It long ago that senior O Bros have came out of jail…

  19. Sweetu

    I guess gayatri had tat cd wit her frm start.. n she nt pick it up frm locker. . Who keeps their wrong deeds cd in locker . . Also anika might somehow find out about it.. as she is the only one who saw gayatri smile at the end.. who knows she might find the gal alive.. who is shown to b dead in cd..
    Its nicee to keep guessing
    Surely the oberois hve committed some sin which is related to anika.

    • Mayank agrawal

      nhi guys aisa to nhi ho sakta ki sin anika se related ho haan ye ho skta hai ki vo ladki jindaa mil jaye anika ko kahi becz she has doubt on gayatri after seeing her smile face and gayatri ne cd to locker se he li thi ye to apan ne dekha tha ki cd locker mei padi thi par haan ye hai ki cd to juthi hai fake niklegi ye to sure hai lekin question arrises now ki CD aayi kaise locker mei kisne rakhi ? and apan ye bhi jaante hai ashok ki death mei bhi tej and shakti ka koi haath nhi hai to lekkin connection jarur hai koi na koi raaj to ye chhupa rhe hai lekin vo kuch aur hai

  20. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    @priya , shivaye called Ishana a con and Gayitri a criminal, he didn’t call Ishana a criminal….blamed shivaye simply 😜..

  21. Luna

    Why will Tej and Shakti keep a CD so safely instead of destroying it which can be such an important witness for their crime??? Gayatri can’t make that CD otherwise why will she enter the Oberoi mansion taking huge risk??? What’s the suspense???

    • Mayank agrawal

      vo ye dikhane ke liye andar aayi na ki usse ye cd tej and shakti ke locker se mili usse ye prove karna tha ki cd oberois ke locker mei se mili taaki shak aur jyada ho jaye …

      missing ACP arjun Rowte agar vo hota to sabh thik kar deta

  22. Devga


    |Registered Member

    She is part of family… Lovly…. Shivaay….

    Awwww om atlast U proved U dint forget ishana’s confession…..

    Anika U must really give ur sahil some time…. If not take him along coz in house he is given poison by his own blood…. Hate U idiotic bua ek bache ke saath apna badhla logi kya woh bhi uske health ke saath kelkey….

  23. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    The ep was god ..the best part was when ..Om reminces Ishana after many decades ..and shivaye called Anika family 😍😍😍..I hope they don’t stretch it much ….. And Sahils anger is anyway justified, but I just hope that Bua don’t create misunderstandings between them …

  24. Luna

    I’m having a feeling that Soumya can be the daughter of Gayatri. Gayatri said that she has an insider in Oberoi mansion, what if it’s Soumya??? Even Soumya’s father is dead and when her mother talks to her in phone then also she is not shown onscreen. It was Anika and Soumya who brought the drums in which Gayatri came to Oberoi mansion. How did Gayatri came to know about the drums when only Anika and Soumya knew about it??? Also when Gayatri was about to get caught by Anika, Soumya called Anika and saved Gayatri. Even it today’s episode when Gayatri was smiling looking at Anika, Soumya was standing aside Anika. What if Gayatri was smiling looking at Soumya and Soumya also wud have been smiling but that was’nt shown onscreen. This is my theory. What do u all think guys??????

    • Mayank agrawal

      yes this fact is also seeeems to be big…..haan aur ye ho skta hai ki vo cd soumya ne locker mei rakhi ho ye bhi ho skta hai lekin soumya se apan ko labhi aisa feel nhi hua ki vo kuch galat kaam kar skti hai par haan tia ne ek baar introducer ko apan ek saath dekha tha

    • Abiha

      Heyy luna d …how r u…?
      D i also had the same doubt when they shown sumya talking to her mom n saying that papa b nahi hai …etc but then i thought that dadi is the friend of sumya’s grandma then so she must know about sumya’s mother… it can’t b gayatri…or may b….bcz tv serials main kuch b ho sakta hai…

    • salsa

      Pretty good observation Luna….. Yah that is possible…gul Khan might have thought something for our rumya….. Omg even rumya love story could be something dramatic to watch…. 👌👌👌

  25. Luna

    Priya, relax dear!!!! Shivaye did’nt called Ishana a criminal. Even if he wud have called her then also it’s no big deal. Are’nt con girls criminals??? Any person cheats and steals is a criminal. Don’t take it seriously. Btw how were ur exams and how is ur grandmother??? I hope she is fine.

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Sry di…. My xmz weren’t good strdy . It’s very tough.. It had out Of portions qns… Many sums we didn’t get ans….. Ya she is feeling better now.. We l discharge her tdy..

  26. Alakananda

    oh god whatz gonna happen between sahil and anika??? almst everbdy here is more worried abt oberois secret but to me anika and sahils rift is too much to bare why is bandri bua trying to do this what will she get in return??because sahil is alrdy officialy adopted by anika i mean anika is legally his guardian bandri bua is staying in their house at anika’s mercy if anika dsnt want her she can throw her out so what will she get?

  27. Tinni


    |Registered Member

    I am so happy that Omkara took! Ishana’s name…..I cant understand why one should anyone keep such CD in locker,they should have destroyed it.Isn’t it little illogical

  28. Rosu 25

    Good morning all…….have a nice day…..
    After so many days we heard the name ‘ishana’……om remembered her and her words….its really a happy news for all ishkara fans…..

  29. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone….
    Shaza u forgot me???
    Where r mukta roz piyuuuu???
    By the way how’s u all
    Happy morn
    To every ishkes abiha Luna sat shaza haya priya shivu muku dhruvvv dhruv Bhai Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Maya mishri disha devga Troyeee…..
    I’ll miss u all

  30. zara

    I think Anika should be shown as someone with great education n able to speak fluent English otherwise it will be IShana n Soumya being educated only which brings embarrasement to Anika n will eventually Shiva..y like his mum said..she feels less than equal in Oberoi house. Plz directors dont portray Anika as uneducated but equal to Shivay in every, brains and guts. Only short of money which she will have plenty of later in life. Plz also make Malika n Anika sisters. PLZzzz show Shivika moments in every episode otherwise it feels incomplete without their moments and something more to look forwrd to in next episode.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Even I want her to know English …but she knows English , not so much also …but she knows…cuz she don’t talk in shudh Hindi also …..and whatever she says in English she pronounce them properly…but even I feel sometimes that she is opposite shivaye so she must’ve known proper eng ….but it’s ok the way is Anika uneducated!? ..I don’t think ..I think she just didn’t go to English Meduin ..or she wouldn’t get the job and she write and read…she is not uneducated also ….but she don’t know fluent English ….as shivaye …I love shivaye’s English accent very much …

  31. chithra shetty

    I usually read amena deedhi’ s written update ..if any shivaik story then I vl see show in hotstar ha ha ..tdy wow! SSO called anika as family member wow! I loved it means anika has already entered shivya’s dil

  32. Vismaya

    Good morning, ishqbaazians. Well I loved yesterday’s episode to the core.
    1) Shivaay calling Anika family.
    2)OMG!Om remember Ishana.
    But I too think Anika should spend some time with sahil. And Tej and Shakti are business tycoons, don’t think they would put evidences against them that too in their own locker. Well Luna there is a chance what you told can be true or the person can either be tia because we saw her helping someone to enter Oberoi mansion.Tinni I think maybe Oberois have killed Anika’s family. Don’t know what’s truth.
    Shama I am a great fan of your both fanfictions.

  33. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    wowwwwwwwwwww.. I luved toadyz epizode only for SHIVika…
    SHIVAY said , Anika is family, she is a part of our familyyyyyyy.. i’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for shivika..
    bt now in ishqbaazz there is something missing.. i dnt knw,.. i feel like this.. it may b BROMANCE,omru convo,SHIVIKA’Z rocking convo nd nokjok,romance,ROUMYA scenezzz, OM’z luv life,girlz vs boyz gang,Mallika… etc.. wat say guyzz..?? 😛

  34. Mayank Agrawal

    guys ye episode to CID ke jaisa ho gaya hai so interesting in sabh ke piche mujhey lagta hai ki abh omkaara and rudra ishaana ke pass jayenge pata karne shivaye to jayega nhi to om and rudra pata karne jayenge apne level pe to unhe ishana puri storry may be bta skti hai and vo he unhe ye btayegi ki tia gayatri ki daughter hai and ho skta hai vo ashok ke baare mei bhi jaanti ho uske baat om and rudra ye baat anik ko btayenge hope so . what you think guys ?

  35. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    I m sooooooooo sooryyy guys…

    I was in hospital.. While seeing strdy epi.. May be bcoz of less volume I couldn’t hear that “aur”….. I just heard like” tum uss criminal con girl ki baat par “… So that I felt bad….. But ya soo sry….. If it hurt anybody.. I once again apologize…

  36. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Lots of Drama on yesterday’s episode…nice one though…felt sad for Sahil and Anika…really hate Sahil’s bua…she manipulates Sahil against Anika so bad…finally Om remembers Ishana…when will she come????…there is something about that video…and Shivaye was right if Tej knows about that CD he must have destroyed it…will not keep it in a locker…liked yesterday’s episode…

  37. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    I too didn’t like the way shivaye reacted 😠😠😠 and when he said anika family 😂😂 it was cute and seriously she gives more importance to oberois than sahil 😡 feeling bad for him 😑 and fatarajo Regina do mukti di mukta di Shivani di richu di nikki di troyee di abhiha di and all myfriends how r u !?!? Hope u all are doing good .. guys I’m going to mumbai for my school project and competition too 😊 I’ve be starting tomorrow

    Keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri Mehta ❤❤

  38. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    o my mata I can’t decribe that how much I am happy today after hearing her name from om’s mouth.shivay’s dialogue was awesome when he told inspector that she is awesome .ishana would come back soon and mystery will unfold .I am so happy today

  39. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    I didn’t felt that tej is behind the suicide of that girl .why would he kept that cd safe if he is the reason .he would have destroyed that cd to cover the incident.I am sure gayatri is behind this cd.

  40. Maya

    Actually I think we r right Biggest possibility that Soumya is Gayatris daughter. She is dadis friends granddaughter but now I feel that it can be possible that nobody has seen Soumya so it’s possible that Gayatri has kidnapped the real Soumya and sent her own daughter in Oberoi Mansion to stay and take revenge.

    • Abiha

      I don’t think so yr …bcz sumya is the love interest for rudra…so may b it’ll b tia…n also m hoping that it should b tia..

  41. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    For a sec ..I also feel like Soumya is Gayitri’s daughter ..but remember when she was talking on the Phone she told ” here all are like my family only , but it’s not my actual family na” ….maybe yes ..maybe not …idk …totally confused ..I never thought about that …but I have feeling that Tia is Gayitri’s daughter ..

  42. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Good news for shivika fans …hope it’s true..I guess it is..nothing much but it will make u happy and exited for shivika…

    Very Good News: Shivaay-Anika come close in Ishqbaaaz
    Viral Story 19:54

    Ishqbaaz Latest News: Tia to be insecure and possessive towards Shivaay, irked Shivaay to stay away from Tia and close to Anika

    The story line of popular Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz is finally moving on to the love story Shivaay and Anika (Surbhi Chandna), for which fans and followers of Ishqbaaz are eagerly waiting.

    It is seen that Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) want Anika to be Shivaay’s girlfriend as they find Shivaay and Anika of same caliber.

    Moreover, Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) ex girlfriend and close friend Malika too makes Shivaay realize that he shares special connection with Anika. Though Shivaay has been resisting to accept that he likes Anika and to some extent has also fallen in love with her, soon the scenario will change and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) will start getting close to Anika and more attached to her.

    Must Read :- Truth Revealed In Ishqbaaz

    Currently in Ishqbaaaz, Oberoi family is celebrating Ganpati Festival. Once again Gayatri will try to attack Oberoi family, but Anika (Surbhi Chandna) will again turn the savior for them. Shivaay’s care and softness will increase for Anika. Amid this Tia will notice Shivaay and Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) closeness and their changed behavior towards each other.

    Tia (Navina Bole) will start getting insecure and hence irked. Tia will try to pull Shivaay’s attention towards her and will start behaving like jealous girlfriend. Rudra will start instigating Tia against Shivaay and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and Tia will get worried.

    Tia (Navina Bole) will turn in to possessive and attention seeking girlfriend. Tia’s changed attitude will irritate Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and he will be seen getting upset. Shivaay will start staying away from Anika and will get close to Anika. Shivaay will also support Anika (Surbhi Chandna) when Tia will accuse Aniaka of stealing her bracelet.

    Later on , Anika and Shivaay’s (Nakuul Mehta) encounters will go on increasing and they will spend most of the time together. Well, All that fans are waiting for Shivaay and Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) love realization for each other and Shivika love story to kick start. Do you share the same thought?

    Let us know in the comments below.

    Also Read :- Mindblowing Twist In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

  43. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning
    Have A Nice Weekend
    Episode was awesome finally om remind ishana and shivaye said anika is family member .cd part so confusing. but one thing is clear if cd is not fake om will surely left house

    • Mayank Agrawal

      yes cd is surely not fake cd is original because kyonki fake hoti to cd ko tej baar baar chupane ki koshish kyo kar rha tha and cd locker mei kaise aayi .. cd original hai

  44. aahana

    Hllo tridha,shivani d,haya d,renima di,shaza d,maya d,priya d,abiha d and all the beautiful ishiques how r u all?

  45. Sonakshi

    Hey guys fo you know that ishqbaaz is also telecasted on maa tv on the same time slot
    but in telugu. The is ‘Prema yuddham’

  46. chithra shetty

    Thank you so much shaza di fr gvng good news abt shivika ..iam dieng to see their love story he he ty once again @ shaza di

  47. Luna

    If Gayatri’s whole intention was to get caught and being handed over to the police then why she got scared hearing the alarm and why Roop was saying that Gayatri shud’nt get caught???

    • Mayank Agrawal

      yes baat to shi hai phir vo cd ko aise kyu chuupa rhi thi agar usko sabhke saamne lana he tha to vo cd ka na he chuupati and roop bhi aise nhi bolki ki gayatri pakdi na jaye i think vo cd original ho skti hai becz tej and shakti baar baar gayatri ki voice ko down kar rhe the …. kuch to hai i think

  48. Luna

    I think it was the intruder whom Tia let in inside Oberoi mansion who putted that CD in the locker. Also I think Dadi’s friend’s granddaughter must wud have been kidnapped or killed by Gayatri and Soumya has taken her place. My guess is Gayatri, Roop, Tia and Soumya r together and planning against the Oberois.

    • Mayank Agrawal

      nhi vo cd locker mei kisi ne nhi rakhi vo cd original hai i think kyo ki roop and gayatri aise kyu prey karti ki hum pakdi na jaaye unhe vo cd chura kar oberois ko blackmail karna tha ki ye cd sabh ke saamne aajayegi or may be unka plan vo cd se tej oberoi ko darra kar paise lene ka ho becz tej bhi jaanta hai ki vo kahi na khi faulty hai . and becz agar cd kisi ne locker mei rakhi hoti to vo log code pata karne mei itni mehnat kyu karte direct soumya se he code puch lete na …

  49. Chetna

    So happy that finally om remember ishana. I want to know that ishana is ishana mehta na and the girl is shilpa mehta so may be any connection between them

  50. Tridha ( Troyee )

    One day I was thinking if I saw kunal jai singh with his long & wet hair then what will I do? I thought I’ll sing “gile bal tere, pyasa iye hat mera” (to touch his hair).😉😋 The next day I came to know that he wears wig. My dream got shattered.😔🙀
    BTW Good Evening everyone! Priya di, roz di, aahana, abiha di,sunehri, maya di, haya di, mayank vai, shaza di, renima di, shivani di, chetna di, luna di, disha di how r u all?
    Well there is so many confusing in ishqbaaz. But I think the matter isn’t about gayatry’s daughter. There can be something else

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      I also was shocked knowing that he was using a wig .,but he is hewing his hair actually so that no longer need to wear wig …and they have grown pretty much …so ur dream may work out. 😜

  51. Mayank Agrawal

    Guys agar kisi ne Hostar premium pe next episode dekh liya ho to let us know what happened any clue finds ?

    • Mayank Agrawal

      anikas sister ke baare mei to abhi tak serial mei kuch nhi dikhaya tha guys shuru mei bus ye show kiya tha ki anika ke parents nhi hai uski sister ki to koi charcha he nhi thi

  52. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Chetna di ishana is ishana patel. I saw it on ishqbaaz story & cast. But not sure about it’s true or not.
    Maya di they showed ridhkara break up part yesterday. Ridhima was forcing om to go to a charity dinner



    |Registered Member


  54. nithu

    Wow… Shivaye said Anika is part of this(his) family… When he said that whether all u noticed how others looked, yes they really got shock because SSO said like this that’s why… And also happiee for Ishana yes Om still remember her and her saying, waiting for their patch up…

  55. Sarah

    This film is interesting I hope this gayatri gets in jail and oberoi’s family are proven innocent and shivaye realize his love for anika

  56. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Guys today romya will have a lovely discussion in dining table.
    Shivika will also have a discussion. Tia will come.
    Not sure these will happen today or not but it will surely happen.

  57. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii guys.. There is a spoiler today also..

    It’s abt shivika and rumya…

    Ntng abt ishkara… And in that there was a thing which I have doubt..

    That spoiler mentioned that…. Shivaay l succeed in convincing rudra by telling that there father’s r not culprits… And rudra l belive shivay and thinks (I don’t know whether he thinks or he says).. Om is too emotional to get trapped in ishana’s SAD STORY….

    Ab meri doubt yeh hai… Aakhir kis sad story ke baare Mei baat Kar rahe hai.. Yeh dono bhai???? Wt was the sad story of ishana?? Do anybody know then do tell me.. Pls…. I couldn’t understand..

    P. S… It’s not kind a blaming… I m having a doubt abt that word… That’s y asked… Hope u people don’t mind…

  58. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Halloo Ishqies💖💖💖💖💖
    Missed last two epi s and watched them together in hotstar 😍
    I’m so happyyy coz
    Om took Ishu’s name after a looooong tym 😍😍😍
    Shivaaye said Anika is his family😍😍😍 He really started caring for her…

  59. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Today shivay & rudra will feed each other. Anika will feed food to sahil. Oberoi brothers will say all 4 1 & 1 4 all or dil bole oberoi together. ( as per ishqbaaz official instagram)

  60. Mayank Agrawal

    please listen all guys please post you replies in comment about the CD mystery ? everyone please tells your opinion about the CD

  61. Mayank Agrawal

    guys i am going for a leave till 09 november will catch you after till that miss you all…
    Mayank Agrawal ( Manager Serial gossip )

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